Sex, Drugs, and More Sex

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To her, he was everything she could have asked for and more. It was true that he was a little bit older than her, but to Claudia that just gave the relationship that extra spark of life. For some reason she was given a little satisfaction knowing that both her friends and parents would strongly disapprove. He was 22 and she had told him she had just barely turned 18. At first she was reluctant to let the relationship grow, but soon her initial misgivings evaporated when she lost herself to that deep dreamy voice and that laugh that was to die for. For the first time in her life she felt that someone finally understood and cared about her. Over the months she had told him everything from her darkest secrets to her worst fears. Whenever she let fights with her parents or problems with close friends bring her down, he had never failed to make her feel a little bit better.

Due to the age difference, he had thought it was best to keep their relationship to themselves. He didn’t quite believe her claim that she was 18 but decided not to press the matter further. He often talked to her on the phone and would send emails, however he grew weary of listening to the young girl drone on and on over unfair teachers, and peers whom she would claim say mean things behind her back. Day by day, bit by bit, she slowly poured her heart out to him, sharing with him such intimate and personal details that at times he was almost surprised at the level of trust being built. Oh how naïve and stupid the young can be. To him she was nothing but the epitome of a young teenage girl. Lonely, insecure, obviously developing an eating disorder, desperate for attention, and above all, wanting more than anything to be loved. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he thought it would be a sin if he didn’t take advantage of his most fortunate situation.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Sometimes she was taken aback by how ugly she looked. Oh she knew that guys would often find her attractive. Her chest often procured unwanted stares, her well defined ass would often receive a whistle here and there, and as she got older she became more and more aware of how jealous her fellow female counterparts were of her naturally slim, curvy figure. However, for the life of her she couldn’t quite seem to view herself as anything other than absolutely horrid. Once she had told had even told him about her personal misgivings. He was skeptical of her claims at first, and absolutely insisted on seeing a photo of her. Reluctantly, she complied and was somehow strangely pleased when he replied,

“Are you kidding? You’re absolutely gorgeous! And I’m not just saying that.”

Oddly this made her blush profusely and quickly attempted to move the conversation to other matters.

One night her parents were gone. They had spoken countless hours on the phone with each other, and had often made vague inclinations about meeting, though nothing ever became of it. Not knowing what to do about her situation about her being alone, she decided to confide into him about the matter. As always he was considerate and understanding, stating that he would absolutely love the opportunity to meet her, but at the same time could see why she would be worried about inviting a guy she’s never met over to her house when nobody else was home.

At first she told him she wasn’t yet comfortable with the idea and he didn’t press further. In fact, to her bitter disappointment, not only did he not pressure her further, he mumbled some unknown prior obligation and promptly hung up the phone. It wasn’t long before she was bored out of her mind. The TV played the same old stuff it always did, she couldn’t think of any friends she’d want to spend her time with, and reading had just gotten old. She finally decided she was bored to tears and wanted to do something different. She wanted some adventure and she thought she knew the best way to get it. She called him up again.

“Hey Chad?”

“Yeah what’s up babe?”

“Yeah sorry but I think I’ve changed my mind. You should definitely come visit me at my house for a bit. The only problem is that I haven’t the faintest idea of what we would do. Do you have any ideas?”

“Oh I’ve got plenty. I don’t think you’d be disappointed. What’s your address?”

She exchanged her contact information with him and he told her he’d be on his way shortly, estimating about 30 minutes to arrival.

She was suddenly struck with the realization that he was coming. He was actually going to be there and they’d be alone. She felt like she was on the verge of panic but at the same time felt a rush of exhilaration she’d never felt before. She felt confident that he wouldn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do. Most certainly it wouldn’t come to that. She felt that she had talked to him enough to know that he was a good guy, at least she hoped. She quickly realized that she had no idea what to wear. Should she try to show that body that so many claimed was attractive, or would she feel awkward feeling so exposed to a borderline stranger? Should she wear make up? Or try the all-natural look? The more she thought about it the more she panicked. Eventually, she decided she’d try her best to please him, selecting one of her few lower cut t shirts and a short skirt that she rarely wore bahis siteleri because it made her feel almost naked. She was most unsatisfied with her selected attire and appearance while she gazed in the mirror. Just as she made the resolution to go back to her room to change, she heard the soft ring of the doorbell. Suddenly, she didn’t know what to do and she started to panic. She felt that it wasn’t right, that he was a lot older and that they had never even met. She really shouldn’t be doing this she thought to herself. About a minute passed when she heard the doorbell ring again. She sighed, and slowly, reluctantly, went forth to open the door.

Her anxiety almost instantly vanished after she opened the door to see an almost childish grin on a face that was probably too god damn cute for his own good.

“Hey Claudia?”

“Hey Chad?”

“Hey it’s great to finally see you. And wow may I say did that picture you sent ever do you an injustice.”

Her heart seemed to skip a beat at that comment and she felt that her cheeks had to be turning a bit scarlet.

“Oh… thanks.”

She was slightly flustered by the sudden physical manifestation of that which she had nearly poured her heart and soul into for months. He was suddenly really there and for an awkward moment she was left not knowing what to do or say. Chad managed to save the moment by making a simple inquiry.

“So umm, well do you mind if I come in?”

“Oh right, sorry, of course please do.” And she stepped aside as Chad walked into her home.

Chad helped himself on the leather couch in the dinning area, took a quick look at his surroundings before giving his attention to Claudia, who not knowing what to do, took a seat next to him. Chad quickly cut to the chase.

“Well I didn’t know what you’d want to do so I’ve brought over a couple things so you can decide what sounds best to you.”

Chad first put two films on the coffee table in front of them and exclaimed that it was an absolute must see for anyone. Claudia read the titles and had never heard of either of them. American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream. Next, he took out 2 pills and set them next to the films after commenting, “I don’t know your feelings on pills but I promise you if we both take one of these tonight will be a night neither of are likely to forget.” Finally, he took out a zip lock bag with some green buddish stuff inside next to what appeared to be a glass pipe and said,

“And finally, I present to you god’s greatest gift to humanity.”

She didn’t really know what to make of it all. She felt a little bit surprised, flustered, and yet intrigued all at the same time. She wasn’t stupid. She knew the stuff being offered to her was not only most definitely illegal, but that there were also most definitely claims stating that this stuff could mess with her head, inhibitions or her decisions. She was a bit taken aback by it all and chanced a closer look at Chad. He met the look and she couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback by that childish grin and those eyes which looked like they always held a bit of mischief. As if sensing her initial unease he shrugged and said,

“Hey sometimes I just get sort of bored, and I know first hand that this stuff is not only a lot of fun, but relatively safe as well. Of course, please don’t think that it would mean much to me if you were hesitant to try any of this stuff, because quite frankly anything you don’t take means more for me.”

For some reason, she was reminded of an 8 year old who was elated because he was fortunate to come across a lot of candy and didn’t have to share with his younger siblings. She was convinced that his comment was sincere. Feeling adventurous she thought what the hell. She shrugged and while looking at Chad, she took one of the pills and swallowed. Awestruck, Chad quickly followed suite.

Curious and a little bit nervous (she wasn’t completely ignorant about date rape drugs), she gave Chad a questioning look.

“So uh, what exactly did I just take?”

Chad looked at her for a brief second, smiled almost sheepishly and replied, “Oh you know, this and that. Should be fun too.”

“No I mean it. What was that? What will it do?”

Looking right at her he replied,

“Well if all goes well you should feel… a bit good. Maybe even happy. Relaxed and Content.”

She wasn’t exactly happy or content with such a vague response, but didn’t think she’d get much more out of him. She managed to muster,

“Well I guess if what you say is true then I should find it hard to complain.”

This was met by another brief awkward silence and she suddenly became aware by how close Chad was to her and how naked she felt. She quickly beat herself over wearing so little and vowed to be more conservative on their next get together, should there be another get together. She had never really done anything with a guy before and realized that she was probably alone with one for the first time in her life. Almost as if he sensed what she was thinking Chad said,

“I must admit, I’m a bit surprised by your choice of dress, not that I’m in any way complaining. It’s just that all those times we’ve talked on the phone I always envisioned you as one of the more conservative types.”

As he said this she felt uncomfortable canlı bahis as she felt his eyes slowly absorb her exposed flesh.

Attempting to gain a little dignity considering the circumstance she retorted,

“Yes well I didn’t really know what to wear, and I guess I thought that if I was going to be doing something new, like having a guy over with my parents gone, then why stop there? Why not be a little adventurous? Please don’t get any ideas with my more than casual dress, it was nothing more than a little experiment gone wrong.”

“Of course… wait… did you mean to say that you’ve never done anything with a guy before?”

“Yeah… quite frankly this whole meeting with you is something altogether new to me.”

It was strange, despite all their long conversations into the night, expressing their interests, likes, dislikes, and feelings towards the people they lived with, they never seemed to have gone into the history of each others personal lives. To her it just didn’t seem that important at the time.

“Strange, I would of thought that a girl with your looks… well never mind.”

“No please go on.”

“Well it’s just that well you’re… well… stunning. It’s almost hard to believe that I’m really privileged with being the first.”

Though a bit confused on what he meant about being the first, she slowly became aware she was gradually beginning to feel more and more relaxed. All fear or anxiety felt from being alone with a borderline stranger evaporated as she started to feel happy and safe with her newfound companion. She had always wondered what it would be like to be with the one she had talked to for so many nights for so many hours, and now he was finally really here. Glancing a look in his direction, she was once again taken aback by how cute he was. She looked into his eyes and was soon almost mesmerized by them. She was startled by how brown they were. It was weird because in spite of his natural almost bored and mischievous gleam his eyes beheld almost naturally, she could have sworn she saw the slightest glimmer of something akin to a deep sorrow or sadness. It almost scared her. She wondered what it would have been like to see the world for those eyes day after day for years on end, and what he had to have gone through to achieve such a look. Through his eyes alone, she slowly began to feel and understand like she knew everything Chad had been through in his life, and for the first time felt like she was a part of someone else, actually living his experiences as if they were her own. The closer she looked the more she felt his eyes gave such a profound sense of sorrow that her instinct was to reach out, hold him, and tell him everything was going to be okay. At that moment she felt so close to Chad, so connected as she began to think that she knew everything about him, and was struck with a feeling that she couldn’t describe using any other word other than love. She was fairly certain that he had, but she still wanted to ask him if he’d ever been in love or had experienced heartbreak. In fact, now that she thought about it she wanted to hear him tell her everything about him. She was also aware that he was looking back into her eyes with almost equal intensity. She couldn’t explain how she felt that their feelings towards one another were somehow mutual. She suddenly felt exposed and naked in more ways than one, and was glad that she was doing this with someone like Chad. She felt she could have looked into those deep, lucid eyes all night but was strangely perplexed by the thought of what it would be like to put her hands around him, pull him close to her, meet him with her lips, and feel his body against her own. At the time she couldn’t quite explain it, but she wondered what it would feel like to have his hands touch her body. She felt her heart beating rapidly and her body tingling as she began to imagine would it would be like to be physically connected with this former stranger.

All though no words were spoken, everything was said as they moved forward as one, and kissed.

She couldn’t have told you her name as she felt his lips against her own.

After a few moments he withdrew.

“Chad… this is absolutely incredible.”

“I know.” she heard him say simply.

He moved a bit closer until their bodies were nearly touching on the couch. He slowly and gently guided her down until she was on her back. He managed to put himself between her legs and was able to rest his body upon her own. They locked eyes and slowly he leaned in and they kissed once more.

Claudia didn’t quite know what was happening. Part of her was protesting thinking that this was wrong; however, it simply felt too good to feel his body next to her own. It felt so right to be close to him. She felt their hearts beating rapidly together and when he kissed her all thoughts of protest seemed to vanish. She felt her entire body begin to squirm as he managed to lightly run his hand up and down her inner thigh, while his other hand managed to get under her shirt and slowly explore the outer curves of her left breast.

“How does that feel?” he asked

She let out a soft almost involuntary moan of delight in response as she felt his hand that was rubbing her inner thigh slowly climb upward. What was happening she thought? Why does this güvenilir bahis feel so ridiculously good? She had never experienced anything like this before and began get a little nervous when she realized that she was next to powerless to stop what was happening. With free access due to the skirt, she felt his hand continue to explore up and down her inner thigh, softly probing the top of her thin panties. As his hand slowly began to go under the panties, she felt herself moan and squirm with pleasure beyond imagination as he began messaging her pubic area.

“Chad that feels so good but I don’t know about this,” she managed to say in between heated breaths.

“Yeah,” he replied nonchalantly.

Suddenly he stopped touching her pubic area and with both hands started to lift her shirt. For the first time she realized what was going to happen. She started to protest but whatever was said was drowned away as he started to kiss her some more. With her shirt off, he began to softly message both her breasts, and eventually started to pay special attention to her nipples. Claudia relaxed and was amazed of how acutely aware of every touch and gesture from his hands as she moaned with pure delight. She was surprised to feel a certain wetness, and realized that she must literally be dripping below. Suddenly with his tongue, he circled her breasts over and over getting nearer and nearer to the nipple, and started to suckle softly. She gasped as she felt his tongue and suction on her nipple. She felt his hand probing underneath her skirt again. This time his hands became more adventurous, and with a single finger started to probe the wet outside ridges under her panties. She began to moan harder and was struck with a carnal curiosity to see what it would be like if he put his fingers inside of her. Instead of taking off the skirt, he simply lifted up the thin piece of fabric and slid her panties down her legs. Now for the first she felt truly exposed and naked with a guy lying between her legs, shirt off, skirt up, and her panties off. What am I doing she thought? Part of her desperately wanted her clothes back on and wanted to tell him to stop. However, when she felt his fingers exploring the moisture between her legs she found it nearly impossible to protest further. She felt him move his finger deeper and deeper, exploring up and down inside her folds, while she simultaneously writhed in the ecstasy previously unknown to her. Soon he used two fingers, and then three, and she was amazed at the difference. With three fingers it was a fairly tight fit and was by now panting heavily. She began to move her body with the rhythm of his fingers as he moved them deeper and deeper inside of her. With his fingers still inside, he moved one of them slightly upwards and began to explore her upper folds. She half screamed half gasped when he found her clit and started to rub it while at the same time moving his fingers in and out of her. This time her whole body began spasm as electric shocks of pleasure flowed across her entire body. Moaning with pleasure beyond words, she couldn’t help but be slightly nervous as she realized what was going to happen next. He got up, took off his shirt, and began unbuckling his pants. After he pulled off his boxers she half gasped at the size of his enlarged nearly pulsating organ. She had never seen a penis before and became a little nervous at the size… wondering how on earth he would get a thing that big inside of her. In awe of this gigantic throbbing organ, she couldn’t help but to be a bit curious and move out her hand and touch it. So curious about it she started to move her hand up and down the shaft and was amazed by how hard and soft it was. She became all the more delighted as she heard him softly moaning, and she was suddenly strangely curious to see what it would be like to put this gigantic thing inside her mouth. To her slight disappointment she wasn’t given the chance. He spread her legs further apart, putting his organ in front of her opening, and with his hand started to move his fingers in and out of her again. She became a bit frantic as she thought that he was really going to try to put that thing inside of her. Holding the shaft, and spreading her opening with his fingers, he tried to guide the head into her opening, and found it quite a difficult fit. She suddenly started to panic. How was he going to fit something so big inside of her? She once more started to protest, but stopped as felt hers insides stretch to try to make way for the head of his shaft. Slowly, he started to pull in and out with his shaft, attempting to force his way inside of her. Even though she was nearly in tears now, she still writhed with ecstasy as she felt so aware of the part of her that he began to fill. Soon with one quick thrust, she felt his entire his shaft penetrate deep inside of her and she heard herself scream with a mixture of both agony and ecstasy. All rational thought was lost as electric waves of pleasure flooded her body. With every thrust she heard herself scream louder and louder, at first silently pleading that it would soon be over and then quickly found herself wishing that it wouldn’t. While writhing in a state of ecstasy, she felt her body entire beginning to involuntarily spasm as she grew to her climax, and at the same time she felt his organ pulsating almost violently as he came inside of her. For a few minutes they lied together, listening to each others breathing and heartbeats. After a couple minutes, she felt him draw out and lie down next to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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