Private Video from a Friend

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Here is something that I’ve cobbled together as I prepare to write Part Two of Something Mutual Between Friends.

Hope you all enjoy.

All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional.


It had finally arrived. I had been waiting all day it seemed with mounting edginess for her to send me the video—a pleasant impatience I will admit, but hard to endure for long periods of time—nonetheless, I was glad my wait had reached its end.

My excitement was now palpable; a fluttering of something like thirty small, horny butterflies turning circles in the core of me.

I eagerly sat down at my laptop and clicked “play.”

My horny butterflies returned briefly as the video took ages to load. I sat behind my desk, fully clothed, but knowing that probably wouldn’t last for long.

The first image was that of her bed. A Hitachi massager sat on top of her black sheets like pleasant foreshadowing.

Her bedroom looked awesome.

She saunters into the frame, naked. Her skin creamy and delicious to my eyes. Her hand immediately drifts down to her bare pussy, rubbing and cajoling it. I felt a stirring in my boxer briefs as my cock woke up, as if to an alarm, and began to stiffen slightly. She turns and bares her naked ass to me. Spreading, only a bit, her ass cheeks. I could see the darkness that was her asshole, the folds of her pussy lips. Both so tantalizing. She bends over, looks back at me with hungry eyes. My cock continues to shift in my boxer briefs like tectonic plates gently migrating.

A hand reaches back and smacks an ass check. That same hand pulls the same reddening ass cheek further to the side, exposing more of her asshole. My cock becomes fully erect in my boxers. I reach down and begin kneading it unhurriedly with the palm of my hand through the fabric. A low moan escapes my lips.

She reaches between her legs, still while leaning over, her ass facing me, and starts to rub up and down the slit of her pussy with two fingers. I wished to be those two fingers. I wished to know the wetness I imagined was beginning to stick to them.

Turning around she sat on the bed, showing me 1xbet yeni giriş for the first time her beautiful tits. The piercings in her nipples twinkle in the low-light of the room. They look erect and pink, and I wanted them in my mouth. As she took the Hitachi from the bed top, turned it on, and applied it generously to her exposed clit, I looked down at my cock as it pressed against the fabric of my underwear. I continued to rub it with my palm, noticing a small dot of wetness where the head of my penis was hidden underneath. Precum. I was getting very aroused.

Her body began to buck and shake along to the vibrations coming from the head of the Hitachi. Her mouth partly open in pleasure. Then she smiles, turns the massager off, and leans back onto the bed. She knows there is plenty of time for more of that. I smile in turn, excited to see what else she has in mind.

Scooting back on her haunches, she pulls a hidden white vibrator from within the bed sheets that I didn’t even know was there. She immediately put the vibrator in her mouth, sucking it for a few brief seconds, getting it wet. Adjusting the intensity of the vibrator, she leans back, begins sliding the vibe up and down her pussy slit, which was now exposed to my view. Her mouth opens in surprised-pleasure as the vibe rubs against her throbbing clit. I can only imagine how erect it must be. The camera was too far away to see but I knew it must have been very hard to get the expression she has on her face.

She jerks, once again, from the sudden intensity of the sensations brought on by the vibrations directly on her clit. I loved watching. My cock was so hard at this point that I knew I needed to eliminate the restrictive nature of my boxer briefs. Still watching, I stood up from my desk and pulled my underwear down to my naked feet. My cock flopped out, hard, standing straight up. I sat back down at the desk, watching as she finally pushes the vibe into her pussy. While doing this she pulls one of her legs up, showing me the bottom of one of her lovely feet. She knew my foot fetish well. She knew doing that was just what I wanted, what turned me on so much.

I pulled 1xbet güvenilir mi my shirt off, sat completely naked now behind my desk, in front of my lap top, and dragged my right hand down my bare chest. My fingers tangling in my chest hair briefly before continuing down past my belly to my cock—hard and waiting to be touched. More precum sat glistening, as if collected in its own pool in the slit of my head.

She pulls her other leg up, both feet in the air (so sexy), and starts pumping her pussy with the vibrator. I followed suit on my end by stroking my engorged cock. I gasped at how good it felt. Some precum made its way on my hand, lubing my shaft up nicely as I stroked.

Her mouth open, she looks down at her pussy as she fucks it. I, too, looked down at my cock as I stroked it.

A moan escaped my lips. “Oh, yeah.” I said, not being able to help myself.

She licks three of her fingers, getting each digit nice and wet with her saliva, before rubbing it on her pussy. Applying her own lube. Pushing two fingers in, she fingers herself for a second. I watched in giddy anticipation. I slowed my stroking to accommodate where she was; I wanted to cum with her at some point.

But it was getting hard to hold back—my cock hard and red, building to orgasm—while hearing faintly the wet sound of her fingers pushing in and out of her wet pussy. The sound was intoxicating. I would have to concentrate to keep myself from blowing earlier than I wanted to.

With her vibe now inside her, she reaches over and grabs the Hitachi. With a deft flick of her thumb, the massager is on and pulsating against her erect clit. She leans back, vibe inside, massager outside, and takes in wave after wave of the pleasure she is giving herself.

I lean back as far as I can in my desk chair—extending my erect, shiny cock, covered in precum, knowing how close I am.

I watch her pelvis shift from a contraction; she looks down at her pussy while raising her lovely feet once again. I can see her asshole and begin imaging what it would be like to drag my tongue all over it as she nears climax. I stroke faster and faster as I fantasize. 1xbet giriş

Her feet, so sexy. I imagine dragging my mouth all over each one, sucking her toes while rubbing her clit with my fingers instead of her using the massager. I imagine tasting the saltiness of her feet while exploring the depths of her tight pussy with two of my fingers, pumping fast.

Her pelvis continues to jerk on the bed as she brings herself closer and closer. I, too, begin to feel similar pulsing in my cock as it nears climax. I could feel my cock between my fingers get even harder ever passing second as it wanted to cum.

And just like that, she starts to moan and gasp. I looked from the screen to my cock. I wanted to time it just right. Her mouth opens wide. A buzz emitted from the two massagers contacting each other on her pussy as one vibrates her clit and the other deep inside stimulates her g-spot.

They had got too close. I was getting too close. I was ready to blow. Looking down, the head my cock looked enlarged, and precum was now leaking from slit.

“Oh…” I whispered.

And then…she releases on screen. I watched her whole body jerk at once, contracting, and then releasing before contracting again, and once again releasing. Orgasm grips her, as if in waves, then let her go. Each wave rising then cresting as the climax runs its course. Her breath comes in gasping fits that she tries to keep quiet from her nearby roommate.

It looked amazing, and I came right along with her. Her deep moaning was what did it.

“Oh God…” I exhaled with my head thrown back.

My cock expanded within my grip and a several pulsating ropes of cum shot from my slit. Cum collected in my hand, and around the head of my cock, as I continued to stroke through the orgasm. Wave after wave worked its way through my cock and, by extension, hand as I leaned back, moaning and groaning.

Eventually, my cum runneth over as warms strands began dripping hot down my knuckles and then down my balls.

My dick grew slack so I released it. I sighed deeply and content.

I looked over at the screen, watching as she continues on with the massager for her round two.

I smiled. I hadn’t even watched half the video yet.

I decided I wasn’t done yet either, but for now, I needed to clean myself up. I had many round- twos yet to come, and one hell of a woman to watch as I enjoyed them.

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