Seduced Aboard a Cruise Ship

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Big Tits

It was April, we were in Europe on a luxury cruise with a couple of friends. We like to think we are a sophisticated, rather smart couple. But we were seduced by experts from the UK. This is our story.

We are Fred and Katie; ages 64 and 61 and we live in Florida. Like most marriages, in the beginning we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. But over the years, our sex drive had diminished, which is not at all uncommon. We talked about what we could do to get the newness back.

But let’s go back in time to set the stage.


One of my first jobs as a teenager was babysitting for a young widow. I’d babysit her 2 kids, who went to bed early. She had a lot of those woman magazines around—the kind with stories about romance, cheating, affairs, sex aids; which were a type of soft porn at the time.

I was young and innocent, but old enough to get hard. I would read stories in those magazines after the kids were sleeping which would always lead to a masturbation session, sometimes two or more. I loved the erotic tales, and especially was turned on when women would describe how they were mentally overcome with urges to have affairs or craved sex with multiple men and could not stop. I learned that once they had their mind set, they wouldn’t have stopped even if they could have. The more desperate the women were, the more exciting it was, and the more turned on I would be. Sometimes I would go in the widow’s bedroom and find a pair of her panties in her dresser and put them on which would compel me to engage in some joyous masturbation sessions.

The widow had a younger sister who lived an hour away, and who would often spend weekends at big sis’ house. She was young and cute and of course I met her, and eventually we started dating. I remember she told me she read those same magazines.

We dated for over a year, slowly moving from kissing and talking, to petting, to touching naked skin and near naked heavy petting and one night we finally went all the way. It was the first time for both of us and she was the one to finally make it happen, although there was absolutely no resistance on my part. We had been necking and petting and without a word, she just raised up and slid her shorts off, unzipped me and pulled my shorts down, and knelt over me. She used her hands to guide me in. WOW! The first time for both of us. She was totally wet, and I was totally hard. We weren’t going to stop; not this night.

I remembered reading about breaking the cherry and that it could be painful, and I was afraid to hurt her. So, we let her control the process. We were both so primed. This had been building for over a year and now we both knew it was going to happen tonight and we didn’t know what to expect, but we couldn’t stop. Every touch, every move caused major thrills, like electricity and tingling feelings all over and every move felt exquisite and finally the mystery was not a mystery anymore. In a minute she had me completely inside her and I thought I was in heaven. It felt so good and so warm and so tight. And then she was rocking on me and moving up and down. I can still remember the feeling of amazement as I began to cum inside her. But OMG, it felt wonderful. She said she loved it when she made me start throbbing and told me she could feel me cum, and said she loved feeling the warmth of it.

We hadn’t even thought of condoms or pregnancy, just let nature have its way. From that night on, we had sex as much as possible, every time we were together, often several times a day. All we had for safety was that one of her friends had an older sister who was a RN, who told us about the rhythm method. That is all we ever used, never a condom, as we sexed our way into an early marriage. It was not a shotgun, we just married because everyone always thought we would; and we did. And we still loved sex, sometimes as much as 5 times a day.

We were married about two years. I was the first of my friends to marry but now I was hearing all my friends tell about their love life and stories; talk about their sexual romps with the girls; their first times. It was then that I began to get a craving for finding out how sex would feel with someone else. I had read so many stories in some of those old magazines that my wife’s older sister kept around the house; and now I had an incredible urge to have sex with another woman. I just had to feel how it would be.


One night I was out and ran into a local divorcee at a neighborhood bar. She was in her late thirties and was woman that I had met several times. I thought she was very pretty and it was rumored that she had been having affairs with several married men in our neighborhood. She was with some girlfriends and I was with one of my guy friends. I asked her to dance a few times. He hit on her girlfriend. It was near closing and she said she didn’t feel safe to drive home as she didn’t want to chance a ticket. She asked me to drive her home, telling me she would pick up her car in the morning. I could not pass that and drove her home and walked bahis siteleri her to her door. It was there that she kissed me, and asked me to come in. Five minutes later we had our clothes off and were laying on her living room floor naked, when she kissed me again, pulled me on top, wrapped her legs around me and pulled me inside her. BAM!

Here I was, FEELING another woman, feeling her wetness, feeling her skin, feeling her mouth on mine. She was under me, wriggling, twitching and moaning, eyes closed and clutching me, with her long legs still wrapped around me and using her thighs to pull me in all the way. Then I felt myself begin to cum, inside her sexy body and I knew i would never be the same, not ever again. She wasn’t better, or worse, than my wife. Just DIFFERENT. And I LOVED it. What made it even hotter is I had heard she had been with lots of different men, and that was a turn on—a HUGE turn on—and I have no idea why, it just WAS. She never even mentioned condoms or pregnancy, all she wanted was to have me inside her and then she had a convulsive, almost violent, shaking orgasm. She was my second woman ever. And I was hooked.

I felt guilty for a couple of days but went to the library and read as much as I could about sexual desire, why people are born with an inner craving—part of nature’s way to continue. Nature doesn’t have morals. The purpose for sex is survival of the species. A female has an urge to breed more than one time and with more than one male. A male who knows the female has just had sex with another male, has an overwhelming desire to have sex on top of the first. It is a basic animal need. That is why so many men are so turned on by the thought of their wives having sex with another man.

The more I read, the more I began to understand it isn’t natural to desire sex with just one other person. There is a natural desire to have sex with multiple people, and both men and woman have those same instincts. We are taught in school, by peers, by parents, by clergy—taught to suppress it; and lots of us do. But it is a rare human, male or female, that doesn’t get an occasional urge or a feeling or wonder what it would be like to have sex with a new person. And once they have an urge, it becomes a craving and almost nothing can stop it. I eventually felt less guilty and stopped thinking about it.


It must have been a year and a half later. My sexy young wife and I were on vacation with my best friend and his wife. As we slipped into bed one night, getting amorous, out of a clear blue she asked me if I ever had sex with any other woman. I have no idea if she suspected anything, but looking back at it, I think she was simply voicing her own hidden feelings; and thinking that she must have been wondering how it would be with another man. Could my friend have said something to her? I didn’t know that back then and tried to change the subject. But she PLEADED, promising she wouldn’t get mad, but she just wanted to know. Finally, I confessed my one night with the divorcee. My wife knew this woman a little, because she was a local; and my wife was totally surprised. She might have suspected maybe one of her girlfriends, or an old classmate but she never expected it would be a woman nearly twice my age.

Surprisingly, but true to her word, she didn’t get angry at all! In fact, she was quite the opposite. She got wildly horny, rubbing me, kissing me and asking me to tell her everything. I told her how I had met the divorcee by chance and then explained how we got to her house, and how we had sex. My wife wanted to know whether I had cummed inside, and when I told her I did my wife went crazy wild. She wanted to know exactly how it felt. She nearly had an orgasm as I described it in detail and she just pulled me on top of her and as soon as I was inside her she had an immense orgasm. She was just quivering.

When I came, as it subsided, she started kissing me and asked me to tell her the story again. I think my wife was VICARIOUSLY placing herself as the other woman, imagining it was HER; and she was having sex with another man. She was imagining wanting more, wanting him again and again. And as I closed in on the details of how it felt when I started to cum, my wife went crazy wild for the second time. We repeated that scene at least 4 times that night, each time I would tell her, she wanted sex more. It was totally amazing! For months after we had the same scene at home; the more she heard me tell the story the hornier it made her. That is how I learned how intense an urge can be for a woman. I knew she was thinking about how it would be for HER to have another man.


Little did I know how this would all play out. About a year later, we were meeting 7 other couples at a NY Eve hotel party. We checked in early and had sex twice during the afternoon. Later, my best friend and his wife checked in and called us. His wife was quite ill—nothing serious—but bad cold and flu and chills. Bottom line she came to the hotel but was going to stay in her room.

We had canlı bahis often kidded with them about knocking each other’s wives up, but it was all just in fun. I had never even kissed his wife, nor to my knowledge had he kissed mine. We were just very good friends and travel companions. But clearly as I was going to discover, my wife must have been thinking about him more than I knew. He picked us up at our room on the way to dinner.

As we walked into the hallway, my wife grabbed my hand, looked at me and told me she could take us both on!

POW! Just like that she blurted it out. That’s when I realized she was thinking about sex with someone else. Right now. she was thinking of sex with two different men. She tried to turn back to our room and told me she really could handle us both, but I pulled her toward the dining room. She asked me if I thought she couldn’t, almost like a dare, and I told her I knew she probably could, but we kept walking. We continued to dinner and she sat between us, at a table for 16 with our other friends.

It was quite loud, and we were all talking to each other, but she must have been talking to him a lot more. As dinner was winding down, she looked at me and asked me to give her the room key.

I looked at her as if she was kidding, but she wasn’t. She had a puppy dog look in her eyes like she was begging. Again, she asked me to give her the room key. She was truly insistent. And I realized she wasn’t kidding. She wanted that key. I knew her well, had known her from a young age, and knew that if she was ever in a situation with any man, if she let him touch her intimately, she would be UNABLE to stop it. She had loved sex from the moment she first had me. I knew she could not and would not stop, even if she could. And I knew if I gave her the key, she would take him to our room. And I knew what that meant.

What I didn’t know was that the two of them had spent most of the dinner leading each other on. I could not have known that she was nearly desperate to have sex with him, or that she was so sexually worked up she had already soaked her panties. Her inside was just aching to feel him in her. She was past the point of thinking and the urge was undeniable.

Something deep down in me started to stir. I found this EXCITING, a TURN ON. And I finally handed her the key and told her to have fun. At that point nothing I could have said would have changed her mind. The two of them got up and walked out. No one else seemed to notice and if anyone asked them where they were going, I’m sure they said they were going to check on his wife. But I knew they were going to our room. I quietly headed for the bar. A football game was on TV and I ordered a drink—knowing that my wife was on her way to our room with my friend and intended to have sex with him. And as I sat there I got a heck of a hard on thinking about it.

In about an hour they came down. By then the band was playing. No one had paid any attention to where anyone was, and no one noticed that they had been gone an hour. But as they came up to me, he made an excuse that he needed to talk to one of the other guys—I think he was afraid I’d be pissed—and he left. One look in my wife’s eyes and I KNEW she had fucked him. It was so obvious! Yet I wasn’t angry, just rock hard.

I asked her if they had a good time and she nodded. Then I asked her if they went all the way and she looked down and told me they had. I asked her if they did it more than once and she told me they had done it three times and that she never asked him about a condom and they just did it.

BOY OH BOY. For some unexplainable reason I got so turned on. I found myself focus on how it must have been and in that second, I was totally hot for her. I thought that in a way she was getting even, but I knew that was not what she was thinking—she just wanted to find out how it would be with another man. And obviously, it had been great.

A slow song started, and the dance floor was nearby, so I asked her if she wanted to dance. After a minute or two she looked at me and said she needed to go back to the room. I asked her why and she told me she could feel him running out of her; meaning his cum was running out.

OMG—I almost came in my pants thinking about it. I almost pushed her off the dance floor and we quickly headed to our room. As soon as the door closed, I just put my arms around her and started kissing her, feeling her warmth and just stood there holding her as she unzipped her dress, and, in a minute, we were in bed. I almost PLUNGED into her—feeling all her wetness and all his goo. A first for me. It was UNBELIEVABLE how turned on and how rock hard I was. The bed was pretty soaked from their hour, but I didn’t care. I was kissing her as I started to cum inside her. It was FANTASTIC!! That was when I learned how overpowering the urge can be and how good sex can feel and how hot it can be to have sex with a woman who has just had sex with someone else. It was nature’s way. And it was my first seconds.


Over the years I had 3 more affairs, one just a one-night stand, güvenilir bahis the other two were several times each with married women. Every time I felt less guilty and more turned on. But I always enjoyed the sex. And if I knew the other woman had numerous affairs it was an even bigger turn on. I am not sure whether my wife ever had another affair—but it is possible she saw my friend once or twice as I was working a night shift and he lived near enough to stop by. She never said, and I never asked. And I never told her about my other 3 affairs.


We gradually drifted apart, sex became an occasional thing; job requirements and money became the primary issues and it was not any longer a sex romp with her. It was strictly business. That is the position we wound up in and the time frame when I met Katie.

Her story was different from mine in that she had never had an affair. Her marriage just wore out—sex was a once a month, maybe. We connected and in a matter of weeks we were together. I was her second ever man, she was my 6th. I told her about my past before we ever had sex, just so she knew and could make a choice before she left her husband or did something for which she would feel forever guilty. She simply said that it was in the past and never brought it up again. But I sensed she was at least turned on by the thought.

We were like teenagers again, having sex all the time and having fun all the time. We both had great careers and made a lot of money, so we never had a financial problem. When we weren’t working, we were having fun. Still—there is that biological issue swirling around—that suppressed need for sex with someone else. I never cheated on Katie though and would bet my life she never cheated on me either. But after years, we found ourselves in the same sexual doldrums as we had been in during our first marriages. It is what I call the once a month syndrome. But we decided to talk it through—we had too good a thing going to let it die. Plus, we were older and supposedly wiser.

Of course, we discussed sex. We both admitted we masturbated way more than we did when we met—a lot in fact. We both confessed that we used our exes or other imaginary other sex partners as we masturbated. And we both agreed that we would like to get back into our gotta have it feelings like when we first met. We rented a few “X” movies and they were a turn on (sorta) but hard porn is not our thing. One night we watched a movie on TV—not an “X” but one of the hottest movies we ever saw. It was RIchard Gere and Diane Lane in “Unfaithful.” The story line is this wealthy suburban couple, and the wife by pure chance has a minor accident and is helped by a young man—who becomes her LOVER. The acting is so good, and the story line so common. She starts an affair with the young man and just CANNOT make herself stop it. She thinks she can; but it is becoming addictive. I won’t say more in hopes some of you rent or buy the movie, but it is hotter than any “X” porn movie with a much more realistic story line.


That is when we discussed swinging. It was a hard subject to cover, especially since she was a catholic girl and could not imagine having sex with someone she was not married to. But we read a lot about it and how many people do it. We agreed that we would try it if we found a couple we both liked, and who liked us.

Fast forward about 15 months and we met another couple on line that we thought might be perfect to be our first ever swing partners.

They were Bob and Carol and had been swingers for over 20 years, and with something close to 40 other partners. That was a big part of the attraction, the turn on knowing they had so many others. They were very close to us in age and lived within 45 minutes of us. All their partners had been long term and all of them married couples according to our initial conversation. We agreed to meet them socially, just to get to know each other and if we all were interested, to develop some trust. Why would trust be important you might wonder.

When Katie and I had finally made up our minds to pursue swinging, we went through what we wanted to accomplish. Of course, we wanted to be turned on, aroused, sexed up and have fun. But we also wanted not to be pigs—we wanted a long-term relationship with a couple, and we wanted total intimacy with them, total privacy meaning separate rooms. And we BOTH agreed that if we were really going to do this, we wanted to enjoy sex in its most natural way; meaning no condoms. Thus, we had big concerns about possible STDs. We wanted to experiment with the sex, but not medical issues.

After three social meetings, including one dinner, we were convinced that they should be the couple to take our swinger virginity. We made a date at their house. The day of that date, Katie and I were both nervous as hell all day long. I knew from my affairs during my first marriage that sex with someone new was exciting, but Katie had never experienced that and was worried that she might not be good enough or that it isn’t the right thing to do. We were both excited but also apprehensive. Getting into our car, our eyes met—knowing this night would change our relationship forever—yet being unable to stop now that we were less than an hour away. We were committed.

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