Sheryl 2

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While away during the business trip, Sheryl and I exchanged txts flirting and trying to get a gauge of whether or not what had happened that Sunday night would progress to something else. Could’ve it been only two drunk workers submitting to a night of passion?
I was to arrive back in Pittsburgh a Friday night. The flight was long and we had planned to get together for dinner around 8pm. I got to my apartment showered, got ready and went to buy her some flowers. Just before I arrived to my apt she had texted asking for me to let her know when I was going to leave for her place. So I did.

I went to a grocery to get some wine, flowers and yes, condoms as well. While I was waiting at the register I got a text from her with a pic. It was a pic of her thong and caption read: ‘be ready or don’t come at all’. My dick went hard instantly and my heart started to pound really fast. I guess it hadn’t been only a onetime thing. Or could she only be joking around?

Her place was only a few blocks away from the grocery store so I quickly arrived there after getting the txt. My heart was really beating hard not sure what to expect, I rang the doorbell and went upstairs, knocked on her apartment door. She opened the door and hugged me, then took the flowers to the kitchen and set them in water. She was playing it really cool. I watched her as she walked to the kitchen, that incredible but, moving left and right, left and right. Sheryl was wearing a jeans miniskirt and a white shirt and sandals. She was dresses very casual, but I wanted to completely devour her. Then, she walked back from the izmit escort bayan kitchen looking straight at me, after pushed me against a wall and started making out with me. She mas moaning and she was kissing me passionately, it felt like she wanted to swallow me whole with her kisses. Sheryl knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants. I can still see her face as she starred at me while kneeling, smiling. My dick shot straight out like a rubber. She took it in her hands and said ‘wow this looks really good’. As she starred at me she started kissing it slightly and then took it in her mouth. I grabbed her head as she blowed me. ‘how does it feel sweety?’ she asked. I said ‘fucking great babe’.

We were still right by the entrance door inside her apt, I hadn’t been able to move too much! After a while she stood up and pushed me on the floor. While I was laying there she stood between my legs and took her panties off. I could see her pussy from the floor since her skirt was really short, she was completely shaved. She sat on my legs and kept playing with my dick. ‘I’ve been waiting for this moment for days’ she said, ‘your cock looks very appealing’.
I knew we were going to fuck hard; there was no way around it. I took the condom out and gave it to her, but she quickly said ‘ no way I want to feel your cock inside of me with nothing in between’. As soon as she said that she positioned herself on top of my dick, squatting. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, then to my surprise she took my dick and placed it inside of here. Wow, I had never been fucked in that positions before (by that I izmit eve gelen escort mean with someone squatting). She had complete control of how much she was taking in, and how hard. She would switch from having only my head inside of her, and lifting up and down slightly to all of a sudden pushing down and having all my shaft inside of her. Her face showed great exciting in seeing my dick interact with her pussy. Her juices were all over my shaft.

The feeling how having a woman about 7 yrs older than me, fucking me and enjoying to much was exciting. I knew I had a few minutes in me before I would come, but I wasn’t sure how much more I was going to last.

She stood up and walked to the bathroom door. I was starring contemplating what she would do. She closed the bathroom door, bent over grabbing the door knob for support. She looked back at me from the side and said ‘what are you waiting for, are you going to leave me here just waiting’? I stood up and walked towards her touching myself. I placed my dick on the lower part of her back so she could feel how warm it was ‘hmmmm…. Hmmmm.. that feels good’ she exclaimed. I was building up the mood for when I went it.

Without hesitation, I knelt down, my back against the wall and started eating her pussy. I don’t think she was expecting that, because as soon as my tongue touched her Sheryl quickly said ‘ oh fuck that’s good…, oh shit that’s right right there…’ my tongue was massaging her clit. Her pussy smelled delicious, just as I imagined. It was really wet, I couln’t tell anymore if it was my saliva izmit otele gelen escort or her juices flowing around. Her clit was very hard and big by then. From time to time I would spank her. I would also tease he by kissing her upper thighs and licking around her lips without touching her pussy. ‘like that Sheryl? Is this good for you’? she would moan ‘yes, fuck yes I love it’. I then concentrated on her pussy, and very quickly I was in control…. ‘yes yes don’t stop’ she would beg. ‘I want to cum dont you fucking stop doing that’… in about 3 minutes she came. Her pussy tightened and trembled.

While she was orgasming I was able to make myself out from beneath her. Sheryl was still assuming the standing doggy style position, grabbing the door knob for support. I place myself behind and went inside her. She exclaimed ‘ oh fuck that soooo good… Im still not done cumming!! And she came again’. As she said that I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and started pounding her doggy style. My pelvis was smashing her butt cheeks and that great sound when you fuck in that position was all I could hear. It didn’t take long ‘ Sheryl, I’m close’ she said, ‘fuck don’t come inside of me, maybe some other day. I want to feel you cum on my back’ so I took my dick and came all over her lower back. It was a mess, her miniskirt was full and also her shirt.

After that we both lied on the floor for a while playing with each other for the first time. At that she said, ‘wow and we did all that with our clothes on. I can’t imagine what I will do to you once I’m completely naked’. I thought ‘shit, that’s right, I haven’t even seen her breasts and she has already fucked me better than anyone else”

I hope you like these stories. Comments welcome. I also have a story prior to this one in case you are interested….

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