Patty’s Lace Ch. 07

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Rest & Relaxation

Arriving at The Pantry, Patty paid and asked Ronnie if he was coming in. Right after he said. “Sure” the Motorola gave him a fare to pick up. He said, “Well, maybe later” as they got out and he took off.

Olivia was off tonight, so an older lady named Doris set her up with coffee. She wasn’t as fun as Olivia, so Patty just decided on coffee as she was only here to bring Mattie to work. They chatted and laughed, then he kissed her and went to punch in.

Ringing Ronnie up on the phone, he told her it would be at would be a couple hours as he was heading for Long Beach. Good time to see if Mick’s phone worked. “Hell, I may be able to sell another slip to him” She thought as she dialed the phone.

He answered and when realizing who it was, said. “Ohh Sheila, I mean Patty, I’d love to, but I’m off on Wednesdays.”

Hmmm, who is left, Ohhh Cindy! Patty dialed and Cindy answered. They chatted for a minute and Cindy said, “Sure I’m right around the corner, I’ll be coming from Good Sam on Wilshire. See You in about twenty.”

Cindy arrived and stepped inside to let Patty know she was there, Patty asked if she wanted anything and she said, “A Diet Soda would be good, but let’s get it to go.”

Doris fixed the Soda and freshened Patty’s coffee into go cups as Patty went to the kitchen door and called for Mattie. Kissing him deeply as he held her in his arms, she told him how wonderful he was and she wanted more of him, soon. Paying for the drinks and dropping a tip, Cindy and Patty were out the door.

As they pulled away, Patty asked, “Do you mind if I ring You for a ride?”

Cindy replied, “Ohh gosh not at all, I thought You may have found an all-night thrifty though,” giggling.

“When are You off next?” Patty asked.

“Not until Monday,” Cindy said.

“WOW Long Haul, it’s only Thursday morning! How about a Thrifty Monday then?” asked Patty.

Cindy said, “That would be Fantastic! I’ll come pick You up! What time?”

“You choose, I have all day,” Patty replied.

“Ten AM too early?” Asked Cindy.

“Not at all! Thrifty some, Do Lunch, Thrifty some more! Sounds like a plan!” Patty said.

“Then it’s a date!” Cindy said pulling up in front of Patty’s building, “And I’m already looking forward to Thrifty Monday!”

Patty paid Cindy, “$20 for the ride, $20 for You,” she said stepping out. Looking in the front passenger window, she said, “So am I, Take Care, Be Safe, and See You Soon!”

Climbing the steps to her place, she remembered something and took off running. Opening the door she turned on her net radio and hit the number 2 tune button. Enter Sandman by Metallitca came on, WAVE 104.1 out of Myrtle Beach played it every night around this time and Patty was glad she didn’t miss it. It was followed up with Def Leppard’s Armageddon it, to which Patty just had to sing the chorus. then Shoot to Thrill AC/DC, and Sweet Cherry Pie by Warrant, Patty knew they just knocked it outta the park with the bases loaded. She rocked her living room, tossing her dress in a corner and dancing in her gorgeous Ashley Taylor full slip then jumped into her place at the bay window when the Grand Slam ended.

Opening the laptop, she browsed a couple of news sites, same old political bullshit. “They can all just kiss my ass,” She thought. “At least Steve is funny when he does his stream. I just don’t see how he can deal with those dickheads all the time though.”

There was a knock at the door and Patty thought, “What the hell? Who is here this time of night, and they better have a good reason.”

She looked through the peephole, opening the door and there was The Dynamic Duo as she called them, Sarge & Young. Stepping in Sarge said “Good News, I have a visit set up with my people for Tuesday morning, 11am. You answer the door all the time just wearing a slip?”

“Of course not, This is just for my guys,” She said running her hands over the slip, then asking. “Would You like some coffee?”

“Sure,” they both said, so she went to the kitchen and started a pot perking. Kicking around, she found some honey buns and asked if they wanted any. No was the reply, so she brought just coffee.

“Two and Two, Right?” Patty asked.

Sarge replied “Yes.” Patty fixed Sarge’s coffee and took a seat on the couch by Young. Patty kissed his cheek and put his hand on her lace as he continued. “I’ve seen You running around here in some pretty snappy business style suits when You worked my streets, so dress to impress. These people don’t fuck around. They can make you, or break you, so don’t you fuck around.

“Speaking of,” Sarge said. “Who was here last night?”

Patty looked him in the eye and said, “That is none of Your Business.”

Sarge looked right back and said, “I’ll decide that.”

Patty jumped görükle escort up, took a couple steps toward him, yelling as she poked his chest. “YOU’LL DECIDE! YOU’LL DECIDE SHIT!” Lowering her voice into a rock steady combative tone she said, “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it! You come here and have the audacity to ask who I’ve been with? Lookee here, Buddy, I’m a grown woman, not your little girl. I’ll have who I want to have here. Hell, if I wanna bring the Dodgers up here and fuck them all, I’ll do it and you mother fuckers won’t have a damn word to say about it! You’ll decide my ass!”

Sarge jumped up and told her, “Remember, Your fine ass is still mine, Don’t test me, little girl because the door on that jail cell is still open. Who is that guy, and don’t tell me You picked him up on my streets.” He said, giving her slip a hard jerk by it’s lace. “If you did, I’m hauling your ass in wearing nothing but this pretty slip, You got it?”

“I’ve heard that shit before,” Patty said, “But if You must know, He is a very good friend, no I did not charge him one red cent, and no I did not pick him up from Your streets. That’s all You need to know.” She said sarcastically putting her hands on her hips as she stared at him.

Staring back Sarge said, “You have spunk, You have backbone, That’s what I like about You. Now sit your ass down.”

“Growing up little sister to three brothers, I had to, so I could survive!” Patty grumbled as she sat by Young and plopped his hand on her lace.

Sarge held up some fingers saying, “Three, I can see they didn’t stand a chance, Wildcat” and started laughing as he took a sip of coffee.

Patty said, “Yea” and started giggling.

Young just looked dumbfounded, knowing something just happened, but wasn’t quite sure what.

“Tell me more of this meeting,” Patty said.

Sarge replied, “We have set You up so You will not be working the streets, not my streets, not anybody’s streets. You will be working a club, but not just any club. At this place, You can pull more down in a three day week than you could in a month fucking your brains out. You ever hear of Katz?”

Looking at Young, Sarge asked him to go do a check call on the car radio. When Young did so, Sarge looked at Patty and said, “Listen, I’m gonna be straight up with You. First, You are right, I can’t tell You who to be with and who not to be with, but I know one who really wants to be with You. We came by last night and found You busy.” Patty looked down, at her feet as he continued. “Even though You two are not together, he was really hurt not being able too see You”

Patty looked up at Sarge, then stood up and hugged his neck saying, “I understand, and I want him also. I will do better, Please do not tell him of this conversation” She kissed his cheek and sat back on the couch.

Sarge smiled and went right back into his conversation about the meeting as Young walked back into the door. “The people You will be dealing with and see will surprise You. They are the ones that make this group very strong and also ones not to be mentioned under any circumstances. I would also find a good gym, if I were You.”

He stood up and started to the door. Patty jumped up blocking his path saying “Now wait a damn minute, it’s not that big” as she snatched her slip to the side, looking at her fabulous bubble butt with the slip tight around it.

Sarge said, “Very Nice, go for Cardio and Pilates, I’ve arranged an advance for you, if needed” as he walked around her, giving her ass a pat.

Patty patted his belly, saying. “You could use a gym yourself, Buddy. I’m good, use it for Your membership.”

They looked at each other for a moment and he said “Good Night, Wildcat” laughing.

She backhanded his backside and said, “No doughnuts for You, Good Night” giggling.

Young stood as he opened it and Sarge walked out saying “We’ll be by about 9am, Tuesday, remember, dress to impress. You have our numbers, if You need anything. Sleep Well. He closed the door leaving Young with her.

They looked at each other for a few moments and she moved to him, kissing his cheek. He took her in his arms kissing her deeply and she felt that shiver in her spine knowing that right there was where she wanted to be. After a few minutes of kissing and petting as she pumped her hips into him she stepped back, looking him up and down smiling Young said, “Good Night & Sweet Dreams”

Patty found herself saying, “My Dreams will be of You” as he closed the door.

She jumped into the bay window and was already fucking her sensuous slip passionately as she watched him get into the driver’s seat and the cop car pulled away. Jumping out of the window, heading to bed, she intended to fuck that gorgeous slip to shreds. It stretched and strained as Patty pulled on it while fucking it intensely until a strap broke sending her into orgasm. She bucked wildly on the bed until she returned to reality settling down and cuddling up to Flipper. Thinking about the day and him, she went to dreamland bursa merkez escort with a smile on her face.

Waking up to bright sunshine streaming into her room, She wondered what to do today. Cuddling with Flipper as she went through the day to come. “Only Thursday?” She thought wishing it was Friday. First was going to be breakfast, then maybe some clean-up or on-line shopping. “Better yet, I’ll just see what the day brings” she thought, cuddling with Flipper until she decided Breakfast Time!

She jumped up and the side of her slip with the popped strap, fell down uncovering her boob. Looking at it, she rubbed her snatch with the slip’s silky body as she went to the kitchen. She dropped her pretty slip to the floor as she watched the coffee pot perk, then picked her up and dunked her.

Going for a shower, she looked at the overflowing hamper and decided cleaning was the plan of the day after breakfast. Her place, what was in the hamper, everything was going to get cleaned. Stepping from the shower, she grabbed a flowing Light Plum Vanity Fair Lace Piquant half slip and pulled it up her legs. Going topless she had a bowl of Apple Jacks with coffee and set about cleaning after.

First was the hamper. It took two trips with the dish drainer full to get all the lingerie to the kitchen. The other clothing would go to laundry after she filled the line with slips. Separating them out of the drainer, she cleaned and rinsed until it was full again. As usual, the slip she was wearing was dripping wet and soapy. Dropping and rinsing the half slip out, it went on top.

She grabbed some Sweet French Knickers and a Vassarette Signature half slip flowing and lacy putting them on. Finding a Black Biker T-Shirt under her full slips, She had no idea where it came from but it was nearly new and clean, so on it went. She pulled, hung a slip, pull hang, pull hang and Steve opened his window.

“What’s on for today?” he asked as she hung slips.

“Laundry and Cleaning, YaY!” She replied.

“YaY, he said. ” I love that style of slip you have on, such gorgeous lace. Did you find my note?” He asked.

“Yes, I love these also” Patty said. “Did you find a fun one?”

“She was a little too fun” He said in a low tone.

“Ohhh did You?” She asked.

A little embarrassed he said, “Yes”

“It’s Ok,” Patty said, “I’ll be right back” She went to the kitchen a grabbed her half full plastic squeeze bottle of solution. Coming back, she tossed it to him, asking “Did You put her in cold water to soak?”

Missing the catch the bottle went in his place, he said, “Yes”

“Go add this to the soak, in a stainless bowl if you have one, if not, plastic is ok.” She said.

He said, “I’ll be right back. Thanks for understanding” Returning he asked. You wanna come over, sometime today?

“Sure” Patty said. “I have to go to drop off laundry, how about after?”

“Sounds Good” He said.

They chatted until the line was full, mostly about the slip she was wearing. Stepping back inside she said, “See you in a bit, behave” as she pointed her finger, giggling.

Shrugging his shoulders, he replied, “What’s behave?”

Finding a strapless bra, it went on under the shirt, and a black flowing skirt went up her legs. Pulling on her Sunflower Boots, she put her laundry in a bag, grabbed her clutch and off she went. Carrying the bag over her shoulder as she walked by his building, Steve came out.

“Great Morning for a walk, gimme that” He said.

She handed him the bag. Up the street and around the corner they went to drop it off.

“Eighteen Pounds, It can be ready later today if You want, That will be $36.” The lady behind the counter said.

Patty gave two $20s saying “There’s no rush, keep the change”

They chatted as they walked the four blocks and went in his building. Up in his place, he fixed her some tea and they chatted about his internet show. His living room furniture consisted of a large desk with bookshelf behind, just the desk chair and a couple of barstools on the kitchen side divider bar. There wasn’t much room to get around. She sat down in his chair and he pushed some buttons on the keyboard.

Patty watched herself pop onto the screen, he stepped back and pushed some buttons on a remote, changing the camera angles. Patty noticed some white lace and pink fabric behind her, and reached around grabbing a pink Vanity Fair Lace Piquant Full Slip with white scalloped lace. It unfurled as she shook it out, saying, “Hey, I remember when You borrowed this one!” She looked over her pristine slip.

“Yes,” He said. “She has been right there the whole time.”

“Well she is too pretty to keep hidden in plain sight.” She said, as she arranged the slip on the shelf looking at the different camera angles. Letting a ribbon strap hang over a little bit, one angle showed her butterfly lace bust pretty good. Another showed the scalloped lace at her hem while a straight on shot showed the strap and her silky body good bursa sınırsız escort with glimpses of white lace if someone was paying attention. “That is a good place for her.” Patty said.

“You wanna see the rest?” He asked.

“Sure” she said. They went to his bedroom and she sat on the bed as he opened a drawer. Tossing a folded satin full slip to her, she let unfurl in her hands and said ” Oh My God! So Gorgeous!”

Steve asked, “She is nothing compared to one of yours, want it?”

“Yes Yes, Please!” She replied.

“She’s Yours” he said.

Taking the slips from the drawer, he set them in front of her, saying “Take any you want.”

Looking through the pile of Stunning Full and Half Slips, all of them ended up with the satin one. “I can’t believe You have such excellent taste in lingerie! I expected to find plain slips, not beautiful ones like this! You are going with me, next time I go shopping!” Patty said then asked. “What are you doing Monday and where did You find these?”

“A couple on-line, most at consignment shops, a few at the thrift stores” he said.

“You must show me where they came from! I never find ones like this on the regular sites! Also, take me to these consignments, they must be really upscale!” She said.

“They are” He said.

She also found some of hers, A full slip and three half slips. Tossing them unfolded back into the drawer from the bed. She said, “Remember, No Creases!”

He found a box and they put the formerly his slips into it, She stripped to her taps and put the Vassarette Signature half slip into his drawer. Putting on the drop-dead gorgeous satin slip he tossed to her in it’s place, she smiled twirling in the full length mirror behind the door as he admired her. “Let’s check the one soaking.” She said.

Swishing her slip around in the bowl she picked it up and said, “Ohhh Wow, You did make a mess of her.” She poured out the water, rinsed out the bowl and squirted some solution directly into the spots that took the cum. She was actually being careful not to get the 5-Star Adorable Satin Slip she was wearing wet. Leaving her mini in the bottom of the sink, they laughed at vids and each other for about a half hour, until he said, “Where did the day go? I stream in about 15 minutes, You wanna hang around?”

“Sure, I’d like to see a pro from behind the scenes!” Patty said.

“How about becoming part of the show, going on camera?” Steve asked.

She said, “Ohhh, I dunno about that.”

“Up to You,” He said. “Who is Patty is becoming a thing, though. Look at the comments from the other day until now.”

She did and said, “WOW! Ok, I will but just for a moment.”

Sounds good, “I’ll intro You about halfway through.”

As he started the show, Patty went in his bedroom putting on her skirt and biker shirt.

Going into the kitchen, she went to pick up the bowl but dropped it. It clanged and made more noise than a freight train, it seemed. Steve just calmly switched from politics to saying “Guess who is here? Patty! Hey, come say Hello!

She took a step forward, then looked down. He said, “C’mon over and say Hi” as her skirt dropped to the floor. He went silent, as her biker shirt went over her head and dropped on top of it. Walking over into the view of the camera in the Stunning Satin Full Slip, She gave a shy wave and just said “Hi” then moved him in the chair and sat on his lap.

The chat box for the stream went nuts, with all kinds of smile and heart emojis along with comments about how gorgeous Patty is and about the slip she was wearing as the donate sound played cha-ching over and over. She looked around, then at him as he resumed with the topics with his arm around her waist.

Patty paid attention to what he was saying, nodding but keeping quiet. As he moved into the next subject, she kissed him on the cheek and stood. As she moved out of the camera’s view, the chatbox went nuts again with emojis and comments as the donations poured in.

Rinsing her slip, she went in his closet and found a hangar with clips, and her slip went to dry hanging from the shower curtain rod. She put on her skirt and shirt, then kissed his cheek again, waved at the camera, and out the door swinging her fabulous ass with the box of slips she went.

Up in her place, she dropped the skirt and t-shirt. Firing up the laptop, she watched Steve’s stream sitting in her big bay window, reading the comments in the chatbox gone mad. They moved so quickly, she couldn’t read them all. Most were about her beauty, some about the slip from female viewers with questions like “What kind is it? Where can I get something like it? Some were even about the topic Steve was covering.

He gave Patty two thumbs up, and she returned the gesture. She could clearly see the pink Vanity Fair on the shelf behind him and so could others as a few comments were made about her.

She watched and put a few comments in on the subjects Steve was covering until the live stream was finished. Jumping from her favorite spot, she climbed out the window to her balcony.

As she removed her slips from the line, Steve asked if he could come over. Patty said, “Sure, I’ll make coffee!” She put the dish drainer full of slips on the couch. In just a few minutes, he was at her door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32