Paula’s Discovery Pt. 08

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The Club enjoys “Slut Night”. Part 8 in the “Paula’s Discovery” series.

By the time the guests were seated at their assigned tables, Passion no longer felt self-conscious in her outfit. Although this was the shortest skirt she had ever worn in public, the admiring looks from the guests and the gentlemanly demeanor of the crowd put her at ease.

Misti and Samantha, having previous experience, instantly fell into their roles, using their charms to entice bidders to examine the items on “their” tables. Passion and Jasmine, although a little awkward at first began to get in the game. The trick, Passion found was to cast off the inhibitions she had developed in the professional world. Tonight, touching, standing close and moving her hips as she walked around the table became standard tools. It was fun, she had to admit, to be someone and something different with no repercussions.

Passion watched Jasmine as she made her transition and Passion saw that she might need to step up her game. Jasmine’s figure was a natural for the outfit and she seemingly found some reason to get her hands on everyone who came to her table, especially those with athletic builds.

After a quick pass at each of the tables and a trip to the bar, the guests moved to their assigned table, the lights lowered in the room and a spotlight highlighted the speaker’s podium.

As the room quieted, Bob stepped up to the microphone and thanked everyone for their support in the past years. Bob was a natural impromptu speaker, a pre-requisite for any company President and the group obviously respected him and applause was warm and sincere.

Finishing his comments, Bob introduced Randy as the evening’s host and Randy’s big frame moved easily behind the podium, dwarfing even Bob’s presence.

As Randy began his remarks the screen followed with highlights of the careers of each of the five honorees. Passion, sitting in the back with the other girls appreciated Jasmine’s additional comments; her sports IQ many points above the other three girls.

There were two honorees from the NFL, two from the NBA and one from MLB. Passion even admitted that the names at least sounded familiar. Randy had each honoree stand briefly as he began the tribute for each. All five, despite some gray spots, had maintained their physiques and the well-tailored suits were fitted to perfection.

All five seemed comfortable and most, Passion learned, had moved into broadcasting for a time at least, after they left the field. After introducing one of the NFL honorees, as Randy mentioned his Super Bowl win a decade ago, the honoree turned to the crowd and said, held up his right hand and said, “I wouldn’t have this ring if Randy hadn’t been hurt.” “No way would we have out-scored Chicago that year.”

There were laughs and applause and Randy acknowledged the comments humbly.

As Randy finished the fifth honorarium, the screen moved to photos of kids all over the country playing and enjoying themselves. Randy proudly said that over 200 kids had received college scholarships as a result of their participation in the Hastings Foundation sports programs over the years.

Randy smoothly moved to the introduction of the auction and explained the bidding process and reminded the guests to save a few dollars for the highlight of the evening; the auction of the five autographed game jerseys donated by the honorees.

Next, Randy smiled and introduced Penny to a huge round of applause. Randy acknowledge Penny’s assistance at every prior “Auction of Champions.”

Penny stood and walked to the podium to huge applause.

Penny, as smooth as ever reminded the guests to use their bidding numbers and after introducing and thanking Anne, Jane and Rob she asked the four girls to come forward.

Passion surprised herself by enjoying the walk, knowing that every eye was on the four girls. She was confident in her appearance, comfortable now with the situation and without thinking she let her hips roll inside the tight short skirt.

As the girls lined up to applause and whistles, Penny began to introduce them.

“Jasmine is joining us this year for the first time and I know all of you will enjoy a trip to her table and seeing what she has to offer,” Penny said, the double-entendre bringing shouts and whistles.

Penny continued, “I am sure you will remember Samantha from last year and although she set an individual record last year, it’s a whole new game.” The room cheered and applauded.

Moving to Misti, Penny said, “..and of course, a tough competitor every year, you know you will be able to score some terrific items with auction crowd favorite, Misti.”

Before Penny could move away, Misti grabbed the microphone and said, “If you want to see action, come to my table.” The crowd loved it.

Penny smiled and continued to Passion. “Guys, I know you will enjoy getting to know Passion, our other rookie.” As enthusiastic responses began, Passion got her game up and bursa escort reached for the microphone.

“Size matters to me guys, and I’m here to find out who has the biggest….wallet.” Passion said with perfect timing. The crowd exploded like after a buzzer beating win and Penny knew it would be a big evening.

The girls walked back through the room and taking a lead from Misti, ran their hands over as many shoulders as possible.

The video screen began a video highlight reel of the honorees and the lights came up around the tables in the back of the room as the girls went to work.

Passion found herself busy and bidding began to increase. She did her best to tease the guests and the attention she received flashed her back to her younger days. In between interactions with the men she noticed the others showing off their best and Passion noticed Samantha enjoying pressing her chest against her guests and grabbing their arms whenever possible. Jasmine was completely engaged and her small size worked to her advantage. As she reached across her table her skirt rode up her tight little butt. She also noticed that one of the honorees, a basketball champion, seemed to be spending a lot of time at Jasmine’s table. If it weren’t for the heels of her boots, Jasmine would have been two feet shorter than her admirer.

Passion noticed the video highlights had ended and the screen now had a “leader” board displayed. The five girl’s names were listed in order of the present total from their iPads. Passion’s third place score was disappointing especially when she saw that there was a zero next to Penny’s name.

She needed to step up. She found that bidding was a full–contact sport and as new guests approached her table she linked her arm in theirs and she pulled their arms into her chest. She borrowed Jasmine’s move and found every excuse to bend at the waist.

Anne approached and told the girls it was time to get ready for the jersey auction. Anne collected their iPads and the girls assembled a few steps away from the crowd. Jane approached with a tray and handed each girl a fresh glass of wine, their fifth glass of the evening.

Anne smiled and looking at Jasmine and Passion said, “Penny likes to change outfits for the main event.” Her smile hinted that the “Club” had a surprise for the new girls. Passion could see Misti and Samantha smiling.

“Follow me”, she said.

The girls slipped out the side door and down the hall to the locker room.

As they entered the locker room, they stepped to their lockers and opened the doors. A large jersey was hanging in each locker. Passion laughed when she thought of wearing the huge garment. Pulling the hanger out of the locker she noticed the logo of an East Coast basketball team. She remembered the tall black honoree who had worn it to a championship a few years ago. He had placed several bids at her table.

Anne had planned carefully and Jasmine had the smallest jersey, a button-front baseball jersey from the all-star second basemen. Small by comparison to the others it would still cover more than the cheerleader outfit. Passion wondered what the sly looks from the other girls meant.

Anne soon answered that question by handing each a shopping bag with frilly perfumed paper inside and a shoe box.

Anne explained, “Penny knows the jerseys aren’t very flattering so she wants you all to be able to maintain your focus for slut night with something exciting to wear underneath.”

Passion pulled the paper from the bag and as she removed the gold adhesive sticker holding the wrapping together she shrieked as she saw a black lingerie set. Black stockings with seams up the back, tiny black thong panties, a matching garter belt that covered her hips and a lacy bra; at least it had straps and some lace. Passion was not sure it would cover her nipples.

Jasmine stared blankly at the almost non-existent panties, a small white satin triangle with tiny straps. The top was a sheer lacy number with a single ribbon tie above her breasts.

Samantha held up a pair of black panties, with a matching bustier. Passion wondered if it would contain Samantha’s generous chest.

Misti was, predictably, given a red outfit. Mostly red, at least. Loose tap panties with a loose camisole top with black trim and tiny shoulder straps. Thigh-high stockings completed the look.

Samantha and Misti were smiling at the “rookies” and Samantha said, “It’s no fun if we don’t have a few surprises for you this evening.”

Anne scolded the group and said we’ve got to get going, they can’t wait forever.

As Passion stripped off the cheerleader outfit and slid on the expensive lingerie she felt her body tingle. She knew she would feel excited as she modeled the jersey, the erotic pleasure of knowing the men would be wondering what was underneath the jerseys.

As Passion fastened the garter belt around her hips she felt sexy and the movement of the garter straps across her thighs escort bursa as she moved her legs was a new exciting sensation. Although similar to the white set her sorority sisters a gave her at her wedding the sensations tonight were different.

Of course everything fit to perfection.

As Passion reached into the bag for the shoe box, Heather appeared and with comb and some hair spray touched up her earlier work. She handed Passion tissue paper and asked her to wipe off the lipstick she applied earlier. Heather bent forward, touched up her make-up and then applied bright red lipstick.

As Heather moved to work on the other girls, Passion opened the shoe box. Inside were a shiny pair of pumps with at least a four inch heel and ankle straps with shiny gold buckles. As Passion slid them on her feet and fastened the buckles she felt sexier than she could remember, even more than during her Caribbean adventure with Tom.

She stood carefully and turned to the full length mirror on the wall.

She didn’t know the woman looking back at her. Her nipples pressed out against the cups of her bra and the dark edge of her areola was visible just above the low cup. She paused as she let her body enjoy the sensation and then turned to grab the jersey and pull it over her head without touching her make-up. The jersey came down to just above her knees but the contrast against the black stockings and the “fuck-me” pumps was erotic.

As Heather was applying the same red lipstick to Misti, Samantha looked at Misti and said, “That’s a good shade for you.”

Misti said, I’ve closed a lot of deals with this shade, “Cock sucker red, I believe it’s called.”

As Anne told them to hurry up, Penny walked into the locker room. The click of her high spiked heels on the concrete caused the girls to look in her direction. Penny was wearing a football jersey; the one donated by the gracious but outspoken Super Bowl champion who acknowledged Randy’s achievement.

Compared to the other girls, whose jerseys hung over them like a tent, Penny almost filled up the chest of the her jersey.

Penny spoke, “Thank you again girls.” “We’re on pace for a record year so let’s really sell this main event.” “They’ve closed out the silent auction and they’re waiting for us.”

The girls followed Penny and Anne down the hall and stood in the hallway at the door to the conference room. Passion was on fire as her body felt the new sensations of the lingerie against her body under the large jersey. She could feel the tender skin from her wax session and the tiny thong stimulated her as she moved. She thought, “I could orgasm right here.”

As Anne caught Randy’s attention, she saw the lights in the room go down and the lights in the front come up.

She heard Randy say, “Ok guys, these jerseys have seen some action on the field but they’ve never seen action like this.”

Then she heard Bob say, “Let’s give a big welcome to Penny and her team.”

At that, Penny turned, smiled at the others and stepped through the door. Misti, knowing the drill, let Penny get about ten yards ahead and then she made her entrance. The noise in the room was as loud as any home stadium could be.

Passion waited as Samantha stepped through the door and then allowing the same interval, she stepped into the light. As she entered she could feel every eye on her. She felt a change throughout the night and what she first felt as admiring glances now had increased sexual tension and she knew that every man there now saw her as a fuck-toy. She was alive and her body was responding as if she could take on the whole room. Moving carefully on the high heels, she relished the swing of her hips against the garter belt and felt the stockings stimulate her legs as she walked. She couldn’t resist accentuating the swing of her hips.

As Passion joined the others, standing now in a line at the front of the room she turned to watch Jasmine enter. Passion did not recognize the sensual creature coming toward them. It certainly was not the quiet girl, nervous at the spa yesterday morning. She moved sensuously and with each step and the encouraging approval, her stride changed.

As Jasmine turned to face the crowd, the men cheered enthusiastically.

Finally Bob took the microphone and said, “These jerseys never looked better.” “There will be five lucky guys taking these jerseys home to their collections but every time you look at it, I bet you won’t think of how it looked on the field.”

The crowd enjoyed the joke and then he continued. “We promised you autographed jerseys and if you look closely, and believe me, I am,” he added as an homage to Groucho Marx, “none of these are autographed.”

“Let’s get our honorees up here to correct that,” he directed.

As the five athletes rose from their table and approached the ladies, Randy met them and handed them a black marker.

Passion felt tiny as the almost 7 foot tall man towered over her as he stood escort bursa behind her. As she looked to her side every one of the girls were dwarfed by the athletes behind them. As the girls stood the men stepped in front of them and politely signed the jersey across one of the front shoulders. The man in front of Penny got laughs as he took an unusually long time deciding where to sign.

Randy took the markers and then Bob said, “How about a little baseball guys?”

Bob motioned for Jasmine and her honoree to step next to him and he said, “The bidding starts at five thousand, let’s see who are the baseball fans here tonight.”

As Randy and Anne struggled to keep track of the current bidder, bidding was brisk and the jersey finally sold for $18,000.

To strong applause and congratulations the second baseman thanked Jasmine and he rejoined his tablemates.

Each of the jerseys was sold in sequence and as the screen behind showed the grand total for the evening, Bob thanked everyone for exceeding the evening’s goal.

Now with a sly smile, Bob turned to Penny and handed her the microphone.

Penny said, “Congratulations to the five lucky winners,” and paused for applause from the group.

“If you’ve been to other Auctions of Champions you know that the jerseys are sold “delivery included,”” she said and the room cheered.

“Let’s have Misti start things off,” she directed.

Misti smiled and stepped forward as the room lights were turned up. Randy read the name of the winning bidder of Misti’s jersey and a small man, probably in his late 70’s raised his hand, Misti smiled her red lips and walked sensuously through the room to his seat. She stopped, stood in front of him and slowly raised the jersey over her head. To wild cheers she folded the jersey carefully and then bending deeply at the waist, placed the jersey in his lap and gave him a playful kiss on the cheek.

Knowing what was coming next, Passion, looked out the corner of her eye at Jasmine and she was staring wide-eyed at the action.

As Misti slowly walked through the room to rejoin the girls, Passion saw Jane and Rob watching from behind the bar. Jane was standing in front of Rob and she appeared to step back against him from time to time.

Passion snapped back as she heard Penny call her name and her body pulsed knowing that she would soon be standing in front of a large group of men, wearing almost nothing. She surprised herself by looking forward to it, her inhibitions forgotten.

As a tall attractive man raised his hand near the front of the room, Passion smiled and began a sensuous walk to where he sat. She was even more excited as she saw that he was probably in his early forties and very good looking. She walked to him, putting her hand on his shoulder, she moved around behind him allowing her fingers to trace across his neck. Moving slowly in front of him again, she turned away from him and slowly lifted the jersey over her head, bending slightly to give him full effect of her “Stripper ass” in the tiny thong. Still facing away from him she carefully folded the jersey and turned slowly to face him. Smiling, she stepped to his side and carefully placed the jersey in his lap. Her hands lingered on his thigh and discretely slid under the jersey to fondle what she discovered to be, a nicely sized cock. He maintained his composure and not even the man in the next chair noticed.

Passion walked back to her place now with an exaggerated stripper stride, and turned back to face the group.

Her nipples were stretching against the cups of her bra.

Penny next called on Samantha and the excited bidder waved from the back of the room. A well-built black man, Passion was sure she recognized him from watching football on TV with Tom.

Samantha walked through the room to admiring glances and then she stood behind her winner. Placing her hands on his broad shoulders she leaned forward giving him a sample of her full chest. As she bent forward she let her hands slide down the front of his chest.

She then slowly moved in front of him and lifted the jersey over her head. Fully in front of him now, she stood erect, thrusting her ample chest out, the tops of her breasts exposed almost to the nipples. She took the jersey in one hand and extended her arms out to each side which further accentuated her chest. She paused and then with a smile released her fingers and dropped the jersey into his lap. She bent forward and kissed his cheek and rejoined the others.

Passion was struggling to contain her excitement and watching the show behind the bar as Rob commandingly pulled Jane against him. Passion could almost sense Jane relishing his control.

To her left though, Passion smiled as Jasmine knew she would be called next and wondered how she would respond.

The winning bidder was a young man, perhaps late thirties, well-dressed as were the others and with light blonde hair similar to Jasmine’s. He was more animated than the others and as she walked toward him he turned his chair away from the table so that he could face her directly.

As Jasmine walked to the lucky man, it was obvious to all the girls that little Joni was nowhere in the vicinity, this was all Jasmine.

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