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It’s been a few days, and I figure some of you would appreciate an update. I told Elisa about my posts here. She was a bit scandalized at first. Then she told me I should share this to give everyone some closure. She told me that I fawn over her too much, but overall it is pretty accurate.

The morning after the barbecue restaurant, I was in the studio all day catching up on editing. It was a rare occasion, not being on the road.

There are four editing stations in an open room toward the back of the studio, out of public view. I put my bag down at one of them and headed to the break room to make myself a tea. Elisa was packing up for a day at a law office shooting a commercial with Shauna, our primary videographer.

She snuck up next to me, waiting for water to boil, and whispered, “Just act normal.” She had on a long olive green dress with a pattern of some kind in white. The top was form fitting, and the bottom ruffled out, accenting the curves of her ass.

“What?” I asked, laughing. She stared at me intently as she filled her water bottle, not answering me. “What time do you get back?”

Her lips twisted. “It’s a full day shoot. Probably a little after five.” I was disappointed. “Hold this,” she said, handing me her water bottle. She ran out of the room, was gone for about 45 seconds, then came back. “Thank you.” She took her water bottle back.

“You’re acting weird,” I said.

“It’s your imagination.” She looked at her watch. “I have to go. You should get to work.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded, eyes wide.

She smiled at me for a moment, then bit her bottom lip lightly, backing toward the door before turning and walking toward the equipment room. She looked back to catch me watching her walk away.

I went back to the computer I had put my bag at and sat down to get started editing. There was a Notepad open, but minimized. I clicked on it. “Don’t leave before I get back. I have something for you. -E” I laughed. She seemed to have some kind of covert joke going on, just between herself.

So I worked. I left for lunch, but I don’t think that’s what she meant. Five o’clock came and went, and she hadn’t returned. Just before six the boss came in to let me know I was the last person left, and to lock up, please.

Barely short of another half hour went by before I heard the back door open and Elisa and Shauna’s voices giggling about something. Elisa said she had to take care of a few things before she went home and wished Shauna a good evening.

A moment later she was standing at the entry to the editing room.

“You waited.”

I pushed my chair away from the workstation and turned toward her. “I worked,” I responded. “And of course I waited.”

She walked toward me, slowly, with an evil smirk bahis siteleri on her face.

“Good lord, what are you up to?” I asked with a laugh.

“I have something for you,” she said, cryptically.

“That’s what your clandestine message said. You couldn’t find self-destructing paper?”

She didn’t stop until her knees touched mine. Until then our intimate encounters had been in the dark of my car. To see her standing in front of me, in all her luster, was stunning. Her dress showed off her small waist and graceful curves. It took everything in me not to reach out and wrap her in my arms. She reached back and pulled a clip out of her hair, it fell over her shoulders and behind her back in long, luscious waves.

She turned around, showing off her hair running down to the pronounced curves of her ass pushing against the ruffles of her dress. She bent over and sat on my lap, which got a gasp out of me as she pressed against my hardening cock.

“Oh?” I asked, voice quivering in pleasure.

She took my hands and wrapped them around her, leaning back into me. I tightened my arms and pulled her close. Warmth flowed through me as I pulled her into my chest. To have my arms around her- To have her close-

“I’ve wanted you in my arms,” I whispered to her, no longer aware of anything beyond her.

She moaned as she snuggled into me. I breathed in the scent of her hair. We sat in silence for several minutes, barely moving, elated in the joy of feeling each other.

As I breathed against her neck, she reached behind her and pulled her hair to one side, exposing it to me. Being small, sitting on my lap put her neck at about my chin. She tilted her head in invitation. I leaned in and pressed my lips into her neck, sucking delicately. She moaned. I left one arm wrapped tightly around her stomach, and moved my other hand up to her chest, placing it between her breasts firmly, feeling her warmth. I spread my lips, taking in more of her delicate skin as I made my way up her neck. Just before I got to her ear, I lightly placed my lips on her neck, let my teeth tenderly bite into her, and traced little waves over her delicious skin with the tip of my tongue.

She swallowed an exclamation as she began squirming in my grasp. “Unzip me,” she directed in a hushed tone.

“Here?” I asked delicately into her ear.

“We’re alone,” she replied, simply.

I did as she asked, lowering the zipper on her dress, exposing the smooth skin of her back. Her shoulder blades moved as she raised her arms to push the top of her dress down to her waist. Her shoulders had a delicate slope, lightly peppered with freckles.

I moved my lips down the curve of her neck to her sloping shoulders. I unclasped her bra, which she let flow down her arms canlı bahis siteleri and onto the floor, before wrapping my arms around her again. My hands roamed over her breasts and her stomach as I nibbled my way from her shoulder to her ear.

She rolled her full, round as on my lap, lighting a fire in my chest, as she massaged my hard cock. I couldn’t help but to press my hips into her as she did. I bit her earlobe and she let out a gasp, reaching her arm far behind her to cradle my head in her hand.

I moved her hair, soft and heavy, to the other side and tasted her from shoulder to ear again, growing more desperate with every nibble and kiss.

“I want you to take your pants off,” she said in a breathy voice.

“Okay,” I whispered into her ear.

“I’m going to take off my dress,” she added.

“God, yes,” I begged.

She stood up and struggled to pull her dress over her head as I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down as quickly as possible. For the first time I saw her ass in nothing but her thin cotton panties. It was fuller than I had imagined. Faint stretch marks showed on her fair skin between her thighs and the edges of her panties. It was full and shapely, well suited for her wider than average hips.

She sat back down on my lap with her panties on, pressing my cock between my leg and her ass. She began rolling her ass on me again. I reached around her body and put my hands on her knees, pulling them up over mine, spreading her legs. She leaned back into me, putting more pressure on my cock. I felt up and down her thick, smooth thighs as she let her head tilt back over my shoulder and began to moan.

I pulled my left hand up and returned to exploring her stomach and her breasts, while I slipped my right hand under the fabric of her panties. My fingers found her juices thick at her entrance.

“I’ve been wet all day,” she moaned to me. “Take me, please.”

I slid my middle finger into her pussy with little resistance, and at a much more comfortable angle than our previous encounters. I pressed my knuckle down against her opening as I flicked the front wall of her pussy with my finger tip. With that her hips moved much more vigorously and my cock pressed harder against her ass.

I whispered into her ear, like our little secret, “You feel unreal.” She moaned. “I’ve fallen asleep thinking about this for the past week.” She squirmed.

The feeling of her skin on my cock had me all but ready to explode and I wanted her to feel the same. I ran my thumb up her lips until I found her hard little clit. I let my thumb circle it. Her hips bucked.

She put her hand on firmly on top of mine. “Too much,” she said, urgently. I stopped. “I’m sorry. This is— I don’t know why, but it’s a little overwhelming.”

“It’s canlı bahis okay,” I whispered into her ear before nibbling on it.

My cock twitched with a pre-orgasmic spasm.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked, turning her head to face me.

“I’m getting close.”

She got up quickly and turned around to face me, spreading her legs around me, sitting so that my erect cock pressed up against her stomach. She locked eyes with me as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, placing her thumb on my frenulum.

Her hair was a mess from lifting her dress over her head. I ran a hand through it, feeling it between my fingers. My other hand found her ass and squeezed it tight, pulling her into me.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” I gushed.

She stopped for a moment, maybe taken off guard. She looked at me, intently, the slightest hint of water building in her eyes. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t want to push her romantically, so I restrained myself.

After a moment, she began to make small strokes, my cock throbbing in her tight grip, brushing her fingers up the underside of the head of my penis and rubbing her thumb in circles. I gasped at the overwhelming sensation. She smiled at my delight.

I’m embarrassed to say, but it took her less than a minute before I was ready to explode. She could see it in my eyes and probably feel it between her fingers. She nodded at me, lips parted.

A warmth spread through my body as a cooling tingle shot across my scalp and down my neck. She stared into my eyes as my cock convulsed, releasing against her stomach. The second spasm was stronger, shooting up and falling against her breasts and into her hair. The subsequent releases were less dramatic, releasing more of my semen across her stomach and then pouring over her hand as she continued to stroke me until after my orgasm subsided.

She shined a big dumb smile at me.

“What are you so giddy about?” I asked.

She bit her lip, still smiling. “We’re pretty good together, you know,” she replied, hardly able to contain herself.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m beginning to notice that.”

Her smile faded slightly, her eyes filling with passion. She leaned forward and kissed me. It took me by surprise, and was a moment before I reacted, kissing her back. I ran a hand up her back and the other behind her head. Her lips parted and we pressed into each other. She moaned into my mouth. I bit her bottom lip. She pulled away, huge smile back on her face.

“Okay,” she said, gathering herself. “Do you want to go to dinner?”

I looked down at her body. “You’re kind of covered in my cum,” I said, holding back a laugh.

“I clean up nice, I promise,” she responded. “I’m starving. Then…” She paused, blushing, then continued cautiously, “I want to go to your place.”

“Oh,” I said, surprised, then smiled.

“I may have brought a bag with me this morning,” she said slowly, “so I can stay the night.” She paused. “If you’ll have me.”

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