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My boss told me to wear something “nice”. That’s all he said. There were some important new clients coming in and he wanted to make a good impression. I decided to look HOT! But not like a slut. Just something spicy.

I came to work late because I knew that they were not going to come in until after 6PM.

I was wearing a sexy outfit that I bought from the store BeBe. I had on a slinky beige skirt and a slinky beige shirt. It had a v-neck that revealed my 34B’s whenever I bent over or if you were lucky enough to be standing over me. I didn’t wear a bra and the outlines of my perky nipples were clearly visible. The shirt was cropped just above my belly button. The skirt clung to me as I moved. It was tight enough to show off my body and just light enough for you to see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. The skirt also hung right on my hips, revealing my smooth tummy and belly button. It was cut right over the knee. Over the outfit, I wore a long, brown knit sweater.

I was feeling too good that day and looking too good for that office, if I can be so stuck up by saying so. I was saving this outfit for a special day and I guess this day was going to be that day. I was feeling very horny too. It had been a week since I had sex and I needed some now! Oh well, I had to leave.

As I drove down the highway, I opened all of the windows, letting the cool LA air blow throughout the car. Even though it was messing up my hair, the air felt good on my bare pussy. My skirt was hiked way up my thighs.

I usually like to park my own car, but today I was feeling naughty. I decided to let the Valets Park my car and I gave the Mexican guy a nice flash of my hairless pussy as I climbed out of my car. As I walked into the office, several people commented on my outfit, telling me it was HOT! I normally do get lots of attention from the men there and I don’t mind it at all. I am the youngest woman working for the company and I do tend to wear revealing outfits being that the company has no dress code and an extremely relaxed atmosphere. Plus, it’s good for the company’s image. It brings the mostly male clients back. Most of the men here are married and fat, including my boss. He is the president of this video editing facility. He has never officially hit on me, but I know I was hired because of my looks and my open mindedness. I caught him staring at me several times, but that’s the attention I wanted. I like to be looked at as a sex object, just as long as you don’t touch me. I am just being honest.

During my several trips to and from the kitchen and conference room, setting up the room with snacks and wine, I noticed Rich; a handsome, stocky editor was staring at me as I walked by. I caught his eyes and he said “Hi” and shyly went back to work. We’ve flirted a few times before kaçak iddaa in the past, but nothing serious ever came out of it. He was definitely on my most fuckable in the office list. On my last trip back to the kitchen, I had removed my long sweater that covered my body. I loved the way that the skirt hung way down to my waist. I am glad to have a smooth, firm stomach to show off and a perfect “innie” bellybutton. I walked into the edit suite with attitude and said Hi. He told me he was working on a project and would be here late and I should stop by when my meeting was done. Said ok and turned and walked away. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I sashayed out of the room with the silky material swishing across the bare skin of my ass.

During the meeting, all I did was sit around and take notes. No flashing. No nothing. I drank a lot of wine. Everyone was nice and it was a calm atmosphere. The clients were into the proposal and signed on the dotted line.

Everyone left and I stayed behind to clean up. I finished off the rest of the wine. Once finished, I walked back into Rich’s edit suite and sat down onto the leather couch. I pretended to be sleepy. I was pretty tipsy by then. He told me to lay down and relax a bit. I agreed and swiveled my body in order to watch him edit. He was watching me the entire time and I knew he could see up my skirt. He eventually turned away to continue working. Every so often he would turn around to ask me a question or talk. I acted like I was oblivious to the fact that he was definitely looking. I actually continued to reposition myself until my skirt was hiked up even more. As the moments went by, I parted my legs more and more, so he could get a clearer look at my now dripping pussy. He didn’t turn around for a while and I began to finger myself. I was shocked that this guy was not taking the hint. I continuously dipped my fingers in my pussy, then ass and into my mouth. I love the taste of my juices and just doing that turned me on so much.

I decided that if I were going to get some, I would have to be the aggressor. I sat up and simply whistled over to him. When he turned around, his eyes opened wide and he began to laugh nervously. Then he finally spoke. “You know:. I am married right?” He said nervously. I put my finger up to my mouth and said “Shhhhhhh!” Within seconds he walked over and locked the door and his Levi’s were at his ankles. I was totally teasing him, rubbing my clit as he stumbled across the room towards me. He kicked off his jeans and shoes and dropped to his knees. He didn’t say a word as he immediately began to suck and lick my hot pussy. I felt a rush up my spine and he worked me over with his mouth. I felt my juices begin to flow even more as pulled his head in closer, almost smothering him. He definitely knew what kaçak bahis he was doing. Within a few minutes I had an exploding orgasm! He slowly began to kiss around my thighs and tummy. He pulled my lower body to the edge of the couch. Within moments he had his boxers off, revealing his rock hard, pink and thick dick. He was slowly rubbing the head of his cock against my clit and lips. His dick with dripping with his clear and sticky pre-cum. That turned me on so much! It was almost like he was thinking about fucking me first, because he did this for a while. Rubbing himself against my pussy with his pretty-as-hell dick head, spilling out and coating me with at least a tablespoon of his warm pre-cum. Then he lowered his dick right at the entrance of my pussy and slid it in. My pussy was so wet; his thick cock went in with ease. It was so warm and thick, all I could do was moan with pleasure. Rich slowly began to pump in and put of me. I could feel the heat from his throbbing cock as he stretched my pussy walls with his fat cock. We didn’t kiss on the mouth, nor did we speak. We just moaned and breathed heavily.

We fucked for about 10 minutes then I felt his dick start to get harder and harder and breathing got really heavy as well. He tried to pace himself better, but I could tell it felt too good to him. He leaned back up off of me and knelt up straight. He stopped stroking my pussy with his dick and stood still for a moment. It was too late. I felt his dick begin to pulsate and the familiar feeling of hot sperm inside of my pussy came over me like a wave. He began to spurt his hot semen inside of my pussy. He grunted loudly as felt his ejaculation shooting and stopping over and over again. He seemed to be having the biggest orgasm of his life, the way he moaned and grunted. He started fucking me again, slowly. I could smell the delicious scent of his cum as his dick nosily fucked my sperm-filled pussy. I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy and down to my asshole. By this time, my dress was bunched up around my waist and was totally a mess. I began to ease up back onto the couch in order to sit up a bit and take off my skirt.

This caused his STILL hard dick to slide out of my pussy. He smirked at me as we both looked down at his cum-covered cock as if to say “Sorry for cumming so fast.” I got up and pulled him down into the couch so that he was sitting up with his flagpole in the air. His cum was dripping down my leg as a stood up. I still wanted to cum again and since he was still hard, I decided to take control. I took off my skirt and blouse. And I got into my favorite position. “Cowgirl” style. I was sitting on him, facing him and the wall. My knees were in the couch as I slowly lowered myself onto his hard and sticky dick.

This time I slid it slowly into my puckered illegal bahis asshole. I used my spit and his cum as lube as it popped inside of me. A sharp pain shot up my spine at first, but soon a wave of pleasure replaced the pain.

I don’t think he knew at the time that his cock was actually up my butt, he just kept on fucking me. Slowly his big fat dick made it’s way deep inside my ass, flooding my senses with pleasure. I was so relaxed from the wine that there was no pain any more and his dick was buried to the balls. Now I was in control as I was just grinding my hips faster and faster, actually rubbing my clit on his crotch. This went on for a good 10 minutes. I felt my orgasm building and I moved faster until I exploded with a huge “assgasm” which lasted about 30 seconds. My head was twirling around like I was possessed. I am sure this boosted his ego up quite a few notches. As I began to slow it down, I began to rise up off of his dick that had been buried to the hilt inside of me. He grabbed me by my ass cheeks and began lifting me up and down on his shaft. My feet were now in the couch, giving him all of my weight in his hands as he slammed me down onto his flagpole. He finally noticed that he was fucking my ass and not my pussy. He smiled as if to say “You dirty girl!” There was a small stream cum that oozed from my pussy as I bounced up and down on him.

Five minutes went by and I felt another orgasm coming on. He was really letting my ass have it! He was lifting me up just high enough for the head of his cock to slide out of my ass then he would drop me down onto the length of his dick. This sent chills up my spine. Within a minute or so I began to cum again. At that very moment, I felt his cock stiffen to it’s hardest and he too was cumming. I felt him spurt his hot semen deep inside of my ass. Even after his orgasm was over, he continued to keep fucking me. I actually had to calm him down and say “OK: That’s enough!” He snickered and smiled like he was embarrassed.

I thought to myself: “Doesn’t he get any sex at home or is he just a fucking stud?” We sat still for a moment. His cock was still buried inside of my ass and I could feel his pulse from his still throbbing cock. We just breathed heavily for a few minutes, trying to calm ourselves down.

“That was great!” He moaned out loud. “Yes it was stallion!” I responded. We both laughed for a moment. I could feel his cock getting soft inside of me until began to slowly slide out. “Ooh this feels too good!” I whispered. Eventually his cock slipped out and I got up to clean myself off. His dick was covered with his creamy cum. I tossed him a paper towel and he began to clean himself up.

It was 9 PM already and I had the munchies!!! I looked at my dress and it was all wrinkled in a ball on the floor, along with my blouse. I gathered my clothes and got out of there, stopping in the front office to get my car keys since the valet guys were gone by then. I looked like what I just had – wild sex fiend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32