Prenuptial Doctor Visit

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“Damn!” Chelle muttered as she tried to hurry into her clothes. She had the dreaded gynecologist appointment today, so she had taken time off work to make sure she get a shower and shave before going. It was silly, but she couldn’t help but consider it the “polite” thing to do, barring an emergency. Her skin was still damp, and she was trying to pull on her underwear in a hurry, and struggling.

She paused to drag a comb through her short blond hair, sleeking it back from her face. She didn’t have time for primping today, and besides this was her pre-wedding visit, and she was only seeing old “doc” Walters, who she had been seeing since her very first visit. He was in his late fifties now, and was a teddy bear of a doctor. She pulled on her jeans, a loose fitting T-shirt, and finally her comfortable, but old sneakers. She grabbed her purse and keys, and saw she only had ten minutes for the short drive to the office.

Chelle looked around the waiting room, and saw that it was almost empty, which was surprising for a 4PM appointment. She was a minute late as she walked to the receptionist to check in. The girl smiled at her, but went on to tell her that Dr. Walters was called out for an emergency, and she could either reschedule, or see his new partner, Dr. Masters. Chelle paused for a moment. She had never seen another doctor, and she felt so comfortable with the older doctor. But then again, she had to get this appointment out of the way! Her wedding was a little over a week away, and she and Steve had decided it would be best if she were fitted for internal birth control device, instead of relying the pill and condoms. Chelle grimaced as she recalled the “discussion.”

Steve had arrived with a folder full of information. His mind was made up that this would be the best method, and it was obvious from the first words out of his mouth that he didn’t want to be messing around with condoms, creams, jellies and missed pills. And even though it was her body, Chelle had felt like she was being steam-rolled into the decision.

Chelle took a deep breath, and nodded her head. She would see the new doctor. The receptionist smiled, had her sign her fee ticket, and handed her the advance information they provided on the birth control device. Chelle was now nervous, thinking about someone she had never met before getting that intimate with her body, that soon! And then, out of nowhere came the thought of whether this new doctor was a man or a woman? And if it were a man, how would it feel having a strange man see her body, feel her breasts, and eventually see her most private area?

She jumped when her name was called a short time later. Chelle stood nervously, and walked back to the examining room…

Section 2

Margaret Gauthier, “Peg” to everyone who knew her stood outside the office of Doctor Aaron Masters, fumbling through a stack of case history folders that showed so much age many of the index tabs were completely dogged eared to death. Peg had been given the afternoon caseload from Helen the receptionist and was just about to knock on Dr. Masters door, when Chelle called out ” Hi Peg!”

Peg turned to see little Chelle Krutz walk past her and into Exam Room “D”. Peg half replied “good afternoon Chelle” as she continued to flip through folders and place them in order as to make a better impression on Dr. Masters. The morning session had been awkward between the experienced nurse and the “new Doctor”. Normally Peg chaperoned for Dr. Walter’s everyday. Over the course of twenty two years of working together nurse and doctor had developed a natural rhythm in handling the good and the difficult patients that made the daily office grind an easy place to work. But today with him away she was having difficulty from the start. It was the little things. Doc Walters was left-handed, the new Doctor uses his right. Even simple things like applying K-Y jelly to Dr. Masters gloved hand had gone completely wrong with an elderly lady for a routine pelvic exam this morning. So with a deep breath in, Peg knock on the door and entered the office of Aaron Masters, M.D.

Aaron was bent over a pile of x-rays with a phone snuggled between his shoulder and ear explaining to a “tech” at the hospital for the third time the difference between anterior and lateral and not making a lot of headway. Peg glanced over her pile of neatly assembled folders for a safe place to position the afternoon schedule on his desk. It amazed Peg that a Doctor who knew so much about the human body knew so little about organization in an office. A slight tingle took place in her stomach as she overheard the sincerity in Aaron’s voice as he began explaining once more to the x-ray tech the side of the femur that he wanted to have placed of film of old man Babcock. She sensed that this young doctor had an incredible bedside manner that would make him very popular with his patients in the years ahead. Aaron wasn’t a candidate for GQ magazine, standing only 5’10” and the early signs of “male pattern baldness” developing with just a splash of graying at the temples, but Peg admitted he was neatly groomed kaçak iddaa with an inner warmth that made her a “little school girl” nervous as she studied him in the afternoon light.

Aaron hung up the phone and flashed his blue eyes directly at Peg. Aaron liked Peg! They had only worked together a few minutes total since he accepted the job in Walter’s office. She’d proven to be a very solid and capable RN who didn’t attempt to be a doctor in a nurse’s uniform. She had just the right amount of discreet courtesy to guide a young doctor, like Aaron, without appearing that she was running the ship.

“First things first Peg, I’m sorry that I was getting in your way this morning with Mrs. Amos. My rotation at med school just lasted 6 months in ob/gyn and I still have to get my pelvic exams down pat. I could tell that Mrs. Amos knew more about what I should be doing than I was actually doing. It amazes me that a woman would lay back on a table and allow a stranger to dive into her up to his elbows so to speak. So thank you, now what’s up for the afternoon schedule?”

Peg smiled back and said “Things will get better, so don’t give it a second thought. This afternoon the patient load is very light. We’ve had some cancellations, and with the late start from this morning, we only have Chelle Krutz, a 28-year-old white female for a physical and consult for birth control. Walter’s isn’t going to make it back this afternoon, so Helen scheduled her with you. Here’s her file for you to look over, she’s in “D”. I’ll go in ahead and break the ice for you and come to get you when she’s ready.”

Before Peg turned to open the door, Aaron asked out loud, “Why is a 28 year old woman just now coming in to discuss birth control in this day and age?”

Peg spun around, put both hands on the edge of Aaron’s jumbled overflowing desktop, and looked into his blue eyes. She half whispered as though trying to keep a secret, “Because Chelle’s getting married next week and there always is a chance the girl may not have needed birth control until now, silly!” And with that Peg, left the room and headed toward Exam Room “D”.

Section 3

Chelle was seated on the table, dressed in a paper gown, slit down the front, and a sheet covering her from the waist down. There was something so vulnerable being so scantily dressed when meeting a doctor for the first time, especially in circumstances like these. Peg had just left the room, after stopping by to say hello, and explain once again about the change in doctors.

Chelle couldn’t explain what the feeling she was getting was due from. Her nipples were hard and poking out the paper gown. Chelle had long nipples that were distended and hard a lot of the time, and it irritated Steve that you could see her nipples through her clothing at times. She had tried to explain, but had finally given up trying, and taken to buying even thicker bras.

Chelle shifted on the table, wishing it were two hours from now, and this was all behind her. She was supposed to meet Steve for dinner, but he had called her at work, and canceled, once again, at the last minute. So, Chelle found herself with an empty evening, once she finished here. She looked around the room, and began wondering what this new doctor looked like. Since Peg had popped in, she at least knew the doctor was male at least. Chelle wondered if he would be like Mark Greene or more like Doug (George Clooney) on the Emergency Room show she liked to watch. She knew she’d feel more comfortable if he were like Mark Greene, than the other.

She took a deep breath, wishing the doctor would get in there. She wasn’t looking forward to any of this. But she couldn’t help but wonder how she might react if the new doctor tried something a little non-medical?

Chelle turned her head sharply, a blush staining her cheeks as she heard the exam room door open….

Section 4

Dr. Masters entered exam room D with his nostrils flaring. His OB / GYN residency gave him a few basics to always remember when working female patients. The first rule is to sniff the air when examining a female. A strong indicator of a bacterial infection in a woman is the tell tale “dead mouse” smell. Aaron’s rotation in med school proved that a good doctor used all of his senses in diagnosis. Aaron felt a little relieved when he closed the exam room door behind him. Only the traditional antiseptic odor of alcohol lingered as he walked to the exam table and extended his hand to Chelle.

“Good afternoon, Miss Krutz, I’m Dr. Masters.”

Chelle extended her hand and nodded politely as Aaron released his grip and scooted the padded stool closer to the exam table to use as a desk while he began writing in Chelle’s file.

Aaron noticed the ice cold feel of Chelle’s hand and thought for a minute that he was touching a corpse. Aaron put his pen down and decided he’d better go slower interviewing Chelle. As he looked back at her face, Aaron saw an attractive woman.

The attraction of Chelle was not due to any one-perfect feature of her face. Rather it was the sum of many subtle features that complimented a kaçak bahis well-balanced persona. The paleness of her skin, her light near invisible eyebrows, the crystal blue eyes, the definition of her lips and somewhat strange petite shaped ear lobes balanced against her high cheekbones and jaw line. Aaron had to draw himself away from Chelle’s face and look back at his notepad and inquire as to the nature of her visit.

“I see that you want a physical and consultation. Now, have you had any problems lately that I should know about before continuing?” Aaron asked as he pulled out the page of routine questions that every patient has been asked since the invention of the copy machine.

Chelle just shook her head and whispered a “no”.

Aaron began at the top of the page and started… After four minutes he had covered the HMO questionnaire and placed the completed form back in Chelle’s medical file. It seemed a little odd that Chelle never expanded on any of the medical questions and Aaron thought he had better try to get Chelle to relax a little before he called Peg back into the room.

“ Ms. Krutz, tell me how I can help you today?” Aaron leaned forward on his stool and devoted all of his attention to Chelle, as he waited for her reply.

Section 5

Chelle shifted uneasily on the table, feeling the paper sticking to her naked bottom and thighs. She knew she was blushing and couldn’t do a darn thing about it either. She swallowed hard.

“I’m getting married and my fiancé wants me to get…” Chelle broke off abruptly. That wasn’t the right way to be saying this, she realized too late. “We discussed birth control and decided that the IUD would be best.” Chelle ended on a puff of air, glad to have managed to spit it all out finally!

Aaron nodded, not replying immediately. He had not missed the slip up when she said, “her fiancé wanted.” It wasn’t unusual that couples didn’t fully agree on some things, but birth control was an issue that shouldn’t be in question.

“An IUD is something usually chosen by a married couple who have completed their family, due to the risks involved. What about the pill? It is 99% effective and there are many different kinds to meet your needs?”

Chelle flushed and nodded. “It’s just that the IUD would be the easiest. Steve is forever complaining about how forgetful I am… Anyway, that is why we thought this would be best.”

Aaron nodded slowly. “What are you using now?”


Aaron couldn’t stop his surprised “nothing!” He flushed and coughed to cover his faux pas. “You aren’t using condoms, foams, or something like that?”

Chelle blushed and shook her head. She shrugged. “We haven’t had sex yet. Steve wanted to wait until our wedding night.”

Aaron didn’t like the impression he was getting of her fiancé. There was something about this woman that seemed to have captured his attention to a degree that was much greater than normal doctor to patient relationship. He told himself to get up and excuse himself from her care, but something stopped him. He cleared his throat again.

“What did you use during previous relationships?”

Chelle turned a bright red. “I’ve never needed to use anything.”

Aaron thought later that he must have forgotten to take his smart pills for the day. “Wasn’t that rather risky behavior in this day and age?”

Chelle shook her head. “I’ve never had sex before. I thought you understood. I’m a virgin.”

Aaron felt like an idiot and a fool at the same time. Hell! How many times this day and age did you come across a 28-year-old virgin? He quickly set the chart down and decided he’d better get busy and shut his mouth before he shoved his foot all the down his throat.

“Please lie back on that table.”

Chelle nodded and scooted around, lying back on the paper-covered table. She tried to not react as he used his stethoscope to listen to her heart and lungs. When he moved the paper gown’s edges apart further to expose her breasts, she bit her lip to keep from gasping. She knew her nipples were already hard and poking up more than half an inch. And then she felt the doctor’s hands begin examining her breasts. He had her move a little, and to raise an arm above her head. Chelle told herself she was being ridiculous to notice how soft his hands were. But as his hands pressed around her right breast, checking for lumps, Chelle felt herself become aroused.

Damn! She cursed herself. She didn’t react like this when Steve touched her breasts. Of course, it was usually over her clothes, and nothing more than a quick squeeze or a rub. She was beginning to think Steve might be asexual. Sex never seemed to be a big issue with him, not like it was with her. Chelle often found herself thinking about sex, imagining having sex or wondering why they weren’t having sex.

Aaron cleared his throat again. He was finding it harder to concentrate as he gazed down at the gorgeous breasts before him. It was unprofessional, he knew, but he couldn’t stop the thought that this woman had the best looking tits he’d seen professionally, and non-professionally, in illegal bahis his life. He had avoided checking her long nipple yet. Long, pointed nipples were a weakness of his. He loved to play with a woman’s breasts, and sucking on a long teat only added to his enjoyment. In fact, falling asleep with his head pillowed on luscious big boobs was his fantasy. And then during the night, he would wake up, and start sucking and nibbling on the delicious nipples once again. Rolling the nipple in his mouth, sucking it, pulling it deep into his mouth, until the woman’s hips bucked wildly in response to the deep sucking.

Aaron moved his hands to her other firm, full breast, examining it just as thoroughly. He finally had to check her nipples and squeezed the one to make sure there was no discharge. When he saw there was not, he should have moved on. He didn’t though. Instead, he circled his finger around the taut bud, and was surprised to see it distend even more. Aaron argued with himself, but he lost.

“You have exquisite breasts, Chelle. Very sensitive to the touch, and responsive.” He tried to sound professional, but it was getting harder and harder. As was another part of his body, in response to these forbidden touches. He saw Chelle blush, but she also smiled, just a bit. “You seem surprised, Chelle.”

Chelle opened her eyes, and looked up into the doctor’s face. “Thank you. My fiancé thinks I am too big, and he hates that my nipples are poking out all the time. He says it’s indecent, almost.”

Aaron cursed the absent fiancé as a fool. He requested Chelle sit up again. She did so, facing him. Aaron opened her gown and gazed at the luscious, large and arousing tits in front of him. He reached out and cupped the big boobs in his eager hands, and squeezed them. He gently bounced them and then massaged them, pulling on the long nipples. A knock on the door startled them both. Aaron closed her gown, and excused himself.

He stepped outside and was surprised to see Helen, the receptionist. He smiled at her.

Helen grinned. She liked the new doctor. “Peg had to leave and pick up her kids. Her husband called at the last minute and couldn’t get them. She asked me to stay and help you. Is there anything else you will need? Sometimes Dr. Walters’ finishes and locks up by himself. I didn’t know if you would want to do that too?”

Aaron argued with his conscience for about 10 seconds. He then nodded, and told Helen to run along. He was done with Ms. Krutz and she’d be leaving in a few moments anyway. He waited until Helen had grabbed her purse, closed the phone lines, and hurried out the door. Aaron took a deep breath, and walked back into Chelle’s room.

Section 6

Chelle’s eyes immediately fixed on Aaron’s when he re-entered the room and she felt her whole body quiver. Her first thought was that it was because she was cold, but the adrenaline now coursing its way through her body had taken over and her brain had temporarily went off line. The touch of Aaron’s hand on her nipples had sent a tingle straight to her pelvis via her tummy, and she hoped that the examination would continue. She had never felt so many sensations well up inside of her at once.

Dr. Masters looked into Chelle’s blue eyes that now sparkled in the lights of the exam room and began his approach to test the receptiveness of his patient to undergo a very through examination.

“Chelle, I must admit that it unusual to establish a case file on a 28 year old female who is still innocent. I would like to conduct a very detailed examination if you would permit me. I will try to keep any discomfort to a minimum and just stop me if you become uncomfortable. The examination will include a pelvic which will likely cause some rather strong sensations….”

Before Aaron could continue, Chelle responded, “Ok, I’m ready”.

Aaron was ready too; he could already feel his prostate firing up for action, with the customary twinge that announced a clear sticky fluid was being dispatched to his penis. It would just be a few moments before it arrived along with a dose of hot blood in his now awakening male organ.

Aaron couldn’t help but think of a Robin Williams joke as he helped Chelle lay down on the exam table, placing her legs in the stirrups. “Only man is blessed with a brain and a penis, but God provided only enough blood for one to function at a time!” Aaron hoped that his penis would make the right decisions because his brain was now detached just as Chelle’s had been minutes earlier.

As he reached to part the paper gown covering her breasts once more, Aaron was amazed at how well Chelle’s breasts rode on top of her chest. The lobes and attachments were firm and made no attempt to slide off to the side and disappear under her arms. Even more noticeable was the swelling in her areolas. Chelle displayed a classic set of “puffies” and Aaron fought a sudden urge to lean over and let his tongue feel the tiny goose bumps that lingered on these bright pink buds. Aaron was still unsure of himself and his patient, so he proceeded to conduct a medical examination of Chelle’s body, while his penis created a wet spot under his lab coat. Aaron knew that he wanted to cure Chelle of her virginity and she seemed to be prepared to undergo the treatment, which would provide the cure.

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