Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect Ch. 04

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Hi there! All of my stories are written to provide a slow but satisfying build. If you are looking for hot sex, straight out of the traps, this is probably not for you 🙂


It was a long, slow six days for Trudy before she saw Eddie again, who was away working in Jersey for the whole week. As had become their habit, they communicated regularly by text during that period but as to exactly what he was doing, Trudy asked no specific questions and he provided no detail.

When Eddie eventually arrived back at Trudy’s cottage, he was confronted by the lady of the house daringly wearing nothing but a small, silk dressing gown. Sweeping her up into his arms, Eddie kicked the front door shut and carried her through to the bedroom. Dumping her unceremoniously on the bed, Eddie fell down on top of Trudy and dropped his lips to hers. Their kiss was urgent, desperate and full of passion. Trudy groaned loudly in protest as Eddie eventually pulled away from her, his breathing fast and shallow.

‘Make love to me,’ demanded Trudy, shocked at her own daring.

‘No,’ smiled Eddie. ‘We’re taking it slowly remember. Can’t I do things the old-fashioned way?’

‘Not when I’m this horny, you can’t,’ complained Trudy.

‘Tough,’ grinned Eddie.

‘I thought you wanted to screw me into submission,’ she challenged.

‘Oh, I do. And I will. Just not now. So, get your hormones under control, get some clothes on and then come and join me for a glass of bubbly out in the garden.’

‘Fine,’ smiled Trudy, knowing she was beaten. ‘I’ll be out in a few minutes.’


Trudy was still getting dressed in her bedroom when a car pulled up noisily in the driveway, followed almost immediately by a loud commotion at the front door. As Eddie answered the front door, the banging and shouting temporarily abated.

‘Good evening,’ said Eddie, his charming smile belying the anger he felt inside, on Trudy’s behalf. ‘The ghost of Christmas past, I presume?’

‘Who are you?’ asked Simon rudely.

‘I’m the ghost of Christmas present,’ replied Eddie. ‘And hopefully also the ghost of yet to come.’ Looking at Simon’s blank face, Eddie felt the literary references were probably wasted on him.

‘But it’s not Christmas. It’s April,’ said Simon looking thoroughly baffled.

‘So it is. How may I help you?’ asked Eddie cordially.

‘I want to speak to Trudy,’ said Simon tersely.

‘Why don’t you sit down on the bench in the front garden,’ suggested Eddie. ‘And I’ll go and find out where she is for you.’ With that, he closed the door firmly on Simon’s surprised face.

‘What was all that noise?’ called Trudy, walking out of the bedroom, straightening her T-shirt.

‘Your ex, I think,’ said Eddie with a lop-sided smile.

‘Oh, for God’s sake!’ exclaimed Trudy. ‘Can’t he take no for an answer?’

‘I don’t think so,’ replied Eddie. ‘You can’t blame the guy though. I know I wouldn’t give you up without one hell of a fight.’

‘Yes, but then you’re not a lying, cheating, good-for-nothing tosspot, are you?’ smiled Trudy serenely.

‘Not as a general rule, no,’ said Eddie.

‘So, the same principles don’t apply,’ explained Trudy. ‘Has he gone?’

‘No, I’m afraid he’s waiting for you in the garden. Would you like me to leave you in peace for a bit?’

‘Certainly not!’ exclaimed Trudy. ‘This won’t take a moment.’ Pulling open the front door, leaving it swinging on its hinges, she strode across to Simon and stood in front of him, arms crossed.

‘What do you want, Simon?’ she demanded. Eddie stood in the hallway, out of sight, not wanting to intrude but equally, not wanting to leave Trudy alone in what had the potential to become an unpleasant situation.

‘It’s been months and you haven’t answered any of my calls. Or my texts,’ he said indignantly.

‘That’s right,’ confirmed Trudy, pleased that she felt only anger on being confronted with him for the first time since she’d caught him being unfaithful. She would have been so disappointed in herself if she’d felt a pang of regret, or worse still, love. ‘When you aren’t friends with somebody anymore, you aren’t obliged to communicate with them.’

‘But I’m not just your friend. I’m your boyfriend!’

‘Nope,’ she said, firmly shaking her head. ‘You are most certainly not that.’


‘Once my trust has been broken, Simon, it can never be repaired. You cheated on me. You clearly don’t think highly of me, but I have enough self-respect to ensure that you are never given the chance to cheat on me again.’

‘But she meant nothing to me. You’re the one I love.’

‘Then I’d say you made a stupid and rather costly mistake,’ sighed Trudy, starting to walk away.

‘You’re cheating on me, aren’t you? You’re cheating on me with him!’ accused Simon, pointing towards her front door, where Eddie had previously stood.

‘As you know,’ said Trudy, quite unable to identify what she ever saw in Simon now and mentally slapping herself for having such a hopeless taste in pre-Eddie men. ‘That statement is wrong bursa escort on so many levels and the only reason you said it was because it’s inflammatory.’

‘What?’ sulked Simon.

‘You are trying to provoke a reaction in me, but I’m afraid if you want an argument, you’ve come to the wrong place. I no longer feel enough emotion towards you to shout and scream. Not love, not hate, not anger. Nothing.’

‘You’ll regret this!’ threatened Simon. ‘Leaving me for somebody who doesn’t have a bean!’

‘I’m sorry?’ queried Trudy. She was working hard to keep her voice steady and calm, but all the same, she could feel her blood pressure starting to spiral out of control.

‘Well, just look!’ said Simon, pointing proudly at his immaculate amethyst blue car; the real love of his life. ‘Look at what I drive, compared to the heap of shit he owns!’ Trudy looked up her driveway and smiled. Simon’s hot hatch did certainly stand out in stark contrast against the slightly rusty but well-loved Landrover, resigned to being scruffy for the rest of its working life.’

‘I’m not quite sure I see your point,’ replied Trudy. ‘I see an impractical car that is practically screaming “Please look at me!” next to an understated, reliable, hard-working vehicle.’ As the words came out of her mouth, it suddenly dawned on her how closely cars could reflect the personality of the people driving them.

‘I drive a Nissan 350Z!’ exclaimed Simon with pride.

‘Which really should have been enough to set my alarm bells ringing immediately,’ sighed a resigned Trudy. ‘Simon,’ she continued softly. ‘It’s obvious that you aren’t getting this, so I’ll try and make myself crystal clear. I am not your girlfriend and I never will be again. I neither trust you nor like you because you cheated on me. I don’t bear you any ill will, but equally, I hope to never see you again either.’

Pausing momentarily, Trudy studied her ex-boyfriend, trying not to laugh at the shocked expression on his face. Taking advantage of his momentary speechlessness, she continued.

‘And with regards to comparing yourself and Eddie based on the cars you own…putting aside how desperately childish that is…if Eddie rode around on a skateboard whilst you drove a Rolls Royce, or had a private jet, or whatever form of transport you deem to be worthy, I would still want Eddie over you. No question. There are some things that money simply can’t buy.’ And with that, Trudy strode back into the house and closed the front door quietly behind her. A moment later, Simon had started up his car and roared away from the house in a fury. Trudy walked towards the back of the house and into the kitchen, where she found Eddie making them both a cup of tea.

‘Did you hear all of that?’ she asked.

‘Every word. Sorry,’ replied Eddie, nodding apologetically. ‘Even the bit where you stood up for dear old Bertha.’ Trudy looked confused. ‘My “heap of shit” Landrover,’ explained Eddie grinning.

‘Bertha? Good God! I’ve heard it all now!’ giggled Trudy.

‘Bertha and I both thank you for your kind words of support,’ said Eddie seriously.

‘You’re welcome,’ smiled Trudy.

‘Trude, I also heard what you said about trust. And how when trust is broken, it can’t be repaired.’

‘That’s right,’ nodded Trudy.

‘Well, I haven’t been completely honest with you,’ sighed Eddie, his head bowed.

‘Have you ever lied to me?’ asked Trudy.

‘No,’ he replied vehemently, shaking his head. ‘But neither have I shared everything I ought to with you. I’ve been holding stuff back.’

‘I know. I’m not stupid!’ smiled Trudy sadly. ‘I don’t even know your surname. For all I know, you aren’t called Eddie.’

‘My name is Edward,’ he replied, gazing deeply into Trudy’s eyes. ‘Eddie to my close friends and family.’

‘Okay,’ accepted Trudy.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, gazing at the floor. ‘I will tell you everything. Soon. I promise.’

‘That’s fine,’ sighed Trudy. ‘When you trust me enough, I know you’ll share whatever it is that you’re hiding. And until then, I just have to pray your secret isn’t anything too awful.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘Well, that you aren’t actually an axe murderer, or recently escaped from prison, or a Morris Dancer,’ she shuddered. Eddie made his way quickly across the room and took Trudy in his arms.

‘I am none of those things,’ he breathed, dropping his lips to hers. Groaning, she opened her mouth to him and responded with enthusiasm.

‘Any sort of criminal behaviour?’ murmured Trudy, breaking their kiss.

‘None,’ breathed Eddie, into her mouth.

‘Serial Bigamist?’ she offered. ‘Or even just married to one woman?’

‘Nope,’ he grinned.

‘Sex worker?’ queried a grinning Trudy.

‘Negative,’ replied Eddie smiling, nudging his nose against hers.

‘You could be,’ she giggled. ‘I’d definitely pay!’

‘Fortunately,’ said Eddie. ‘My services are entirely free of charge and available only to you.’

‘That makes me extremely lucky, I guess,’ breathed Trudy, winding her fingers through bursa merkez escort Eddie’s hair.

‘I guess,’ he mimicked. Now, how about we go and eat dinner, before I am forced to consume your delightful body?’


Having enjoyed a delicious meal, Eddie and Trudy sat companionably, sipping the last of their wine. Much of their time was spent grinning at each other, regularly finding their gazes locked for far longer than necessary.

‘Right,’ he said, pushing back his chair and standing. ‘I’m just going to do some preparations.’

‘Preparations?’ she enquired nervously.

‘Yep,’ smiled Eddie, casting a cheeky wink in Trudy’s direction. ‘Come through to your bedroom in five minutes.’ Dreading to think what he was up to, Trudy nervously glanced around her bedroom door shortly afterwards, to be confronted with a pile of cushions in the middle of her bed, covered with a huge, soft bath sheet. There was also a bottle of baby oil warming up in a bowl of hot water.

‘I’m going to need you entirely naked for this,’ he murmured, gently removing Trudy’s T-shirt and skirt and managing to remove her underwear without ravishing her body.

‘Now, lay down,’ ordered Eddie once she was standing naked before him.


‘Face down, with your head on the pillow,’ explained Eddie. ‘Your ass high in the air. Your legs spread wide. Mmmm, perfect,’ he groaned as she followed his instructions. ‘Jeez, you’re gorgeous.’

The sight of Trudy willingly open and submitting to him was almost more than he could handle. Dripping baby oil into his large hands, Eddie placed them at her shoulders and commenced an amazing massage which had the effect of entirely relaxing her.

‘Oh my God,’ she sighed ecstatically. ‘You are incredibly talented!’

‘I’ve got to have some skills, don’t I?’ smiled Eddie, placing pressure either side of Trudy’s spine and allowing his weight to transfer through to her tense muscles.

‘Aaaaaah,’ she groaned. ‘I’ve got a feeling you have quite a range of skills. I think I’m in heaven.’

Eddie’s hands slowly migrated, kneading her buttocks, teasing her inner thigh with soft, feather-like strokes and dancing across her legs and across her feet, causing Trudy to moan a great deal. Once he deemed her entirely relaxed, Eddie reached for the baby oil once more.

‘Ready?’ he asked teasingly.

‘For what?’ she sighed groggily.

The first thing Trudy felt was a few drops of warm baby oil landing on the small of her back. Due to the angle of her body, the oil ran in rivulets back towards her shoulders. A second set of drops fell immediately afterwards, this time into the cleft of her buttocks, where the oil penetrated down past her perineum and ran across her wide-open pussy lips and onto the towel below.

‘Oh!’ gasped Trudy.

‘Nice?’ smiled Eddie, squeezing another dollop of warm baby oil onto her body, to slide against her most intimate areas. Trudy groaned throatily and opened her legs slightly wider in response. Sitting between her legs, Eddie placed a hand on each of Trudy’s buttocks and slowly allowed his thumbs to follow the path of the oil, running them down Trudy’s cleft, gently stroking past her anus towards her pussy lips.

‘Eddie!’ she gasped. ‘You can’t touch me there!’

‘I can’t?’ queried Eddie, stroking his thumbs back up to her perineum. ‘You mean there?’ With a gently circling motion, Eddie took great pleasure in feeling his oily thumbs slide tenderly across Trudy’s body.

‘Seriously!’ stuttered Trudy, almost unable to speak.

‘Just relax and enjoy it,’ smiled Eddie. ‘It’s nice, isn’t it?’

‘Oh God! Yes! But…’ moaned Trudy, her eyes rolling back with pure pleasure.

‘Sshhh.’ Eddie continued to gently massage her, before widening his massage area to include Trudy’s tight anus.

‘Eddie! You really can’t do that!’ exclaimed Trudy, her hips convulsing with shock.

‘Mmm, I definitely can, Sweetheart. And that was a very half-hearted attempt to stop me,’ he grinned. ‘Has anybody ever done this to you before?’ he asked, gently putting pressure against her tight circular muscle with the tip of his finger. Her body began to clench desperately, trying to prevent his entry.’

‘No!’ Trudy cried out.

‘No, you don’t want me to do this? Or no, nobody has ever touched you like this?’

‘The latter,’ groaned Trudy, the pressure still being maintained by Eddie’s finger. Suddenly, much more oil was dribbled between her buttocks and ran unhindered across her trembling body. Eddie increased the pressure with his finger, whilst his other hand slipped down to Trudy’s sodden pussy lips.

‘You can clench your muscles to try and prevent my entry as much as you like,’ smiled Eddie. ‘But with this much oil involved, you’re never going to be able to stop the inevitable.’

‘Oh Fuck!’ she groaned, as Eddie began to stroke her pussy, whilst his finger slipped marginally inside her ass.

‘Mmm, there we are. Just breathe, Sweetheart,’ smiled Eddie, as gently applying more pressure, bursa sınırsız escort Trudy’s body accepted more of his oily finger. ‘Good girl.’

As he gently slid his finger further inside her body, Trudy seemed to have substituted speech with guttural groans. Eddie’s other hand slipped further round to find her clit, where he gently applied exquisite pressure until she roared out in a desperate, uncontrollable climax. Without letting her rest for a moment using his skilled hands and inquisitive fingers, Eddie then drove Trudy through an intense set of orgasms which left her speechless, dizzy and panting wildly. Finally, once he felt sure that her energy reserves were entirely depleted, he removed himself carefully from her shaking body.

‘You really should not have done that,’ murmured Trudy.

‘Mmm, you’re welcome,’ he grinned. ‘What are your views on trying a butt plug next time?’

‘Eddie!’ gasped a shocked Trudy.

‘Don’t try and act innocent with me, young lady,’ smiled Eddie, rolling her body flat on the bed and pulling the covers over them. ‘I need you to be honest with both me and yourself. If you like something, say it. If you want to try something new, let’s try it. I want to be the one person who gives you exactly what you need. And then some…’

‘What about you?’ murmured Trudy, her exhaustion level making it almost impossible for her to stay awake.

‘What about me?’ he countered, twisting around to turn off the lights.

‘What about your pleasure?’

‘I get pleasure from touching you. From making you come,’ explained Eddie.

‘When do you get to come?’ she queried.

‘That’s up to you, isn’t it?’ smiled Eddie, standing up.

‘Now?’ asked Trudy hopefully.

‘No, not now,’ he replied. Despite her exhaustion, Trudy could sense that he was removing his clothes and her heartrate soared. As he returned to the bed, she realised with a massive thrill that for the first time, Eddie had removed all of his clothes. Lying behind her, he pulled Trudy close, the oil drenching her skin causing them to slide against each other.

‘Mmmm, that feels nice,’ he sighed, moving fractionally so that they could enjoy the amazing sensation of their two naked bodies gliding over each other. Every so often, Trudy recognised the feel of Eddie’s hard, solid cock catching against her thighs or buttocks causing her body to jump with expectation.

‘I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself,’ growled Eddie. ‘Lay on your back. Open your legs.’

Suddenly alert, Trudy quickly and willingly obeyed his instructions as he knelt between her legs and allowed some of his weight to rest on her. They both groaned at the unexpected sensuality and as Eddie dropped his head to tenderly kiss her, he began to glide his body against hers. Positioning himself carefully, he slid his amazing cock directly over Trudy’s clit, causing her hips to buck as she cried out in unexpected delight.

‘Mmmm,’ murmured Eddie, against her mouth. ‘I’ve got to do that again.’

‘Please,’ groaned Trudy as her legs automatically wrapped around his back. ‘I want you inside me. Please.’

‘Too soon,’ he sighed, continuing to slide his oily body across hers.

‘You’re kidding me? We’re not going to make love?’

‘Depends on your definition of making love,’ said Eddie quietly, continuing to rock his hips to provide amazing sensations for them both. ‘I personally think this is one of the most incredible experiences ever, but we aren’t having sex today, no.’

‘You are the biggest tease I’ve ever met,’ growled Trudy. ‘I’m not sure I can take this much longer.’

‘Anticipation makes the ultimate pleasure more intense,’ he murmured, sliding back down her body. ‘Besides, it won’t be long now,’ he smiled. ‘I promise you’ll soon know what it feels like to contend with my thick cock inside you. To feel it stretching your desperate, tight body. To grip me hard whilst I slide inside and drive you through your wild, frantic climaxes.’

‘Jee-zus,’ she breathed. ‘Are you trying to make me self-combust here?’ Eddie chuckled.

‘My poor Trudy,’ he smiled. ‘Now, how about a few more orgasms for me before we fall asleep?’ Smiling at Trudy’s uncomprehending groans, he slid further down her body and gently wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking her gently into his mouth.


Trudy and Emma sat in their normal positions, on opposite sofas, happily chatting in Emma and Daniel’s home.

‘Can I ask you something really quite personal, Em?’ said Trudy quietly.

‘I’m your best friend,’ grinned Emma. ‘If you can’t ask me, who can you ask?’

‘OK, have you ever used a butt plug?’ she said, blushing furiously. Emma’s wide grin gave Trudy her answer before she even opened her mouth.

‘Yeah,’ giggled Emma. ‘Why do you ask?’

‘Um, because I haven’t,’ said Trudy awkwardly. ‘And Eddie suggested…’

‘What did Eddie suggest?’ asked Daniel loudly as he came clattering into the room. His piercing blue eyes flashed with mischief as he took a large bite of the cheese sandwich in his hand.

‘God, you’ve got ears on elastic!’ complained Emma, grinning at her husband.

‘Well?’ said Daniel chewing.

‘A butt plug,’ she replied. Trudy’s face drained of all colour. As Daniel chortled from the doorway, Trudy glared at her best friend mouthing EM-MA at her furiously.

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