Saoirse’s Adventures Ch. 05

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Saoirse’s Adventures Pt. 5

Saoirse sat up, feeling foggy in the bright lights. She’d slept on the folding bed in a strangely nice basement office, which she’d found the night before in the lower levels of the sprawling “World Sleepers” building. The building had sat empty for years in the middle of nowhere, yet the water and electricity were still on.

“Ugh, what time is it?” she yawned to herself, stretching. Arthur lay next to her, fast asleep on his side with his head on his arm and his crowlike black-feathered wings twitching behind him. He had shoulder-length curly dark hair, an olive complexion, and a lot of freckles, and he wore a simple hoodie and swim shorts. There was a sizable, gently throbbing bulge in those shorts, and Saoirse couldn’t help staring at it for a few sleepy seconds.

Saoirse appeared mostly human, with light skin and hazel eyes. She also had a pair of catlike ears, with fur the same pale yellow as the hair on her head and the fluff on her knee-length tail. She looked down at her t-shirt and shorts from the night before, and then back up blearily. Her electronics were close by on a scuffed but nice mahogany desk. Saoirse got up, gingerly moving around her full bladder, and crossed the room. Her camera sat next to the paper wrappings from the tacos Arthur had brought her. The charger was plugged in, but the camera wasn’t. Neither was her radio.

Saoirse grumbled to herself and plugged in her devices. She had to wait for her camera to charge a bit before she could turn it on and get a look at the clock, so she used that time to clear off the desk. There was a handy wastebasket in the corner, and Saoirse used that. Her bladder strained, and it occurred to her that she could pee in it-

A low buzzing noise made both Saoirse and Arthur jump. Saoirse had to clench up to avoid a leak, and Arthur clutched at his crotch as he sat up, his other hand groping for his pocket. He took out his phone and checked it.

Relieved, Saoirse pushed the “on” button on her camera. The screen lit up, flashing its software logo.

“Oh no,” Arthur gulped from the couch bed. Saoirse waited for the camera’s display to show the clock: 11:13 AM. She’d been planning to get up at sunrise and get more photos, but she still had another few days there. She yawned and glanced over at Arthur, clicking away at the buttons on his flip phone.

“Oh yeah, you were supposed to be back early,” yawned Saoirse. “Are they texting you?”

Arthur nodded, trying to furtively adjust the bulge in his crotch. He never quite achieved “furtive” but his erection was less obvious afterward, at least. “I’m hoping my friend Milly will cover for me. She’s in town today with her family.”

“Milly? The friend who gave you that thing you tied onto your dick?” Saoirse asked, satisfied at the blush it produced across Arthur’s cheekbones.

Arthur stood up. “She expressly told me not to do that. I put it on anyway.”

“I see,” snorted Saoirse.

Arthur’s phone vibrated and he checked it, sighing with relief. “She told them I was with her,” he said. His hand stayed in his pocket when he put his phone back, making small, quick movements as he turned on his heel and went for bursa escort the door. “Do you want to um…” he turned red. “You know-“

“Go with you?” said Saoirse. “Yeah. Want to see how far I’ve gotten in the complex?”

Saoirse led the way through a labyrinth of dusty hallways to the far side of the building. Arthur walked next to her, with his hand working away at the pee boner in his pocket. Saoirse’s keen sense of smell told her that he’d been leaking, and it seemed like he might stop and wet himself at any moment, but he kept walking.

The hall brought them to a long office room with low ceilings. The windows on the left side of the room faced the lake, but they were just the standard building windows. Another set of windows mirrored them on the opposite wall, overlooking the facility’s overgrown parking lot, where tall grass broke up the asphalt in a crumbly grid all the way out to the fences.

At the end of the room, sitting in an oddly prominent position in the middle of the wall, sat a bookcase. It was recessed into the wall, and looked distinctly out of place; it was painted a light, grayish off-white, while the walls around it were a warmer, more yellow off-white. Comparing different shades of off-white was an objectively silly thing to do, but Saoirse’s hunch about the shelf had paid off.

Saoirse stopped proudly at the bookcase. Arthur halted next to her, puzzled. She wondered whether she’d have to say “ta-dah!”

Arthur shifted on his feet. “They…had books? Sersh, if this is as far as you’ve gotten, I really need to-“

Saoirse reached up and pulled a lever in the side of the bookcase. It swung inward, rolling back smoothly. An almost pitch-black corridor greeted them, and Saoirse took Arthur’s free hand.

“I can see,” she said. “It looks like there’s a light further up.”

In the dark hallway, Saoirse thought there might be some doors to the sides, but there weren’t any. The hallway ended in a door, outlined in daylight. There didn’t appear to be a doorknob, so Saoirse felt around.

“What is it?” whispered Arthur. She pushed on the door in frustration.

“Just a-” the door gave way. Saoirse staggered forward, squinting in the light, streaming in through a grimy glass skylight. Arthur retreated to the corner, tugging at his clothes.

“You don’t have to do that, Arthur. We’re alone here,” said Saoirse to Arthur’s twitching wing. Her voice echoed unsettlingly down the stairwell and she stepped closer to him, peering down. The stairs went down four or five floors, lit with yellowed lightbulbs that buzzed like insects.

Arthur grunted, “I don’t think I can right now, anyway.” He fumbled with his clothes again and joined Saoirse at the top of the stairs, red in the face.

“Do you mind if I pee?” asked Saoirse. Her bladder felt stretched, though she knew she could hold it a while longer. She pulled down the front of her pants, freeing her clitoris. Saoirse’s clitoris was another trait she’d gotten from her Renoige ancestry; it looked and worked like a penis, except it could be inverted for penetrative sex, and (unfortunately in Saoirse’s opinion) serve as a birth canal, like a hyena’s. Saoirse’s clit bursa escort bayan was half hard from holding her pee, and she let it hang down, pointing straight ahead.

Saoirse took a deep breath, let go, and descended the first step. She glanced over her shoulder at Arthur, who stood frozen at the top of the stairs.

“You coming?” asked Saoirse lightly. Her urine ran down the stairs in front of her, spraying in a strong jet.

“In more than one way, that’s for sure,” mumbled Arthur.

“What was that?” snorted Saoirse.

“This uh…goes down a long way, that’s for sure,” Arthur said nervously.

Saoirse listened to Arthur clambering down the stairs behind her and watched her flow bob from side to side with each step. There was a door on the second landing down, which Saoirse approached, lazily stretching her arms up. The relief felt good, and it made Arthur that much redder in the face when she looked up at him.

“You have a suspicious knowledge of this place Arthur,” said Saoirse. “Where do you think this goes?”

Arthur pulled himself together. “Either the living quarters or the nurse’s station.”

The door was unlocked, but stuck on something on the other side. Saoirse pushed on it with her shoulder. There was a crack, and something fuzzy hit her in the face. Small yellow flowers and cottony fluff went in her mouth and nose, but she’d closed her eyes in time.

Saoirse staggered back into Arthur, stepping on his foot. “Sorry!” A live branch hung in the open door, and behind it, the cement floor was mossy and covered in leaves. Saoirse pulled some fluff out of her nose. She noticed that her flow had slowed to a drip, and still needed to get a little more out.

“You okay?” asked Arthur.

“Y-” Saoirse felt a tickle at the back of her nose. “I’m-” Saoirse sneezed, and it forced a spray of piss out of her. “I’m fine-” she sneezed again, then again, spraying both times. When she looked up, pulling even more fluff out of her nose, Arthur’s clothes were soaked. She pushed out the last drops guiltily, feeling relieved and pleasantly deflated.

“Sorry about that,” Saoirse sniffed. The bulge in Arthur’s pants poked into her side for a split second before Arthur set her upright, masturbating furiously with the hand in his pocket. He went back to trying to hide it when she noticed.

“You know, I-” Every fiber of Saoirse’s being hit the brakes, and she dove through the branch in the doorway.

Saoirse held her breath until she was out. She stood in a wide concrete corridor, surrounding a large rectangular courtyard. One of the trees in the courtyard had blown over, and it had just barely been short enough to wedge the top branches just over the door. Arthur burst through the branches in another puff of flowers and seed fluff.

“Oh, a tree,” said Arthur, looking around. “That makes sense…were you about to say something?”

Butterflies exploded into Saoirse’s stomach. “Well…you remember how I said I didn’t have anything for your birthday?”

“It’s fine,” said Arthur. “I got to find a secret passage like freaking Scooby Doo and get marked by a gorgeous girl.”

Saoirse took the plunge and was shocked escort bursa at how nervous and fluttery it made her, and the compliment made it even worse. “I really, really love oral sex,” said Saoirse. “I don’t know why, I just fucking love it. Pussies, clits, dicks, all of it. May I suck your dick?”

Arthur swallowed hard. His eyes were wide. “Yes please,” he whimpered.

The courtyard was long, ending at the low roof of the front building. The loud stream Arthur had heard had been redirected to bisect the square of land, flowing into a gated-off tunnel that drained it into the lake. The shady space wasn’t as overgrown as the parking lot and contained a cross-section of the local forests, complete with a series of landscaped ponds and hoary old-growth cedars.

Saoirse grabbed Arthur’s hand and pulled him, dazed but smiling, to a sun-dappled patch of moss next to the stream.

“Sitting, standing, or lying down?” asked Saoirse as Arthur kicked off his swim shorts.

Arthur gulped and sat down cross-legged on the ground. Saoirse settled down in front of him on her haunches, eyeing his quivering cock. “You have a beautiful foreskin,” Saoirse commented. Arthur took a breath to speak and she cut him off by pulling back his foreskin to suck on the head of his penis.

“Hhhnnngggg,” replied Arthur.

Saoirse sat up, one hand still playing with him. “You alright?”

Arthur nodded. “I’m really close.”

“I know,” Saoirse smiled and went down on him again.

Arthur’s body tensed around Saoirse. “And I really need to pee,” he added fretfully. His wing twitched and kicked up a hunk of moss behind him.

“Mm-hmm.” Saoirse kept sucking, one hand gingerly probing Arthur’s testicles. One of her fingers found Arthur’s butthole, and he came in her mouth.

Saoirse sat up and finished Arthur off with her hand, spitting off to the side. There was more, and it all seemed to land on Saoirse’s clothes.

“Oh no,” gasped Arthur between spurts. “It’s-…it’s all over your-” Arthur’s body relaxed. “It’s on your tie-dye shirt.”

“Yeah, I know,” laughed Saoirse, sitting back and fondling herself. “You’ll help me wash off, right?” Arthur started peeing almost immediately, opening his legs and pulling up his knees to better aim at Saoirse’s clit while she jerked it.

“Have you done oral on another renoige clit before?” asked Arthur.

“One or two,” said Saoirse. “Why, would you like some pointers?”

“Yeah,” squeaked Arthur. “May I?”

“N-next time, alright? I’m about to- nnngh-” Saoirse couldn’t stop her voice, and Arthur instinctively reached forward, pulling her face into his neck. She bit down and tasted sweat and blood. She let go when her orgasm allowed it, and clamped her free hand over her mouth while the contractions ebbed away. Saoirse lay back on the mossy ground and contentedly watched Arthur finish pissing on her belly.

“Can I try that again?” yawned Saoirse. Arthur got up first, and helped Saoirse to her feet.

“The oral or the biting?” asked Arthur. Saoirse was mildly mortified to notice a ring of tooth marks on the side of Arthur’s neck. She’d barely broken the skin, but she knew it would leave a bruise.

“The oral. You were so close I didn’t get to do anything,” said Saoirse. “But you can mark me any time too, if you like.”

They washed themselves and their clothes in the nearest pond, napping naked on a patch of springy moss while their clothes dried in the sun.

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