Right Kind of Bad Pt. 01

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Hey all, it’s been a pretty long while, I just haven’t had time to write much. So here’s the first thing I’ve written in a while. I plan for this to be a multi-part series. This first part is relatively tame and pretty short and a lot of it is setup. Think of it as more of an introduction, if you will. Future parts will be longer and have more action. No exact time table for the other parts, but they will come. So, in the meantime, please enjoy this small taste. Feedback is always welcome, I just ask that you aren’t douchey about it.

All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


I have a bit of predilection for bad girls. Almost all of my girlfriends have been undeniably hot, but also bad for me. And every one of those relationships ended poorly. You’d think I would learn my lesson after the first few, but nope, I just kept going back for more. They looked good naked and they were willing to sleep with me, so as far as I was concerned, they could be as bitchy as they wanted. And so it was with Erin Crowe.

Erin had been my girlfriend during my senior year of high school. We weren’t dating for very long before she turned out to be like all the others. She treated me poorly and expected me to do everything for her, but she let me have sex with her, so I never fussed. I gave her all of my attention, meanwhile, she gave me less than half of hers. She often flaked on me, ignored my texts or calls, but then would turn around and get mad at me if I didn’t respond to hers texts or calls immediately. But again, I was a sucker for a hot girl.

It was Saturday, Erin and I had planned to hang out and she told me to come to her house. When I got to her house that afternoon, I knocked on the front door and waited for Erin to come to the door. However, it was not Erin, but an equally attractive older version of her that answered.

“My, aren’t you a handsome one, you must be Erin’s new boyfriend. I’ve heard a lot about you, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Erin’s gorgeous mother greeted me at the door.

“Oh, uh, thanks. It’s nice to meet you too. Is Erin here?” I asked.

“No, she’s out with her friends at the mall. I’m sure she won’t be much longer, you’re welcome to wait here until she gets back.” she replied.

Wonderful, klasbahis yeni giriş I thought. She flaked on me again. I took the time to drive across town to meet her at her house at the designated time and she’s nowhere to be found, but I did get the opportunity to meet her ridiculously gorgeous mother for the first time, so a silver lining, I guess? Before even responding to Ms. Crowe’s offer, I asked her to give me a second while I stepped away and called Erin.

“Hey, what do ya need?” She answered for once, if not rather rudely.

“I’m at your house, like you said.” I told her.

“Oh crap, I totally forgot. I’ll be there in like an hour, so just wait there, kay? Bye.” she said, hanging up the phone before I could even respond.

I just let out an audible sigh and then turned back towards Ms. Crowe who had been patiently waiting in the doorway.

“I guess I’m waiting here then, if that’s alright.” I said.

“Of course, that’s fine. Come on in.” she said, ushering me into the house.

“Thanks, Ms. Crowe.” I said.

“Ms? Come now, I’m not nearly old enough for this Ms. stuff. It’s Erica, and I didn’t catch your name.” she responded.

“Oh, right, sorry. It’s Cole.” I replied.

“Cole… I like that name. Strong name for a strong handsome young man such as yourself.” she said

“uh… thanks…” I said as she led me through the house to the living room.

I was fairly used to being complimented for my appearance, but this was the second time in our first meeting that she’s done it. It felt a little awkward. Mind you, I did appreciate the compliments, especially from a beautiful woman such as herself. It’s just that she was basically a stranger and being complimented like that by strangers felt a little awkward to me. I didn’t know much about her besides the little bit that Erin had told me. I knew that she was in her 40s and single because Erin’s father had bailed some years ago. Other than that, I knew the obvious, she was very beautiful and apparently pretty nice judging by her warm greeting. I could see where Erin got her good looks from. She stood around 5’8 and had a busty figure. Long dark brown almost black hair, deep green eyes, naturally tan skin, and just klasbahis giriş a few faint wrinkles here and there that indicated her age very slightly.

“So Cole, if you don’t mind me asking, you and my daughter, what’s the story?” she asked me as we sat on opposite ends of the sofa in her living room.

I looked at her in confusion. The story, what did she mean by that? Like, how Erin and I met? Or what? I mean, it seemed to be a rather loaded question and I was confused about how to answer it. Luckily, she sensed my confusion and quickly followed up with a clarification.

“What I mean is, you seem to be a nice and dedicated young man, and well, you know my Erin, she’s not exactly easy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter, but I also know that she can be quite difficult. As far as I know, she’s treated all of her boyfriends rather coldly.” Erica explained.

Even with her clarification, I still didn’t have an answer.

“I suppose I’m confused. A stud like you could have any girl he wants, yet you’ve chosen one who doesn’t treat you right. And you remain dedicated to her, so much so that you’re still willing to wait here for her despite her ditching you to hang out with her friends. It feels bad to disparage my daughter like this, but it pains me to hear her brag on a daily basis about how she’s got you wrapped around her finger. I’m just concerned, that’s all.” she continued, speaking in an unbelievably warm tone despite the rather difficult subject matter.

I still just sat there, pondering her words in silence. She’d hit the nail on the head.

“What you need is a girl who knows how to treat a man like you. You need a woman.” she said as she suddenly began scooting closer to me on the sofa.

Oh my god, it suddenly dawned on me, she’s coming onto me. My girlfriend’s ridiculously hot seductress of a mother was actually coming onto me. I was frozen.

“My daughter is still just a girl, she doesn’t know yet how lucky she is.” she said in a sultry tone.

I just stared into her entrancing green eyes as she knelt on the floor in front of me. I didn’t even move or put up any sort of resistance when she began expertly undoing my belt and pants. I was fully under her spell.

“Oh my… lucky klasbahis güvenilirmi indeed.” she said, licking her lips as she freed my already rock hard cock from its confines.

She didn’t even wait for me respond in anyway, not that I had a response in the first place, she just opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock without hesitation. I gasped as I felt her hot wet mouth on my dick. I could hardly contain myself when she began slowly working her tongue along my shaft. I moaned as began bobbing her head up and down, my cock easily sliding in and out of her lovely and clearly experienced mouth. This was actually my first ever blowjob, none of my girlfriends would ever consider it, but despite having nothing to compare it to, I knew that this woman was damn good at it. The feeling was unreal, this woman’s mouth felt better than any girl’s vagina, which is not something I thought was possible. However, this new sensation couldn’t last forever, as I was already feeling like I was close to bursting.

“Ms. Crowe… err… Erica, I’m gonna cum…” I stammered and winced as I tried my best to hold it in.

“That’s good, baby… go right ahead.” she said with a sexy smile before taking my cock back in her mouth.

That’s when I felt my whole body tense up and my toes curl in my shoes. I then let out an audible grunt and released the flood gates. Erica just continued sucking my cock even as I began shooting rope after rope of my hot cum in her eager wet mouth. When I finished, my body relaxed and I felt utterly spent.

Having drained me completely, Erica finally released my slowly softening cock from her mouth, careful not to let a single drop of cum escape with it. Then, with a fire in her eyes that I’d never seen in any of my girlfriends, she opened her mouth to show me her mouthful of my cum and then swallowed the lot of it.

“mmm… such delicious cum.” Erica spoke as she licked her lips and slowly got up off the floor.

I still had no response, I mean, what do you say after something so incredible? I was simply speechless. No words in that moment could do it any justice, so I just sat there.

“Hmm, judging by that look on your face, I’ll bet Erin has never done anything like this, huh?” she asked.

All I could do was nod.

“Well, that’s the difference between me and all those other girls you’ve been with.” she said with a smile.

I just stared at her, eager to hear what she had to say.

“I’m the right kind of bad.” she said proudly.

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