River Cruise Adventures Ch. 03

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With Trish’s expression of needing sex, I said, “Let me get a bath towel.” Returning, I pulled the table to a more central position and spread the towel.

“Trish, move onto the table and lie on your back with your legs extending toward the ship’s bow. I instructed. This will let you look forward to let me know if you spot anyone looking at us fucking.”

“Good heavens!” she exclaimed. Public fucking is pushing the limits, isn’t it?”

I replied, “Why should we really care if someone sees me fucking the woman I love, even if the view lasts only a few moments?”

“Yes, but they’ll only see your back and butt, while it’s my face that is exposed!” she noted.

“OK! How about I kiss you just as soon as you tell me someone is looking? That should demonstrate my sincere love as well as shielding your face!” I kidded.

“OK Jay, but the table isn’t long enough and my legs just hang over the edge.” Trish explained.

I moved to the end of the table, faced her and said, “Raise your legs and put your feet over my shoulders. She pulled up her knees and raised her legs placing her feet on either side of my head. Trish, you look beautiful and so very fuckable, but your pussy needs attention first!”

Sitting back on the edge of the couch, I merely had to lean forward to have my face just in front of her pussy. “Keep your ankles behind my neck and spread your knees farther apart.” I instructed.

I then started kissing her inner thighs, switching back and forth between them, while drawing ever closer to her open pussy. “Your clit seems to need some attention.” I said as I gently touched it with my tongue.

Trish jerked slightly upon the initial contact and I heard her gasp. I started licking her clit in an up and down motion and then switched to a more rapid left and right thrashing with my tongue. With that, she began writhing back and forth in response and started humping pelvic movements.

“Jay, that’s enough! Take that cock and start fucking me!” she demanded.

I stood up, stepped forward with my erect cock in hand and began moving the head up and down on her clit and open pussy lips.

“Quit fiddling around and stick it in me ….now!” she exclaimed.

I hesitated in thrusting quickly to the hilt, but rather slowly with gradual in and out 1xbet yeni giriş movements until my cock was completely imbedded into her very wet pussy.

“Trish, do you want it fast or slow or would you want it gentle or do you want me to ram it home?” I asked.

“Just mix it up, hard, fast, slow…. whatever, just don’t stop!” she urged.

I slowly withdrew my erection, paused … then plunged it deep and held it there while continuing to grind my crotch into hers. Simultaneously with my cock hitting bottom I heard a loud “Uuunnnhh!” So I pulled it out and swiftly rammed it back in, and received another, “Uuuunnnh!” for my efforts. I continued my forceful thrusting and Trish responded in turn with the same grunting sound effects. Pausing to relax and catch my breath, I told her, “My love, you are indeed a wonderful fuck!”

“Then get back at it Jay, I need more hard cock in me!” she replied.

“Ok, I’m not ready to quit, but if I don’t slow down a bit, I’ll unload in you far too soon!” I began fucking again at a much slower and less frantic pace.

“Oh, that’s good, .you do fill me up so nicely!”

With that, I reached forward, grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and pulled until her legs were stretched until her knees were touching her breasts and her feet were almost even with her ears. This stretching movement caused her pussy to be rotated upward where I resumed my hard, deep ramming fucking. Trish reacted to each stroke by reaching her arms around my butt and pulled me into her with each of my thrusts.

“My God, Jay! Are you trying to fuck me to death?” she gasped.

I reacted by slowing and relaxing the pussy pounding. Trish started her own pelvic fucking oscillations of her own.

After a few more very pleasurable moments, Trish indicated “The table is getting a bit hard and my legs are tightening up from being spread and elevated beside your head.”

“Well my Dear, what would you suggest…. a recess?” I asked.

Trish responded, “How about you letting me up and you lie down on the table, like I’ve been doing?”

“OK, but then what?” I said as I moved out of her way.

“I think that it would be a good time for me to ride ‘cowgirl style’!” she announced.

“Sounds like fun, but let me rearrange the table!” 1xbet giriş I suggested as I pulled the table into a position with the narrow end placed up against the window sill. With the table in place, I climbed up and scooted forward until my head was on the window sill with knees bent and my feet placed on the end away from the window.

I said to Trish, “Straddle me facing the window and this way you can monitor any potential sightseers!”

“Obviously you choose to remain out of view while I’m the one doing the dirty deed!” she complained in a humorous tone.

“My Darling, what we are about to do, is nothing more than normal human sexual activity! We shouldn’t be ashamed of being in love and sharing that emotion with whomever happens to notice! I for one am so in love with and so very proud of you that I’m perfectly happy to fuck in such a barely public scenario!”

With that, Trish climbed up and on her knees straddled me facing the window. She reached between her legs, took my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. With the head inserted, Trish lowered herself until she was completely impaled and began an up and down fucking motion. She began rather slowly and included a forward and back pelvic motion that was incredibly intense for both of us. She then leaned back until she was in an upright position and reached out taking my hands and placed them on her breasts.

She continued fucking while holding my hands firmly against her breasts and said, “Pull and pinch my nipples …….. Oh yes, that’s it! We are coming up on a barge and there is a crewman looking at our ship, but I don’t think he’s spotted us yet.” she said.

“Well shake your breasts and see if that gets his attention!” I suggested.

“Jay, you are so naughty!” she said as she began shaking her breasts from side to side. “He’s spotted us now ……. and he’s giving us a ‘thumbs up'”!

“Well keep on fucking and raise your arms high while shaking your breasts!”I urged.

“That barge has gone on by now and he never stopped watching us.” Trish said.

“Well I’m sorry I missed seeing him, but I’m really enjoying the sight of you and your beautiful body moving above me!”

Trish suddenly said, “The table is too hard on my knees, I’m changing position.”

She then 1xbet güvenilirmi assumed a squatting position over me while continuing the up and down fucking motions. Trish leaned forward and placed her hands on my shoulders while looking me right in the eye.

She said, “Jay that was a very questionable experience, letting someone watch us fucking. Do you mind having some stranger seeing me fuck you?” she asked.

“Darling, as I said before, I don’t want to share you with anyone! But in this case, we are sharing a very unique and exciting experience! By chance, some unknown person or persons just happened to spot some unknown couple making love in front of a window on a moving boat. While they might remember and share what they saw with others, they couldn’t know either of us. Ok, we were doing the naughty deed, but perhaps being naughty just added an element of excitement! What do you really feel about this?”

Trish replied, “Yes! I did feel a bit naughty, but it was also very exciting to be fucking in such open conditions! Just because we paused to exchange views on public fucking, just reminds me that I’m not through getting enough of you!”

With that announcement, Trish resumed her up and down and erotic pelvic fucking movements. Her renewed actions quickly stimulated me to thrust upward in time with her downward movements. Without any verbal communications, we both began sprinting toward a mutual orgasm. As I unloaded in her, I reached up and pulled her down to hug her against my chest. There followed several moments of mutual gasping for breath as we recovered from our efforts.

Trish finally spoke, “My God! Jay, that was an incredible climax for me and for you as well …. I think!”

“Darling, you have just surpassed any previous records in bringing me to an incredible orgasm! You are not only the love of my life, you must be the most erotic and fuckable women in the world! You can take that as a compliment!” I added in a humorous manner.

“Thank you very much kind sir. Trish said. You did have a significant role to play in raising me to such an erotic level of performance. Now the next event is to get the place and ourselves cleaned up. Don’t you think?” Trish asked?

“Yes, I agree. Do you want to shower first?” I asked Trish.

“OK, I will. she responded. I guess since the shower is so small we’ll have to take turns.” she added.

“Trish, I’d like to disprove that theory …… but I’m just too tired right now to try! But let’s put that on our ‘To Do’ list.” I suggested.

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