Pete Crueman Ch. 1

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It wasn’t one of Pete Crueman’s better days. Here he was yanking on his chain and he didn’t like it. This was the first time in about a month. Pete lives by a few simple rules and one of them is ‘Jimmy gets two workouts a day. No more, no less’. Earlier in the day Pete was at the grocery store picking up a few things when he bumped into Mary Sutton. Mary was wearing a nice pair of tight jeans.

Pete was getting a good look at the airspace between her legs up near the crotch level and Jimmy started to stir. Mary gave Pete a big smile and said ‘My hubby’s still at work and the kids won’t be back until 5 so why don’t you help me bring back my groceries. Pete was only too happy to oblige. He was now staring at Mary’s nipples which were beginning to make themselves noticeable underneath her blouse. Jimmy was now quite uncomfortable under Pete’s pants. When they got to Mary’s house they just left the groceries in her trunk and went straight to the couch in the living room. Pete had is finger checking out the confines of the airspace and Mary was busily undoing his belt. Pete hadn’t seen Mary for about 3 weeks now and she was always hot for a good session. She sure did look good for a 29 year old mother of two.

She had a fine way with a blow job as well. Mary grabbed Jimmy and started raising and lowering her lips. Man that felt good. Pete just laid back for a while and let Mary do her stuff. Out came Jimmy’s spit and Mary had a few droplets in her hair. They got up and headed for the bedroom. Mary got up on the bed and hunched over with her fine but wiggling up in the air. Jimmy was just starting to recover and Pete got up on the bed and started spreading those cheeks wide. He wasn’t quite sure whether he should go for bursa escort hole number 1 or hole number 2. In the end he let Jimmy decide. Jimmy decided he needed to sample both before he could make an informed decision. After a good solid 10 minutes of pumping there was now a small pile of cum on her ass. Both Pete and Jimmy were pooped for a while. That was Jimmy’s first workout of the day.

Pete was 22 years old and he kept himself in pretty good shape. He ran about 5 miles about 3 or 4 times a week. He wasn’t the most handsome guy in the world but he had long wavy black hair and he knew how to shoot the shit so the girls kinda liked him from the beginning.

Pete headed back home with his groceries and he noticed that Carol was home from work. Pete had met Carol a couple of weeks ago and she was a really hot redhead. After their first session she had begged to come and live with him and he said sure as long as she didn’t expect too much. Pete had fucked her silly about 4 or 5 times since then but she was expecting more. When he got home she started asking questions about where he had been. She didn’t really believe the answers. She started to get upset and started to cry. He said to her ‘Look, if this is the way it’s going to be you had better pack up and leave’. She started crying more and said she thought she loved him. Pete said ‘You’re a nice girl and you make good coffee but I’m just not ready to settle down’. Eventually she packed up and left….just like they all did.

Pete went out and cruised the town. But Pete lives in Meriadoc, Ohio. Population 1050. There wasn’t much going on tonight. So he ended up shooting the shit with the boys for a while and had a couple of beers. This put him escort bursa in the odd situation of having nowhere warm and wet for Jimmy to get his second workout of the day. As Pete laid in bed that night he vowed not to let this yanking thing happen again for a long while.

The next morning, Pete did some work fixing up the house he was living in. He planned on selling it for a nice profit after he had fixed everything up. After lunch he headed over to the bank to get some cash. He was thinking tonight would be a good night to head into Dusbury and cruise the bar scene. When he got to the head of the line he ended up getting Faye Johnson as his teller. She was looking quite fine as usual. She gave him a somewhat nasty look and said ‘How come you haven’t come by to see me lately. It’s been over a week’. Pete said “Well I’m here now Ain’t I. Do you want to or not?” She said “Just wait 5 minutes and I’ll be on my lunch break.” Faye was a natural blonde with pale skin and she was just out of college. Pete knew that most of the bank tellers had put out at least once for Artie Masten, the owner of the bank, and also half of Meriadoc. Pete didn’t mind sharing the odd girl with Artie, as long as Artie didn’t find out. Faye and Pete headed over to Pete’s place to get reacquainted.

Faye was one fine piece of ass and Pete planned on giving her a little extra today considering what happened last night. As soon as they got in she turned around and put her arms around him. He was in a hurry, so he just picked her up and carried her towards the bed. She started to giggle. He sort of tossed her on the bed and started removing his clothes. She got the hint and started stripping as well. No tan lines on Faye, just escort bursa white white skin. He laid down and inserted Jimmy into the entrance to heaven. Faye wasn’t really lubed up yet but Jimmy didn’t care he just pressed harder. Man she was tight. After a short time Jimmy was spurting again. Pete pulled out and then started licking her silky skin starting at the lower legs and moving upwards. Faye was really enjoying herself as well. Once Pete reached the honey pot he lingered there for a while. Faye got quite loud. Once she was finished, he flipped her over and pushed Jimmy into the nether regions. He started giving it to her hot and heavy.

He pumped a load right up her ass and they took a break. She headed into the bathroom to clean up a little. When she came out she was surprised to see that Jimmy was ready for more action. “What’s got into you??” she asked. “You just look real good today Babe” He Said. Come over here. Pete started licking and fondling her breasts. Not real large but a nice firm handful. He then slid Jimmy between her breasts and started pumping again. He let Faye have a little nibble as well but he was more interested in a some titfuck action. After a good while he came again. Only a little drop of cum popped out but it sure felt good. Faye had to get back to work … End of workout

for the day.

Pete decided he needed a run and headed out to run five or six miles. As he was returning back home he saw a wonderful sight, A hot looking late teenage girl with nice tight shorts on. And the best thing about her was that Pete had never seen her before. She was in the Houston’s driveway across the street heading towards the house. An older man and woman were unloading some stuff from the car, Probably her parents. It looked like the Houston’s had a hottie for a granddaughter. Pete would definitely have to make a point of dropping in on the Houstons later on in the day. Jimmy was a little tired right at the moment.

To Be Continued…

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