Rachel the Estate Agent

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Rachel sells another house.

Rachel had finished with Chris a few months ago, she had let him down gently but he was of course distraught. There was no way Rachel could continue dating him not after that steamy night with his father.

She had carried on working for her estate agents, wondering how long it would take before she could save up enough money for her own place, it was time to move out from her parents house, she needed her own freedom. This was where working for an Estate Agents came in handy, it was easy to see what was on the market, but still right now there was very little she could afford, she would just have to stay put for a little while longer.

Rachel had just come back from her 11 o’clock appointment, showing a newly wed couple Tom and Charlotte, around a two bed house in the valley. It was now nearly half two and when her boss asked why it had taken so long, she lied and said she had taken her lunch hour as well. Rachel was ravenously hungry as in truth, she had worked up a hell of an appetite, but her boss seemed to forget all about it as she handed over the fully signed up paperwork for yet another closed deal. “You can take 2 hour lunch breaks if you keep getting sales like this.” He smiled at her and she went to her desk.

Rachel had turned up at 11 and greeted the couple. They seemed to really like the place, enthusiastically pointing to all the architectural features. Rachel was really happy with how well it was going, for some reason she was in a really naughty mood, she hadn’t been properly satisfied since her encounter with Steve, Chris’s dad, some months previously. Being a stunning, blonde, 21 year old bombshell, it wasn’t for lack of offers, but she wanted to focus on her career for a while so she’d sworn off men. She did notice the looks Tom was giving her though, when his wife wasn’t looking.

Tom was becoming visibly flustered, and Rachel was loving every second of it. Every time she addressed him, he would end up going red and turning away, pretending to take an over enthusiastic interest in the light fixtures, or the skirting board. His wife noticed how he reacted to her with a degree of annoyance etched on her face. Rachel loved the effect she was having on him and decided to push it a little further. When his wife was upstairs, checking for storage space in the bedrooms, she ushered Tom over to her to check over the paperwork. They had both seemed very keen on the property, so Rachel was hoping to wrap up the deal right here and now, if she could.

It was a hot day and Rachel had already removed her navy blue blazer. She stood there in her white, silky work blouse, which stretched tightly across her huge, 32FF breasts, hugging her every curve, before sloping down to snugly fit around her small waist. She had her blouse tucked into her short, grey work skirt, which barely covered the tops of her black stockings and clung to her ass checks as though it was molded around her frame.

While Tom was distracted, she swiftly undid the top button of her blouse and now an ample portion of the top of her cleavage burst onto display. She knew it hadn’t gone unnoticed when Tom walked alongside her to look down at the papers, his body became rigid and he coughed uncomfortably, Rachel looked up to see that his cheeks had gone red.

Tom was fairly average looking bloke, slim build, with short brown hair, his teeth were a bit crooked and stuck out slightly. Rachel guessed he was in his late twenties, or early thirties. Not the normal sort she would go for usually, but she loved to tease all men.

He quickly averted his gaze when Rachel looked up into his blue eyes and she delighted in the effect she was having on him once again.

“Everything looks fine.” He said, while checking over the papers. “let me take some notes, do you have a pen?” He asked. Tom’s eyes flicked quickly over Rachel’s chest and up to meet her eyes. She smiled knowingly and knew she had another chance to tease him a bit more.

She didn’t know what had come over her today, she had woke up feeling incredibly horny and couldn’t resist her flirting with this obviously unavailable married man.

“Of course.” She said smiling sweetly at him. Her bag was on the chair behind her. Rachel turned her back to Tom and bent over to riffle through it, she found a pen instantly but rather than immediately bring it out, she pretended to fumble it and it landed on the floor. Keeping her legs perfectly straight, she doubled over to pick it up. Rachel felt her skirt rising up her firm thighs, knowing full well that her black stocking tops and suspender straps would be on full display, even if only for a second. Standing up she turned to face Tom, who was now almost visibly shaking, he had his hands down in front of his crotch and as he lifted one up to reach for the pen Rachel noticed the large bulge in his trousers. He quickly turned away from her, pretending to flick through the papers whilst adjusting his trousers at the same time.

It bahis şirketleri was just then that his wife came down the stairs and walked into the room. She saw her husbands flushed appearance and gave Rachel the dirtiest of looks. “Tom outside! I want a word!” She said sternly. Not looking at Rachel, for risk of further arousal, he followed his wife out through the patio doors.

Rachel could see them through the patio windows. They had gone round the side of the house to try and find some privacy, but if Rachel craned her neck she could still see them. What looked like a fairly heated row had broken out and Rachel felt awful that it was possibly because of her. She just wanted to have a bit of fun but it appeared that Tom was now getting a real bollocking over it. He stood with his shoulders slumped, occasionally nodding, as his rather plain looking wife berated him. Rachel could hear snip bits of their conversation as the wife began to get more and more worked up.



Tom looked at the ground, appearing to just accept the barrage of abuse.

Rachel was stunned by this, had this woman just called her a slut? What a total bitch, she thought, how dare she!



Tom seemed to be apologising profusely. Rachel wasn’t sure why, he hadn’t done anything wrong. It was her fault if anybody’s. She knew the effect she had on men, and because of the horny state she had awoken in she had caused this. It made her feel awful seeing this man looking so defeated. What a horrible woman this woman was, he’d probably be better off without her, she thought. Tom seemed quite sweet in comparison.

Eventually the arguing died down. Rachel did her top button up. She didn’t want to get this poor guy in any more trouble. Moments later the couple walked back in the room.

Rachel wanted to appear like she hadn’t heard anything so acted as normally as possible. “Have you had any thoughts about the property? Do you like it?” She directed her questions towards Charlotte with a smile. Charlotte tried to smile back but it looked like a grimace. “We really like the house. I think it’s perfect for what we need. Shall we go back to the office and get all the paperwork signed?” Just then Charlotte’s phone beeped and she picked it up to read the text.

“Damn it!” Charlotte exclaimed. “I’m on call, I have to go into work. Tom can you finish up here, get everything signed? Looks like I’ll be in late tonight.”

“Of course darling.” He bent to give her a kiss on the cheek but she ignored it and walked to the door.

“Thanks for all your help.” She said rather sarcastically to Rachel, giving her another sneering grin.

What a nasty, stuck up bitch, Rachel thought to herself. Tom just looked rather embarrassed by the whole situation. “You didn’t…hear…any of our little argument, from before did you?” He asked Rachel tentatively.

“Argument? No…no I didn’t hear a thing.” She lied. Tom seemed relieved by that as his shoulders relaxed back down. He knew his wife had called this beautiful woman a slut and would have been mortified if Rachel had heard.

Tom had been married almost a year now. He and Charlotte had dated for 8 years before marrying, since Tom was 21. She was the only one he had ever been with sexually, as he was a virgin up until then. But she was right, he did have a wandering eye at times. Rachel was the most stunning woman he had ever seen. Those big blue eyes, luscious red lips, beaming smile that lit up her face. Gorgeous blond hair pulled back into a pony tail, and smooth, unblemished, silky, bronzed skin. Her figure was equally phenomenal. Such a huge pair of boobs for someone with such a toned, tight waist. Long perfect legs and an amazing peach of a bottom which wiggled so temptingly when she walked.

It was true that he was incredibly turned on by her. When she bent over earlier and he glimpsed that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, he had gone almost light headed and got an instant erection that he hoped she hadn’t noticed.

Tom had never thought about cheating on his wife though, she was bossy and hurt his feelings at times, but she was the only one he had ever loved, the first and only.

That thought often scared him, that he would never experience the touch of another woman for as long as he lived, he wished he had been a bit boulder in his younger years and had been able to talk to girls more easily, but he had missed his chance now. His life was set on a path that he would just have to follow.

“Shall we head back to your office to finish closing the deal then?” He asked Rachel.

“There’s no need for that.” She beamed. Rachel was delighted in the prospect of closing another deal, that would add to this months bonus, her own place was looking closer and closer to becoming a reality by the day. “I have all the necessary bahis firmaları paperwork here. Shall we go through to the dining room and get it all sorted?”

“OK sure, that sounds great.” Tom smiled back, he couldn’t help himself, but the prospect of spending more time alone with her was a daunting one he had to admit. He thought he would be fine in an office with other people around, but what if he got an erection again? that would be mortifying.

They sat for a few minutes around the table. Tom noticed Rachel had done her top button up. Well at least that was some sort of relief, not much though, he could still make out the outline of her bra through her tightly fitted silk blouse.

The atmosphere was more comfortable now however. They talked and joked and seemed at ease in each others company. Tom’s heart still couldn’t help swoon a little each time she looked at him, giggling at his jokes. He knew he would never in a million years, ever have a chance with a girl like Rachel, she was perfect. She probably had a rich body builder for a husband, with a massive cock and a flashy car. But she was unknowingly flirting with him a bit, playing with the thin stands of hair which fell either side of her face, he was loving it though, who wouldn’t.

Rachel was slowly realising that Tom was actually a really nice guy, which made her feel even worse about her behaviour before. His wife was a total bitch, but he was funny and she felt at ease around him. That wasn’t the only thing she was feeling however. Her pussy was beginning to dampen her little black silk panties. She may have woken up horny, but it was getting worse. Tom was a nice guy, she didn’t want to be a home wrecker, but for some reason thoughts of him just sweeping the papers off the table, grabbing hold of her and forcefully fucking her across it, started rushing through her mind, she didn’t want to think it but she couldn’t help it. Rachel could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen inside her bra and her clit began to throb.

Rachel shook her head a few times to try and rid the thoughts from her mind. As her head swished from side to side her breasts jiggled slightly. Something which Tom couldn’t help noticing, his cock gave and unwanted twinge again, he didn’t want to touch it to suppress it for fear he might make the situation down there worse.

“Are you all right?” Tom asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Only a few more signatures and we are done.” Replied Rachel whilst handing the last few papers across the table to him. “Tell me Tom, what do you do for a living? I haven’t asked.”

“Oh I’m a chiropractor.” He chirped up.

“A chiro-what?” Rachel looked puzzled.

“It’s to do with massaging and joints and stuff.” Tom looked almost ashamed as if this wasn’t a very manly job to admit to having, but it paid well and he was happy doing it.

“Wow!” Rachel exclaimed. “My shoulder has been hurting for days now, I’d ask you to massage me but your wife would probably try to kill me.” She hadn’t meant to say it, but it was out there now.

Tom choked on his water slightly and the flush returned to his cheeks but he didn’t reply and went to quickly sort through the last of the paperwork. There was about a minutes uncomfortable silence as Tom read through the last page. Then he finally piped up.

“It says here there are two toilets? I only noticed the one upstairs.”

“Oh yes! There are two. Did I not show you? There is a small toilet under the stairs. Would you like to have a look at it?”

“Probably should if I’m buying the place, haha!” Tom joked.

“Follow me.” Rachel stood up, straightened her short skirt and walked into the hallway, she opened the door to the downstairs loo and flicked on the light. It was quite bright in there already, there was a window that looked out onto the road, the bottom half of which was frosted but you could look out of the top half and see cars whizzing past out on the main road.

Rachel flicked on the exposed light fixture, remembering her training. Always turn on lights to make the house as appealing as possible.

“Its quite basic, just a loo and a sink.” Rachel gestured to each accordingly. The room was only about two metres long and a metre wide. Tom peered in and nodded. “Always handy to have two loo’s though.” Then Rachel remembered the storage space. “Look there is also this cupboard up here.” She reached up high to show him, then squeaked with pain.

“Have you hurt yourself?” Tom asked looking concerned. Rachel was clicking her shoulder around in its socket.

“I was telling the truth before.” Rachel said. “It’s my shoulder, it really is giving me problems.” She looked in pain.

“You might have pulled something. I don’t mind giving you a quick once over, to try and work the knots out…I mean only if you wanted me to…you know if you don’t that’s fine.” Tom blurted out rather hurriedly.

“Oh please if you don’t mind, that would be amazing….thank you.” Instead of leaving the tiny, cramped kaçak bahis siteleri bathroom though, Rachel simply turned around and stood still, arms at her side.

Tom wasn’t sure what to do, he hesitated, debating in his own mind whether or not to enter in behind her. Eventually he just caved, he desperately wanted to touch Rachel, even if it was just to give her an innocent shoulder massage. He just hoped he could keep his manhood in check, and standing so close behind her, he worried he might not be able to.

Rachel glanced over her shoulder as Tom shuffled into the cramped bathroom. Naughty thoughts still raced though her mind, she knew full well that they should probably go back to the dining room where there was more space, but she wanted to push Tom to his limits, so stood there patiently. She suddenly remembered the last massage she had got from Steve, and look where that had ended up.

Eventually Tom raised his arms and placed his now quivering hands onto Rachel’s shoulders. Her blouse felt amazing on her skin, so soft and silky to the touch. He started off tentatively. I can do this, he said to himself, just don’t get a hard on, please. Rachel let out a small gasp as Tom’s fingers pressed more firmly into her shoulders. It felt amazing, his hands were miracle workers, she could feel all her tension evaporate away.

Tom soon got into a familiar rhythm. He had done this so many times before, this was no different, at least that is what he tried to tell himself. Never had he massaged a woman as incredible as Rachel though, she was like every mans wet dream come true. He could feel her bra straps beneath her blouse, and as he worked his thumbs along her spine pushing them up towards her neck and just below her ears she let out a groan that almost sounded orgasmic. That was it, he couldn’t help it, his cock twitched and jerked in his trousers, there was no way of stopping it and now it pushed hard and painfully against his jeans. He just hoped she wouldn’t notice and carried on.

“My god that feels amazing.” Rachel whispered at him. “I know why you have taken this up for a career, you are so good at it.” She sensed Tom was shaking a bit and knew her moans and gasps would be sending him into a bit of a frenzy but she was enjoying herself so much she just couldn’t help herself. His firm but sensual touch was beginning to send her wild, her nipples felt like bullets in her bra, and her juices were flowing freely through her sodden panties. Her skin started to get goosebumps all over.

Tom pressed his thumbs deeply into her shoulder blades once more, causing Rachel to arch her back towards him. Her blonde ponytail brushed against his nose, the smell of her fragrant perfumed hair washed over him. His erection was becoming almost unbearable now.

He couldn’t do anything though. He was married, and besides Rachel wouldn’t let him, she couldn’t possibly….could she? He looked down to see that her perfect peach of a bum was only inches from his throbbing cock. Every time he drove his fingers into her back, she clenched it and it wobbled every so alluringly.

Tom was a good 6 inches taller than Rachel even with her heals on. Their bodies were so close together now, with Rachel’s back arched, that when he looked down he could see her incredible breasts sticking proudly out from her chest, seeming somehow to defy gravity. As he gripped the tops of her shoulders it pulled her blouse even tighter to her chest, then as he released pressure the material relaxed causing them to wobble almost imperceptibly. My god she is so beautiful he thought.

Unbeknownst to Tom, Rachel was almost maddeningly turned on. She bit down hard on her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. Toms touch combined with her busy mind were causing her breathing to become rapid. There is no way she could cum just by being touched this, surely that was impossible wasn’t it? How embarrassed would she be if she started having an orgasm right now, she wondered how Tom would react. Rachel was trying to resist the urge to reach down into her panties and rub her clit furiously to bring out the satisfaction she now desperately craved.

Out of the corner of her eye Rachel could see the bathroom mirror. She turned her head slightly and she could see Tom’s reflection in it. He was flushed again she could tell, but then as she looked down she noticed the evident tent in his jeans. It was massive, so much so that he had to arch away from her just to avoid touching her with it. At least he’s a gentleman Rachel thought. So he was as turned on as she was and by the looks of things he was pretty well hung. She couldn’t? Could she?

Rachel wanted that cock and she wanted it now, his wife was a total bitch to her earlier and she wanted to make her pay for it, no matter how wrong it was.

She inched back and could feel for the first time a gentle brush of something hard against her ass cheeks. She smiled to herself. Then moved away from it again.

Oh god Tom thought, did she feel that? She didn’t seem to react. Then as he ground his fingers in again she groaned and moved her ass back touching the tip of his cock again this time lingering a little longer and giving her bum a little wiggle.

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