Poker Face – A Beginning

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As always, thanks RB for reading. I’m sorry if I’ve ignored suggestions or hurried editing in my excitement. This is a story of how we fell down the rabbit hole so many years ago. It describes anonymous oral sex with strangers. If that’s not your thing, then I’ll give your money back. It’s a fictionalised account. It has to be to protect some people. Please enjoy.


“Madison, hi! It’s been too long, hun.”

“It’s always too long Trish. So damn busy these days. Soccer, school, lunches, rinse and repeat. This place is nice.”

“I found it a couple of weeks ago. Doug and I had lunch here through the week.”

“You’re lucky, he’s a good man. I wish Paul thought about things like that.”

“Trouble in paradise, hun?”

“Meh… Just whinging. Wow, this menu hey?”

“Try the baked cheesecake Maddy, mmm to die for.”

“Oh god, I put on a kilo just thinking about it. I might try the Ceasar-“

“Don’t be ridiculous, you look fantastic. I don’t know how you do it. Go on, live a little. Where’s the girl who puts the Mad in Maddy gone?”

“She got married and had kids. Excuse me, I’m ready to order please.”

“So…” Trish put her little dessert spork noisily on her empty cheesecake plate some half hour later and looked me pointedly in the eyes. “So hun, you sound just like I felt a couple of years ago. Everything was fine on the outside but felt so damn stale on the inside.”

“I know right, but look at you guys now. So sweet together and…” I’m just jealous really of the intimacy they share so comfortably. They look really happy when our families get together for occasions.

“Good god, hun. It’s taken a lot of work. We got to a point where we thought we needed a holiday alone to get ourselves back on track.”

“Did it help? Perhaps Paul and I could use some ‘us’ time. I know Mum would jump at the chance to watch the kids.”

“Yeah, but not how you think. We did do a lot of honest talking though and that’s what really helped. We both had got to feeling like a little bit of the wild and crazy us had died. Sort of made a pact to do something a little crazy for each other and ourselves sometimes.”

“Do you remember Schoolie’s week?” I laughed. That was probably the last time I had really let my hair down.

“Ho-bag! You were insatiable.”

“So were you. You’re the one got arrested for streaking!” Oops… The waiter probably didn’t need to hear that. Wow! Not as expensive as I expected either. I passed my card to the waiter and asked him to tap it for me.

Now she’s looking at me funny. This isn’t good. This is her ‘get us into trouble’ look. It’s famous.

“Trishster??? What are you…” I squint suspiciously at her and she laughs.

“Poker night.” A wry grin twists her lips naughtily. “It’s one of our things. One of the little ‘wild and crazies’ we do for each other. Every other month if we can. It’s Friday coming. I’ll get Doug to invite Paul. It’ll be… It will be good for both of you.”

“Tell me more, Tishy? Exactly what are you getting us into this time?” I ask a little nervously.

“Just relax, Maddy. I’ll talk to you through the week.”

And we stood and hugged. A little peck on the lips like the best friends we always have been. And then, I sit in my car and am suddenly soccer mum again.


“So we’ll probably be home late Mum. Now you guys be good for Nan or else.”

“Oh stop it, Madison. Stop fussing. You look gorgeous, that little black dress was just made for you. Now go and spend some ‘Q-T’ with your dashing husband. Turn around… Let me…”

She fixes the label on the back of my dress and straightens a bra strap.

“Gorgeous, now go on. Shoo.”

“Ready babe? Uber’s here.” I kiss the kids. Fix Paul’s tie. He looks like he’s made an effort for once.

And soon enough we’re nervously holding hands in the back seat like we did on dates all those years ago.

“Relax babe. It’s just a poker game. Where are you and Patricia off to?” There’s a cheeky grin on his face like he knows something I don’t.

“I don’t know, she was pretty tight lipped.” And she had been. She said simply, ‘just trust me. Follow my lead.’ “Probably some strip club or whatever knowing her.”

“Hahaha. I can just imagine. Hey look. Just have fun tonight. You deserve it. We deserve it. Sometimes I think we get so caught up being super-mum and super-dad that we forget who we are as people. I love you, babe. Just roll with it, have a little fun for once.”

He smells so damned good as he leans in to kiss me. His hot man-breath and the faint cologne form a cloud around me the moment as he presses his lips to mine.

“You watch out when I get you home, mister.” I tease.

“Promises, promises.”

“This is it folks, sixty-nine Barlow Street.”

“Keep the change, champ.” Paul hands the young man a fifty and I wonder just how much of our savings he’s going to blow this evening. A moment of doubt about this whole idea is shattered by my effervescent friend running bodily elvankent escort into me.

“Maddy, you look good enough to eat hun.” She lets me go and looks me up and down like I’m a mouse and she’s a hawk. “And you too, big guy. Bend down here and give me some sugar you lump of a thing.”

She offers her cheek to my husband and he smiles as he pecks it politely and turns back to Doug.

“Come inside, I’ll introduce you to everyone. Then we can get going, hey?”

“Sure thing, Tishy.”

“Now now, trust me, hun. Every little ting gon be alright mon.” She teases.

“Pfft… How many damn times have I heard that, Tishy.”

“You love me.”

I’m a bit surprised when she opens the door to their games room. I’ve seen it before, just not with this many people in it.

“Greg, you know from work.”

“Gidday Greg.” Paul shakes his hand and I nod at him politely. Greg works as the groundsman at the school I teach at. He’s a tall, thin sort of man with a beaky nose and glasses. He’s a pleasant sort of bloke but very quiet, almost reticent around the office.

“Norman, Garry and Nikau are Doug’s old school friends.”

Paul shakes more hands and I nod and smile. Nikau is huge. He has darker skin and an old fading tattoo on his chin. I would guess at Mauri heritage. He has nice healthy white teeth that smile back at me like a wolf.

“Pleasure Paul. Nice to meet you, Madison.” He says in a thick deep accept.

“Oh, and Tony. Who could forget our old mate, Tony?” Trish wraps our old school mate in a hug briefly. “So, that’s everyone Maddy. We’ll leave you perves to your game now hey?”

“You can’t blame a man for perving when you both look like that.” Laughs Doug. “Go on now, ladies. It’s your night off. Go enjoy yourselves. Don’t come home till after midnight. That’s an order.”

“Night then.” Paul winks at me as I turn to leave with Trish. “Have a ball, babe.”

“You too.”

“So where-“

“Shh hun, all in good time. Trust me.” She leads me to their garage and presses a remote. The garage door clatters as it rolls up and I walk toward her car.

“Shouldn’t we take a taxi if we are-“

“Maddy love.” She frowns, “What did I say?”

“Trust you. I know just…” Then she does the strangest thing. She stops me opening her car door and closes the roller door behind us.

“So… The boys are just in there.” I can hear them laughing through the wall so know she means right next to the garage. “They heard the garage open. They heard the garage close. For all intents and purposes, we have driven off into the night. Imagine hun, how surprised they’d be to know about this.”

The intrigue was just about killing me as I followed her down toward the back of the garage. I hadn’t seen it before but there was a sliding door next to the workbench in back. She opened it and raised an eyebrow at me in mischievous invitation.

“Welcome to my she-shed.”

She-shed? What the heck? The little room was empty excepting a small fridge, a sink unit, two chairs and some kind of swing.

“Is this like…” Something was gelling in my mind. “Kinda like you guys… like a…”

“Playroom.” She giggled quietly. “Sometimes Doug and I you know… and sometimes I need a little time to myself. Wait, you’ll love this.”

Oh my god. What have I signed up for? I mean it’s not like Trish and I never… Well, we hooked up a couple of times but that was years ago. But if she thinks she can seduce me while our husbands are just a few feet away… Shit… I’m getting wet just thinking about it.

She pulls back a curtain next to the door and a small monitor catches my attention. On it I can see the games room clearly. The men are shifting all the furniture to the side and lining up chairs. What kind of fucking poker game are they playing?

“Sit,” Trish pulls a chair over for me. “I love watching them. Beer or wine?”

“Huh?” I’m distracted by Nikau’s broad shoulders blacking out the monitor.

“Oh, he’s a looker isn’t he.” Trish hands me a beer and fumbles with her phone. “I’ll just switch…”

The camera changes and I can see it zoom in on Nikau’s crotch. His loose slacks outline the shape of something large and weighty.

“Nine and a half.”




“I know right.”

“How do you, though. How do you know. He’s your husband’s friend.”

She winks and sips at her own beer, so I do the same thinking perhaps it’s a good idea.

“All will be revealed. Hey, do you still smoke?”

“Um no…” Doug is moving over to the door and all of the others have taken seats facing the front of the room. Nikau is handing out beers to everyone and I gasp as the door opens and reveals a young woman.

“Not cigarettes, hun.” I realise what she means as the first acrid smells of burning cannabis waft through our small room. “Here.”

“God, not since the kids…” I look at the joint like it’s some kind of test. “Fuck it.”

I look back at the monitor which shows that the girl I saw at emek escort the door was actually one of two. They were both tall and dressed in revealing sorts of clothes. I watched them introduce themselves and sit on laps and generally sleaze about. A pang of jealousy flashed through me as I watched the blonde one straddle Pauls lap and put her hands behind his neck.

Trish’s hand rubbed my back. “Relax, hun. It’s good for him. He gets to feel a little naughty for a night. The girls are only strippers. There’ll be some touching but no… erm, exchanges of fluids…”

“No fluids…” I repeat like I’m shell-shocked.

What followed was an hour of debauched stripping and sex-show. I’m a fairly liberal woman. I’ve had more than my fair share of lovers and done some pretty out-there stuff. But these girls did things to each other with instruments that I’d never imagined.

And Trish and I sat and watched. And drank. And smoked. And watched.

And watched until I saw one of the girls, the brunette with curls and all the tattoos, pull Nikau’s trousers down and start to fondle his growing erection.

“I-” thought she said no touching.

“Nikau’s single, sweety. The others are all married. Sometimes the girls like to play a little, but the married men don’t. Just Nikau or sometimes Tony.”

When I looked across at her I was torn between wanting to watch Nikau’s immense dick filling and trying to make sense of the fact that she was now completely naked and masturbating.

“It’s such a fucking good dick that.” She says and I nod absently in agreement as she languorously rubbed at herself. Her fingers slid in lazy circles through her twat. She was so turned on that I could smell her. I clenched in aroused spasm and knew my own horniness as I watched the brunette take that long hard thing right back in her throat like a circus trick.

I watched a short time later as Nikau’s balls tucked up against him and he pumped cannon volleys of cum all over the two girls. My god! If I were to reach down and even touch myself right now, I’d probably explode as well.

Then just like that the girls use wet wipes to clean each other up, pack their assortment of sex-weapons away then do the rounds to kiss cheeks and shake hands before Doug sees them out.

“Oh… Oh fuck yesssss…” Trish crunches as she cums. Then she seems to remember she has company. “Oh god, sorry hun. It gets me so…”

“Shh, Tishy. Me too. Just a bit much to…”

As Doug returns, the men start re-arranging furniture and a green felt mat is thrown on the table as they take seats and refresh drinks.

“We’re going to get cameras with sound one day, but they’re a bit expensive.” Trish seems to need to explain.

“So… Now, they play poker?”

“Oh yeah. Now, the good stuff happens, hun.” She’s washing her hands matter of factly in the small sink and sprays a little air freshener. “Smells like a whore-house. Hahaha. Remember that bus trip back in high-school. Up to-“

“Yeppoon. I remember. “Haha. Thirty bored private school girls in a bus for seven hours. Hahaha god, the stench.”

“What was your score?”

“Um… Sixteen, I think. Can’t really remember.”

“Poor old Mr Clements. He knew. Everyone could smell it. But he just couldn’t stand up and tell a bus full of girls to stop masturbating, could he? Here.”

She hands me another beer and we watch the men play poker for a while. It looks like hold-em. There are cards in the middle and they have chips.

“Hundred dollar buy in. Don’t worry, he’s not gonna lose your house.”

“So they just play poker now? It’s like some porn and prawn, poker night?”

“Oh, it gets better. See, I think Greg will win this hand. Doug likes to make sure he doesn’t lose all night. Then he’ll sit the next hand out.”

“What for?”

“You’ll see. Don’t be impatient. Come over here.”

She gets off her seat and walks on her knees over to just below the monitor. There is a piece of high-density foam like a yoga mat on the floor. Watching my naked friend kneel there is what distracted me from it, but once I see it I can’t unsee it. There is a hole in the wall!

“Is that…” falls from my lips. It’s circular and the edges of the wood are meticulously smooth.

“Now she gets it.” Tishy licks her lips and winks. “Now the fun starts.”

On the monitor Greg rakes the chips toward himself and toasts the table. Then he stands and I watch as he walks to the far end of the games room and slips behind a curtained area.

“Trish!” I gasp in whispered shock as a hard cock pokes through the hole. My friend shushes me with a finger to her mouth then does it. I mean it was obviously what was going to happen but still. My friend took this cock in her mouth and started blowing it. She started blowing my colleague Greg! She started bobbing and sucking on Greg’s dick!

I had forgotten to breathe. She watched me as she bobbed slickly on his cock and smirked around his long thin dick. It was a bit like him, I guess. It was pointy and white eryaman escort and Tishy was moaning and rubbing herself. These underpants were destroyed. I was horrified at my own arousal witnessing my friend’s adulterous act.

But he knew. He had to know. Doug had to be in on it. I tore my eyes from the wet sucking right in front of me and looked up at the monitor. Doug was looking at his phone and smiling to himself. Then he raised a thumbs up and winked directly at the camera. He knew! He could see us on his phone.

Paul returned to the table with a fresh beer and sat down beside Doug, and I watched as he quickly glanced around then surreptitiously showed Paul his phone. Paul’s face went scarlet but he smiled, obviously watching Trish suck Greg’s dick through this strange hole. So he…

“He can see us…” I whispered.

Trish pulled Greg’s dick out of her mouth for just long enough to tell me quietly, “Smile hun, you’re on candid camera. You want some?”

She moved Greg’s dick to the side, clearly offering it to me. I shook my head and recoiled, then remembered Paul could see too. Did he want me to do this? Did he want me to blow strangers for him? I should really not be as fucking horny as I am right now though, right? This isn’t what good mums and wives do, is it? But Trish is doing it. And Doug knows. God, we blew so many boys back in the day. It was like sport for us. But this…

“Shh hun, relax.” She slurps off the end of his knob for a moment then really goes to town stroking and bobbing her slobbery way up and down his jerking shaft. There is a sharp short knock on the wall.

I watch as she pulls it out of her mouth just far enough to keep her tongue on the base of his knob and jack him furiously until he slams against the wall and starts spurting in her mouth. In her mouth, on her face, on her cheeks and tits. She points his long pointy cock at herself and she is furiously rubbing at herself as she covers herself in his globby sticky cum.

“Oh god…” She says in a hoarse whisper. “Take that for me, hun.”

The cock is gone. Greg’s cock! It’s gone from the hole and a fifty-dollar note is held there. I take it from the fingers and hear Greg say, “Fucking hell love. You could suck start a fucking Harley.”

Greg never swears. But then he’s not usually just had his cock sucked by an anonymous person when I see him at work.

“Hey if you’re Tiffany, thanks for the lap dance. If you’re the other one, tell her thanks for me. You made my fucking month love.”

On the monitor I see Greg return from the curtain. A couple of the guys must make some smart comment cause they all seem to laugh for a moment as Greg arranges himself back at the table and watches the play of the current hand.

“So…” I try to organise my thoughts. “So, Doug knows.”

Trish nods.

“And he’s fine with you blowing these guys. And they think…”

“They think Doug has organised for one of the strippers to sit at a glory hole for the night.”

“Glory hole.”

She points at it redundantly and smiles, “Glory hole.”


She shakes her head. “No fucking. Just sucking.”

“Just sucking.”

She nods at me, “Come on Maddy. Get with the program.”


“Paul knows too. He can see you on Doug’s phone.”

“Does he… want…”

“He wants you to have a bit of fun. Be a little like your old wild self for a moment.”

“He wants me to suck stranger’s cocks?”

“He told Doug he felt a bit funny about it, but he thought it could be fun. No harm cause no-one knew it was us. It’s not like we’re going to run off and tell people, or start an affair with any of them. Just fun, like when we were clubbing back in the day.”

“I don’t know.” And I don’t. I’ve been married for seven years and in that time, I’ve been tempted but never strayed. The only dick I’ve touched since our wedding day has been Pauls. Not even Dad’s. Is he going to want to play up too if I suck some random’s dick?

On the screen I can see Paul looking at Doug’s phone and frowning. He whispers to Doug and Doug starts tapping at his screen.


[Tell Maddy that Paul says no pressure. He loves her. Eating aint cheating in his books.]

Trish watches me carefully as I read it.

“But what if he… Does he want to fuck other women now, is that it?”

She types on her phone and I watch the screen as they play their cards and my lovely man shakes his head emphatically.

[Tell Maddy just fun. Not cheating. Kinda hot. No fucking.]

Reading the message confuses me and I need to clear my head.

“I need the loo.” I tell my friend. I kind of do. Mostly I need to think. This little room is claustrophobic with the stench of pussy and cum and weed.

“There’s a little porta-loo. A camping thing. In the garage. I love you, Maddy. I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that hurts you or Paul. Just think about it. You can let your hair down a little for a night if you like.”

Her smile is genuine and I know she cares for me. She’s been my besty since grade six when we started at the same school. Her and Clare have been there for all our firsts and all our heartbreaks and all our mischief. The three of us were so damned tight.

I sit on the plastic loo with its funny chemical smell in the corner of their garage and think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32