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Ava Addams

Seamus Serves

Seamus Serves Part Six

� Van T Z Boi 2020.

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From Part Five

Jerome creakily sat up and carefully made his legs move, his thighs ached as he got to his feet, even his toes sent spurts of aching pain up his legs. `Who would be visiting me at this time?; he asked himself as he tottered unsteadily to his door and opened it.

“Hello Father,” a smiling Seamus stood there, he held up the object in his hand, “You forgot your briefcase Father,” Seamus stepped forward as a shocked Jerome staggered back. `No wonder Albert was annoyed, the holy relic is in there,” he reprimanded himself as he stepped back not realising that Seamus was now inside his bedroom.

Part Six

Seamus stepped forward as Father Jerome took the proffered briefcase, as he went to check inside he felt the fingers scrabbling at his trousers. He looked down Seamus was on his knees before him and he was unbuttoning his fly.

“Seamus,” he hissed, “the door is open anyone could hear or see,” he blurted and then he realised what he had said. `Good God have I just given him permission…?”and before he could say or do anything Seamus had picked himself up and closed the bedroom door.

“I” I, I need to get this back to Father Strand,” he garbled as he held the briefcase in front of him like a shield.

“Okay Father I”ll wait here,” Seamus crossed to the bed and sat there.

Father Jerome stared at the boy, his heart was beating nineteen to the dozen and he was well aware that Father Strand would not countenance a boy being allowed to remain on his own in his bedroom let alone with him as well. The priest”s house was not a place for bedroom visitations unless you were seriously ill or dying.

“You can”t stay here,” he mumbled, “You”ll have to come with me.”

Seamus lay back and lifted his legs, Father Jerome could see right down the grubby shorts, he caught a glimpse of Seamus”s privates and his mouth went dry, he was very conscious of the growing swelling sensation between his legs, his headache from being over indulgent of whiskey had gone but it had been replaced by the headache that the eight-year-old supplied. For one wild naughty ungodly moment he thought about what Seamus was clearly offering but he swallowed heavily several times and held out his hand, “Come Seamus,” he was as stern as he could be with a dry mouth.

“Okay Father,” Seamus appeared unfazed, he stood up and then stopped; his hand held by Father Jerome.

“What?” Father Jerome felt the obstruction.

“Should I button up your trousers Father,” Seamus put his head on one shoulder and Jerome felt his mouth open and his chin drop. Weakly he nodded and stood there fighting the quickening urges as he felt the young fingers groping with his trouser fly.

Downstairs he handed the briefcase to Father Strand.

“Seamus has found and brought my briefcase Father,” he said softly, “All is safe,” he held out the case for Father Strand who took it with a deep frown on his face. Quickly Father Strand checked the contents.

“Good, thank the Good Lord,” he crossed himself, “and my thanks to you young Seamus,” Strand looked at Jerome, “Father take the boy through to the kitchen for a cup of tea and I believe there is some fresh bread with a scraping of jam,” he winked at Seamus. “Such honesty ought be rewarded.”

“Oh thank you Father Strand,” Seamus beamed at the Parish Priest.

Nonplussed Father Jerome stared at his senior, `now why is he being so nice, normally he kicks the altar servers out as quickly as possible,” Jerome kept his thoughts to himself and took a step towards the kitchen.

“Father can we run over my duties?” Jerome swung around as he heard Seamus”s request. “I want to make sure I have everything down pat,” smiled the angelic face.

“So heart-warming to see one of the altar boys taking their duties responsibly,” Father Strand, he looked at Jerome, “the church is locked but the sacristy is open from this side. Don”t get any tea or crumbs or,” he looked sternly at Seamus, “or any jam on anything. Boys have sticky fingers at all times it seems to me.” He gave Father Jerome a similar look, “I shall be in my study working on my sermon should you need me,” Father Jerome got the impression that Father Strand was actually informing him not to disturb him.

“Yes Father I will supervise Seamus carefully,” but Jerome was talking to a walking back.

Seamus settled himself at the table and buttered a slice of the fresh bead liberally with butter before attacking the jam jar, “I don”t often get the chance of jam at home,” he licked his fingers and then the knife.

Jerome busied himself with making the tea, he was more than ready for some liquid fortification. He poured Seamus a cup and then took one for himself. He sat beside the boy at the table, conscious of Seamus”s nearness, a strange perfume arose from Seamus”s body and Jerome felt his throat tighten. He watched as Seamus bit into the slice of bread heavily topped with jam and his felt his cock twitch between his legs as he recalled the power of those lips; automatically he closed his thighs but this time instead of stopping any reaction he found his dick growing and rubbing against the closed gap, Jerome sipped his tea but his hand had to move to adjust his swelling cock as it became more and more uncomfortable.

“I can help you with that Father,” Seamus smiled, his jam smeared mouth an attractive offering to Jerome”s cock tinted eyes.

Jerome moaned quietly as the small hand squeezed his growing dick, `not again,” he told himself but despite all those years of denial, hope made his prick lengthen and grow in full expectation. Jerome juddered and tried to smooth the so welcoming hand away.

“I”m too old and too tired, for that,” he whispered but his bulging groin betrayed him.

“Are you sure Father, priests should not tell lies should they?” Seamus, his face innocent and his hand the very devil; niggled at Father Jerome”s principles.

Father Jerome trembled, his pushing hand relaxed and Seamus sought his advantage, he finished his slice of bread and wiping his jammy hand on the table cloth moved to undo Father Jerome”s trousers. He felt his own boypussy tingle, `I”m getting so much more dick ümitköy escort today that usual and even better it”s dick that pleasures and makes me happy rather than my selfish brothers fucking,” he unbuttoned the fly and smiled as the priests cock burst through, he could see the crimson pink shaft had broken through Father Jerome”s age yellowed briefs.

“Oh Seamus,” Father Jerome was lost, he stared at the hand that gently and almost lovingly rode up and down his cock, the sensations of such young, `and so experienced,” flesh rubbing his most private area was once more sending his head soaring and towards a devilish heaven. The lust blood coursed through his veins, tired from the day”s exertions Jerome was again experiencing the heady joys of unfettered and unchained sex, despite the unholy and totally illegal act. `Is it wrong if it”s the boy that initiates it?” Father Jerome attempted to rationalise his dissolute lust but the denials of the years were a weak barrier to the red hot desires that floored his misgivings. “Not here,” he whispered his hand clamped around Seamus”s hand, not pushing it away, more accentuating the pressure.

“Where Father?” Seamus grinned, he knew his boypussy and more especially his boynub was about to be pleasured and had every intention of relishing each thick inch of the priests jerking and throbbing mancock.

`Where, where?” Jerome thought and then the answer hit him, `I”m supposed to take him through to the sacristy,” he said to himself. “This way Seamus,” Jerome stood up.

Seamus took a final swig from his tea cup and followed Jerome into the corridor that led to the sacristy. Inside they stood in the quiet of the room; the small altar bare of any religious articles apart from the candle holder that was placed to one side did not seem to be affronted to Father Jerome”s eyes but he knew the all knowing Lord Almighty might have some thoughts about Father Jerome”s thoughts. The closed set of cupboard doors that held the vestments and other impedimenta were also a blank canvas. Jerome stood in the middle of the room, his legs apart, his throbbing dick protruding and weaving about through his open fly.

“We need something to lie on Father,” Seamus who only that morning had seduced the ancient priest rummaged in the linen basket where the day”s used church cloths were placed after the last service.

Jerome trembled as Seamus placed two clean white altar cloths on the floor, `is this blasphemous?” he wondered as Seamus then folded over some of the towels, he recalled drying Seamus”s body with those. Seamus placed them at the head on the makeshift bed. Father Jerome watched as Seamus undressed and then made no opposition as the young boy assisted him in stripping off his priestly garb.

“Lie here Father,” Seamus patted the makeshift sheet.

As though in a dream Jerome lay down on the cotton altar cloths, the faint odour of incense arose around him, to his mind it seemed as though he was partaking in some sort of religious ceremony. Obedient to Seamus”s quite demands, he relaxed on the cotton cloths, noting the rougher texture where starch had been worked into the material to enable the cloth to hold its form when draped over an altar; the harsher edges irritated his skin. The towels under his head smelled of damp but were comfortably shoring up his head at a supportive angle. Looking down his aged body he noticed the elevated pointed teats, the smooth and slightly baggy skin of his stomach, his dick had lost some of its stiffness but as he thought about it, Seamus was already stroking his pale ivory shaft. The delicate touch of such a young boy with soft satiny skin created more and more heated tingling expectations inside him. Jerome sighed as he felt the blood surge inside his prick, the head swelled and his foreskin became tighter around his shaft, the tingling pleasure of being wanked by a boy was incredibly arousing, especially the naughty, so, so naughty aspect of it but he discovered he felt no qualms. `I”m not abusing him, he”s making all the moves,” it was a shock for Jerome to recall that every approach had always been by Seamus and he blinked as he stared at the angelic and so innocent face that leaned over and sucked the head of his dick.

Jerome uttered a deep growling moan as the tingle became a flaming hot shafting measure of pure bliss. He trembled as Seamus”s lips swallowed his dick, the tongue easing back his tightening foreskin, exposing the sensitive glans to the wet warmth of Seamus”s mouth. The tingling in his scrotum turned into a hot itch of pleasure as his senses unravelled due to the intensity of the sticky heat of Seamus”s tongue, the slight rasping sensation as Seamus”s tongue flicked around his cockhead made him buck and jerk as the surges of pleasure mounted and mounted.

“That”ll do,” sighed Seamus, Jerome opened his eyes to see Seamus straddle his waist, his right hand went behind his back and Jerome felt the delicate grasp around his dick.

Jerome hesitated, trembling and then he moaned heavily as his cockslit was rubbed against the wrinkled pucker of Seamus”s boypussy. He could see the smile that began to spread wider across Seamus”s face as the gentle stroking appeared to be providing a pleasurable thrill for the boy. Seamus was relishing his total control of the priests” fuckstick, at home it was normally either on his back or on his front that he was expected to lie, his boypussy available for his older brothers to use, here it was himself that was directing the pace and pleasure of his enjoyment and he delighted in teasing his boypussy lips with the squidgy dripping dick that was his to command. Jerome lay transfixed as his young lover mounted him and slid his tight boyhole down on his throbbing boyplunger. Seamus made the entry as slow as possible giving himself the extra pleasure of tiny tingles as the pulsing manmeat slowly rubbed up against the sensitive nerves that surrounded his pucker. Both made their pleasure know with purring moans as Seamus bottomed out, his bumhole tickled by the scratchy hairs that surrounded the base of Father Jerome”s dick. Seamus adjusted his position carefully, keeping his balance whilst impaled on the trembling shaft, gradually he rotated his hips, settling himself in a comfortable position once he had lined up Father Jerome”s dick with his tiny inner bud that was already swelling in anticipation. Jerome twitched as he felt his helmet glide against the squidgy bulge, the tingling tickle was intense and sweet, it sent more rising surges of pleasure wash through him. Closing his eyes in peaceful and happy, but he knew dissolute pleasure, Jerome waited.

Seamus caressed his boytube, the slim crayon of boyflesh was hard and hot, he made himself tingle as he edged his fingers around the crimson pink exposed ridge of his glans, `it looks like it is almost glowing,” Seamus thought to himself as the flares of boyish pleasure rocked upwards inside him. Still stroking his boydick he bucked his inner boybud against the warm pole of the priests” boyfucker. His own groan was matched by the similar expression from Jerome who quailed as the extra compression movements around his dick caused another avalanche of rolling sensations to inundate his head and his body. Seamus grinned as his own pleasure rippled within him and he commenced the quickening jerking and bucking movements that provided them both with intense unique pleasure and excitement. Faster and harder he bounced up and down on the older man”s body, sensing that despite his ancient age to Seamus”s thinking; the hard almost steely shaft had been stimulated back in time to when Jerome avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort was young and lusty. Father Jerome found his head swimming, `I can”t believe ever being ridden so well in my time as this boy is fucking himself on me. Oh if I was a teenager then I would show him a ride never to be forgotten.” Jerome quivered and trembled, he could feel his ardour quickening, his balls seemed full and ready to blast, he attempted a bucking action of his own. Seamus felt the jerking motion and in his own style managed to buck down as Jerome bucked up, the resultant fiercer rubbing against his passion bud brought stronger surges of bliss for both of them. Seamus rode quickly, his own boyjoy was just a couple of bucks away and Jerome grunted as he felt his dick crushed by the quick compressions as Seamus climaxed.

“Ohhh, uuurrghh, ooooohhhhhhhh,” Jerome squealed as the tickling tingle became a searing flare of pleasure, he felt his cock respond, it filled with even more blood as his cockhead pulsed and throbbed. Not to be outdone Seamus”s bucked, a rabbit like pumping action that produced another sizzler for himself. Jerome thrashed against the altar cloths and Seamus”s silken body, he was almost immobile impaled as he was inside Seamus”s boyhole and held tight by Seamus”s bucking weight. Seamus rode out another hot climax and then he rotated his hips and made his inner muscles squeeze the throbbing tool inside him, his fingers flashed furiously around his boypickle. `my mickey feels so hot and so tingly,” he beamed as his orgasm blossomed and the wildfire roared through his young and vibrant body as he flapped his fingers along his boyrod, the swirling delights enveloping him in their personal glories. `So, so wonderful,” thought Seamus as he quivered and trembled delightfully. He dropped heavily on the rocking figure beneath him, his muscles in orgasmic spasm gripping and grasping the plump mantube inside him as Jerome groaned and grunted and then sank down as his dick exploded, his watery spunk spitting into a dribble as his balls erupted and emptied swiftly.

“Ohhhhh, ooohhhhhh, aaaaahhhh, gggrrrrr,” Seamus mewled as he felt the shooting strings fist spray and then squirt inside him, Jerome slopped backwards, limp and empty as his head rang with the orgasmic pleasure that had made him soar and fly before crashlanding.

“Ohh, Seamus, Seamus, Seamus,” Jerome made his hand pat Seamus on the back but then it fell weak and helpless to the side, Jerome panted and gasped as his head and body were drained by the overwhelming effects of over abusing his aged body which had not performed in this way for too many years. `What a day!” Father Jerome hugged his memories to his brain as lying there spent and wasted he recalled every naughty and ravishing moment of his ball wearying day.

Seamus slowly rocked back and forth as his sweet boyjoy faded and died, `That”s all for today” he knew, `but there”s always tomorrow,” he grinned as his hopes soared.

Seamus moved first, leaning forward gently, allowing Father Jerome”s shrinking manworm to fall from his boypussy, a small trail of priestly spunk adhered to the tip of Jerome”s glans, the other end still embedded inside Seamus”s hole. One slight motion forward and the pearly string was broken. Seamus crawled to the end of Father Jerome”s feet before he raised himself up. He stood up and made his boypussy muscles clench and unclench as he sought to make sure his boyhole was closed. Father Jerome lay flat and limp on the crumpled altar sloths, his pale skin almost reflecting the ivory whiteness of the starched cloths. Grinning Seamus leaned over Father Jerome”s sliver of a cock, he licked and then sucked the tiny pencil of squidgy skin into his mouth, it took just a couple of sucks to clean the shriven dick, Seamus sucking and cleaning all traces of their awesome fuck off Jerome”s shaft and wrinkled foreskin. `No more fun there tonight,” Seamus could tell as Father Jerome”s prick remained soft and limp. Father Jerome himself was unable to stop his mouth drooling, he was completely exhausted and all his muscles appeared to be out of kilter with his brains wishes, his limbs felt the same, all he could feel was a gentle tickle between his legs when Seamus was cleaning his dick.

Seamus stood up and quickly dressed, he stared at the comatose looking figure of the priest before moving to assist the old man up off the makeshift bed. Father Jerome however was still too weakened to even move. His mind was still dwelling on his awesomely hot and so sexy day. `Forgive Me,” he looked up at the ceiling putting his wishes to the great beyond.

“Oh my naughty son, you have drained me beyond the ability of my poor aged body to recover. I am tapped out to the extent I cannot ever recall feeling so exhausted and depleted in all my long years,” Father Jerome wheezed with the effort of even speaking, his voice was whispery and breathy. “Never have I felt so consumed and full of the forbidden fruit that you have offered me today, my heart and my head worries for you as I do for my own soul so naughty and wicked I have been to accept the use and abuse of your body. I cannot excuse myself in admitting that whilst you have initiated my wayward behaviour, I have to accept that I am the adult in this case and must bear full responsibility for what has taken place between us. I do not condemn you, it is my own soul and life that stands at the edge of the precipice to hell.” Father Jerome paused, his tired and exhausted body and mind were close to extinction; or so his head told him.

Seamus looked at the priest, `I don”t understand a fucking word he”s saying here but I can tell he”s fucked out and no use to me for today. I hope his balls will refill overnight but in the meantime I know what I can do to help replenish his supply,” Seamus stroked and cuddled the priest between the legs sensing the depletion and was somewhat gratified to understand that he had brought the priest to this condition. “Father I am sorry to have done this to you, but I promise you I will assist you in your recovery,” Seamus”s face was as angelic and virginal as a young unsullied boy should look.

Father Jerome stared at the young boy, `”What a mature head he has on his young shoulders. To be able to understand that what has happened must never be repeated or continued. To find he is willing and wanting to help me overcome the dissolute attraction to what he offers is beyond my understanding. Truly God works in mysterious ways,” Jerome lifted his head and managed to raise his hand, softly he waved his arm, making a rough looking sign of the cross over Seamus who smiled brightly at seeing Jerome being able to move at last.

Filled with a sense of doing something right and not so mischievously bad; Jerome discovered he could in fact move more normally, he sat up and accepted the extended hand as Seamus helped him to his feet. Leaning against the altar he allowed Seamus to help him put his clothing back on. As his items of clothing were replaced he found he could breathe easier and easier and his limbs no longer felt as delicate and trembling as they had been when he was in such a weakened state on the floor. He took one step and then another, delighting that his body was regaining energy and moveability. He leaned heavily against the altar as he sluggishly began to feel more alive.

“I, er, we must clean up the sacristy,” he made to bend down by instantly grabbed the altar as his head reeled and a faintness stole over him. “Oh dear my son I am so drained still,” he panted.

Seamus patted urfa escort Jerome on the hand, “leave it to me Father,” he smiled and quickly picked up the crumpled cloths and stuffed them back in the linen basket provided. Jerome stood helpless against the altar as he watched the young boy do all the work.

“All done Father,” Seamus has gripping his hand. `All done I am, both so far done and so badly undone, Hell”s fires await me for this day”s unheavenly actions,” Father Jerome admonished himself but had the presence of mind to check the sacristy was clear of his dissolute fucking of an underage and presumably innocent boy.

“Thank you Seamus,” Father Jerome led the way back to the priest”s house.

Outside he watched as Seamus climbed onto his rickety cycle, he was concerned about the boy returning home but reasoned that in this rural setting Seamus would probably be safe.

“Goodnight Father,” Seamus leaned up to kiss the priest, Father Jerome checked to ensure that Father Strand could not observe him, Strand”s study window was closed and the curtains drawn so Jerome allowed the kiss. Seamus as he kissed sweetly also squeezed Father Jerome”s groin noting that there was no reaction at all. “Your balls still feel so small and empty Father,” he whispered, “but I will send you some help to get them refilled,” he patted Jerome between the legs.

Jerome did not quite hear what Seamus had said, his mind was registering the fact that his dick had twitched gently in response to Seamus”s touch and another surge of the evil want rose within him, `Begone, begone!” he told himself off mentally with a strength he had not known he had. As he watched Seamus ride away, his slight form quickly fading into the shadows as the evening stole across the earth, he had a greater struggle with his lust as his head became filled with images of his days naughty actions. He felt the twitch between his legs but sighed as he sensed the inability of his body to react to the dreadful stimulation. Turning back to the house he congratulated himself on his new ability to reject the attraction that Seamus had awakened him. `Everyone sins,” he said to himself, `I will seek absolution.” Back inside he climbed the stairs to his room.

Seamus rode home and put the cycle away for the night, inside the small cottage he found his mother sitting by the range.

“All done son,” she smiled at her youngest boy, “get yourself off to bed, school tomorrow,” she kissed him briefly on the cheek and settled down to wait for her husband who had deserted her for the pub.

Naked Seamus climbed into the bed he shared with his brothers. Dominic stirred as he felt the cool skin rub up against him.

“You”ve waked me and made me cold,” he complained and then grabbed Seamus, “now you can warm me up and help me get back to sleep,” he pulled Seamus down on his expanding teenprick. Seamus quickly opened his mouth and slowly suckled and sucked the bloating tip into his mouth, `Hopefully all he want is a suck,” he said to himself as he too was tired, the early start to the day was having an effect at last as he slipped into the comfort of his shared bed.

Dominic twitched and wriggled gently on the bed as his young brother”s hot mouth devoured his teendick, `Always good for a suck,” he thought as the familiar tingling heat rose within him. Seamus gently bobbed his head anxious not to waken his other brothers who all lay entwined in the bed. Dominic stretched and quivered as the heated tingle inside him grew and quickened, his balls swelled and plumped up, his thin five inch shaft filled with his lust and he grunted as with a searing quick explosion his dick exploded and Seamus”s mouth was swamped with his brother”s spunky juices.

“That you Seamus?” Conrad his seventeen year old brother reached over. Seamus felt the gasp on his arm and then he was dragged across Dominic”s sleepy figure.

Seamus felt the stiff and getting stiffer eight inches of his older brother”s cock drool against his stomach as Conrad roughly kissed him and then with a breathy grunt he found himself lying in the warm furrow his older brother had made in the mattress, his legs were already opening as Conrad sough to drive them apart.

“Wet and tight, Seamus you”ve the cunt of a whore,” panted Conrad as he rammed his dick in the gape. Seamus yelped at the hard rough speed but used to Conrad”s ways he settled down as his eldest brother fucked him hard and deep. Seamus lay still, using his head and his boypussy muscles to provide Conrad with the compressing needed to get him off. Conrad was all fuck and no pleasure, driven by the ever increasing need to empty his teenage balls which thrived with hard work in the fields and fucking hard at night and any other time of the day an opportunity presented itself and with Seamus that was often, he knew his younger brother could not deny him access to his tight boyhole. Seamus felt his own desire rise, if it had been Father Jerome he would have moved to effect his own release but with Conrad he knew it was only Conrad”s needs that moved his older brother. The mattress groaned and the adjoining brothers moved sleepily away from Conrad”s fierce pounding as he fucked his eight year old brother. A final deep jerking shove and Conrad was done, his fat teenprick spurting his spunk inside Seamus”s deep hole. A few seconds later and Seamus was pushed aside as Conrad started snoring, Seamus slept fitfully his hand clamped around his boydick, his unsated desires causing him to dream of Father Jerome.

In the morning after he had serviced Dominic again he asked his fourteen year old brother to help him. Dominic listened carefully to what Seamus proposed.

“If that”s what you think is needed then I”ll see what I can do,” Dominic rubbed Seamus”s head.

Father Jerome headed back to the Sacristy after the twelve o”clock service, Father Strand had done the early morning mass and Father Jerome was looking forward to his lunch.

“Father can we make this quick,” Jerome turned to look at Dominic who had been his server at the Mass. He was astounded to see the fourteen year old youth was naked and sporting a very erect and delightful five inches of twitching teencock. Father Jerome felt his mouth water at the sight. “Come along Father, I only have the short time to serve mass and get back to school,” Dominic stepped forward and placed his hands on Father Jerome”s shoulders, “Seamus said your balls needed refilling and I have spunk enough to spare,” he pushed the old priest down to his knees, ignoring the fact that Father Jerome was still wearing his altar garments.

Father Jerome stared at the drooling teenmeat that bounded and twitched before his eyes. `Oh Seamus,” he said to himself.


End of Part Six

To Be Continued…??????????????????????????




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