Private Dancer

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When I was single and extremely horny I had heard about an adult store that had opened. I visited and the first time there I heard that they were having strip shows around 12 noon each day. The price seemed fair for 3 strippers so I planned on going the following week, when my work schedule permitted.

I arrived just before 12 and paid the amount and was shown into a large room with cinema style seats on one side and a stage on the other. I sat at the back, content on watching from a distance.

The first stripper came on in a under-sized nurse outfit and she was young, blonde and petite. She was very flexible and danced all over the stage, doing splits while she got her gear off. She touched herself a lot and it was very arousing as she seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself.

The next stripper came on in lingerie and a long robe and she was a little older and despite having a fantastic body, seemed a bit bored by it all. She went through the motions, slapped her ass a few times to the beat and stripped gradually. When she had finished she strode off and the next stripper to come on was the petite blonde again.

She only had a bikini on and she danced up a storm with a lot more touching. She got a dildo out and was fucking her tight little pussy with it and moaned as she did so. Then she started putting cream on her erect nipples and licking it off. Then she asked who wanted some.

My inhibitions disappeared straight away as I started calling that I wanted some. Some guy in the front row got to eat a strawberry and the cream off her left nipple. She saw me as he was licking it off and put some on her right nipple and pointed at me with a naughty grin. She crawled over the guys in the first row of seats, with a lot of helping hands on her tight body. She slithered over the back of the seats and presented her right breast to me and asked if I wanted some. In response, I stuck my tongue out slowly, extending it as far as possible and swirled the tip through the cream around her nipple.

I heard her gasp and thought I would make the most of this. She had her hands in my hair and I looked up quickly to see that her eyes were closed as I licked at more of the cream, flicking güvenilir bahis the strawberry into my mouth, before I sucked her cream-covered nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue.

I heard her whisper, oh fuck, that’s good, as I sucked and licked on her long hard nipple. She moaned and whispered that she had to go but to come and see her in a private show.

Everyone cleared the room afterwards and I went to the counter asking for a private show. I paid for it and was directed up the stairs to a similar room and I immediately took a seat in the front middle chair. I waited patiently for about five minutes before the stripper arrived.

In the dark she looked different. She started the music and started swaying to the sound, dancing and sashaying about. Her ass was incredible and I realised that this wasn’t the same girl. This dancer was more curvaceous and when she turned around I saw that the face and body, as gorgeous as she was, was not the horny, petite dancer from the show downstairs.

This dancer didn’t disappoint though. She stripped slowly down to her thong, came right up to me and gave me a lap dance. Her body was so firm, I could tell that she worked out as her firm ass gyrated on my erect cock.

She played with her own nipples with her back to me as she swivelled her ass on me. She stood up and shook her ass in my face and then took my hands, placed them on her hips and told me to take her bikini bottoms off her as she bent over. I so much wanted to touch her ass, but not knowing what the protocol was, I behaved.

She went back up on stage and took a large vibrator (bigger then the dildo the petite girl use) and she licked it seductively, looking me in the eye as she did so. She was on her knees on the edge of the stage and was only two feet in front of me.

She was licking and sucking the head of her vibe as she stroked her pussy. I could hear her whimpers over the sound of the music and then she placed the vibe on the stage floor, the tip pointing up at her pussy and she licked her fingers as she lowered her body down, her tight pussy engulfing the length of the vibrator.

Her sexy eyes bore into mine as she licked her pussy juice off her fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri and then tweaked and pulled on her nipples. My cock was so hard now and it seemed that she was really turned on. She leaned forward suddenly and placed her hands on my knees and dipped forward, her large firm breasts pushing into my groin. She rocked back and forth as her back was arched so she could see the effect her body was having on me. My cock was so hard and all I wanted was to free it from my trousers.

She then slid her body up mine, her breasts pushing up my stomach, and then my chest. She kept going until she was straddling my lap, her mound pushing against my cock and her big, perky tits in front of my face.

She started to ride me, her groin rubbing against my erection with her hands clasped at the back of my head, pulling my face into her cleavage. Her hips pumped back and forth and then in circles, getting faster and faster and she was whispering, oh yes, oh yes, yes yes! She swivelled my head sharply to her left breast, pushing her hard nipple into my mouth and said with an urgency, do what you did to Heather! She told me what you did!

Realising that the petite blonde stripper must have relayed how I had sucked on her nipples to this pornstar-like stripper I complied all too eagerly as her hip thrusts increased in force and speed. It felt like I was being used for her sexual gratification and I was loving every minute of it.

I felt like I was going to come when she shuddered, whimpering, oh fuck, oh fuck, under her breath. She slithered off me and even though the music had stopped, she told me that she hadn’t finished with me yet. She turned around and sat on me again, her back to me and she started grinding her ass into my hard dick again.

She placed one of my hands on her firm breast and I started tweaking her nipple. She took my other hand and placed the vibrator in it and directed it down to her pussy. She flicked the dial on it and it started to vibrate. I placed the shaft on her clit and rubbed it up and down. She shivered and arched right back, her head resting on my shoulder. She whispered in my ear as she thrust back and forth on my erection, fuck me with iddaa siteleri it!

She took my hand and placed the tip of the vibe against her love tunnel. I pushed gently and felt her pussy part as I slid it deeper and then she thrust her hips forward, my knuckles rubbing against her clit as she circled her hips.

She moaned as I turned the vibrations up higher and licked my ear lobe, sending a shiver down my spine as I pumped the vibe in and out of her pussy, flicking her clit with my thumb on the up stroke as she pulled one nipple to her luscious lips greedily. She kept going, her athletic body rubbing against mine faster and faster, her moans getting louder in the quiet room until her body tensed, shivering on mine.

Without a word, after a minute or so, she jumped off me, spun around and knelt between my legs. She started unbuckling my belt and said to me in a whisper, I’ve never done this before, but that was amazing and I want to give something back. She pulled my trousers down enough to pull my dick out.

With raised eyebrows, she said, nice and licked up the shaft seductively, looking me in the eye as she swirled her tongue around the head. I was close to cumming just from pleasuring her and knew that if she went further I wouldn’t last long. She stroked down my hard cock with her hand as she kept teasing with her tongue.

Then without warning she plunged her mouth over my throbbing cock, taking it so deep, her lips closing around my shaft but her tongue massaging the underside expertly. She kept stroking up and down and before I could warn her, I came hard. I could hear and feel her gulping, swallowing it all while her hand pumped, milking me.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth until just my swollen head was between her lips and she sucked every last drop of cum out of me. She then smiled at me, tucking me back into my trousers. I finished doing my trousers up, as she stood up and thanked me. I was going to give her a tip, but she said that she was told not to go beyond the dance with a customer but after Heather told her how I had sucked her creamy tit, she got so horny.

She kissed me on the cheek and said thanks again. I left and found out that the dancers stage name was Sugar. I went back and asked for Sugar, but I had been told that she had been fired for going too far with a customer. I asked how it was discovered and I was told that the door to the private strip room had a peep hole. Oops!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32