Quickie: The Experience Ch. 02

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**Again, I’m new to this style of writing. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.**

A week had passed since the day Cari visited me, and I must have watched that video at least a hundred times. Her smooth, toned legs wrapped in the leather boots, turned me on more than the act of her sucking my cock into her mouth. I would close my eyes at night and envision the feel of the smooth shiny black leather boots, giving way to supple creamy skin. She was the fuel for my masturbatory fantasies.

Yet, as much as I loved thinking of her, I wanted to feel her again. I had left a few messages on her phone, letting her know that her laptop was ready. Though, I tried not to make it seem like I was a desperate stalker. Not quite sure exactly how I fared on that front. Now it had been a week and she finally left me a message saying she’d be by the around 1:00pm the next day to pick it up. My mind went into overdrive that night, thinking of all the things that might happen. I swear I came three times before I decided enough was enough and went to bed.

That night, I had a dream, a vision, really, of what to do when Cari showed up that afternoon. I smiled as I woke, the plan forming in my head as I got showered and dressed. I made my arrangements by noon that day, and then waited. güvenilir bahis I took a deep, steadying breath as a light knock sounded at the door.

I opened the door and smiled. Cari stood there, her short blonde hair pulled back into a small pony tail. She was wearing a tight fitting blue workout shirt and black yoga pants.

“Come on in, Cari.” I stepped aside so she could come in. She smiled warmly, no hint of what had happened last week showed in her face.

“Thanks, Jay.” She glanced over at the desk, looking for her computer.

“Its in the room, I was finishing it up this morning.” I motioned to the bedroom. “Come on in, I want to show you something.”

She followed me into the room, as I sat on the bed. I opened the laptop and started opening a file as if it was pure business. I turned the laptop towards her and excused myself to the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later, blindfold in hand to find her sitting on the closest edge of the bed, waiting for me.

She gave me a flat stare, no hint in her eyes as to what she thought of me holding the blindfold. Her eyes drifted down to it, then back up to mine. Slowly her hands began tracing up her thighs, that’s when I noticed her yoga pants were gone. My cock stirred as she sat there, naked from the waist down except güvenilir bahis siteleri for the knee high black leather boots.

Her fingers trailed up the insides of her thighs, slowly spreading them as they moved upwards, till her shaved pussy was fully on display. I licked my lips at the sight. I had imagined it being smooth and shaved, but the reality was far better than I could have imagined.

She reached out her hand, without a word, beckoning me to kneel in front of her. And so I did. I knelt, and placed my hands on the leather boots, slowly moving them up to feel her thighs. I tore my eyes away from her pussy to look into her eyes. They were bright with wanton lust. She placed her hand lightly on the back of my head and guided me down.

I brought my mouth to her pussy, and inhaled deeply. Her aroma was intoxicating. I brought my tongue out, laid it flat against her lips and took a long slow taste from the bottom to the very top of her pussy lips. She shivered in response. I found her clit and kissed it, sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue for a moment before letting it go.

I couldn’t resist anymore, and dove into her pussy, eating her out with a fervor I didn’t know I possessed. I would lap at her hole, reveling in the taste before iddaa siteleri moving back to suck on her clit. Meanwhile, my fingers would dive into her hole, getting slick from her juices.

The last time I moved down from her clit, my fingers slid back and dipped into her ass. She gasped and began rotating her hips, in time with my finger’s rhythm. Her breathing quickened, I could tell she was getting close. I clamped my mouth over her clit and sucked, flicking it back and forth with my tongue while one hand worked her ass and the other worked her pussy.

Her legs clamped around my head as she threw her head back and flooded my face and hands with her juices. I lapped them up as they flowed, never stopping working my fingers in and out, and moving between licking the juices and working her clit. She bucked harshly exclaiming “Shit! Ok, stop stop, aaaaah!” and for a second time, I felt her pussy clamp tight around my fingers as she had a second orgasm.

I slowed my fingers down, eventually sliding them out, and sticking them in my mouth. She lay back on the bed, exhausted. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me. I returned her smile, climbed up on the bed with her, and fell asleep with her head on my chest.

When I woke up later, she was gone. Yet her aroma lingered. I smiled at the note sitting next to me and picked it up.

It simply read. “Third time’s the charm.”

I smiled and shook my head. There was no video this time, just my own memories and the lingering taste of her pussy on my lips.

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