Pretty Dick

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There’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit. The epitome of handsome, especially with an enormous erection protruding from the zipper.

I nicknamed him ‘Pretty Dick,’ I didn’t even know his real name, he did mention it once or twice but I found it to be irrelevant, to me, he was simply known as Pretty Dick, that’s all I could focus on every time I thought about him and all that I remembered him for. I found the idea itself dehumanising, It erased his identity and made him seem as if he were nothing more than a delicious cock.

He’d stop by after work. It happened to be convenient timing as it was when I got off from my receptionist job.

As was the case, I was always horniest when I arrived home from work, especially knowing Pretty Dick would be walking through my door at any minute most days.

I always made sure I was on my knees as he let himself in. He whipped his gorgeous cock out through the fly in his gray suit pants. A nice thick, tanned, uncut cock with a pinkish purple head. He tasted so sweet and the sight of his penis was mouth-watering.

To enhance its beauty, I’d remove the diamond bracelet from my wrist and hang it from his shaft. I often wrote ‘pretty’ down one side of it with a glitter-based body pen.

It was the perfect blend of fantasy and reality. In reality, he knew he had an amazing cock, and I knew about the love affairs men had with their dicks. I knew men liked being pampered regardless if they said otherwise, men were so easy to figure out, they just wanted attention paid to their fucking cocks, it wasn’t rocket science!

My nails were always done, long and fake and Pretty Dick loved the feeling of them brushing over his beautiful balls and inner thighs. I’d even run one nail down his ass crack and watch his back arch slightly. The long nails made all the little hairs on his body stand up, it was adorable!

I always paid so much attention to his dick. I was completely devoted and began examining his big thick shaft from all different angles, in the same fashion a carpenter would inspect their handiwork.

I considered his cock a work of art, and the main purpose of my life was to satisfy him with my mouth.

All-day at work I’d think about sucking his cock. He made me so horny kaçak iddaa I could almost cum just from sucking him!

We had an agreement in place, no masturbation between visits. I’d preferred to see Pretty Dick every second day, so his cock was as swollen as possible. I admired every single vein and fold as I savored his beautiful taste. I became smothered in his scent like a natural deodorant.

His cock was so beautiful, I enjoyed being ‘hurt’ by it, I wanted to hurt myself on his cock! I enjoyed gagging all over it and allowing him to face fuck me. I loved the imprint of Pretty Dick in my cheek as he gently caressed the side of my face, feeling his knob from within my cheek and lightly slapping me, signifying that I was a ‘good girl.’

On this particular occasion, Pretty Dick was sitting with his legs spread on my sofa, his white shirt unbuttoned halfway displaying his beautiful firm chest. His pants and underwear were, as usual, nowhere to be seen. Wrapped around his beautiful cock was his necktie that looped around the shaft and was covering his balls. It was the sexist site I’d ever seen. If a man in a suit is the definition of handsome then what of a man with a masculine necktie wrapped around his member? The only word that came to mind was ‘masculinity’ and the tie became an ever-increasing turn-on and fetish. I enjoyed the silky texture of the material, It wasn’t long before Pretty Dick had the tie wrapped around my neck and began using it as a makeshift collar and leash, whilst I began passionately sucking his cock as he sank further into the sofa.

I loved worshipping my newfound lover, the eye contact with my mouth wrapped around his thick shaft said it all. I was going through a vegetarian craze at the moment but I was devouring this man-meat! I began savoring his fat sausage. He was so thick and juicy! I looked up into his eyes and grabbed the base and said ”I want to see this dick twitch!” I knew exactly how Pretty Dick liked to be spoken to.

“I want to feel your cum pumping through the base of this shaft and hitting the roof of my mouth!” As I started slobbering all over his knob, maintaining a sufficient amount of love mixture; my saliva and his pre-cum.

I enjoyed giving pretty dick messy wet blowjobs! The stickier kaçak bahis the better! It was how I showed my appreciation and he knew it.

He fed me enough thick cum to sustain a life force since we’d met only a month ago. I loved how sweet he tasted at the beginning — the thicker he came, it was slightly tangier — he tasted nicer than the best oysters in the world, fresh and salty with a sweet finish! I could drink his cum all day and night and survive off it!

I always let Pretty Dick cum all over my face and tits. I’d tell him how great it is for my hair and skin! How I was glowing from all of his nutritious cum! I considered his cum a delicacy; an aphrodisiac if there ever was one.

It was so enjoyable licking his balls, I’d suck them for so long, I wanted him to last forever so I paid lots of attention to his balls. Almost every blowjob I gave him, all started with me tonguing his nut sack. Pretty Dick found my technique unique and abstract, far from textbook, he loved his blowjobs beginning with balls first and found the idea very erotic and ‘dirty.’

It made me feel like a total slut, when he’d enter my place every second afternoon in his suit pants and collared shirt, I’d be on my knees and as he walked up to me, he’d always take his belt off and use it as a makeshift leash as I undid the zipper on his pants and whipped his package out and started licking his nuts like clockwork whilst my hand pumped his beautiful fat shaft!

Pretty Dick often removed his underwear before he came over and put the suit pants back on, not only were his hard on’s more prominent, but I just loved his thick cock sticking out of the classy pants!

I loved uncircumcised men; they smelled so much more manly, were easier to give handjobs and I enjoyed retracting the skin which revealed the sexy surprise beneath. Pretty Dick’s head was carved to perfection. I loved kissing him at the base of his knob where his foreskin rolled back and come to a rest. It was as if it were on a knifes edge — a cliffhanger — only the slightest tap and the foreskin would roll over the knob like a red carpet. Quite fitting really! His dick was nothing but royalty.

After a few minutes of Inspecting him, His cockhead became so swollen his foreskin retracted on illegal bahis its own. I could almost see my reflection in his knob! I tried to see myself in his dick all the time. The ultimate form of cock narcissism! I admired all the sexy ridges, his cock was cut like a fine diamond.

I loved how Pretty Dick was never ashamed! I loved, loved, loved seeing the outline of his knob from within the foreskin! Uncircumcised guys were so much more fun and exciting! I rarely watched much porn because most of the guy’s cocks just grossed me out and looked like they’d been butchered, not to mention it seemed weird and unnatural how the girls couldn’t even really masturbate them without it looking awkward and painful.

They almost looked like they were trying to navigate through a product where parts were missing and they’d lost the instruction manual.

With Pretty Dick, It was all hand-eye coordination as everything wasjust in the right place and I became self-taught at mastering the art of sucking his cock and balls.

Tonight, I had a surprise for Pretty Dick. Due to my days working as a veterinarian, I encountered a device known as a ‘twitch’ which a plastic rod with a thin rope attached used to hold horses’ snouts in place.

My favorite word at the moment was ‘Twitch,’ which I emphasised often when attending Pretty Dick.

As he walked in the front door, I waited on my knees with the device in hand, I proceeded to undo the zipper with my teeth and began sucking him. He gestured towards my hand holding the device, which I then hung around the base of his shaft via the thin rope whilst I held the plastic rod and began twisting which created a tight sensation and served as a cock ring. His dick became harder and the veins more defined as the blood rushed to his knob.

I explained that the device was called a ‘twitch’ designed to make his gorgeous cock ‘twitch’ within the twitch! Pretty Dick loved his member being decorated with anything not to mention he loved wordplay!

“A twitch you say.” he groaned as his cock began pulsating in the device.

“That’s it, baby, look at that gorgeous cock twitching for me, mmm, that looks so hot!”

Pretty dick shot his load all over my cleavage and neck area providing me with the perfect pearl necklace. I leaned forward and kissed his cockhead, and finished every last drop of pre cum as if I were leftover cake batter from the bowl and spoon!

You could say, that was the best part!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32