Pictures In The Nude

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Double Penetration

“I just realized,” said David over the phone, “that I don’t have any naked pictures of you.”

“That’s because I don’t want you turning me into a screensaver at work,” said Julie, her game of Tetris on the office PC suddenly self-destructing.

“You know I’d only use your glistening body for good instead of evil,” said David in the guise of the comic store guy on theSimpsons.

“I don’t know whether to slap you or kiss you,” she said, her jaw fighting the smile on her face.

“Can you do both, naked, while I take pictures?”

Julie knew he was only kidding, that he’d never force her to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with. The thing was; the more she thought about his suggestions, the more they started to turn her on.

“I think I might take you up on that offer,” she said.


“Maybe,” she said, not wanting to sound too enthusiastic. “See you at home. I’ll cook tonight. Bring home a bottle of Chianti.”

“And a few rolls of film?”

“We’ll see.”

That night, Julie arrived home a little early. She wanted to make sure she had enough time to thaw the ground beef and get freshened up. As she dropped her bag on the chair in the bedroom, she noticed the Pentax K1000 sitting in its place on the dresser. It was wrapped up in its black velvet neck strap, looking particularly vintage, and particularly user-friendly. It always took great pictures, and the manual settings gave each photo a personal touch that was more intimate than any digital camera could produce.

She gazed ahead at her reflection as she removed her wristwatch and unbuttoned her blouse. The black lace bra she wore looked severe against the white silk of her opened shirt. David had given her the lingerie for her birthday a few months ago. She had to admit, he had good taste even if he didn’t care too much about fashion.

Julie continued to undo her black trousers, revealing the bra’s matching panties. They were a flattering bikini cut with elegant swirls of lace at the front and a smooth satiny stretch fabric cupping her bottom. The lingerie comfortably secured each curve and crevice of her bust and bottom. She wondered if her figure was burned on David’s brain to the point that he didn’t really need nude photographs of her. The perfect fit of the bra and panties was a true sign of devotion, in her eyes.

“Honey?” David called out. The noise he made entering the door bursa escort and throwing his keys on the table startled Julie.

“In here,” she replied. She quickly picked up her clothes and began to hang them up in the closet.

“There you are,” he said, leaning against the doorframe, his dark hair long and tousled, and his shirt already partially unbuttoned. “And what a beauteous sight to behold.”

Julie winked and continued, nonchalantly, to put her things away.

“Chianti’s on the table,” he said, walking over to her and cradling her from behind. He gently kissed her neck and she smiled, leaning back against him.

“You smell nice,” she said, enjoying the moment.

He caressed the sides of her waist and let his hands wander down to her hips and bottom. Her skin was soft and warm. His blood flowed more readily as she pressed herself against his groin and let out a sigh. She turned around and put her hands around his neck, securing her body to him. They kissed gently on the lips and then again, as their tongues softly played upon each other. David’s hands slid down the inside of her panties and held her bottom in a firm grip. She undid his trousers, letting them drop to the floor, and then returned a grip on his cotton-clad bottom. Stepping out of his pant legs, he rubbed her cheeks and then spread them apart, sliding his fingers along her crevice and teasing that certain hole before moving lower to feel her moistened pussy.

He pulled his hand up and put his moist finger to her lips, then put his own against it, as they both licked her scent off.

“You taste nice,” he said, enjoying the moment.

“What about dinner?” she said. “I was going to cook for you. And then later…”

She looked beyond his shoulder to the camera sitting on the dresser. He turned around to find what she was looking at.

“Oh!” he said with a burst of energy.

His hands left her body to walk over and pick up the camera. He opened the back to find it empty. Julie thought he looked kind of cute with his shirt on and no trousers.

“There’s some film in my bag,” she said, nodding towards the chair.

“Oh, really?” he said. His smile revealed what she’d been hiding. “Are you sure you want to?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Julie walked over to her bag and took out two boxes of film. “Color or black and white?”

“Black and white might be nice,” he mused, bursa merkez escort considering the artistic quality. “Then again, color will capture your pretty pink nipples.”

Julie rolled her eyes and loaded the camera with a smirk. “Ok. Now what?”

“I’m the director?”

“Yes.” She handed David the camera and sat on the edge of the bed. “Be a good director, and I might surprise you with a good show.”

“Well,” he said. “First we’ve got to get in the mood. Are you in the mood? Cuz I’m in the mood. Need a glass of wine?”

“I’m fine,” she said, leaning back on her elbows.

She extended her foot and nudged his groin with her toe. This made him twitch a little, sending blood to his extremities in a quick rush. David snapped a shot of her in this position.

Julie started to laugh. “Are you going to be doing that when we reach orgasm?”

He snapped another shot. “I like how you think, baby. Notifbutwhen.”

She rolled onto her stomach and looked over her shoulder, her black panties giving her bottom a nice round sheen. “I’m remembering how much I hate getting my picture taken.”

“You’re beautiful, baby.” He snapped another shot, then another as she removed her panties.

“Stop sayingbabyafter every sentence,” she said. “It’s creeping me out.”

“Sorry, baby,” he said with a smile. David put the camera down on the bed and undid the clasp to her bra. He rubbed the indent on her back where the straps had been sitting all day. She sighed at the warmth of his touch on her tired muscles and put her head down on the bed. “Feel good?” he asked.


He removed the bra from her shoulders and put it on the floor with her panties. He then moved her hair aside and kissed her neck as he’d done earlier. She let out a soft moan and rolled over onto her back, her breasts exposed and her nipples awakened. She put her arms around David’s neck and kissed his mouth, sliding her tongue inside to touch and rub the tip of his. He unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and took it off, revealing his strong shoulders and arms that could carry her into the night with ease.

“This is better than a picture,” he said.

“A picture can’t do this,” she said, sliding his underwear off.

Her hands then returned to his erection where one encircled it with her fingers, and the other cupped his hot fleshy sac. She once again consumed bursa sınırsız escort his mouth, this time with more passion. He met her kiss with the same intensity, breathing harder from the pleasure he was receiving. His hands felt the length of her back as she sat up to kiss him. She let out a small groan as his mouth and tongue returned to her neck and shoulder. He kissed her earlobe and nibbled it, then whispered his love into her ear. This made her body tingle; the tiny hairs on her skin reached out to be closer to him. Her juices flowed in abundance for him.

She put her hands to his face and looked into his dark hazel eyes.

“I wanna feel you inside,” she whispered.

He obliged, allowing her to turn around on all fours and spread her legs for him. His erection was full on, and his hand cradled it as he stood by the bed behind her. Quickly, he picked up the camera that was to the right of her and framed her in this position. Her glistening pussy was hungry for him as her eyes were. She licked her lips as he snapped the shot and then watched intently as he put the camera back down. Her eyes were set on his until he slid his cock into her from behind, causing her to close her eyes and moan with pleasure. David’s own grunt of satisfaction turned her on even more, triggering the g-spot inside her flesh to soften and swell up.

Her clit became sensitive to the steady motion of their fucking, and she put David’s finger on it, showing him exactly where to rub. The feel of his masculine finger on her femininity thrilled her. As he identified the bit of her that made her moan at the touch, he rubbed it in deft little circles with his middle finger while continuing to fuck her from behind.

The combination sent Julie over the edge with short gasps for breath and a final squeal so endearing, David’s cock couldn’t resist the rush of orgasm, and he burst inside of her.

“Oh…” she sighed, collapsing onto the bed.

David made a noise that was similar and joined her there on the bed. They let their eyes wander as they caught their breath together. Then David leaned in to kiss her forehead and smooth her hair behind her ear. He reached over her and brought the camera between them. He fiddled with the focus and found her apprehensive eyes in the viewfinder.

“I call this oneAfterglow,” he said, snapping the shot.

“Give me that,” she said, taking the camera from him. “I think the ground beef is thawed.”

“Let’s cook dinner in the nude.”

“You mean, I cook naked and you take pictures?”

“You can wear an apron,” he said.

Something about this scenario appealed to her.

“Oh, God,” she sighed. “Where’s the wine?”

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