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Carol had worked at the company a couple of months by that time. Her tall and athletic body had already drawn the attention of several of the male members of staff as well as one of the female ones. But I had heard those who had dared to approach her for a date were turned down, on the basis of a messy split she was still recovering from. I didn’t fancy my chances either with a direct approach but I was never one for letting a little thing like that get in my way, especially when my lust had been building for a few weeks.

That Sunday we were both working overtime, she had some accounts work that needed to be ready for a Monday VAT inspection, and I, I was just doing ‘make’ work because I knew Carol would be there. I’d deliberately left a dubious expenses claim form on her desk which would have to be included in the accounts for the next day, so I knew that sooner or later she would have to come and find me in the shop.

The shop, was actually more of a storeroom with a few tools. We mainly repacked products here to be sent out, as well as keeping stocks of products we sold on a more regular basis. From where I was working I could see out of the window across the courtyard area which Carol would have to cross to get to me. At 11.10am she came trundling out just as I expected, so I assumed my position by the door.

I was holding a 20 litre drum, previously the contents had been some very nasty chemicals, but after a thorough clean, it was now filled with water and some red dye. I started moving just as the door opened and bumped right into her, as planned the loose top came off the drum and I slopped a good quantity of the red water down her front.

“Oh my god. Damn what a mess. I was just taking this out to drop off tomorrow morning, I didn’t see you there,” I said to the stunned look on her face.

“Uhhh.” She replied.

“Damn look at your clothes,” and I did. The previously white T-shirt and short shirt, now had a large red stain going from neck to crotch, I looked carefully because her bra-less breasts were now showing through the wet shirt. Mmmm, nice and high with big nipples pointing hard at me.

“Shit. This is Hydro-fluoride-benzatine, you’d better get those clothes off quick before it soaks through,” I told her.

“Clothes bonus veren siteler off?” She asked still a bit in shock.

“Quick before it starts to burn,” I hurried her before she had time to think more clearly, and she stripped to panties, standing with her hands covering her breasts.

“It’s already on your skin, isn’t it?” I asked her.

“Huh, huh, yes.” She started to sob a bit.

Pointing to her panties which were red as well, “Quick take those off, we’ll have to hose you down.” I had another type of hosing in mind, but one step at a time.

She did as she was told quite compliantly, I didn’t realise that this plan would go as smoothly as this. She was completely shaved with not a hair to be seen, smoooooth. A shiver of lust ran down my spine, and hit my cock, blood was pumping in hard and I was feeling a bit breathless.

“Okay outside into the courtyard, we can use the pressure hose there, don’t worry no one can see the fences are pretty high.” Our company was only small and there weren’t any showers not even an emergency drench shower as we didn’t usually handle dangerous chemicals.

Outside she stood in the corner by the hose, trying to cover herself. I turned the hose on at a low pressure and started to play it on her breasts. I threw her a bar of soap I had brought out and told her to use it.

She had started to think too much and was being a bit hesitant.

“Quick Carol, you need to get that off you before it burns, otherwise it could leave a permanent scar.”

She started soaping up and cleaning herself with vigour at that. Her breasts were firm, the nipples pointing out of the soap, she was giving me quite a floor show and my cock was still pumping hard in anticipation of what might happen next.

“Did any go though your panties, on to your ……emmm crotch?” I asked.

“I…I don’t know.” She said.

“Well, does it itch or burn at all?” I said, knowing full well if you say the words itch to someone, they’ll soon have one if they didn’t before.

“Oh, no yes it is itching.” She started to sob a bit more.

“Its okay Carol, we’ll get it off you,” I tried to calm her down a little, “open your legs and let me rinse while you soap there. The floor show bedava bahis was getting better, her legs opened showing the full glory of her shaven pussy, a lovely sight to behold even when glimpsed through soapy water and spray.

After a couple of minutes I rinsed her off and got her back into the workshop. I tore off a huge piece of bubble wrap and triple layered it onto the floor. This was the type with big 3/4 inch bubbles really satisfying to pop. I had her stand on this, while I went and found a towel.

Amazing she still seemed stunned, and hadn’t cottoned on to my lark yet or realised she was standing naked next to an increasing turned on man. Instead of giving her the towel, I just started to rub her all over with it as if it was natural for me to be doing it. When she didn’t complain, I continued and carefully drying up each leg and bumping into her pussy as I reached the top. Her breasts also got extra attention from the towel.

“There is that better now?”

“I think so.”

“Is there any burning or itching left,” hmm maybe I ought to train as a doctor instead.

“Emmm, maybe a little,” she replied. Ha! Works like a treat every time.

“Okay wait here, I’ll be right back.” I ran to the offices and got a tube of E45 cream which I use on my hands.

“This will help to relieve it then you’ll be fine I’m sure.” I squirted a good dollop into her hands then some directly onto her chest, “Emm, you do your crotch, and I’ll rub this in here.”

I gently started to spread the cream over her breasts, massaging it in well, but trying to avoid her nipples. I was enjoying the feel of her flesh under my hands, firm but soft and pliable at the same time. I could also see her frantically working the cream into the folds of her pussy. I looked into her eyes and they appeared to be losing focus, she soon seemed to be enjoying the sensations as well.

When the cream had soaked into her breasts, I took my life in my hands ready to back away if she screamed, and bent and started to suck her right nipple.

No scream, just a gentle, Mmmmm sound. I didn’t need more encouragement and soon I had her horizontal on the bubblewrap, and I was as naked as her. She had continued to stroke herself, and was well ready deneme bonus for me as I leant across her, my hard cock just pushing against her pussy.

“Yes,” she said, “do me, fuck me now.”

Although a ‘big’ part of me wanted to comply, I wanted this to last a little. Leaning on my hands I held myself above her. Thankful of all the press-ups I had done in the past I could stay like that quite a while. I then gently started to stroke my cock, up and down the folds of her pussy lips. On the upward stroke I just brushed against her clitoris, on the downward stroke I just dipped into her moist warmth. The bubble wrap was squeaky beneath us and every so often would give a muffled pop.

Delicious sensations were travelling up my cock as the lips just brushed the side of the head and the sensitive tip was getting nicely stroked. Carol appeared to like the motion, a moan escaping from her each time I brushed over her clit. Every so often on the downward stroke, I entered her a little farther.

After about five minutes of this she started to cum, so I slipped into her wet hole deeply, plunging into her hot depths. I loved the feel of her muscles as she came, squeezing my cock hard as I rhythmically stroked in and out. Her orgasm seemed to last a while, but she kept grinding at me when it was over so I held on and picked up the pace and fucked her hard.

The bubble wrap was moving beneath us and it accompanied our thrustings with the odd little pop. My cock was now near bursting point, and really wanted to pop as well, but I wanted her to cum a second time too. So I clamped down on it, holding it in with all the will power I could muster.

“Please just a bit more, please.” She begged me.

I complied and managed to hold until she started to cum again, her orgasm setting me off, and we both came in a cascade of pops and bangs as the bubble wrap expired beneath us.

I kissed her hard, “Thank you Carol, that was most pleasant,” I told her.

Getting up and getting dressed, I passed her a clean boiler suit to put on instead of her clothes.

“I’m sure that your skin will be fine now,” I said trying to reassure her, “no need to report my little accident.”

“No, I’m sure it will be fine, ” she replied walking over the barrel I had split over her. She dipped her finger in the contents and drew a cross on my cheek. “I kinda figure that it’ll be no problem at all. But maybe you’d better to come over and check it again some time.” she said walking out.

I certainly would!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32