Sleeping in the Train

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I was almost too slow to make it to my train that day. It was the same train that I always took for my more than two hour long ride home after school. It was a daily pain in the ass, twice a day, but at least I had learned to sleep on the train to make my day more effective. Sleeping pills helped me and sent me into a dreamless, deathlike slumber that I enjoyed. Gods’ know there wasn’t much else to enjoy.

All the other commuters were old and unattractive, even though I had tried to make them more fascinating in my mind. They all wore the same clothes and I imagined that they worked on the same boring floor in the same boring office building. In the building they archived stuff, like papers and more papers. They were sexless beings, even if they sometimes displayed sexual characteristics typical for humans, for they cloned themselves instead of the more common human reproduction. They had to clone themselves because I always felt that there were more of them each day, no two seats next to each other were ever free and I got used, sad to say, to sit close to my boring neighbors.

As I stared into the night, for the sun had set on the horizon long before I went on my train, I felt the many, similar smells of the people close to me and I felt my sleeping pill take effect and I welcomed it for nothingness beats boredom every day. Soon I would be home; when I awoke I would leave these people behind me… for the day. I placed my head straight back and closed my eyes and darkness and nothingness were there and said hello, you.

A loud trainish noise woke me up and I instinctively cursed before I stopped myself so that I wouldn’t disturb my fellow passengers. I was a good man that way. But no one was there to be disturbed by me. In fact, no one was there at all. That is strange, I thought with a smile for this was certainly something worthy to wake up to. I stretched out my legs and felt nothing but magnificent air around them as I put them on the seats before me. You weren’t allowed to do that but a sense of anarchy had come over me with my sudden freedom. Train heaven had come at last.

A door opened, and closed, behind me and I heard another passenger walk down the line towards me. I thought sad thoughts but I calmed myself by thinking that there were plenty of seats for both of us. We didn’t even have to see each other if we didn’t want it. And by God, I never wanted that. I closed my eyes and waited for the other person to sit down somewhere and be silent.

To my surprise the steps stopped right next to me and a light voice said “Is it all right if I sit here?”

I opened one eye with an involuntary, disappointed sound from my throat and looked at the speaking person. Directly after this I opened my other eye to get a better look. Before me stood something I had never seen on this train before: An attractive human being dressed in something other than ugly.

The first thing that I saw was the belly and the breasts covered by a white shirt with a red tie hanging down from an unbuttoned collar. Under that was a red and black cheerleader inspired woolen skirt that stopped at her knees. And beneath those knees, barely letting a thin line of pale flesh show in between, were a pair of black, shiny boots with a short heel. They were of a pornographic kind and I had never seen the like in the real world. It was as if they had never been used before, not even to walk in here with. That was strange but I still appreciated it. keçiören escort The boots were tied with red leather strings and the rosettes dangled with her skirt.

I thought I gazed upon one of my sexual fantasies. But maybe it was every man’s. She was clearly above 20 years old and my best guess was 24. Her breasts were too well rounded and her face had too much character. But she was petite and graceful. It was as if someone had combined the best of the adult and the best of the young in this sexy ballerina.

My well-mannered behavior prevented me from ogling her any further and I hastily raised my eyes to her face which smiled down at me as if I were something cute lying in the gutter. She had a pale complexion with reddish blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Black was around her eyes and red was on her lips. One smiling lower lip got bit by her white teeth while she waited for my answer and I wondered why she didn’t sit down by her own accord when I realized that my feet covered the other seat. Then I almost sprang up to let her take the other seat and I hastily brushed away some of the earth that had fallen from my shoes.

“Thank you,” she said and moved in to sit.

As I sat closest to the walkway I thought that she would place her lovely being closest to the windows and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her place herself where I had kept my feet just a few seconds ago.

I have long legs and even though I tried to move them as far away as possible I couldn’t avoid contact with her. Usually the other person helped me with this problem but not this one for which I was both glad and nervous. She smiled when she saw me wriggle about in an effort to solve it on my own and she smiled even more when she stretched out her legs, making it even harder for me to avoid her limbs.

“Sorry,” I said with a red face and pressed my hands to my legs to prevent them from moving at all.

“No, it’s all right,” she said smiling even more in that same evangelic way, “I know how it is.”

She does? Well, she had probably experienced legs before. The situation was psychologically uncomfortable for me but I only sweated a little and kept still. I wouldn’t want her to think that I was some kind of weirdo. We both kept still and silent for a moment when I felt something stirring.

Even though I kept my legs still she didn’t seem capable of not moving hers into new positions constantly. But I still kept mine still and therefore her boot clad legs pressed into me all the time, often in a grinding motion as if she tried the different positions with great care. The pressing treatment did not ease me and I was horrified when I felt my cock get hard and start to press in my underwear.

She looked at my face as she moved around but I couldn’t help myself from looking down at my crouch to see if my reaction was visible. It wasn’t, yet, but when I looked up again I saw her nodding and smiling in a way that made me tingle in all the wrong ways for a train ride.

“You like this,” she said with that knowing smile and I shook my head with energy.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, “I don’t understand.”

She held up one of her well-made hands and hushed me.

“It was a statement,” she said, “I already know.”

As if to drive her point home she pressed her thighs against mine and I opened my mouth in a surprise excited moan.

“You see,” she continued, “you are still asleep kızılay escort and I am your greatest sexual fantasy.”

I shook my head at that and laughed a little bit. “That’s absurd,” I said, “I don’t have any fantasies like this!”

“Not conscious,” she agreed with a nod, “but you feel a stir inside you every time a good looking woman dresses like I do and displays a sense of control.”

“That is circumstantial?” I asked, “I simply found them attractive?”

She shook her head and her hair swung.

“You don’t have to acknowledge this,” she said, “it will happen anyway.”

“What will?” I asked.

“I will make you serve me,” she said. “I will have you lick my boots and do whatever else I want you to do.” She laughed at my expression. “You will enjoy it, whether you know it or not.”

We stopped talking for a while and she continued her pressing and grinding and her red lips opened up in an erotic breathing. Her breasts rose and fell and I couldn’t help myself and stared down at them. My cock was now almost certainly visible and I put my hands over it to hide it.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said, “I know that you are hard and I like it that way.”

With those words she sank lower into the seat and lifted one of her legs and pressed the sole of her boot on my cock. At first it was pleasurable and exciting but then she pressed harder and I felt my cock flatten and grind against my underwear.

“I thought the pain would wake me up,” I said between yelps of pain. But I didn’t ask her to stop.

“That is usually true,” she said, “but you take your pills to help you sleep.” She grinded her boot harder and I screamed. “Therefore you are mine.”

“Please,” I begged, “stop!” Tears had come to my eyes. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“Wrong answer,” she replied, “I own you.” She pulled her boot away before she slammed it home harder and grinded. “You should know that I can hurt you very much without causing any permanent damage.”

“I will do anything,” I screamed, “if you just stop.”

And then she stopped.

“Thank you,” I gasped and brushed the tears from my eyes. I met her eyes and now they were hard and cruel. My cock was still hard, and possibly more so, after her torture and I cursed it. She lifted her other foot of the floor and balanced it on the tip of the one still lightly pressed to my cock.

“Lick it,” she said and when my confused eyes looked into hers she nodded down at the shiny surface. Movements on my erection made me remember what she would do if I refused and I took the shiny, black boot into my hands and lifted it up to my mouth where my tongue met it and left a wet line.

“No hands,” she said and I let go and she kept her boot close to my lips and I continued to kiss and lick its surface until it was glistening with saliva. After she considered me done she replaced it with her other boot which got treated the same way.

Judging by her heavy breathing she was excited and as if to show this further she moved the boot on my cock in even, circular, hard, but pleasing, motions. She continued in this way for a long time and let me huff and puff on her wet boot until I eventually came in my pants and I moaned loudly and collapsed over her saliva covered boot.

One of her hands clapped me on my head and I smiled. Then I felt her boot on my hard cock and I saw that the boots were dry and clean.

“Dreams kolej escort are wonderful,” she said and stood up and turned and placed her hands on the seat, positioning her skirt covered ass in my direction. “Put you face there.”

I moved my hands to lift her skirt but before I even got the slightest glimpse of skin she turned around again and slapped me hard on the cheek.

“Did I tell you to use your hands?” she asked me with fury on her face. “Try that again and I will hurt you in ways you wouldn’t believe.”

She moved to her position again and afraid to try anything I simply pressed my face into the red and black folds of the dress. Even through the thick fabric I could feel her smell and her heat, and I could feel her shapely ass against my head. She pressed hard against me and I had to watch myself so that I wouldn’t fall over backwards.

She humped me as if my face was a cock and I tried to breathe in as much of her as I could. I got dizzy from the lack of air but she continued past this. I saw stars before she quit and stood before my shaking form.

From her unsteady feet I thought that she too was dizzy. She stretched her arms up in the air as if she was sleepy but apparently she didn’t want to end this just yet because she lifted her skirt and revealed her drenched panties, white with thick red stripes, before she bent over again.

I didn’t hesitate before I dropped into that juicy paradise and I licked her pussy through the panties and felt her nectar flow down my throat. She moaned loudly while she grinded her wet panties in my face.

At last she came with long, load moans with one last hard push into my face which sent me sprawling on the floor under her. I wanted to rest but she grabbed my hair in her fist and lifted me up to a kneeling position. She slapped me in my face with her open hand several times until my face was teary and red before her. Then she spat at me and smiled as if my punishment was good enough. She turned her backside to me once again.

“Open your pants,” she said, “and take out your cock.” I did so the second she ordered me to and felt the sore flesh of my cock in my hands. The wet sperm from my prior orgasm made it sticky to the touch. “Don’t you dare to stroke it!” she said and I removed my hands immediately.

“You will fuck my legs,” she said and placed her back close to me.

My face was on her shirt but she grabbed my cock between her legs and I felt the material clasp it tightly around its length. The position was uncomfortable and she didn’t help me in any way. Her hand retook its forceful grip of my hair while I humped between her legs like a dog and soon I was close to coming again.

“The moment before you come,” she said, “you will wake up and spurt your juices in your pants.”

“Please,” I begged her, “don’t do that to me.”

“I will do,” she said while she wrenching my hair enough to make me scream as I humped as fast as I could to make myself come before I woke up, “precisely, exactly, everything I want to do. Now wake!”

I opened my eyes with a moan and felt myself spray in my pants. I felt hot and clammy and tears ran down my face. An old lady opposite to me looked at me like a sour grape and I saw several others close by lift their heads as if they had seen something outside their preferred normality.

I brushed over my clothes with my hands but everything seemed to be alright except for the sperm inside my pants.

“Next stop,” screamed the speakers, “is your stop!”

I stood up and walked uncomfortable away from the sour grape that looked after me as if she didn’t want even the memory of me in her life. For myself I wondered when I could take those sleeping pills again.

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