Picnic Lunch

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We have agreed to meet at the park for lunch. Nothing special, just a little picnic. It is a lovely day for it. Sunshine keeps the day warm. We sit in a secluded spot, not exactly secret, but out of the public view. Our own private area. Lunch is nice and uninterrupted. We talk about not much in particular. You lay down, your head in my lap. Your eyes look up at me as the conversation slows and becomes more personal.

I run my fingers through your hair as I gaze into your beautiful eyes. Maybe something is going to happen? It seems as though the world closes in around us. I lean down and lightly kiss your forehead. My fingers slowly glide around your cheeks and through your hair. You look so incredibly beautiful. You feel my legs slide gently from underneath your head as my kisses move further down towards your neck.

You run your fingers across the back of my head, playing with my hair as I slowly venture down to your shoulders. You feel one of my hands slide gently down your body and tease the top of your pants. You can feel my fingers gently glide underneath your underwear. The excitement grows within you. The position we are in is admittedly a little awkward, but the anticipation builds within you. You hope that my fingers will continue to venture down your body.

You hope that my mouth will follow closely behind them. You can feel your pussy beginning to get wet. I move myself away from you slightly. I look deeply into your eyes. Your anticipation is obvious to me. I digitalbahis yeni giriş speed up my adventure down your body. You feel a finger glide gently along your clit. A pang of pleasure shoots up your body. You know what I want. You can’t help but open up your legs a little to entice me forward.

I sit up a moment. You feel my other hand grip the top of your pants and begin to pull them down. The thought of where we are doing this jumps briefly across your mind but the anticipation pushes the thought aside. You feel the warm air against your legs as your skin becomes exposed. I lean forward and place my head between your open legs. You feel me kiss your hips as I tease you slowly. My fingers move around your body, gently rubbing up and down your legs.

You slide your fingers into my hair in an attempt to urge me forward. You can feel my breath around your increasingly wet pussy. The anticipation builds within you. You enjoy the feeling but find yourself wishing that wait could be over. You try and steer my face between your legs but you can feel me avoiding your pussy, teasing you.

You feel my tongue brush around your thigh. My mouth dances around you. There is nowhere else I can go except for where you want me to. There is a slight pause in my movement. The thought pops into your head that maybe we have been caught, spotted by someone else. The though immediately vanishes as you feel my lips wrap around your dripping pussy.

Your fingers clasp digitalbahis giriş my head and push me toward you. You can feel a finger gently push between your legs and penetrate within you. My pace quickens but you know I can go faster. You push your hips toward my face a best you can, though you are somewhat losing control of your own body.

You can feel an orgasm growing within you. You bite your bottom lip to try to muffle the sounds of your moans of pleasure, to little effect. You are sure nobody can see us, but someone can probably hear us. Your pussy pulsates with pleasure as my mouth makes magic. You loose what little control you had of your body and let out an unrestricted scream of orgasmic sensation.

I slow my pace a little as my mouth leaves your dripping pussy. I slide my hands underneath you and grasp your butt tightly. I roll you over and place you on top of my face. Your legs are still wide open but now you have a little more control over the situation. I stop briefly and gaze up into your eyes. I want some more. Do you have the strength to give it to me?

Now that you are in control you speed your movements up. My mouth plays around your clit as you push yourself against my face. You notice my erection pointing with all its strength up into the air. You wonder what it might feel like inside you. You begin to move your body down my face but the eruptions of pleasure begin to shoot across your body again. You cannot pull yourself away from digitalbahis güvenilirmi me. You feel another orgasm growing within you.

My fingers grip your butt tightly and push you toward me. I drag you closer to my face in an attempt to hear your voice ring out in joy again. You cannot resist it. You try to remain silent but you just can’t. Another scream of intense joy escapes from your mouth as the wetness of your pussy flows all over mine. Your body collapses. I slide my head out from underneath you. As you lie face down on the ground you feel me kiss your back as my fingers caress your body.

My face moves gently up your back, kissing you all the way. You still have little control over your own body but you are not sure you want it any way. You cannot see what is going on behind you but you can feel my hard shaft slide up your leg. You think you know what will happen next. You want me inside you.

You move your arms as best you can to brace yourself for what will happen next. You feel my hard cock slide up your leg toward your gaping pussy, skin bare, teasing you as it approaches. Your mouth opens widely as I slide myself into you.

I push myself deeply into you. There is no slow build up this time. I push deeply inside you. You feel my throbbing cock pulsate within you. You try not to scream out again but you are having so much trouble doing so. I am so deep inside you. The pleasure is taking control over you. You try to stifle the intensity of your orgasm against the ground but you have little success. My pace urges you on further. What little control you had of yourself is gone.

You feel as though your body is an earthquake. My dick pushes deeply into you as we both share a final orgasm. You feel my hot cum explode inside your flowing pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32