Pyramid Scheme

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Kasmut was perturbed. She always got her wishes, but today she had been denied. Menna her favorite tutor had been conscripted to work at Giza. As of the next full moon, he would be working there without time off. The pharaoh had needed more men; the slaves had not been sufficient to finish the monument to his life.

Kasmut looked off into the distance and saw the rising structure. The stones had been placed to a point about halfway up what would eventually be the slope of the massive structure. The monstrosity would serve as a daily reminder that her Menna would be lost to her for months, if not years. She sighed again. Kasmut had only recently turned 18, and she found herself thinking more and more of Menna. There weren’t many men in the household of her father. She’d been born without brothers so she’d not known the interactions of men and women.

At first, Kasmut had merely thought that all men and women interacted the way that she did with Menna. They were always chaperoned per her mother’s instructions. So they could only laugh and smile and talk about the books Menna had read at the library of Alexandria and the time that he’d met one of the region’s most celebrated authors there. Menna had hoped to become such an author, but his own parents had passed away, leaving him nothing except what his own brother would parse out to him.

However, in the past few months, Kasmut had experienced different feelings when she’d talked with Menna. His passion for the arts had begun to thrill her in ways that she’d never been thrilled before. She found her stomach burning with a fire she couldn’t explain when his hand brushed hers during the lesson or when he’d take her to properly form a particular hieroglyph.

At nights, she dreamt of Menna, dreams that she wouldn’t dare share with her mother or sisters. They would likely gasp to hear such things mentioned in this household. Father could be a tyrant worse than the Ptolemies when he was angered.

It didn’t help that Menna only wore his shendyt to tutor her. The bronzed expanse of his hairless chest practically invited her lips to lick it, the wide shoulders that had never known manual labor, and the thick dark nipples.

However, Kasmut had never dared to find out more. Menna never showed his arousal if he was attracted to her. On a few occasions at the market, she’d seen the arousals of the men who watched her go by. Yet Menna never showed a thing to her.

Lately, she’d been attempting to apply make-up in hopes of Menna noticing her womanhood. She desperately wanted him to see her as she saw him.

Today the house was brimming with activity. Her father’s friend had invited the family to his home for a celebration. The man’s daughter had taken a husband, and her family wanted to wish her well. Kasmut was expected to attend, even though she had no desire to celebrate another’s happiness. She wanted Menna and little else at the moment.

As it neared the time for the family to leave, Kasmut decided on a drastic action. She deliberately missed a step on the way down the stairs and tripped a few steps down the staircase. The noise was loud enough to bring her mother and grandmother to find out the source of the calamity. They calmed her and applied a palm leave compress on her afflicted ankle.

Kasmut practically beamed with the results. She would remain home tonight in her grandmother’s care. Her sitto was good company, but she was deaf and had rheumy eyes that failed her at times. She would retire long before her parents returned tonight.

After sitto had sat with her at dinner, the older woman had tottered off to bed. Kasmut limped to the main room of the house, where Menna was reading a tablet. She sat down near him and looked at what he was reading. “News from the world?” she asked.

“Just from Athens and Rome. The world is changing around us.” Menna had a serious way that she found so attractive.

“Change is everywhere,” Kasmut said as she let the strap of her sheath dress slide down her arm, exposing a bare breast. “Don’t kaçak iddaa you think so? Things are never meant to stay the same.”

Menna turned to look at her, and then quickly turned away. “Kasmut, your dress –”

She smiled. Menna might turn away, but she saw the gentle movements in his own shendyt. He was attracted to her. “And your own clothing,” she said, resting a hand on his knee. The mere touch on the bones and hair of his leg aroused her until she felt heat all over her. If something did not happen tonight, she would be bereft, she thought. It had to be now.

He caught her hand in his own and pulled it from his knee. However, even as he held her hand, his shendyt began to stick up in front. The sight was something to behold. It pointed to the sky like one of the Pharaoh’s obelisks.

“Kasmut, you can’t do this,” he whispered harshly.

“I’m 18, a woman now. I am ready, and obviously so are you.” She smiled at him. Her brain was still plotting, but it was becoming harder to think rationally when his beautiful body was before him. She’d just taken him for something else she’d wanted, but now she wanted the man. She felt it inside of her. She knew it was not the heat of the night that made her drip from inside her dress.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said again in a whisper.

Kasmut grasped his hand harder, squeezing it. “You don’t have to whisper. When I scream your name, my grandmother will not even hear it.”

The words must have pushed him over the edge, for in the next moment, he was on his feet. He still held her hand, and they quickly moved to his quarters in the house. Kasmut had never been in his room before. The space was nearly bare. It held bedding and a few personal items. Other than that, the walls were empty and white.

Menna didn’t bother to speak now. His lips went to her exposed breast, and the sensation of his mouth against her flesh was all that she’d imagined. The feeling built like a fire in her belly. His lips were soft, but his tongue was relentless. She had definitely aroused him. Her nipple quickly built into a rock. He pulled his mouth away and began to tweak it between his fingers. True to her word, Kasmut cried his name in pleasure. “Don’t stop, Menna, please don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” he promised as his lips brushed her ear. She shivered in anticipation of his promise.

She took a moment and slid the other strap from her dress off her shoulder and let the entire sheaf fall to the floor. Menna gasped, presumably at her audaciousness. She stood in front of him, knowing that she was attractive to men – to him.

He approached her again, this time playing with the breast which had been covered until moments ago. He performed the same tricks on it, teasing it with his tongue and then twisting it into a hard rock. She whimpered as he continued. She wanted a turn on his own nipples, the two pieces of flesh that had taunted her during her lessons during the last few weeks.

Finally, she pulled away long enough to lick his nipple. She was surprised at the taste of it. The flesh was salty and sweet, as if he’d bathed with some scent. She was pleased to see that his nipples responded to her. She liked the power of being able to make him feel the way she did. Her breath was shallow and ragged as she lapped at each one of them in turn. She looked up and saw Menna biting his lip, so hard that a small trickle of blood ran down his chin. Perhaps he’d wanted this almost as much as she had.

She slid a hand down to his shendyt, and unfastened the belt. The garment fell to the floor, and then he too was naked. She smiled at the sight of his erection. She had chosen a lover well. He was thick with a foreskin that hid most of the head of his arousal. She knew she would end the night pleased.

Menna took her hand and guided it to his arousal. He placed her hand on it, and then closed his own over hers. She gasped at the hardness of the flesh. It was hot to the touch, and when they moved their hands down the shaft, she felt the stickiness of his own kaçak bahis desire.

To be honest, Kasmut had no idea what to do now that she was grasping Menna’s manhood, what next?

Menna seemed to understand her hesitance. He motioned her to the bedding. She sat down on the mattress and waited. Menna sat down next to her. He leaned in and kissed her. She’d never been kissed before, and the sensation was intoxicating. His lips brushed against hers softly at first, barely pressing his against hers. Without warning, he slid his tongue against her lips. The feeling was a shock, and when she opened her mouth to gasp, he slid his tongue inside of her. Her first reaction was to push her own tongue to meet his.

It must have been the correct reaction, because it inflamed Menna. He held her tightly in his arms, and they stayed in that position, tongues wrestling as their bodies would be shortly. Kasmut felt her desire grow. She wanted him and all that it entailed. Her own lust dripped between her legs. She was nervous because her mother and sitto had talked about their first times, which hadn’t sounded like much fun. She didn’t care. The feeling would carry her over that issue.

Menna moved to lay on the mattress, and she went with him. They lay together on their sides, kissing and touching each other. Menna’s arousal pressed against her thigh, sticky, hard and hot. “Please, Menna, please,” she begged.

“I’m going to go slow,” he said, sounding more like her tutor again than her lover. “It can be painful for some, and I don’t want that for you.” He gave her a smile that showed her how much he cared.

“I trust you,” she said. Kasmut was surprised at her own words. They didn’t sound like the strong, willful woman who had decided she wanted Menna as her own.

Menna shifted and then moved down her body. He positioned himself between her legs, moving them apart. Kasmut expected him to start rutting her, but instead, he moistened a finger in his mouth. He slowly slid the finger between her legs. Kasmut waited for its entrance, but he was true to his word. Slowly, he began to run the finger around the edges of her opening. He brushed it so lightly that it felt like a breeze from the Nile.

She shuddered as he did this. Kasmut thought she heard him chuckle, but she kept her eyes closed, waiting for more. His finger traced around her again, and then again. On the fourth time, just a fingertip slid inside of her. She barely felt it enter, except to be able to feel its warmth in her. He slid the fingertip in and out of her slowly, methodically. She liked this about him, the way that his lovemaking reminded her of his tutoring.

Now he pushed inside further. His flesh was hot against her, and she felt the warmth start to spread over her. She knew that she wanted Menna, wanted this. Menna pulled out, and then slid in again, going deeper this time.

She cried out as he touched a pleasure point inside of her that blinded her to all other sensation. That felt incredibly good. Menna stopped and said, “Are you feeling okay?”

She smiled. “More than okay. Please don’t stop.”

Menna complied. He pushed in her again, and again he touched a place inside of her that made her gasp with pleasure. How could her mother have said that this was not all that pleasant?

Now Menna pulled out, and moistened a second finger to join the first. He slid both of them inside of her, and now she could feel the stretching of what it would be like to have Menna inside of her. She imagined them rutting in passion.

The vision was made more intense when he pressed against that pleasure zone again. She whimpered and begged for more. The rhythm became faster now. Kasmut was actually thrusting her hips, impatient to get more of his fingers inside of her. She wanted to be satisfied by this man, her fantasy for these past few months.

Menna seemed to understand her motions. He added a third finger. The extra digit was slightly more painful than before. She was not used to anything this large inside of her and it took illegal bahis time for her to accept the new digit. However, she relaxed and accepted it entirely when Menna made her feel pleasure again. She began to think she could take his entire hand if he continued to do this to her.

Suddenly, Menna pulled out of her. She opened her eyes and looked up, thinking that perhaps they’d been interrupted. However, she merely saw Menna on his knees, preparing to enter her. “Yes,” she said, “yes.”

Menna didn’t need to be encouraged. He lay on top of her, pressing his body fully against hers. He supported himself on his elbows so that he did not hurt her with his weight. His own member slid slick and hot between her legs. She moved her legs to the sides so that he could press against her opening more easily. She felt him brush over the lips, caressing them as he moved.

After several times of inflaming her passion this way, she felt him enter her. Just as he had done with the fingers, he started with only the tip. As he’d grown more excited, more of the tip had become exposed and Kasmut imagined it now as it became a part of her.

He kept just the tip inside of her. Then he pulled out and repeated the caresses. She pressed herself up against him to show her readiness. He kissed her again, his tongue entering her mouth as his arousal would enter her below.

He pushed inside of her more now. Decidedly not all of him, but enough to be felt. He thrust in and out with only that section of himself for several minutes. She moaned into his mouth, which only served to make him more resolute in his thrusts.

He pulled out again, and when he returned his thrusts went inside of her fully. She screamed out in pleasure. The girth of his member pressed against her pleasure with each thrust. She could feel the full measure of this man as he took her. This was the act she’d seen in the barnyard, and she appreciated the carnal nature of the act along with the feelings of pleasure.

Menna showed no signs of slowing down. The pleasure she felt was almost blinding. The burning inside of her threatened to explode. “Menna,” Kasmut said, “something is happening.”

He laughed. “It will, my dear. Don’t hold back when it does.”

She had no idea what he meant until she felt a wave of warmth and light rush over her, like the Nile swept over its banks and flooded the fields. Every part of her was covered with this feeling. It engulfed her. She continued to thrust and push, hoping to have more of it. The feeling was beyond anything she had felt before. How had she lived without it? She felt herself begin to sweat as if she’d been running a race or sitting in sun all day.

As the feeling subsided, she could feel Menna inside of her. She heard his ragged breath, shallow and loud. She knew that he must be getting close to his own release. She moved her hips and thrust them up to meet him. Their flesh slapped together for a few minutes until Menna made a grunt. She could feel the spasms inside of her that came from him. She saw the determined look on Menna’s face, the concentration and pleasure. She wanted to remember that look forever.

As he finished, he rolled off of her, and for several moments, they lay next to each other in silence. They did not speak, which was an oddity, since as a tutor, he talked to her constantly.

Finally he sat up, and she followed suit. “Kasmut,” he started.

“Menna, I’m going to talk to my father again tonight. I will tell him that we’re lovers and that we have been. The pharaoh is not taking husbands yet. You can stay here with me, and you can tutor me in the ways of love.”

He eyed her with caution. “Was that was this was about? Just a way to keep me here – to tutor you?”

She slid his hand in hers. “To keep you here, yes, but not for tutoring. For loving.” She stood and began to dress. “My father will be home shortly. Let’s go tell him together.”

Menna took his shendyt and began to dress as well. “You certainly are determined to get what you want.”

She smiled. “I was determined to get what I want. Now that I’ve had you, I want more.” She looked down at the mattress again.

Menna laughed. “Maybe later, but even tutors need breaks from their studies.”

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