Seduction of Mrs. Clarke Ch. 02

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Jane: Hey how you doing?

I’m fine, how are you? (We chit chat and catchup for a while)

Jane: I’m curious, have you thought anymore about your boy toy.

Matt? Why do you ask about that?

Jane; I was curious. I know he really had you going and I thought he probably was still a source for some masturbation sessions. Why is something up?

I think we should find another time to talk about that.

Jane: Something is clearly up. And you probably need to get it off your chest. You have to have someone to talk to about it.

Oh gosh Jane you are right something is up but I don’t know if I can talk about it.

Jane: Oh wow, you have my curiosity up now, you’ve got to tell me.

Well, have you got several hours?

Jane: Several hours wow. Well I’ve got to hear this now and Larry is on a business trip and my girlfriends are all busy, so you have my undivided attention for the rest of the night.

Oh so I’m your last choice for entertainment (forced chuckle)

Jane: Come on Jo you’re stalling.

You’re right. I don’t know where to start or even how to tell you. But you are right I need to get it off my chest. And I need someone to help me sort out these feelings.

Jane: Feelings? Well look, just start and I’m sure it will all come out. I can tell you have it               all bottled up inside you.

Ok but no judging, and let me get it all out before we start analyzing.

Jane: Sure, and you know I love you no matter what.

Thanks, well here goes –

So I get home from work on a Friday night. Bob has taken Tommy on site visit to his alma mater during fall break, you know Tommy is graduating this year.

Jane: Yes I know.

Bob is not going to be home until Monday because it is such a drive and he is going to see some of his college buddies. He was a little mad I couldn’t go with them but I had a late meeting at work and he wanted to leave at lunch due to the drive. I have taken off my bra, fixed something to eat and am thinking about what I am going to do with this weekend all to myself. I finish my second glass of wine and decide I am going to take a nice long bath. I think this will be a great time to try out my new toy and release some tension and yes, the thought of Matt crosses my mind. And then I hear someone at the door so I go open it and there he is.

Jane: The boy toy?

His name is Matt

Jane: Ok sorry Matt, go on.

Well there he is standing in all his glory, looking as confident as ever. I just froze. It was like I was hypnotized. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I just stood there staring. My mind racing and blank at the same time if that is possible. He smiled and said…

“Nice to see you too Mrs. Clarke.” He then put his arm around my waist and ushered us inside like he owned the place. He turned and closed the door and locked it. He then turned around and said “which way is the bedroom?”

Instinctively I glanced toward the bedroom and actually started to raise my hand to point in the direction and then realized, what am I doing, but he already had the information he needed. He then grabbed my hand and began leading me into the bedroom. My mind was racing, I couldn’t think. Everything was happening so fast. I was thinking how did he know I was here by myself. Did he even care? Had he and Tommy still been in contact and Tommy let him know I was here alone all weekend. Why did he decide to show up now and then it dawned on me. Tommy had said “I kind of miss Matt and would like to see him,” and I nonchalantly said “me too.” Apparently, Tommy had talked to Matt and shared that conversation with him and Matt concluded this was his signal.

I hadn’t uttered a word since he arrived and was struggling even to think of what to say or what I should do. And then there we were in the bedroom, he immediately spun me around, said…

“Damn you’re sexy” and began to remove my blouse.

I instinctively knew I should protest, but as I did, he took my hand and pushed it to my side and took a finger and put it on my lips and said…

“Joanne, we have both waited far too long for this.” Then kissed me with a passion and desire I have never felt.

Jane: OMG what did you do?

Now here is where I really need you to not judge and later help me work through what happened, why I did what I did and what to do about it.

Jane: Sure sure, no worries, you can trust me no matter what. So what did you do?

I melted in his arms. His passion was overwhelming. I draped my arms over his strong athletic shoulders and kissed him back. It was at that point he knew he had me. I realized I had lost or given up my battle, but at the same time felt like a flower opening for the first time. He stopped and began to remove the blouse I was wearing. I automatically raised my arms and allowed him to slide it over my head. It was then I remembered I had already taken off my bra when I got home. He bonus veren siteler looked longing at breast and said…

“My god you’re gorgeous,” and I melted some more.

He started with my neck and began slowly kissing down my body. When his lips touched my breast, I could feel my juices begin to flow. And as his tongue found my nipple, waves of passion shot through my body like electricity. He lingered there shortly and then continued his journey. He knelt down as he reached my belly button, he started to remove my pants – he stopped – looked up at me and gave me a wry smile. I could only look down at him doe eyed. It was then he knew his conquest was complete.

After removing my slacks and panties with one fell swoop, he laid me down on the bed and then stood back and removed his clothes. After removing his clothes, he stood there for a moment as if for me to admire him, and I did. He was well built, muscular but not too much, young and virile. His penis was already standing at full attention, and to my delight it was actually slightly larger than I had imagined. It was the perfect shape and length and I remember thinking it looked like it was made for me.

Jane: omg JO….

Please let me finish, we will talk about it later. He then moved to the foot of the bed where my legs were already partially parted. As he climbed onto the bed, he placed his strong hands on my inner thighs and pushed my legs further apart. He placed his mouth completely over my mound and began exploring with his tongue. What he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm. As his tongue first touched my clitoris, I let out what only could be described as something between a moan and a yelp and had my first of what I would come to call mini orgasm. Realizing he had found his target he began lick and flick my clitoris. My moaning became uncontrollable and I placed my hand up to mouth to try and contain them. I bit the fleshy part of my palm under my thumb to try and get control of them. He realized the effect he was having on me and intensified his efforts and then inserted a finger in my vagina. My hips rose up off the bed and I heard him give a slight smirk of delight. As he began thrusting his finger, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm start to rise within me. With the deft of an experienced lover, he began to suck on my clit and inserted another finger. I could take it no more and began to thrust my hips into him. I wrapped my legs around his head and gave into my desire. Waves of desire and lust began to swirl around and through my body. My body began to convulse as the massive orgasm took over and I started to flood his face with my juices. It seemed like it lasted for 5 minutes. When it finally subsided, I collapsed limp on the bed.

Jane: OMG Jo that is so hot…

He looked up at me with the most amazingly coy smile I have ever seen. As he slowly began crawling his body up mine.

“Joanne you are an awesomely sexy woman” he said, and kissed me passionately.

Our tongues danced together and I could taste my juices in his mouth. He began to rock slightly up and down as we kissed and I could feel his manhood rubbing against me. Unbelievably after just having a massive orgasm I could feel my desire start to swell again. He lifted himself over me and with his rocking slid his penis up and down my labia. He looked so deeply in my eyes I could feel his desire for me. I wondered why he hadn’t entered me yet and was now yearning for him to do so. I guess he saw the questioning in my eyes.

“You put it in,” he says.

For some reason this sent an even stronger wave of desire over me. I reached down and grabbed his manhood. I lingered for a moment feeling the hardness and wonderfulness of what was going to be my pleasure. I guided it to my opening and put it in. He slid in one motion moderately but with intention to what I thought must have been three quarters of its length. And then began to withdraw it with the same intention. Back slightly deeper this time. He repeated this several times. It felt amazing. It was just the right size. It stretched me to the edge of hurt but was not painful. It was hard as a rock and I wanted more. I placed my hands on his butt and pulled him as he entered me this time and realized he still had not fully entered me yet. I could tell he stopped just short but by now I wanted it all. So I pulled with all my might on his butt and thrust my hips into him. As I let out a scream.

“That’s it Joanne.” he said.

He began to pump me with purpose now and I responded. Thrusting back into his lunges. My moaning was now guttural and loud. I was somewhat embarrassed by it and again placed my hand over my mouth. He took my hand away and pinned it to the bed and then pinned my other hand on the other side.

“Let it out – I want to hear you, I want all of you.” he exhorted.

Well that was all I could take; I could feel the next massive orgasm rise as I began bedava bahis to scream. This encouraged him and he quickened his pace and force.

“Take it all Mrs. Clarke.” he said.

Taken aback by why he switched between using my first name and now my title as Mrs. Clarke.

Jane: He was exerting his control over you. He was reminding you that you were a married woman and you were giving yourself to him.

I guess that’s it, and I guess it worked somehow because it brought a debased side out of me, I hadn’t realized was there. Without knowing where it came from, I shouted, “yes baby give it to me.” Which started a naughty banter session.

You like this big cock don’t you.

Oh yes.

Yes, what?

I like your big cock.

What do you want me to do with it?


I’m going to fuck you so good for so long you are not going to want it to stop.

I could only respond with loud moaning and screaming as the orgasm took hold. He continued to pump me harder and faster now.

Yes baby cum for me. Cum hard for your young stud.

Which only intensified the orgasm. I could feel his member swelling and knew he was about to cum too. I felt the first waves of his semen explode into me. I was now completely out of control and cumming so hard I almost passed out and may have slightly, because I can’t remember how long it lasted but when it was done, I felt utterly exhausted but completely fulfilled.

Jane: Omg JO that’s so hot. Had you ever had sex like that before?

No never. I tell you Jane it was like an otherworldly experience.

Jane: So, is that where it ended?

No. Remember I asked you, did you have several hours?

Jane: Oh wow, so what happened next?

We lay there for a while. Both of us panting and trying to regain our strength and composure. It was nice I laid there in his arms cuddling. He was so tender and loving now. I remember thinking, did I want to have this happen all along? But before I could process that thought he was already hard again. I tell you these young boys have unbelievable stamina. He reached and took my hand and placed it around his hard cock.

“It’s time for you to return the favor, Joanne.” He said.

I knew what he meant and it seemed only fair after giving me such a wonderful orgasm earlier with his mouth. So I kissed my way down his chest to his stomach and then took him in my mouth. I have never particularly liked performing this but for some reason this time I was enjoying it. I guess because for the first time tonight I was in control but that didn’t last. After a few times, he put his hand on the back of my head.

“That is nice Joanne but take it deeper” and began pushing me deeper and deeper on to him with each stroke.

His cock finally hit the back of my throat and I gagged and choked. I raised up and coughed and gasped for air. After I had recovered, he guided me back down.

Just relax, you’re doing good, you will get used to it.

He pushed me back down this but not quite as far. Then every once in a while, push me back further. This was repeated several times and each time I did gag less.

That’s it Mrs. Clarke, you are catching on.

Jane: There it is again, him exerting his dominance over you. I guess you were furious at this point.

You would think and this is one of the things we are going to have to talk about at the end, but I wasn’t. For some odd reason I was feeling aroused by having most of his manhood in my mouth. He was now filling my mouth like he had my pussy earlier and I was pleasing him. I could tell he was getting close. I was hardly gagging at all anymore. And then I realized that I was one of those girls that became his target and was enamored by his good looks, smitten by his charm, and would do anything to please him. So I began to work to please him. I swirled my tongue around the head when I would come each time. I began using more suction.

“Oh you’re awesome – just a little more, you’re doing great, you are making me so hard” he moaned.

And he was right. He was harder than a rock. And irresistibly all I wanted to do was please him. So he forced my head back down far this time. He repeated this one or two more times and then began to release his sperm into my mouth as he held my head down tightly and let out a delightful moan. A feeling of attainment came over me as I knew I had satisfied him.

After he released me and allowed me to get some air back in my lungs and kind of get under control, He ran his hand up his cock and squeezed the last little bit of cum to the top. He then pointed his dick toward me and looked at me expectantly. I licked the last little bit off with my tongue.

Jane: He was totally controlling you at this point.

I didn’t realize it at the time but yes. But before I had time to process any of what just happened, he said…

“Joanne that was awesome. Now I should please you until I’m ready again” he deneme bonus positioned me on all fours and got behind me.

He began by licking my pussy from behind. I had never had that done before, and it felt amazing. I found myself lifting my ass to give him more access. He would reach his tongue up to my clit and then run it down my labia and then inside me. Inside me he would swirl his tongue around and it was driving me crazy. This boy was good. I remember thinking, how does he know all this? I wondered how many women has he been with. Why could this boy of now 19 or 20 give me more pleasure than I had ever felt. But again, before I could process this, he placed two fingers inside me and then … began swirling his tongue around my asshole. I jumped from the shock and from the intense pleasure sensations it was causing. Bob had accidentally brushed my asshole several times before and I had noticed some pleasure from it but this was on another level. As he licked and applied more pressure my juices began to flow.

“Feels good doesn’t it Joanne?” he cooed.

I could only moan an ummhmmm. And then he stuck his tongue in my ass. It felt like rockets went off inside my body. He was inserting two fingers in my pussy, gentle massaging one of my ass cheeks with his other hand and sticking his tongue deeper now in my ass. Well my next orgasm began to overwhelm me. At this point I almost need to find another word because orgasm doesn’t do it justice. I was moaning uncontrollably and my body was writhing. I cam so hard I squirted. At first, I thought omg he made me pee and then I realized oh this is what it is like to squirt.

Jane: So this is the first time you ever squirted?


Jane: Damn, I’m so jealous. No one has ever made me squirt.

While I was still orgasming, he thrust his now hard cock inside me from behind deep and quick. I said…

Jane: In your ass?

No in my pussy. I moaned, “hold on give me a minute” as he began thrusting fast and hard.

“No, let’s keep this going.” he said.

He was grabbing my hips and thrusting like an animal inside me. From this position his cock was rubbing across my g spot with each thrust. And indeed, my orgasm did continue and if possible, even intensify. I wanted it to stop and to never end at the same time. I don’t really know how to describe my state of euphoria.

He said, “damn Mrs. Clarke you have some good pussy;” and I squirted again.

I didn’t know how much more my body could take. I felt like all my strength was gone and the orgasm began to subside.

He seemed to notice and said, “no not just yet Mrs. Clarke wait for me” and reached around and began rubbing my clit as he thrust into me faster and harder.

Orgasm again took control of my body and thankfully I felt his dick start to swell, which only intensified the pleasure.

He moaned,” damn you’re so good” and I felt his dick begin to shoot his sperm into me which caused my orgasm to crescendo.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I awoke, he was coming out of the shower drying himself off.

Jane: Damn Joanne!

I know. See why I didn’t want to tell you?

Jane: Well yes, but you needed to.

You’re right. I do feel better not having to carry this around all by myself.

Jane: Exactly. So did he leave after he showered.

No, he stayed all weekend and various versions of what I described happened. I don’t think there is any need to detail each one.

Jane: Right, so I’m trying to think what that looked like. You acted like a married couple during the day and fucked like rabbits each night?

No, we pretty much didn’t leave the bedroom all weekend except to eat, occasionally shower – usually together. He wouldn’t let me wear any clothes the whole weekend with the exception of naughty lingerie which you can imagine was used sometimes in our sessions.

Jane: Damn, how did you keep that up?

Well, it slowed down considerably after the first night, well for me at least. I had to perform a lot of oral sex. But I was wasted by the end of the weekend. I was sore for a week. I could hardly walk at first. I had to tell Bob when he got home that I had a bad fall while he was gone and was extremely sore so he wouldn’t ask too many questions. He saw how poorly I walked at first and it took me a day to convince him I didn’t need to go to the hospital.

Jane: Didn’t Bob call to check in during the weekend?

He called several times. Matt didn’t want me to answer at first but I explained to him what a problem that would cause and would put an end to what we were doing, so he let me. But each time Bob would call he would try to distract me. He would suck on my tits, or eat my pussy. One time he made me suck him when Bob was talking. It was like he was jealous of Bob or didn’t want to share me.

Jane: You realize he was exercising his dominion over you don’t you.

I guess, but somehow it felt flattering.

Jane: I hardly know what to say. I see why you said you need to work out these emotions. Why do you think you gave into him so easily? I know what we had talked about before and on some level, you longed for him, but I’m still curious what finally allowed you to give in.

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