“Shaved” ch 2 Bungalow for two

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She leaned into him and whispered, “What’s the first thing you want to do when we get to our cabin darling?”

“Fuck you silly!”

She blushed, and chirped, “Besides that?”

“I’d love to take a long leisurely stroll on the beach with my baby. What do you want to do first?”

She looked around, and whispered, “Change into something sexy and skimpy. So when we go for that walk, that way, I can entice you and anyone watching.”

“Oooh I did not know you were an exhibitionist honey.”

She confessed, “I am a bit, it turns me on. However, for now, all I want is you. We can party with other couples later on.”

He knew she likes swinging and the idea of a threesome, or foursome, made his dick throb.

He leaned over closer and whispered, “Just other couples?”

“You know me; I love a threesome, with two men, and two dicks driving me nuts.”

“I know,” he winked. He quickly changed the subject before he persuaded her to join the mile high club right then and there.

At five pm, they landed, made it through customs, and soon were taking the shuttle toward their bungalow.

Once checked in, the bellboy, instructed them on a few things then informed them. “You will not be disturbed here. We pride ourselves on making this private and secluded. If you need something use the courtesy phone next to the divan.”

Jim tipped him and the bellboy left.

Madeline sighed, “He looks delicious.”

Jim looked at her and teased, “We could invite him back, saying we forgot to ask him something.”

“No way, this is our private sex filled vacation. Let me change baby, I am dying to stretch my legs, and go for a walk on the beach. ”

“Sounds good, maybe we can find a place to eat too.”

“Yeah that would be nice, especially now that it’s cooled off a bit.”

Before long, they walked arm and arm, on the beach. Kissing, caressing and acting like newlyweds.

They had not gone far when they spotted a restaurant.
She tugged his arm and admitted, “I’m starving let’s eat.” She leaned into him and giggled, “By the way. I want you for dessert.”

“Oooh,” he chuckled. “Right here on the beach!”

She blushed, “No silly, in our cabin, in the Jacuzzi!”

“I cannot wait. izmit escort I’m hungrier, in more ways than one, but let’s eat food first. I’ll eat you later on.”

She snickered, tickled his ribs, winked, and replied with a sexy smile, “Promises, promises!”

They enjoyed their meal and went back to the privacy of their bungalow.

Once inside the door, he pulled her close and kissed her deeply. His hard-on against her thigh told him he was more than ready.

They quickly shed their clothing. He walked to the Jacuzzi, and she walked into the bathroom and grabbed two big towels.

She carefully looked to see where Jim was. When she saw he was not in sight, she grabbed the razor, shave cream, and oil. She just knew he would love what she had in mind. Mainly because he always asked if he could shave her pussy.

She pondered the thought, would he allow her to shave him?

The thought of his smooth cock and balls made her juices run down her thighs. Oh god, she couldn’t wait, and hurried to the tub.

He was already in the water, and gave her a devilish grin. “I thought you’d got lost or something.”

She flashed him a smile and chirped, “Or something.” She then laid the towels down, making sure the razor and stuff was still hidden.

He helped her in, fondling her luscious body as he did.

She leaned into him and purred, “Ooh this feels divine.”

“Yeah it does, so what shall we do my sexy baby-doll?”

She lit up, with desire and suggested, “Something you’ve always wanted to do.”

“Which is?”

“I want you to shave my cunt.”

For a moment, she thought he was going to pass out from excitement. “Oh fuck, really, you know how that turns me on!”

“Yeah, that’s why I want you to do it, because the thought of you shaving, massaging and eating my smooth cunt, makes me cum harder.”

She watched him closely then blurted out, “There is something else I want to do.”

He gave her a puzzled look and asked, “What’s that?”

She got the razor and things, laid them within reach and purred, “Shave your cock and balls.”

“I have not done that since I was a teenager. I don’t care for the stubble, I get later on. However, if you want to shave me, why now? Oh fuck yahya kaptan escort the thought of your mouth on my smooth balls sucking them in, is arousing to say the least.”

“MMM, do you want to do me first baby?”

“You bet, that way, when you are done with me, I can rub this smooth cock inside your bare skinned cunt.”

He helped her sit on the edge of the tub. She laid back and spread her legs wide. Oh fuck, he could not believe how wet she was, but then again, anything he did to her made her cunt drool with anticipation.

He reached for the cream, lathered her up, and took the razor and gently slid it across her flesh.

She quivered when he applied the shave cream, and gasped when he slid the razor across her pussy. Oh it felt so erotic, every muscle twitched, with anticipation.

“Ooooh that feels good, if you keep doing it like that I will cum before you’re finished shaving me!”

He looked up at her and exclaimed, “That’s good, and you know I’ll make you cum again when done.”

He shaved one side, then the other, sliding a finger inside her as he did. He could tell she was about to cum, as her cunt milked his digit like a small dick.

She threw her head back, closed her eyes, and shrieked, “Mmmm baby, finger me harder. Oh my god, yesssss!

He laid the razor down for a moment, and finger fucked her hard, and she climaxed so hard it ran down her ass. He loved the sight of her hole pulsating and gaping open and closed as it spasmed.

He then finished the shave, rinsed her, and massaged the skin with the oil. He then separated the lips, and flicked her swollen clit with his tongue, as his finger tantalized her vaginal orifice. One digit then three, as he sucked, licked, and nibbled her sensitive bud.

He looked up at her face, beaming with ecstasy, and knew she was close again. Not a word was uttered, he just bit her clit, and lapped up the juicy reward as she filled his mouth with cum.

He licked his lips and bellowed, “God damn woman, I did not know you had that much cum in yah. Mmm your cunt tastes delicious!”

She looked at his face glistening with her cum and purred, “You’re next baby.”

He was going to ask her to let him fuck her, but gebze escort decided she could shave him first. After all, he loved cumming in her mouth.

She slid into the water, the jets felt great against the bare skin of her pussy. He climbed out sat on the edge, his dick hard already and saluting her.

She giggled, “Hum looks like something is more than ready.”

“When it comes to you baby, my dick is always ready.”
She lathered his cock and balls gently, because she did not want to trigger his climax yet. She pulled his cock upwards and shaved the hairs. She could not wait to take that stiff shaft in her mouth. She carefully slid the razor across the hairs of his balls until they were as smooth as a baby’s behind. She rinsed him then applied the oil, stroking hard.

She could not wait any longer, she placed her warm lips around his hard shaft and began to deep throat his eight inches. Her fingers rolled his balls as her lips worked their magic.

“Ooooh shit, baby that feels so damn good. Oh slow down, unless you want me to cum in your mouth?”

She stopped sucking long enough to squeal, “Hell yes baby, I want you to fill my mouth with cum!”

He held her head, as she bobbed up and down on his throbbing member. He loved watching her give him a blowjob she was so good at it.

She tickled the underside of the sensitive head with her tongue, and slithered it down his shaft repeatedly. She felt him stiffen and knew he was about to blow his load.

She looked up at him and sucked him as deep as she could go, till her lips brushed his bare pubic bone.
That did it; he held her head there shook all over and exploded down her throat.

She swallowed every delicious drop, licked her lips and purred, “Best dessert I have had in awhile darling!”

He slid back into the water, pulled her close and kissed her deeply. “God I love you!”

“I love you too darling, so what do you want to do next? After all we have two weeks left in this island paradise for two.” “

First off, I’m going to fuck you more than once a day. Plus I want to try some new things we’ve always talked about doing. What do you think about that honey?”

She rubbed her beautiful body up against him, and pressed her lips against his. Then she gently pushed her tongue into his mouth as they shared a long, deep kiss.

She then curled up in his arms, and stammered, “Sounds like fun. Can we start now?”

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