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I was working away from home at our London office pretty regularly these days, and I often stayed with friends while I was down south.

Over the next two days I had a series of meetings, and I had arranged to stay over at Christine and Geoff’s tonight.

Chris and I had a very good relationship and had been great friends for years, but it is true there had always been a slight undercurrent as well, I found her very attractive and I was sure the feeling was mutual. I always looked forward to her greeting hug and her kiss goodbye, and for years we had been flirting gently, squeezing past each other in the hallway or making slightly provocative comments.

Most of the time things were pretty straightforward, of course and I had helped them both with a few business problems, and chatted about all kinds of things. The naughtiest point in our relationship occurred about two years ago. I had been staying in their spare room and she had left a rack of washing in front of the radiator, complete with a line of her panties and bras. She came in to collect them as I was putting my stuff on the bed and I made some not-very-witty comment about enjoying finally getting a glimpse of her knickers. She laughed and threw a pink thong at me, which I tucked under my pillow and said I would save as they were my favourites now. Chris blushed and snatched them back, but she was still smiling.

(And I could not help noticing a flash of pink when she bent over to feed the cat the next day).

I had started out liking Geoff pretty well too, he was very sociable and seemed friendly, but the more I got to know him the less keen I had become. He seemed a bit selfish to me, but I have always been a bit judgmental I suppose. I stayed on good terms for Chris’s sake but actually I had seen much less of her for the last two years or so as she had been pretty involved with Geoff and I had generally become a bit more restrained with her. I did not want to cause any friction with the two of them and I had gradually developed the feeling he was not too keen on me. I have to say it was mutual, he was still as welcoming as ever and quick to give you a drink. But he did not seem to be doing a very good job of supporting Chris, either financially or emotionally, in my view and although he seemed to dote on the kids at some times, at other times he was very short with them. However I wished them luck and genuinely hoped it would pan out for them both.

I had been through a few problems of my own in the past and did not want to make things any more difficult for Chris.

Last time I saw her was a couple of weeks ago, she had put on a bit of weight and had seemed a bit down when I had seen her in town. And so I decided I would drop by and see how things were going, maybe I could cheer her up a bit. I could not get her on the ‘phone so I left a message saying I was around and might drop by the day after tomorrow.

I played with the kids for a while, as Chris got the dinner ready, and chatted to Geoff as she put them to bed. The food was brilliant and we had some excellent wine, we had a fine natter about all our old aquaintances, I had begun to feel a bit guilty about my hasty opinion of Geoff. But as the evening wore on he continued drinking heavily and became a bit more loudmouthed and finally downright rude and condescending to Chris. She was at least as well-read and intelligent as him and yet he twice made boorish comments like “Oh just shut up, you know nothing about it”.

I görükle escort have never been a big drinker and neither had Chris, so we had both switched to coffee. I suppose that the more sober I became the more drunk he appeared to me.

As soon as there was a lull in the conversation, I diplomatically (I hoped), said how tired I was and I if it was not too rude I could do with getting to bed. I heard a bit more muffled swearing from Geoff through the bathroom door, but by the time I was in bed his loud snores were echoing across the landing.

I tried to settle down, but I felt angry and upset at his behaviour and anyhow the noise of his snoring was quite loud. How the hell could Chris sleep with that racket in the same bed?

After a while I got up to tiptoe to the toilet and relieve myself of some of the wine and coffee I had consumed. I stood there trying to decide whether I should flush the loo (and risk waking them up) or leave it unflushed (and risk them thinking I was a pig) when I heard a sound from down the stairs. I opted for the no-flush option and went out onto the landing. I heard it again, a small sound that could only be sobbing, coming from downstairs. For a second I thought it might be one of the kids, but I knew they had an attic room on the top floor and Chris and Geoff had both said many times what sound sleepers they were.

There were no lights on but I crept into the living room and saw Chris curled upon the big armchair, lit by the embers of the dying fire. She was wearing a pair of loose white cotton Pyjamas that I remembered her bringing back from India years and years ago.

“Nice PJ’s I said. ” I see you are getting your 50 rupees worth of wear out of them”

“Actually I almost never wear them anymore, chatting about India tonight reminded me they were in the back of my cupboard” Chris smiled weakly. “What are you doing up?”

“Too much coffee and the sound of the beachmaster did me in” She had studied marine biology and I had once read a paper she has working on about elephant seals, I knew she would get it, she always did.

She giggled quietly, “he is a bit loud isn’t he?” for some reason this was hysterically funny and we both started laughing , but still desperately trying to keep quiet, of course this just made it even funnier and soon my eyes were watering and my side were aching.

“So how are you doing Chris? ” I asked when I could speak again.

” I am too fat to fuck” she muttered.


“You heard me, too fat to fuck, no longer attractive, and no bloody use” to be exact.

I stepped over to her and knelt in front of the fire so my eyes were at her level, I put my hands on her shoulders.

” The pratt, you are the most gorgeous woman, you are sexy, funny, sexy, and generally totally desirable, I always thought he was a fool, now I know it for sure”

” You are very kind, but it is not the way he sees it”, she bit her lip and I could see she was close to tears again.

Chris seemed to be on an emotional roller-coaster, going from tears to laughter and back to tears again in minutes. “Sorry I am so emotional” she said reading my thoughts.

“Listen Chris, you are a smart woman, you must know that you are OK, hell you are the one holding it all together and looking after the kids, Geoff must be crazy as well as stupid, he is really making a mess of things. I hate seeing how he treats you.”

“Thanks for that, you are good friend, bursa görükle escort but I just cannot help feeling down, especially about my weight and being so unattractive”

In the old days that sort of comment would have been fishing for a compliment from Chris, but now she really was messed up.

“Hey, I think you are still the sexiest woman I know”

” I am so fat..-” she started to protest again, but I cut her off.

“Stop disagreeing whenever you get a compliment, it is rude! If I did not think it I would not say it.

Why do you women always think that thin is the most attractive shape? Us men are programmed to like healthy and curvy women with decent tits and child- bearing hips you know. You should feel sorry for those poor anorexic models, not yourself!”

“So you are saying that my husband is an evolutionary dead end then”? She challenged me, but at least she had cracked a small smile.

“Yes, if he can’t see what he has got, I could never stop loving you.”

She was quiet for while and we sat looking into the embers of the fire. I started to think I had just made things worse, and should go to bed, maybe in the cold light of day everything would seem different. But just as I was about to make my excuses she took my hand.

“Decent tits eh” Do you really think so?

“Hard to say, I have never really seen them properly…”. I cannot raise one eyebrow with any conviction but I gave her my best quizzical look.

Chris slowly unbuttoned her Pyjama top, keeping her eyes locked on mine.

I reached forward and cupped her breasts, they were perfectly warm, perfectly heavy and soft.

“Ah well, Not as good as I expected” I said.

“Bastard” Chris threw herself on me and we wrestled to the rug, somehow we seemed to gradually lose the rest of our Pyjamas as we rolled around trying to keep our laughter quiet as we played. I have no strength when I am laughing and it was not long till she had me pinned, straddling my chest.

She began to sway to and fro and lean forward brushing my face with her nipples and softly slapping my ears and then my cheeks with her swinging breasts.

“Ok Ok , you win you have the most gorgeous breasts imaginable, now move down a bit or I will die of suffocation!

Chris slid down over my belly till we were mouth to mouth and kissing hungrily. I had not had a proper snog since I was about 20, my ex had never been very keen, and I felt the years roll away as Chris kissed me passionately and began to grind her hips against me. She reached down and freed me from my straining Pyjama bottoms, still kissing she started to slide my achingly hard erection up and down the groove of her crotch, the thin cotton gusset of her PJ bottoms was soon soaked through from both sides.

” How about my child bearing hips?” she murmured, and climbing off me she tugged loose the drawstring of her bottoms and began to shimmy them down over her hips. She did not take them right off, but turned away from me and pushed out her bum as she eased them down, stopping at mid thigh and giving me a wicked smile over her shoulder. She squatted over me facing away and deliberately reached back and spread the cheeks of her bum. The red firelight gleamed on the wet and swollen lips of her pussy as they parted and she lowered herself slowly towards me.

I guided myself into position and Chris hung her head down as she squatted deeper, and I almost came right there as the indescribable bursa eskort sensation of the first entry overcame me. She was hot, wet, and gripped me firmly as she sat back until her bottom squashed against my crotch.

“Fuck that feels good” she hissed.

” Let’s do it again then” and I cradled her fantastic bottom in my hands and started to move in and out. I was pinned down ad could not move much so after a minute or two I heaved her up, rocked her forward so that she was bent over the arm of the sofa, I could stand up now and she was bent forward with her bum in the air. “you are at my mercy now wench” and I held her hips and started to stroke deep and slow. I had to move slow or I would have exploded on the spot, but I defy anyone to show much self control in that situation and pretty soon I was pumping hard, slapping wetly against her with every thrust and she was moaning and pushing back against me. It did not last long and in a few moments we were collapsed in a heap back on the floor.

If Geoff had walked in at the critical moment I don’t think I could have stopped, but as it turned out as we lay tangled and catching our breath, we could still hear his snores floating down the stairs.

I kissed her hair, her neck and between her fingers.

“I just do not want tonight to end Chris”

” Or me” After a while we had to stir

“Come on there is a downstairs shower in the cloakroom” We crept naked to the little shower room and

Chris got it going and stepped it, I stepped in with her which was a pretty close fit and the water barely covered us both, but we were like kids, soaping each other and generally fooling around. I slid two soapy fingers into her and managed to make her cum again as she stood hanging onto me with her arms around my neck . In the end we had to rinse off one at a time to get all the suds off, and share the one towel to get dry. We dressed in our Pyjamas again and put the kettle on.

Over coffee Chris told me all the details of her life and the gradual slide to the present unhappy state.

“Geoff is not a bad guy, he is just frustrated and unhappy because his business is always in trouble and I think he feels he is not doing very well by me”

“There is no excuse for putting you down though Chris. Belittling someone else small does not make you any bigger.”

“He could never take it if I left him” she voiced the unspoken thoughts we must both have been having.

“Tell him then. Tell him he is danger of losing you if he does not get his act together, tell him that you will not take his drinking or his meanness, and tell him that you will help him financially by going back to work part time for me. -And it is not charity by the way I could bloody well use you.

Give him a few months, and if he sorts himself out then great. If not, well you have given him fair warning. Above all don’t forget that you are a bloody desirable woman so don’t believe any more of that crap from him.”

“That’s a bit of a speech, you are not just trying to get me back to work for you so you can have your wicked way are you?” She said it jokingly but her eyes looked worried. I took her hands.

” I could never have an affair with an employee, you know that don’t you?”

“Oh, so that was it then, tonight I mean?”

“Once you are working for me, yes, at least until you give Geoff his six months, after that we will have to see how things are.”

Chris looked bewildered, and I felt pretty confused myself, was I crazy?, turning down the best thing that had happened to me for years and maybe even helping her get back with Geoff? One thing was certain, we would never forget tonight.

“Of course, tonight is not over yet Chris, My turn on top I think!


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