Relaxing at the Office

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I am Ian Romley, I am a successful executive at a very important company. I am in my middle 40’s. My hair is turning grey, but my body is fit and strong. I am accustomed to people obeying me, get what I want, and to inspire some fear in the people around me.

I remember your job interview, your resume was pretty good and you were what our company was looking for, however, what impressed me the most was your submissive attitude, you were sweet and polite, you were always agreeing with me, and calling me sir constantly. I admit that I like that a lot, and make me feel excited and powerful.

You were sat in front of me, wearing a discrete and elegant suit, but I could still imagine the curves under it. Your crossed legs looked very sexy, and I could not help but looking at your breast, trying to imagine the colour of your bra, and I imagined myself getting it off and laying my hands in your big and round breasts…

Then I asked about if you minded staying at work extra time some afternoons, and you said “It was Ok, sir, I would do anything that is needed”, “anything?” I asked. I was very horny and wishing to take you right there…

You got the job as my personal secretary, so I had the time to spent many time with you, you were even sweeter than I thought, your attitude was a mixture of fear and admiration for me. In a way, you looked intimidated by me, but on the other, your eyes looked at me sweetly.

Your clothes become more comfortable güvenilir bahis and less formal, revealing a very sexy body. I looked at you, I desired you constantly and under my trousers I got hard occasionally when I was sat behind my table.

One day I asked you to stay after work to file some folders, you were next to the cabinet leaning forward to get them inside, I was looking at you, dreaming of you, my thoughts were on you, I wanted you and not having you was driving me crazy.

I imagined you nude and got very horny. I got up, quietly, and stayed right behind you, with my big erection clearly noticeable. You moved back and your butt rubbed my pants, you released a short scream in surprise, I told you it was me. I put my arms in your hips and pulled you back closer to me, so you felt my hardness even more.

You said, that was not right, that you were my secretary but you did not move away from me, I pulled you closer to me, your butt and hips started moving rhythmically, getting me hornier, I moved my hands around your tummy, I put your hair away, I kissed you on the neck. My hands went up, and started to touch your tits, softly, making circles around them, sliding my hands under your blouse, feeling your soft skin, sliding my fingers under your bra, pinching softly your nipples.

You continued moving your awesome butt, rubbing my trousers back and for, left to right, enjoying what you are feeling.

You turn around; güvenilir bahis siteleri I put my hands around your back, and start grabbing your butt, strongly, but not hurting you. Our eyes, looked at each other, our mouths got closer and closer, the lips got in touch, and the tongues rub each other in the wetness.

We kissed for several minutes, I untied the buttons of your blouse, and I am able to see your red bra and part of your breast, it gets me want you more and more. We kiss some more, I put my hands under your skirt and grab your butt again.

While we are kissing, I pull you towards me and lifted you with my arms. I take you to my table, with an arm I throw away everything that was in the table, I put you there, I kiss you and lean forward, making you lying on the table. I got rid of your bra, and kiss and like your nipples, making them hard, my wet tongue moves around them, I lick them all and now they are wet, I blow softly in them, making them harder. I kiss them once and again.

One of my hands gets under your skirt, passes your tight and moves up. I felt it hot in here. I slide my fingers under your knickers. It seems very soft and shaven, my fingers rubbed every inch of you. Exploring, feeling your wet pussy. I reached your clit and I started passing my fingers quickly next to it, rubbing it.

You start moaning a bit, and I kiss you harder and passionately, the tongues move quickly, attached one to the other, iddaa siteleri enjoying together, getting in and out of our mouths.

Your breath is heavier and you moaned in pleasure coming from my hand in your pussy. The other hands get in your breast again, and move all around.

Your hands are in my hips and go to the front part of my trousers; you touch my huge packet, and start unfastening my belt and my trouser. They fell to the floor and you touch me again, you continued moaning more and more till you get an orgasm.

Your hands slide down my briefs and put my cock in your hand, your hands touch it all to tip to bottom and also my balls, I felt your hand on me and I love it.

I go closer to you, I with the fingers I move your knickers to the side and get my cock on you, slowly and carefully till the very end, then I start moving back and for, faster and master, getting it in and out, in and out, in and out.

We continue kissing while I get into you, our breaths are heavier, especially mine but I continue pumping faster and faster. My cock is about to explode.

I get it out before Cumming and I am able to breathe a bit. I get you off the table, and I put you looking at the table, leaning forward it with your both hands on it.

I placed myself behind you, and in doggy style got in you again. Pushing in harder and harder. We stayed for a long time; we finished a couple of times.

It was a good day at work,

Now every day when at work I look at you and remember that day, I smile at you, and you always wink your eye at me.

We did it many other times in the office, even in the morning time, when people are next door, and could enter at any time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32