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Female Pov

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction which may contain descriptions of sexual interaction between adults and minors. All characters and scenarios only exist in the author”s imagination. If this type of story is not allowed by law or other reason, please stop reading.


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Room fourteen Part 2


Previously Nino, 13-year old son of a motel owner accompanied Mike, a motel guest, to his room to receive a handjob and a first taste of a blowjob from Mike. But it seems like Mike isn”t prepared to let Nino go unless he is able to enjoy the boy some more.


With his hands still on my hips and his fingers covering my buns Mike looked at me.


“After a long day on the road I always feel tired and sweaty. I like to clean myself up. And as you”re already undressed and sweaty too, how `bout you join me in the shower?” and he gave me a wink.

I looked at him, smiled and nodded.


“First, I wanna close the curtains and get undressed too. In the meantime you can get the water running,” Mike said.


Mike raised to his feet.


I immediately dropped my shirt on the floor, ending up entirely naked.


“Yes, I”ll get the water running,” I said.


I turned around and walked to the bathroom, feeling a hand brushing my butt as I walked off. I looked over my shoulder, smiled and raised my butt in the air a bit.


I switched on the lights in the bathroom and got the shower running. It took a while to get hot and steamy and I got in the shower. My dick had become flaccid and I used the moment to empty my bladder.


After a minute I turned to see what kept Mike. He was just about to enter the bathroom and was panting a bit. He had taken off the rest of his clothes so finally I could admire the rest of his body.

I examined him closely and my eyes ended up resting on his jewels.


Mike was slightly tanned, rather muscular and completely hairless. All he wore was a chromed cockring inserted with a small blue sapphire on top, around his clean shaven genitals. His 3.5″ flaccid circumcised cock clearly covered with veins running like rivers on the surface.


My jaw dropped as I stared at his cock in amazement. My mouth went dry and I looked up.


“And it”s not even hard yet…” I murmured.


Looking at Mike standing there naked in front of me got me all fired-up again.


“I am a salesman in adult tools and toys next to my day job. I host adult parties in weekends and this is a small sample of the merchandise,” Mike said grabbing hold of his cockring and shaking his set of clean shaven jewels up and down.


“Did you wear that all the time or did you just put that on?” I asked.


Mike smiled and reached for me.


“Come and have a look,” he said.


I grabbed his hand and he pulled out from under the shower.


I grabbed a towel and we walked out of the bathroom into the darkness of the bedroom and Mike turned on a bed lamp.

I covered my shoulders with the towel.


On the bed lay his suitcase already open. He posted me in front of the suitcase while he sat down on the bed next to it, his back to the window. My wet body was glistening in the half-light. It was dripping water on the bedroom floor. My small feet were leaving two 3.5-sized wet footprints on the carpet, next to the bed.


“Away with the towel,” karabük escort he said as he took it from my shoulders. “I like you shiny and wet.”


Inside the suitcase was a wide range of adult toys in all shapes and sizes. Lubes, fake cunts, blow-up dolls, glansrings, cockrings, anal plugs and dildo”s with and without batteries. He showed several of them to me and explained shortly how to apply or use them.


I had found a few `forgotten” sextoys, left behind in our motel rooms over the years. Dad always made me throw them away.

But recently I”d kept a nice one for myself to play with imagining it was Danny”s dick. I had practiced sucking on that 6″ realistic rubber cock but had a hard time getting all the way down, even though my mouth was opened wide enough.


Still I was amazed of all the shapes, sizes and colors that were available.


Mike took a rubber dildo and every so often he touched my hip or brushed my arm, butt or my dick with it to make sure he kept me aroused all the time.

It got me goosebumps and made me giggle.

With his eyes fixed on me he continued telling me how gorgeous I was.


I saw magazines, videotapes and DVD”s but couldn”t make out what they were all about.


I spotted a book called `The ultimate guide to fellatio”. The subtitle read `How to go down on a man and give him mind-blowing pleasure”. That one I had to remember.


Mike put the dong away and soon I felt his left hand on my shoulder. He started to run his fingertips up and down my back all the way to my firm buttcheeks, massaging them again. “My gosh, what a sweet little ass you got. I just can”t keep my hands of off you!”


I moved closer to him, standing between his legs. I ran my little fingers softly from his knees over his thighs to his groin, touching the warm metal ring. His cock got bigger and harder as I started fondling with it. I”d never touched another dick before. The structure of this large warm tool was firm and velvety. It felt great.


I loved his massaging hands on my butt so my hard-on started throbbing again. I closed my eyes again and I started swaying, touching his inner thighs left and right with my hips. Our dicks slightly sanding each other, when they crossed like swords.


“How `bout I get you one of those cockrings as a present, later on,” he said, while running the index finger of his right hand from my sternum to my bellybutton.

“I think I got a nice bronze one that will suit you perfectly.”


I opened my eyes and smiled as if he just promised me the best birthday gift ever.

The sound of running water brought me back to the present.


“Time to hit that shower, right?” I said in anticipation.


Mike grabbed a brown leather shower bag out of the suitcase.


“Let”s go,” he said putting his hand on my shoulder.


Willingly I went along with him. The bathroom got hot and steamy by now so we left the door wide open.


Being turned on so soon again right after my first blowjob, my body started to shiver and shake uncontrollably. Slightly panicked I looked at Mike but he smiled and gently nudged me into the shower cabinet.


“Breath deep a couple of times and let the warm water relax you. You”ll be fine,” he said in a calm voice.


I let the warm water relax me and slowly the shaking ebbed away.


I watched as Mike opened his shower bag and took out his showering gel and a tube of lubricant.

He got into the cabinet with me and started lathering karaman escort me, getting me even more warm and relaxed. He got down on his knees and handed me the tube of showering gel.


“You can rub me in the meantime,” he said.


Mike bent over, grabbed me by my hips and started massaging my buttcheeks again.


“Hmmmm, practically like two almost ripe mangoes. Soft but firm in the meantime,” Mike whispered.


As I was concentrating on getting the showering gel out of the bottle and onto my hand I saw Mike reaching over with his mouth for my bellybutton. He touched my tummy with his lips and I felt his tongue circling around in my bellybutton.


I giggled cause it tickled.


Instead of pouring the shower gel on my hand I held the bottle upside down above his head. The thick liquid got foamy and I started rubbing it in.


Slowly his mouth and tongue went up over my abdomen towards my sternum above it and then teasingly downwards until his chin rested on my hard-on pushing it down.

I could tell he really enjoyed licking me all over, cause while doing it he had his eyes closed and even his hands stopped massaging my butt.


Then his tongue went further down, passing my hard-on and heading for my groin. He was licking alongside my hairless genitals like he was eating an ice-cream, both left and right several times with long strokes.


Next he took my entire scrotum in his mouth sucking gently on it, and with his tongue making circularly motions, licking and teasing my balls.

I moaned in pleasure.


I felt some pressure as Mike lowered his head sucking my scrotum downwards.

I bent my knees to lower myself a bit and take of the pressure off a little. Mike pushed his middle finger against my little pink crater and I reacted by raising myself a bit.


All of a sudden he released my balls with a popping sound and a fireworks of pleasure rushed through my body. I got lightheaded and little stars danced in front of my eyes. I grabbed his head with both hands and grunted in agonizing pleasure.


“You”re playing with me!” I said half complaining. “Do it again, please!”


Mike looked up at me and smiled. Again he took my ball sack in his mouth and started to suck it downwards. His tongue was playing with my little nuts. I tried to keep my legs straight as long as possible but the stress on my balls became a bit painful. I endured as long as I could.

The moment I wanted to bend my knees, I felt is finger probing my butthole and he released the tension with that familiar popping sound again.

The fireworks in my head returned and I again I had to hold on to his head.


Encouraged by my grunting, Mike”s mouth went upwards along my shaft to the glans of my now pre-cum leaking rock-hard dick. His tongue teased the small eye, licked of the drop of pre-cum, and moaned.


“Like I said before, there”s nothing like the taste of sweet boy-juice!”


Then he sucked up my entire dick in one go, and started to bob up and down very smoothly. Flashlights of pure ecstasy went through my head.


My 4.5 inch dick went in and out of his warm wet mouth, as he kept playing with it his tongue slithering all over it. I got harder and harder. Mike seemed to really enjoy himself, cause I saw his cock getting bigger and leaking too.


He grabbed my hips firmer and pushed me deeper down his throat and out again. After several thrusts I took over and started mouthfucking him. He noticed me taking over so he kars escort loosened his grip but made sure I didn”t rush my thrusting motions.


His left hand went up to my face and I started sucking on his middle finger, also making circular movements with my tongue.


Going down on me his tongue got all the way to my balls.

He raised one of my legs and lay it over his shoulder, my lower leg ending on his back. I grabbed his head firm with both hands to keep my balance. Fucking his mouth became much easier in this position.


His fingers then moved to my now exposed butthole and he started massaging it. While Mike took me into a next dimension I got harder than ever before.


Still enjoying my love tool all the way down his throat, his hands searched for the tube of lubricant. When he found it I could feel him squeezing the lube at the lower end of my back.

The cold gel was slowly leaking down, into my widened but crack. He lay the tube aside and went on massaging my crack and sphincter with his fingers until they were completely relaxed.


Then I felt the delightful sensation of one of his fingertips entering me.

That was the moment I couldn”t take it any more…


My sphincter clenched tight around his inserted fingertip.

That move made him look up at me. All my muscles, from head to toe, tensed again.

He knew what was coming. I was about to give him another protein-shot again.


Mike could feel my nuts pulling up with his tongue, telling him it was feeding time again, so he backed up a little.

He opened his mouth wide and I started giving him my sweet boy-nectar.

Less than the first time but still I filled up that gaping hole pretty much.


The intensity of my orgasm was even more exciting than the first one. My young heart was racing like I”d just sprinted ten miles. I got up on my toes, thrusting a final time, until I completely drained my balls.

I got lightheaded again and hardly remained conscious when my blood pressure suddenly dropped. I had to lean on Mike”s head again.

When I was done, I got a couple of reward-shivers in the end.


Meanwhile Mike was doing the best he could catching and savoring the pearled jam I ejected in his mouth as fast as he could but he even missed some. The water from the shower washed it of his face.


When he was done milking my dick he smiled at me with happiness in his eyes. It made me feel totally warm inside again.


All of a sudden Mike pulled his fingertip out of my tight little hole.


I had all forgotten about it, so in reaction, I gave up one more squirt and a final bit of cum appeared at the tip of my glans. Quickly Mike licked it off, before the shower could wash it away and kissed my knob a final time.


I was completely exhausted.

Still on one leg I kept holding on to his head not to collapse. He put my leg down and, still on his knees, held me close to him for a few seconds, his head resting on my chest. A bit of my jizz got squeezed out at the corner of his mouth as he smiled.


He looked up at me. I bent over and we hugged and kissed. I could smell the strong scent of my sperm deep in his throat and taste the sweetness of my own cum on his lips and tongue.


“Damn! You”re not such a small boy after all,” Mike said and raised himself.


“Looks can be misleading!” I said smiling up at him. “But I guess it”s my turn now, right? My first real blowjob, I can”t wait!”


“Are you sure you”re ready for more action?” he asked but my hands and mouth were already homing in on his cock.


“Are you?” I asked.



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