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Chapter 4

Toro was knotted in her big and hard, Patti was screaming in anguished pain and pleasure all mixed together, grunting loudly each time I saw his huge ball sack jerk as he shot her belly fully of his hot cum.

Patti was writhing about in the pain/pleasure of it all, to far encased into the sexual pleasure of it all to say anything as yet.

I sat there and watched this horrid thing happening between him and her, thinking in deep thought how I was going to end this going on as it had been.

A woman wanting pleasure like this was one thing, and given the fact a dog can get to aggressive in the acts of it all yes, but the way that bastard Brother of mine had taught Toro to do this to her, was not in any way shape or form the pleasure a woman can have with one.

Just what I was going to do about it, I had yet a full plan to carry out, but I damn sure was going to do something to stop him from being this way to her!

Sitting there glancing up to see they were completely tied together and knew by how badly she screamed and sounded that no doubt that huge knot of his was solidly planted up inside her.

Oh I knew how it all felt, oh hell yes I did, and knew all these screaming cries of the pain/pleasure from her of it all happening right here before my eyes now was in part from that huge knot swelled out against her g spot throbbing like hell no doubt, and causing her to go out of her mind with the pleasure of that alone.

Given as well was the fact of knowing how it felt to have that fiery hot dog cum shooting up into you in places no man had or would ever be able to get into.

Now I know all the myths and bullshit out there written about it’s this or that when a dogs osbone tip gets itself through your cervix and into your womb that in the real world sometimes it makes you want to absolutely puke. Jasper had caused this in me on some occasions of our past encounters.

And judging as I sat there and saw all this, poor Patti was having just some of that almost same feelings and actions from it.

I knew all to well when I saw how that long tapered tip of his was and it made my belly twitch and contract with spasms, because I knew exactly what and where that was going to be up inside her.

And no damn doubt that’s exactly where it was right now!

One thing I also knew from past experiences in this, is that a thick towel would be a good thing to have under them right now, because once his knot receded and he pulled from within her there was going to be a big mess on the floor under them.

Not thinking at all except all these thoughts, I got up off the couch went to the bathroom and got a towel and took back into that living room as the screams and cries of the pain and pleasure still came from poor little Patti.

Toro so lost in his own sexual pleasure cared damn little at the moment just what I was even doing, and I sat down right beside them and put that towel out to catch all the mess that was going to happening when they disjoined from each other.

As I spread it out under them I even touched his left hind foot and he made absolutely no movement or had not one damn care I was even there.

Had he tried to turn on me I wouldn’t have a clue as what would have happened then, but he was to far into what he was giving and doing to her to care one bit about me at that moment.

I looked up between their joining and saw her lithe tight belly filling outwards with his squirting her womb full of his hot cum, and saw how her pussy was stretched outwards from that buried knot up in her and could clearly make out how his throbbing knot was making her outwards molded pussy throb itself every time.

He had her stretched out beyond her pussies limits to be no doubt about that.

Having had gotten the towel in place I scooted back and got the fuck away from them as fast as I could, and went and sat back on the couch, still running the thoughts through my mind just how and what I could do to stop all this behavior of his towards her.

Had all this been different she would have enjoyed him pleasuring her, but being viciously aggressive to her about it was not in any way shape or form a pleasure for any woman.

Maybe some women do enjoy that and I’m sure there are other women out there who do, but not me, and for damn sure not Patti!

Finally it was over and Toro freed himself from within her and backed off her his deflating huge cock pouring the juices of the two of them from it as he backed off her and went right over to his bed and lay down and began licking and cleaning himself of it all.

Patti was a whole other escort izmit thing!

Her pussy was spread wide apart and open as cum gushed from it and onto the towel spread out under her, and she couldn’t move a muscle as yet.

She was grunting and groaning out in the pain/pleasure of it all still her hair a mess of his slobber all in it and even around her right cheek, as slowly her clutching and gripping hands let go of the cushioned sides of the chair and just fell onto the chairs cushion she was laying her head and shoulders on.

I got right up and ran over to there squatting right there beside her and began running my hands up and down her back comforting her as best I could screaming that Bastard Brother of mine, as I talked to her though she was to far into the pain of the ordeal to even try and speak back back to me.

It took sometime before she had regained herself even enough to move from her forced position by him and try to even get up, I had to absolutely help her try and get out of that position.

She was in terrible pain from it all, and I got her at least turned around and sitting right on the edge of the chair so her pussy would drain all his cum off onto the towel laid out there for this very reason.

Once turned and sitting like this I reached out to her and hugged her and told her I was going to see to it that he never ever did this to her again!

She was still in to much trauma and pain to even try at this point to talk to me about it all.

After some time I helped her get up and helped her limp off and into the bathroom and ran a hot bath of water for her and got her seated into it and added all the soothing hot bath soap I could to it so she could just sit there and relax herself in it and sat on the edge and began to talk to her.

I told her again I was going to put a stop to this if I had to outright shoot that damn dog to stop it.

She just pleaded with me not to shoot him and kill him, as her usual love of the world was once again showing from her.

I told her not to worry one damn bit about what I had saw and witnessed through all this and I would never ever tell one soul about it at all.

She was glad of that and what woman wouldn’t be. But I was pissed, I was mad, I was scorned woman and by dammit I was going to put a stop to this!

After some good relaxation in the tub and getting herself somewhat cleaned up from the ordeal and I helping wash her hair and soap her up with her tshirt still on, and removed it and washed and soothed her as I Mothered her through this ordeal.

I got up and went and got one of my own douches and came back into the bathroom and handed it to her and as she even touched it herself down there she was in pain.

Toro had hurt her and hurt her badly!

Oh he tried to come into that bathroom as I had left the door open, and the moment I saw him I scolded his ass and told him go lay down and he knew by my voice and my behavior towards him now, that I was the leader, I was in charge, I was the one now he better damn well fear with his life of!

And seeing how that made him cower down and act scared as hell of me, he went right to his bed and lay down.

I knew now that a plan to change his behavior towards her like this could in fact be done! And would by damn be done!

Finally able and relaxed at least somewhat I got Patti up out of the tub and took a towel and dried her from head to foot soothing her, and Mothering her which at this point she sure as hell needed.

After getting her dried off I helped her into her room, and got her dressed in some comfortable pj’s and helped her into bed and told her not to worry about anything from here on out, because I was going to put a stop to this going on as it had!

She curled up under the covers and fell right off to sleep.

I left the room and closed that door and made damn sure it was unable to be opened at all.

Then went right into my room over to the closet and found my big leather western belt and I folded it and I went right into that living room and I beat Toro’s ass with that belt and I made him run and hide his ass from me!

I sat right there on that couch and every time he came back towards his bed I jumped up yielded that belt at him and he cowered down scared to death of me and crawled into his bed and curled up shaking like a damn leaf!

I put the belt down went right over as he saw me coming to him he was scared to death of me, and I put his blanket over him and told him he was stay there and not move one damn bit.

I sat there on that couch that whole night with that belt in my hands, and he would raise izmit escort his head up and see that and he would shake to death and lay his ass right back down and not move a muscle.

Sleeping there like that the next morning he arose from his bed and I put the belt down knowing he had to go outside and do his business and took him right to the back door and let him out.

I began getting coffee and breakfast going for us all, and went and checked on Patti, and told her if she felt like getting up I was getting coffee going and breakfast, and if she hurt to much still I would bring it all to her and let her eat it in bed if needed.

Going back into the kitchen to flip the bacon over I heard Toro scratching at the backdoor wanting back in so I went and opened the door and let him in and told him right back to your bed now Toro, and he bowed his big head in fear of me and went right back to his bed and lay down.

Patti came slowly walking into the kitchen still in her pj’s and showing outright signs of pain all up inside her, and slowly made her way to the table and sat down in a chair as I brought her a cup of coffee, and went and made her a breakfast plate and took it to her.

Oh Toro had gotten out of his bed and came into the kitchen and tried to move towards her and I screamed at him and ran into that living room got that belt and came back and he cowered down scared as hell of me!

I ran his ass right back to that bed of his and scolded him shaking that belt at him as he feared me going to beat his ass again with it and went and lay right back down in his bed.

Oh I made him a plate of food took it in the living room put it down beside his bed and let him eat, and then he came into the kitchen again and went right to his water bowl and got him a drink and looked up me and her and he was going to make a move towards her and I jumped at him and he ran like a scalded pup right back to that bed and lay down on it.

That entire day as I cleaned up things and the house, he stayed in that bed of his, and sure when he needed out I let him out, and didn’t say a word at all about him meandering about the living room and kitchen that evening into the night.

But the moment he went to go down that hall towards her bedroom here I came with that belt and believe me he ran as fast as he could right back to his bed and shaking with fear he laid his ass right back down on his bed.

Finally Patti emerged from her bedroom and came into the living room and sat down in her now clean and brushed chair, as again Toro stood up and had that look of what I knew his intentions were and here I came with that belt and he lay down and stayed there.

I was going to break that cycle altogether, Patti herself told me damn he’s scared to death of you Jackie.

Just looking at her I told her he damn well better be scared or I’ll beat his ass again if he even tries to act like he’s going to do something to you again!

After cooking a light good supper and I put a plate down for Toro and called him to the kitchen and pointed to his plate there on the floor and he went right over and scarfed it up like he hadn’t ate in days.

I put food in his bowl and got him fresh water in his water bowl and he lapped that up, and lay right there as she and I ate our supper, her feeling much better now.

After finishing supper and getting the dished all done and in the drainer, we retired to the living room to find something on tv she and I could enjoy and Toro came into the room wanted to walk over to her but he saw me and I grabbed that belt, and that look and what he was after left him like a falling star to earth.

He just then there sat down and lay down looking at the both of us women now becoming what he should be a good loyal obedient pet.

Soon he was crawling over towards her, as I looked at him and didn’t scold him nor act one bit concerned because I saw in his eyes his intentions and what he wanted was to crawl over to her and be petted and loved.

So over to her he crawled and then sat up obediently to her right at her legs as she leaned down and began to pet him and telling him she loved him and he ate that all up and that tail of his was wagging about in a happy state with it’s stubby fashion.

He leaned his head over to her leg and licked her leg as she petted and leaned down and hugged him up to her, and got up and sat down right there beside him and hugged him up to her as he was reaching his big ol’ head up and licking at her face, and this was how things should be.

She got up and sat back down in her chair and as she always does threw one leg up over the izmit kendi evi olan escort arm of the chair, as he sat there wagging his tail and leaning his big head at her thrown over the chair foot and began licking it in loving fashion like a dog should do.

Now was the time to get this matter understood and out in the open in the real way it should be!

I got up went into the kitchen and made her and I a drink and even mixed more up in a pitcher and came back into the living room with it all as he was still right there doing the same thing making her laugh and telling how his licking her foot tickled.

Giving her the drink Toro looked up at me and wanted to cower right back down but with my free hand I reached down and pet him and told him good boy Toro.

Going over and sitting on the couch sipping my own drink and having put the pitcher of more on the coffee table, we drank our drinks all the while Toro was right there where he was still licking her foot, and a happy content dog now.

She was laughing and jerking about from the tickling his tongue was giving her foot, enjoying him being a loving obedient dog to her now.

We drank several mixed drinks together, as he still sat right there where he was still reaching out once in a while and licking her foot.

Finally feeling open to talk things over as I knew by how giddy and happy Patti was now was the time to have a woman to woman talk about all this and get the real feelings about it all out in the open between she and I about him.

I told her Patti get up and come over here and sit beside me and let’s talk a bit about things.

She got up in much better shape now, walking much better all the pain and suffering of their ordeal last night gone and healed.

Came over sat right beside me as I grabbed her to me and hugged her up as Toro got up and came right over beside her and sat right down there right at her feet.

I still hugging her up to me said to her that we need to talk about all this, and I wanted to know if in fact somewhere deep inside her did she like and enjoy his pleasuring her?

At first she nodded her head yes, then nodded a no, and said to me yes she enjoyed it but when he made her and acted like he did to her last night she hated it.

She was truly embarrassed to even say that to me, as I saw how she blushed and acted from it.

I said to her then; “Patti don’t be embarrassed by the act of it all, and you need not be at all around me about it.”

Believe me I went to say to her I’ve had it in my life myself and enjoyed it a lot.

She just snuggled up to me closer though somewhat shocked that I had told her such a thing, and then went on to explain to her that she wasn’t the only woman in this world to enjoy it and more so than that to desire and want it.

Then I asked her outright Do you enjoy and desire and want it from him Patti?

She didn’t say a word as she was snuggled up into my arms and only nodded her head “yes” embarrassed about even admitting it, and more so to talk and tell another woman that she did.

I let go of her reached over onto the coffee table and poured us both another drink and decided what to hell, and got a little saucer and put just a bit in it and sat it down before Toro and he lapped it right up.

Now I by no means have ever wanted to get or see a dog get drunk by any means at all, but after what the three us had been through I felt he deserved a bit of joining this party to.

We drank our drinks and getting far more relaxed and talkative, as I asked her how it felt when he slid that long tip of his up into the end of her in there as I said it and awaited her response.

She just sat there thinking a long bit truly trying to come to grips of even openly talking about this to me, and finally told me it hit up in her like a hammer on a nail head she told it.

That truly made us both laugh out at the way she explained it, and how she said it to me.

I then told her that I had never in my life ever seen a dog with such a long tip as that on his cock and when I saw it at first it made my belly quiver knowing what it would be doing up inside her.

She just got really quiet withdrawn into herself and finally exclaimed; Oh Jackie Oh it hits so hard up in me, and then finds something and drives me crazy when it goes through there.

I just reached over with my free arm and began running my hand through her hair, and ask her if she knew what that was that it was going through as she nodded her head yes to that, and I then ask her how his cock felt inside her?

She just exclaimed; OMG Jackie it’s so big and hot and long, oh it stretches me wide open when he does it.

Now things were as they should be! A Woman with passion to want it, and desire it, and have the free willed lust for it!

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