Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 06

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Mark held my arm as we left the club as I was still feeling a bit lightheaded. What just happened? I still can’t believe I allowed Mark to touch me like that in a public place. The past few days had been a whirlwind of feelings and fun that I had not envisioned for myself. Now I was going to take Mark, who I still really didn’t know that well, back to…

“My place!”

Mark grinned at me and continued holding my arm as we walked to the car. I gave the driver my address and snuggled into Mark’s thick chest. “You poor boy.” My fingernail traced the outline on his pants. It had been 20 minutes since our fun in the club and he was still fairly hard. “I am going to have to take care of you, mister, before you hurt yourself.”

Mark looked a little surprised. “Here?”

“Why not? You had your fun with me just now.”

He looked at the driver, who was looking in the rear view mirror. I doubted our driver could see my hands, but I didn’t particularly care.

Mark turned to me. “It was dark. No one could see us!”

I knew that at least one couple had seen us. I shared my bathroom conversation with Mark.

“So, she was turned on.”

I nodded.

“And you?”

That would be an understatement. Even though I already had my orgasm, my body felt hungry, as though my earlier experience was just a teaser. I wanted more. No, I needed more. I could feel my body tingling.

“I enjoyed myself. A lot.”

“Did it turn you on to know that you turned on another couple?”

As I thought about it just then, I realized that it was a turn on to listen to a woman I didn’t know telling me that she enjoyed watching me. I felt my heart beat faster just seeing her face.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure that’s my thing.”

Mark looked into my eyes, as though he could tell I was lying. But he let it go.

“So, Jenny. You mentioned something in the club about having something planned for me?”

Something about my laugh caused Mark to laugh. “We shall see, Mark. We shall see.”

By the time we got to my door, Mark smelled different. Call it pheromones, but when someone is really turned on, I can smell it on them. And right now, Mark was really turned on, which was obvious given that a tent had formed in his slacks. I quickly pulled him inside and closed the door and locked it.

I wasted bahis siteleri no time taking off his shirt. Mark had a broad chest that seemed to invite me in. His hands quickly went to the hem of my shirt, but I shook my head. “No, this is my time. Just stay still!”

I kissed his neck and moved further down to his chest. Mark’s chest had a perfect amount of dark hair spread across his chest that kept going down to his belt. My lips continued to work down his body, and I dropped into a kneeling position on the rug, I undid his belt and pulled his slacks down. His boxers were barely containing this monster and I struggled to hold back my desire to take him in my mouth. Instead I let my two fingers tracing the length. It was longer than I remembered and the outline of his thick head was making me horny so I pulled his blue boxers down to his knees. I looked up at Mark as I began stroking him with my right hand and circling his warm tip with my tongue. I wanted him in my mouth as much as he did, but I was determined to make both of us wait. I continued to kiss and lick the outside of him as my tongue traced around. Little drops formed on the top and I found myself hungrily licking it up.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed his thick cock with my right hand and brought my mouth down. I slowly took more and more of him in my mouth, opening my throat. It wasn’t easy, but I was determined. I could feel saliva building up and I found myself getting wet just thinking about how much pleasure I was giving this man. I felt his hands grabbing my head and I let him push my head further onto him. He was gentle enough and I was ready to relinquish some of the control. He kept pushing hard into my mouth, which got me even more worked up. My right hand dropped down to my waist and I started to rub myself as Mark continued to fuck my mouth.

At first I thought the noises were coming from me and I was embarrassed as this was louder than I normally am. But I quickly realized it was Mark making the noise. His sounds grew louder and he began shaking. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed deep into me and then I felt the warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I was so turned on at this point that I dropped my left hand and let it rub while the first two fingers of my right hand slowly pushed inside of me. It felt good to finally canlı bahis siteleri have something inside my body. Mark watched my hands and then grabbed my hard nipple and began to slowly squeeze. That was enough to put me over the edge. I felt my legs tremble and the lights flashed and I found myself laughing. I was still completely dressed and Mark’s slacks and underwear were balled up on his legs.

“Let’s get you out of these.” I pulled his legs out of the slacks and then stood up.

“You were amazing, Jenny.” He kissed my mouth and began to stroke my cheek.

Everything felt good, but I was still unfulfilled. I had two orgasms in the last 90 minutes, but what I really wanted was to feel Mark inside of me.

I nibbled on his ear. “Do you think you could get hard again? I really want you inside of me.”

Mark kissed me on the mouth again, this time harder. His mouth continued down to my neck. It was so warm and inviting. He continued to move his lips dither down my body, stopping at my nipples. His tongue lingered around my now very hard nipples and he lightly bit on my left nipple. I let out a yelp, but truthfully it was more pleasurable than painful. Mark grabbed my ass and began to kiss the inside of my thighs. I reached down and was pleasantly surprised to find him hard again.

“You don’t need to do that. I’m probably too wet. Please, Mark, just fuck me.”

He smiled at me, and then without notice pushed me against the wall. He then placed his hands underneath my hips and pushed me up against the wall and slowly lowered me down. I was very wet, but it had been awhile. I wasn’t sure I was ready for all this, especially in this position, but I really wanted his hard cock inside me. Mark started off gentle, slowly bringing my body down until I could feel my labia being pressed by his thick head. Now I could feel my lips stretch a lot, but it felt so good to finally have him inside me. He was hard and I could feel every throb. He continued to push in slowly, but it was a lot to take in. My fingers dug into his back and I placed my mouth on his shoulder. My kisses soon turned into a gentle bite as I struggled to take all of Mark inside me. He was stretching me and I felt it everywhere. All of my nerves were on fire. Then, as he continued to push me up and down, his mouth found my left breast. canlı bahis It was almost too much and I almost told him to stop. My head rolled to the side and I closed my eyes. Don’t stop, I thought to myself. Just do what you’re doing. I allowed myself to move up and down on Mark as his pace shifted. It was almost like he could sense the buildup in my body and then he would slow down. Soon I began to worry he was going to drop me as he had been holding me for several minutes. I forced my eyes open and stared at his shoulders and biceps, straining to keep me up.

“Put me down, Mark and fuck me on the ground. However you want.”

He slowly brought me down so that my feet touched the floor. Then, he pushed me back onto the rug and then he bent my knees and brought my legs up into my chest. No sooner had they hit my chest when I felt him push back inside of me.

“You’re so tight, Jenny. You feel so good.”

He felt good too. Better than I ever remembered feeling. I wanted to kiss him, but he was too far away. Instead, I watched his face as he continued to push inside of me. Slowly, I felt his hard cock hit a part of me that I wasn’t used to.

“Oh, that feels really good. Please keep doing that.”

Mark kept the angle the same and kept thrusting into me, going deeper each time. I tried to tell him I was about to come, but my words sounded all garbled. Fortunately he kept pushing himself further into me. My breathing became shallow and I could feel my heart start to explode from beating too fast. My back arched and Mark gave one final push as I gasped and began to make noises. I thought I was going to black out as I felt an onslaught of feelings flood over me. I’m not positive, but I think I just had my first double orgasm. Whatever it was, it felt good.

Mark pulled my legs down and pulled himself out of me. He began to stroke himself right in front of my face. I don’t know what he wanted and honestly I didn’t have any energy either way. He could do whatever he wanted to my body, and I wouldn’t care. But I wasn’t going to help him as I was too spent. My legs were jelly. I lay there on my back and watched him stroke himself for another minute until he positioned himself right near my mouth. I was too tired to do anything, so I just smiled as he squirted on my chin, my cheek, my eye, my hair. I didn’t care. I just lay there and watched this sexy man get off all over me. I’m not sure how long we lay there, but I remember waking up while it was still dark and not caring that we were sleeping on the rug. He felt so good next to me.

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