Playing Doctor with Sandy

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I was surfing through a few websites suggested by Richard’s Realm when I came across a series of pictures that could have been shot in my own kitchen. No, not this kitchen where I sit in front of a lap top and see the reflection in the screen of an older man with a grey beard, but one that I still remember from the late 1950’s. Those strange growing up years of my youth, where boys and girls wanted to be men and women, but it was not quite so easy then. The ” Pill ” was, at least to a 18 year old, nothing more than wishful thinking, and condoms were still called rubbers and came out of vending machines in dirty gas station bathrooms. Sex was something we all thought about, but girls seem to know more because budding breasts and monthly periods required more immediate answers than sticky bed sheets and funny voices.

It was also a time of social and financial distress. My parents had made it very clear that if I got a girl pregnant, I was going to have to get married and any financial support from them would end. Get a job, support the family and forget about going to college, Not that 18 year olds thought much about college, but the boys all knew that college students would not be drafted into the military. There were already rumors of war in Asia, so the double whammy of having to go to work, and that maybe your boss would be a nasty Army Sergeant was enough to consider girls more a threat than a blessing. The Draft Board did not like to tell everyone that Fathers were also exempt, because they did not want to start another baby boom.

I had just gotten home from school and was making myself a sandwich when the telephone rang. My parents both worked and would not be home for hours, so with supper along way off, eating was more important than talking, But the ringing just would not stop. The excited, but also anxious voice of the girl down the street blurted out ” Bob, I need your help.” Sandy was a pleasant girl, and we had gone out together a few times … large groups to the football game, house parties, that sort of thing, but she was apparently more interested in me, or boys in general than I was in her. It was one problem after another, from reasonable requests like giving her a lift to the library on a Saturday morning to the not so subtle ones like when she caught me behind the lockers and said she needed a big strong hand to un jam the zipper on her blue jeans.

“So, what’s the Problem, Sandy? Did you lock yourself out of house again and need someplace to stay for a week.”

“No, Bob, this is serious …. I need to know something, and I am scared. It was my 18th Birthday and we had a party last night. I got sort of drunk, and I woke up in my bed and I was naked. Everyone else was gone. Well, my friends had teased me about getting my cherry popped, and this guy and I got sort of hot, but I don’t know if canlı bahis we did it last night..”

I thought, well better him than me , but I said ” So, what do you want me to do about it.”

She said, ” I was, you know, a Virgin, and now I am not so sure …. and I need to know, and I thought maybe you could see if anything happened .”

Ok, this was going way beyond the stuck zipper, or the constant requests to scratch her back that never seem to satisfy her unless my hand was under her shirt. ” Sandy” I said, ” I am no doctor, and besides isn’t that something your girl friends can help you with ”

No, I don’t trust anyone else to keep this quiet, and didn’t you say that you spent your spring vacation on your Uncle’s ranch helped with the sheep.”

I was about to explain that although the virginal openings of sheep and humans were very similar, it was a given that the ewes were not virgins very long. Then I realized that if I did not at least try to be interested, Sandy might not be quiet. Thanks to some miscommunications with my older sister over who was doing what in the bathroom, I knew what girls looked like with their pants off, but if it got around that I had passed up on this opportunity, I might never live it down. Granted, the actor Gary Grant got a lot of women in bed by hinting that he was not sure about his sexuality, but there are limits about how far you can let your reputation slip. ” Ok, ” I said, ” come on over before my parents get home and I will see what we can find out .”

A few minutes later, Sandy was at the door, wearing a white blouse and a pleated skirt. She said ” maybe we should go into your bedroom .”

“No,” I said ” no one can see us here and we have a couple hours yet before we have to worry about anything. Just take off your panties, and bend over the kitchen table .”

Sandy said, ” wouldn’t be easier for me to lay on my back with my knees up? .”

I replied ” Not if you want me to use what I learned about the rear ends of sheep. Besides if someone does come over, all you have to do is stand up and your skirt will cover you..” My Uncle had in fact given me a lesson about sheep, and let me ” feel up ” an old ewe and a young lamb so I would be able to tell if the ram had paid his first visit yet. He even said that if I had not made up my mind about what I wanted to study in college, it would be nice to have a Veterinarian in the family

We laid a couple seat cushions on the table and after Sandy was comfortable, I lifted the hem of her skirt and folded it up over her back. I also picked her panties off the floor, and noticed that they were damp and had a smell that reminded me of the last time I cleaned fish. The sight of Sandy’s upturned butt with her legs slightly parted did take my breath away for a moment, and made me appreciate that I was about bahis siteleri to do what many high school guys only dreamed about while soiling their sheets. There was the delicate curves of her pale white cheeks that extended down to slightly tanned legs. Her hips were flared, but I could not resist laying my hands on each globe and parting her cheeks to look at her tightly puckered brown eye.

Sandy looked over her shoulder and smiled as she said ” Bob It is the other hole that I want you to look at .”

I was caught off guard for a moment but said ” well maybe your friend wanted to have his fun but did not want to pop your cherry.” ”

No,” she said, ” I am so tight back there that mom can’t even give me an enema without tons of KY Jelly .” Now that I was starting to enjoy myself, I thought that maybe I might teach her how to relax and enjoy a good cleansing, but that is another story.

In her ” doggy style ” position, gravity made the lips of her vulva hang down like a pair of hands in prayer and because they were swollen they were slightly parted, I sat down on a chair and could clearly see the pink cavern that my finger was about to invade. When my finger touched the opening, she jumped a little and then as she relaxed, I was sure that I had heard a little purr. The finger was almost sucked in to the second knuckle, and all I felt was the hot walls of her love tunnel and the slippery goop that she was making.

“I am sorry, but I don’t feel anything .”

She looked over her shoulder and said ” you will have to go deeper to be sure. My doctor said that my hymen was farther in than most girls my size.” I pushed all the way in until my palm was fondling her butt and the fingers on either side of the invader were caressing her lips. She started to shudder a little, but when I reported that I still did not feel any resistance, she was able to murmur ” you need to go deeper.”

When she suggested that I might try something else that was longer than my finger but still sensitive enough to feel flesh, all I could say was ” well if we do that than you will know for sure that you are not a virgin anymore .”

“Bob,” she said ” someone is going to do it, and I would like to think that it was you.” That was certainly not my plan, but by this time I was aroused, and did not care about college or the threat of the nasty Army Sergeant. ” If you look in my purse you should find a couple rubbers .”

When I asked her where she found the rubbers, Sandy just smiled, still bent over to make sure I did not lose sight of what she wanted me to do and told me how a girl friend had kept guard outside the men’s room of a gas station. She said that she put the quarters in the vending machine with the stern note on the front that said ” For The Prevention of Disease Only.” I quickly dropped my pants and canlı bahis siteleri thought for a moment that maybe the bedroom would be a better place to finish this exam, but by then I had been completely seduced and wasn’t going to wait another minute. I fumbled with the package, and after a couple false starts, managed to roll the latex all the way down the shaft. But just when I was at the moment of truth, I got scared and started to go limp.

Sandy saw what was happening and in a move that seemed to indicate that she was a lot more experienced than I thought, she said ‘ ” come around to the side of the table and let me suck on that for a minute. ” I slipped my penis into her mouth while her face was still laying of the cushions and when lips closed around the head, I reached over and let my fingers slide up and down those other lips that also were very red.

She purred a bit and then without letting go, said ” go all the way to the bottom and play with that little knob.” My penis started to grow and ache and just when I thought I was going to fill that rubber, Sandy opened her mouth and cried out ” Oh My God ” and her body started to go into convulsions. She settled down, let out a deep breath, and said ” Let’s Do It

I pulled out of her mouth, and positioned the head of my penis at the love tunnel. I slowly pushed forward until my legs were against her thighs, knowing that Sandy was in total control of this ” exam .” She managed to push herself up on her elbows and said’ ” grab my tits and hang on.” She arched her back and pushed back as I quickly got the hang of forward thrusting. Now I knew why my Uncle’s Ram got so excited when a Ewe came by. We were both pumping in and out and I felt that familiar ache in my groin that used to wake me at night just before the sheets got sticky. I had been hanging on to her breasts, but decided to move my hands to her hips, and on impulse I pushed one of my thumbs into her brown eye that had been lubricated by a pool of sweat. She yelled ” deeper ” and not knowing what she meant, I pushed my thumb into her anus up to the first knuckle and at the same time pushed as hard as I could with my penis. Suddenly, her body shuddered again and her butt pushed into my groin so hard that I was afraid we would fall to the floor. I was not quite done yet, but I thought that if there was a hymen in there, it was certainly gone by now. Months later she would confess that she had broken it while horse back riding when she was 12 years old..

When at last my body triggered a couple final spasms and I filled the rubber, we fell forward and I kissed her neck. Just then we heard the crunch of stone as my sister’s car pulled into the driveway. By the time she opened the back door, Sandy and I were sitting on the seat cushions and we were sharing a peanut butter sandwich.

My sister said ” Hi, learn anything new today?.” To this day, and that was over 40 years ago, I can not be sure how much of the script had been written in advance, but I did learn that sexual aggressiveness is not necessarily just a masculine trait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32