Patty’s Lace Ch. 13

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Double Penetration

Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to the story of a mountain girl making it in the big bad city.

Chapter 013 Birthday Boy’s Breakfast!

“Patty! Good to see You!” Olivia said, “I’ll be with you guys in a minute!” As she quickly walked by.

Setting up the diners with their meals, Olivia scurried around getting the set up for Patty’s group. Pouring the coffee, she grabbed a fresh bowl of creamers along with glasses of water and arrived at the table.

Young stood and Patty slid out of the booth. She hugged Olivia and sat back down as Olivia asked, “What are you guys having?”

The ladies asked for breakfast bowls, all the way. Young asked for a ham and cheese omelet with potatoes on the side and Sarge asked for steak and eggs, medium rare, with potatoes also.

Olivia put the order in and came back. Patty asked if Matteo was working and she answered, “Norton’s cooking, paying Mattie back for the other night. Then asked, Hey, you remember that drunk chick?”

“The bridesmaid?” Patty answered.

Olivia said, “Yea, get this, she came back in looking for that slip, it was pretty funny. She also asked if she did anything embarrassing.

Patty asked, “Oh yea, she did, what did you tell her?”

Olivia answered, “I told her that I believed the slip went out in the morning garbage, it was pretty trashed. I also answered that she did but didn’t give any details. Her name is Amanda. She’s a regular in here, and a really nice person. She really wants to know what happened, so we are going for lunch today.

“That slip cleaned up, nicely and fits jusssst right.” Patty said. “Tell the story.”

Olivia spoke up saying, “Get this, it’s a no shitter and happened on the night I met Patty. Matt and I were working, and Patty was hanging out. A couple stumbled in, both really drunk and dressed in formal wear. He had on a tux, and she had on a long peach dress.

This chick was so drunk she couldn’t even make through the door. He grabbed her hand as she staggered around, and she fell to the floor. Her dress went up showing off her slip as he grabbed her hands, trying to pull her to her feet. As hard as she tried to get up, she just fell back on her ass, giggling. Her dress hiked up a little more each time her ass plopped down on the floor showing more slip, until she slumped over to one side. Take over Patty, I’ll be right back.

Olivia poured more coffee and asked if the group at the other table wanted desert. A couple did and the other wanted ice cream.

“So here this chick is, drunk off her ass, laying on the floor, giggling, right over there.” Patty said. “Her dress is up around her knees and her slip was tangled in her ankles.

She’s laying on her side in the floor squirming around like an inchworm giggling with her guy trying to get her up and she says, get this, I’ll just have breakfast here.”

Everybody laughed as Olivia passed by giggling, saying “I told Ronnie that was his next fare. He wasn’t happy.”

Patty continued to speak as Olivia scooped ice cream and cut pie. “Yea, but he fucked her in the back seat of that cab, so he got some happy. Anyway, Olivia and I dragged her out of the floor and poured her into this very booth.

She couldn’t even sit up, she just stretched out on the bench. She pulled her dress up her thighs, then started on her slip. Nobody, even her date, could understand what she was saying as she abused her pretty slip tossing it around and jerking her lace then pulling on it while she squirmed in the booth. It ended up on top of her thighs when she gave it a break.

Patty nodded at Olivia as she passed by and asked, “What did you say about her condition?”

Olivia said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy!”

“Ohhh yea” Patty said laughing, “That was after I said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk.”

Everybody laughed as Olivia set the tray on the table behind them, and said, “Betcha she felt like hell the next morning”

“Take over, Olivia,” Patty said.

Olivia asked, “What did you call her?”

“Stork Woman” Patty answered.

Everybody laughed including Olivia as she said, “Still wish I had those legs, instead of these short stubbies.” rubbing the side of her thigh making Her skirt ride up and down.

Patty noticed the pretty robin’s egg blue slip lace as it flashed from under her waitress uniform as Olivia continued, “What did you call where she was going?”

“Why, you have gorgeous legs,” Quinn chimed in, “So shapely!”

Olivia smiled at Quinn saying, “Thank You” and looked down.

“That was a really pretty dress she had on,” Patty said then asked, “Going commando?”

“Yea yea, that was it,” Olivia said then walked away when the other table asked for the check. “You won the bet though” she said, then took care of the table.

Sarge chimed in saying, “Bet?”

Patty took over saying, “Yea, hahahaha, Olivia and I bet she was going commando, I won and still have that dollar.”

Olivia passed by to ring them out saying, “Don’t spend bahis siteleri it all in one place,” Laughing.

“Well, was she, did she have panties?” Quinn asked.

“Olivia found out, she can tell you how.” Patty said as Olivia passed back by with the cards and receipts. Pretty smart though what she did. That chick was having all kinds of problems, she spilled water and coffee down her legs soaking that slip, and I about fell out when her guy asked if she needed an operator’s manual for her fork. She ate about half her meal and that slip ate the rest. The bacon grease stains were the hardest to get out.

Everybody laughed again, even Olivia as she passed to hand back cards and receipts, saying, “That was pretty good when you called her a dark corner woman.”

Patty laughed and said, “Well, she looked like a dark corner woman.”

Quinn asked, “Dark corner woman?”

Patty answered, “I think she was. Those two were at a wedding and you know what happens in dark corners at receptions.”

Quinn giggled and said, “Yea.”

Olivia thanked the other table and said goodbyes, then walked back to the birthday table saying, “That dress is still too wild for me.”

Patty replied, “You would be wild too, if you were getting jerked, pulled, and snatched around like that dress and slip was.

How did you find out she was going commando? Quinn asked.

“Ohh that was simple,” Olivia said, I had open toe flats on like these, so I just ran my toe up the sole of her bare foot and up into the booth her legs went up showing all to the world, hahahha”

Everybody laughed and Patty said, “Take over.”

“You won that bet, no panties. Between her date in the corner and Ronnie in the cab, she took two sausage rides in that dress and slip.” Olivia said then asked, “Did that slip haul two loads, Patty?”

“Yep, one in her lace at the top of her slit and one up by her waist. Patty said. But they are gone now along with the bacon grease, egg, butter, and coffee. I dunno where the soy sauce came from, but it’s gone too. She literally had the whole kitchen staining that slip.” She is just about pristine again, though.

Norton shouted, “Order up!” as the group laughed

“Good, that is a glamourous slip,” Olivia said, “Be right back.”

Patty spoke up as Olivia grabbed the tray of food then returned, “Surfer guy did Olivia right though.”

Olivia said as she placed the food, “Yes he did, Breakfast bowls for the ladies, Ham & Cheese omelet for You, James and a Medium Rare steak with eggs for You, Sarge! Potatoes all around, Enjoy!

“Ronnie had to carry her out to the cab, and when he returned, he had her slip and gave it to me.” Patty said.

“She’s looking for both those guys,” Olivia said. “She has no idea who they are.”

“WOW, way too drunk.” Patty said.

Olivia turned the chair and sat as She, the Birthday Group and Norton were the only ones there saying “Like I said, she’s a regular in here, a high-class lady and such a nice person when she is not drinking. She is a little too nice turning into a complete slut when she is though. Amanda says she is finished drinking, we’ll see.”

“Hopefully so” Patty said, “Or at least slow down, hey, we have a Birthday Boy here!” Patty said.

“We do? Who?” Olivia asked.

“James” Sarge said.

Olivia asked, “How old are you?”

“The big 30” Young replied.

I’ll be right back! Olivia said, taking off into the kitchen. In just a moment she was back out winking at Patty as she sat back down.

A couple of guys walked in as Olivia sat and she said, “Be right back.” Taking them to a table, she hugged both of them and they sat down. She set them up, coffee and water and took orders as the birthday boy and his group finished their meals. She put the orders in and returned to them, freshening coffee & drinks, picking up empty plates, then scurried into the kitchen.

Coming back out with a birthday cake, candles and all, Olivia set the cake in the center of the table, handing Sarge a lighter, asking, “Will You do the honors?”

“Sure!” Sarge said, as he started lighting the number candles.

“Well, let’s see if I can do this,” Olivia said as she moved the chair out of the way. Striking a sexy pose, she started singing Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe style. Olivia was a little off key but singing very good as she danced seductively at the end of the table.

Patty noticed that Olivia’s wild slip lace couldn’t stay under her skirt as she sang and danced. Patty guessed Van Raalte or Fortune. She would have to ask Olivia.

Olivia added a Boop, Boop, de, Boop to the end of the song, took a bow, and kissed Young’s cheek. Everybody applauded as Young blew out the candles while Olivia set out luncheon plates then cut the cake, serving it to them.

“Only four plates?” Sarge asked, “Where is yours, Olivia”

She looked at him and shrugged.

“Go get a plate, girl! You can help me with this,” Sarge said, pointing at the large piece of cake filling the dessert plate.

Looking at Patty he said, “Patty says I need to watch my girlish figure anyway” and winked.

Patty canlı bahis siteleri smiled wide and her eyes sparkled while everybody else laughed.

Olivia said, “Ok, ok” Be right back.” giggling as she got a fresh pot of coffee and a plate.

Sarge waited for her return and cut his piece giving half to Olivia, “Yep, this is a rare one, can’t let a figure like this get away, the perfect dad bod!” He said patting his belly.

Everybody giggled and laughed, ribbing Young about being an old man and that they were surprised he made it this far. Patty thought about growing old with him.

Sarge popped up and said, “This guy is nuts! Tell ’em what you did between The Nav & The Force, Cowboy!”

Quinn asked, “The Nav?”

Sarge answered, “The Navy,” and kissed Quinn’s Sweet Lips.

Quinn asked after, “What did you do, James?”

Ohhh, “I was a Corpsman, I.D.C.”

“What’s that?” Patty asked.

“I.D.C. is Independent Duty Corpsman” Young said and continued, “I was also Greenside, a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, which simply put is a Combat Medic with the Marines. If the stars would have aligned right, then Sarge and I could have been in the same unit. Him in command with me as Doc.”

Patty thought of how her independence was sliding down a slippery slope, but also felt something she had not in a long time. She felt she was with family, and this felt good. A smile crossed her lips and her eyes sparkled as she lay her head on James’ shoulder.

Sarge chimed in with, “Yea, a pecker checker!” The guys laughed.

Patty kissed Young’s cheek and said, “WOW! My Marines!”

Young corrected her, “Nay, Sarge is Semper Fi, I’m just a Squid”

“No, You’re Doc,” Sarge corrected Young, “Ohh-Rah”

They reached over the table and fist bumped, Young had a smile on his face and all the ladies looked at the guys with respect and admiration.

“But what did You do after? Between the Nav and the Force?” Sarge asked Young then said, “This guy is nuts” laughing.

“Rode Bulls” Young said, “Worked the circuit a couple seasons”

“C’mon man, don’t be so modest.” Sarge said continuing, “This guy, this nut made it to the NFR in 2015! Went to Vegas!

“WOW!” Olivia said then asked, “What is the NFR?”

“NFR is National Finals Rodeo, where Champions are made!” Sarge said.

“So that’s why everybody calls you Cowboy!” Patty said as she finished up her cake.

They cut up some more until everybody was done and Olivia brought the check. The ladies just about fought each other and Sarge for it, but he won. Handing his card to Olivia, she went to ring them out as Quinn said, “You got the check, ok. I’m getting the tip!”

Quinn and Patty slapped a twenty on the table at the same time, looked at each other and giggled.

Olivia brought the card and receipt back. She hugged James wishing him a Happy Birthday and kissed his cheek. Turning to Sarge, he grabbed Olivia, lifting her up and spinning her as she giggled like a schoolgirl, her short stubbies kicking and slip lace flying from under her uniform. Sarge set her down and she kissed his cheek as Quinn and Patty watched with hands on hips. Sarge looked at them and said, “What?”

“We have biz to take care of,” Quinn said as she grabbed Patty’s arm and they headed for the restroom.

Sarge said, “We’ll be out front” as they turned to the door. Passing by the table with the guys sitting enjoying their meal, one stood up, snapped to attention and said, “Semper Fi, Gunny.”

Sarge looked him up and down for a few moments as any good Gunnery Sergeant would then said, “Semper Fi, Marine, Carry On!”

With this the guy sat back down and continued his meal.

The ladies looked into the large mirror, chatting and adjusting themselves. Quinn said to Patty, “That’s quite a guy you have there, You two are a cute couple.

“We both have quite-a-guys” Patty replied as Olivia walked into the restroom, turning to walk back out.

“C’mere you,” Patty said as she grabbed Olivia’s arm.

“What! What did I do?” Olivia asked.

Patty answered, “You made my night with the way you took care of our Birthday Boy, Thank You. I have a question though.”

“Fire away” Olivia said, smiling.

Reaching over, Patty picked up Olivia’s skirt exposing most of her slip’s lace and asked, “Where did you get little Miss Gorgeous there and what kind is she?”

Quinn chimed in, “She is very pretty, such a lovely color.”

Olivia answered with a sigh of relief “I found her at a little thrift store, ran by a church over on Hope. The thrift shop has been turned into a community center since. I loved that little thrift store.

“This is Vintage Vanity Fair,” Olivia said and added as she hiked her skirt for a better view, “We all look about the same size, you guys can borrow her if you like.”

“Then, you can borrow mine also, you’ll have to come by sometime and get a look at them. I loved that little church store also.”

“I’m up for that” Quinn chimed in, “We can have a regular lingerie party, borrow or trade!”

Patty and Olivia said, “Sounds like Fun!” at the canlı bahis same time.

Quinn asked, “Can I get your numbers? Mine is 555-555-1212”

Olivia dialed then Patty and everybody was ready to party.

Quinn stepped out as Patty hugged Olivia saying, “Thanks again, You made this night special.”

Olivia said, “Thank You, those two are special guys” as they broke their embrace.

Patty replied, “Yes they are, The Dynamic Duo! Take Care.” as she stepped out of the ladies room.

Stepping out the front door of The Pantry just in time to hear Quinn say, “Those are bad for you” as she snatched the cigarette out of Sarge’s hand and took a drag.

Quinn gave the cigarette back as Patty asked, “What do you think this is? 4:20?”

Young said, “Maybe 4:20 in the morning” as he took Patty into his arms.

Quinn chimed in with, “I wish it was. c’mon Honeybee, let’s blow this pop stand!” Looking at Sarge.

Hugs and Good Nights all around, Sarge & Young fist bumped as Sarge said, Happy Birthday!

“It is” Young replied, as everybody headed for the cars. The AMG fired up and the top went down. Quinn squealed the tires as she and Sarge took off with the horn blowing.

Young fired up the Stang leaned over kissing Patty and said, “Thank You.”

Patty replied, “For what?”

“This, all of this, and for being, You” Young said.

“I’ll keep being me, don’t know anything else, Cowboy, but You need to thank Sarge for all of this, I Love You.”

Young took her delicate hand, kissing it and saying, “I Love You, and will thank him, but I ain’t kissing him!

Patty burst out in laughter as the Stang took off, burning rubber heading for Patty’s Place. As they went past the station, Patty said, “Maybe you should park the car here if you can while not on duty. Our place is only a few blocks away and I don’t want anything happening to such a cool car, while it is parked in the street.”

“Good Idea” Young replied, as he spun the Stang around. Finding a spot in the fenced lot, he grabbed his badge wallet. They walked hand in hand across the lot to the officers only door. James scanned his I.D. asking, “Our Place?” as the door buzzed.

Patty got that shy schoolgirl feeling, saying, “If you want it to be.” shuffling her feet with her hands behind her.

James smiled wide, taking her in his arms, kissing her luscious lips. Patty took this as a yes and started making plans for their place in her mind as he scanned his I.D. again.

The door buzzed and in they went.

Walking the halls to the front, Patty said laughing, “Ohhh, I’ve never seen this part of the station, I’ve only seen the booking room and lock-up!”

Young took her in his arms kissing those gorgeous lips and said, “Criminal”

I’ll be your Bonnie, you be my Clyde! She replied.

Easterbrook said, “Excuse Me.” Young and Patty moved to one side to let her by. She took a couple of steps, turning back to say as she looked him up and down “You know this area is off-limits to civilians, James.” then turned and walked down the hall, swinging her well rounded ass in a uniform with a skirt.

“We are just passing through, who is on the desk?” Young asked.

She stopped and replied with another look. “Sergeant Wright.”

Young said, “I need to let him know my car is in the lot. Be Safe.”

Easterbrook looked Patty up and down as she, “Have a good night, James, and have fun, happy birthday!”

By the look in Easterbrook’s eyes as she spoke to Young, Patty got the feeling that she may not be off-limits for him and also tried to place her. Patty knew she had seen her somewhere, not in uniform, but could not think of where.

They made it to the front and Sergeant Wright said, Young, I thought you were off, Happy Birthday! Hi Patty.

Young said, “Thanks. Hey, my car is in the lot. Is that, ok?”

Wright handed the vehicle log over the desk and replied, “The Mustang? Sure, just log it in so it does not go to main impound. I like that car, she looks fast.”

Young took the logbook and found a nearby desk, as Patty & Wright chatted. She asked in a low tone, “You coming later today?”

“Sandra & I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Johnny Rockets, right?” He asked.

She replied, “Yes, on Hollywood in Highland Center. Don’t let the cat out, it’s supposed to be a surprise.

Wright nodded, as Young can back with the book, setting it on the desk. He said, “I’ll put a note up too.”

“Thanks, Have a good night,” Young said.

“About that time” Wright said, “Have a Good Birthday!

Young put his arm around Patty’s shoulders as they walked out the sliding front doors, turning up the quiet street toward their place as the sun started to rise. Making it upstairs in just a few minutes, Patty asked to be unzipped.

Young did happily, then she turned, and they kissed. Slow dancing to no music their style, really slow, loving on each other. He lifted and took her to the bedroom as she kicked off her shoes.

Tossing her into the bed of slips as she giggled, she grabbed a few, tossing them at him as he took his shirt off tossing it at her then scooped up the silky slips from the floor tossing them at her. This started a slip fight as they tossed the lacy delights at each other until Young jumped on Patty, and they loved on each other with abandon.

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