Public Sexual Intoxication

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We meet at the crowded bar for a after work drink to unwind. We couldn’t stop looking at each other and touching the other. We felt that we had known each other for ever, yet it was just a single second of eternity. Saying goodbyes to our friends we quickly leave.

You said to me “I thought we would never be alone” and I agreed with you. I wanted to know you, all of you. We staggered to the truck drunk with the need for each other.

You opened the door for me and as I was climbing up into the truck my skirt rose up high on my leg and you bent down and started leaving a fiery trail of hot kisses up my thigh. You pushed my skirt up around my waist and pulled my panties off. You just couldn’t wait you needed to taste me right there in the parking lot. You licked my clit gently and rolled it across your tongue as I moaned out your name and twined my fingers in your hair to pull you even closer. You slowly licked the outer lips of my pussy and nearly drove me insane with the need for you to fill me up. When you poked your tongue into my hot wet and waiting pussy I instantly came in your mouth. The taste of my sweet juices sent you over the edge and you hurriedly unzipped your jeans and pulled out your hard cock. I guided you into my blazing hot pussy and you tried to slowly enter me but you were too excited to hold off. You trust into me deep and hard. My pussy squeezed tight around you and with a few more deep hard strokes you yelled “oh baby I’m gonna cum inside you” and I moaned “yes baby yes cum with me.” That being all the encouragement you needed we came together fast and hard. Staying buried deep in me our heart beats slowed a little but not the need, it was still building for both of us.

Knowing that we could be discovered any moment had not occurred to us but it added to the excitement. Wanting to be alone and needing more of the other You slowly slipped out of me, still hard. You climbed in the truck beside me, neither of us bothering to fix our clothes.

I snuggled up next to you running my hand up and bahis siteleri down your hard shaft. You also unable to keep your hands to yourself had one hand on the wheel and the other in my lap. You slowly stroked my still hot and wet pussy. We drove about 3 miles this way and when the need was too strong again you pulled to the side of the road and threw the truck into park. You pulled me onto your lap and told me you would take your time. I wiggled around on your lap until I could feel your hard cock nestled at the lips of my pussy. I whispered in your ear “I need you now baby” and with that I pushed down hard on your throbbing cock until it was as deep as it could go. You put your hands on my hips to guide me as I used your strong shoulders to steady me. I slide up and down on your manhood as you leaned forward and nipped at my breasts exciting us both even more. slipping and sliding up and down harder and faster and deeper with each thrust of our hips. Moaning and calling out the others name we soon quickly came together again.

“OH baby you feel so good wrapped around my cock” you whispered to me and I smiled and told you “Hon welcome home it’s like my pussy was made for you.” Not wanting to move me off your still hard cock you decided to drive with me sitting on your lap still buried deep inside me.

Driving like this was tricky to say the least but such a feeling it is so exciting. I could feel your hard cock still throbbing inside me and with each bump in the road I would ride up and down on your hard shaft which in turn made you want to hit more bumps. We drove like this a few more miles and when we could stand it no longer you put the truck in park and took me again. Just as fast and hard as the times before because neither of us could wait. I wanted you and I wanted you to make me cum with you again fast. You pulled out of me with a whimper and a cry of protest. You placed me on the seat and tuned me onto my hands and knees and you got behind me and grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto your hard cock. With a moan canlı bahis siteleri of pleasure I pushed back even harder. Rocking back and forth on your hard shaft you slammed into me harder and deeper then before. You reached around and grabbed my big breasts and squeezed as I reached between MY legs and cupped your balls with my hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. I cried out your name and you moaned loud and with a mighty thrust we came together again.

We knew we had to have each other again and soon so you started the truck and drove fast to your house. We touched, kissed and petted each other along the way and by the time you pulled into the driveway we were crazed with the need to have each other again.

We walked into the house with me skirt still around my hips and your cock still hard poking out of your unzipped pants. I drop to my knees just inside the doorway and you lean against the wall for support as I take your still hard cock in my hand and slowly run my hot tongue up and down, teasing the underside of the head. I poke my tongue into the tip of your cock and I can taste your salty sweet precum. I slowly suck your cock into my mouth a little at a time and slowly pull back up to the tip and slowly suck a little more in with each stroke of my mouth. You moan and wrap your fingers in my hair pushing you in deeper. I reach up and caress your aching balls as I sucker you a little faster and deeper into my hot mouth. Your knees buckle from the pure ecstasy of my loving you. You lay on the floor while I continue to suck on your hard cock. You squirm around until your mouth is under my pussy, you reach up and spread my lips and you gently swab me with your tongue. I start rocking up and down on your cock with my mouth and with each rock backwards you poke your tongue inside of me. You slip a finger into me along with your tongue and I give a muffled cry of excitement. Rocking faster and taking you deeper then you thought possible, you groan and shout “OMG baby I’m gonna cum in your mouth” and I wiggle harder canlı bahis on your tongue in reply. We are both soon swept over the edge and cum together again.

We lay there for a little bit, letting us catch our breaths and allowing our heartbeats to return to what is now a normal beat when we are touching. You close the front door. Neither of us can walk, our knees to weak to carry us. So we crawl to the bed and pull ourselves up and snuggle and kiss and talk. We are still half dressed, not caring and still too weak for it too matter. Once will never be enough with us, we know that what we have done and shared tonight will continue to grow and the thought of endless love sessions together makes the passion flare again.

You slowly unbutton my shirt and remove it as you tease my nipples through my white lace bra. You tell me you love my big breasts as you unhook my bra and gaze at my straining hard brown nipples. you gently kiss the underside of each breast and run your tongue over each part of them before you suck in a hard nipple. With each kiss, nibble and lick you send shock waves to my very core filling me with a white hot desire for you. You remove my skirt as I slowly unbutton your shirt and pay back the kindness you showed my breasts as I repeat what you did for me.

I slide your jeans off and when we are both naked we move together touching skin to skin without the barrier of clothes between us. With the first initial urgency complete we decide to make love long and slow by exploring each others bodies with our eyes, hands, lips and tongues. Learning where to touch to make the other squirm in excitement and what turns them on and makes them moan in anticipation.

You slowly lay me down on the bed and straddle my hips and stare into my eyes. I reach up and pull you down to my lips and we kiss long and deep as I spread my legs you enter me slowly. I wrap my legs around your waist as you start long slow strokes in and out of my wet pussy. Taking each other higher in burning passion as your long strokes become faster and harder. We are moaning and I call your name as you thrust in deeper and harder and we cum together again.

We lay snuggled up close while we gathered our strength for more of each other as once is never enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32