She is Watching

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I get home and you are visiting with my girlfriend. She has dinner ready and we all sit down to eat. You and she are talking about the past as I eat my dinner and sneak looks at your amazing body. When I finish my dinner I put my dishes in the sink and go to the bathroom. Turning the water on I get in the shower and wash away the day they go into the bedroom and lie down on the bed.

As I lie on the bed you all spend time talking in the living room. I hear you tell each other good night and she goes into the bathroom and take a shower then come into the bedroom and lie down on the bed with me. She snuggles up close to me and puts her head on my shoulder. Softly she starts kissing my neck as she slides her hand down my stomach.

Turning toward her we kiss passionately as she wraps her hand around my erection. As her hand slides up and down my erection you stand behind the door looking into the room and watching us. She moves down and puts her lips around my erection and slides it into her mouth. I pull her around and have her get on top of me and put her pussy in my face. As I slide in and out of her escort izmir mouth I softly kiss her pussy.

You continue to watch from behind the door as she slides my erection in and out of her mouth. I wrap my lips around her clit and begin to suck it as her moans grow louder. She motions for you to come into the bedroom and you get on the bed then lean down and start kissing my erection. She begins to tremble as I suck her clit harder and she moves her hips rubbing her pussy against my face. You slide my erection into your mouth and suck it gently. The excitement is sending my mind into overdrive and I begin to tremble. She is shaking and her orgasm rolls through her body as I erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

She lies down beside me as I pull you up on top of me and kiss you passionately. As I kiss you she slides her hand between your legs and gently rubs your pussy. Pulling you farther up on me I kiss your breasts and softly kiss your nipples. She slides her fingers inside your pussy as I gently bite your nipples and pull you farther up on me. You move up enough that I can softly kiss your clit and gently izmir escort bayan slide my tongue back and forth over it. She slides her fingers in and out of you as I start sucking your clit. Sucking harder on your clit I feel you begin to tremble. Her fingers are moving in and out of you faster as you start shaking and your orgasm moves through your body.

You collapse on top of me and I help you to lie down beside me. She lies beside me on the other side and I softly slide my hand over both of you alls pussy. Gently I rub my fingers against both clits as you and she moan softly. She reaches over and takes my erection in her hand. Slowly she slides her hand up and down as you reach over and put your hand on hers. I gently rub yours and her clit as you help her stroke my erection. Our moans grow louder as our excitement builds and we begin to tremble. You begin to shake as I rub your swollen clit and you scream that you are about to cum. When you yell out she begins shaking also as you and she are hit with waves of orgasm.

She moves between your legs leaning down she softly kisses and slides izmir escortlar her tongue up and down your pussy. As she rubs your clit with her tongue she slides her fingers inside your pussy and I move around behind her. Placing my erection against her pussy I gently push inside her. Your moans get louder as she starts sucking your clit and I push into her harder. She sucks your clit and I start spanking her butt as I push deep inside her. Her body starts to tremble as I spank her harder and she slides her fingers in and out of you faster. Your moans get louder and you start shaking as she starts to shake and you both have your minds rocked with your orgasm.

She lies down beside you and I move up over top of you placing my erection against your pussy. Slowly I push inside you as I kiss you passionately. You wrap your legs around me as I push into you harder. Raising up I turn us over so that you are on top of me and you start moving your hips around on my erection. As you move your hips she begins kissing your breasts. You rub your clit against me as you move back and forth and she sucks your nipples. Screaming that you are about to cum sends my mind into a spin and I begin to shake. We explode in a beautiful orgasm and we collapse from the pleasure. We all snuggle up and hold each other close as we kiss tenderly and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32