Paradise Isle – The Pony Pt. 03

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Paradise Isle, The Pony, Pt 3

(fetish, ponyplay, ponygirl, consensual, D/S) Pony life

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read the previous parts of The Pony, first.

Scott was there, waiting, when Antonio shuttled pony Summer into her little stable. And from the look on his face, it was immediately clear that he loved her new nipple jewelry. She was relieved, although still embarrassed by the big rings dangling from her poor nips.

“Welcome home, pony. How was your day?” he asked pleasantly and facetiously. He knew he wouldn’t receive a response, and from the look on her face she had had a rough one.

His eyes never left the shiny rings skewering her nipples. They looked big, rather than delicate, and their presence in her buds seemed to make them look bigger too.

He followed the chains that were connected to them, up to where they were linked to her bridle. Damn, he thought, I doubt if they feel good to her.

Summer blushed under his scrutiny.

She could feel the weight of the things, even if she couldn’t see them very well, her collar made it difficult for her to tilt her head down far enough to get a good look. And there wasn’t a mirror in her stable.

But she could see Scott smiling, and that was a relief. She had been afraid he’d be shocked, or turned off.

“Are they painful?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

Summer looked at him and stomped, twice — no.

“The newest piercing procedure they use, is supposedly almost pain-free, and quite permanent, too.” Antonio added, affably.


“Well, the rings can only be removed by cutting them out, and the holes will never heal over, even if the jewelry is removed.”

“Wow.” Scott replied and he sounded both impressed and pleased. He’d always found women with pierced nipples, incredibly sexy. And now sweet Summer had them. Huge ones, too. Perhaps this vacation wouldn’t be too bad, after all.

His musings were interrupted by Antonio. “Scott, there’s another thing you can do for your pony, or as her groom, I can handle it, myself.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, a pony’s tack, all of the leather rubs on her as she moves. We need to check to see if there are any abrasions that might need attention. There is a cream in the cabinet that we use to address any skin issues.”

Summer realized what Antonio was talking about. She could feel a couple of areas where she thought her harness might be rubbing her raw. It would be good to treat them. But she wasn’t sure who she wanted to do it for her. So far, Antonio hadn’t really touched her skin. And she thought that was a good thing. It was a level of intimacy that she didn’t feel comfortable with.

On the other hand, even though Scott knew her and her body well, it would be weird for him to have to examine her, and rub the ointment onto to her around her harness, now that she was a ponygirl.

Of course, he’d already wiped her ass and pushed a plug in there. So, she wound up hoping that he would handle the job.

Scott had paused for only a few seconds, “I’ll handle it.” He said before laughing at his little joke.

“I’m sure you will.” Antonio responded, joining in.

Summer harumphed, at the guys’ levity.

Antonio showed Scott the tube of ointment and explained the areas on ponies most likely to be troublesome.

The two of them chatted amiably for a few minutes, while Summer stood and listened, before Antonio left them alone, heading off back to the barn.

The first thing Scott did was gently wipe her mouth and chest with a towel then he hugged her to his chest. “I missed you.”

She wrapped her hooves around him and hugged him back. When they let go, she followed him into his portion of the suite.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

She almost mumbled a response, around her bit, but she caught herself and stomped her hoof instead.

“Alright, I haven’t eaten yet, so let me order my dinner and check on your meal.” And he picked his island cell phone and made the calls.

Summer took the opportunity to sit on the big bed, making sure not to catch and pull her tail. The thing in her ass poked, her as she sat on it, but it wasn’t painful. It almost felt good, it was certainly sensual. In any case, it was a relief to be off her feet – hooves. They ached, from her first full day wearing the tall boots. She was actually bahis şirketleri astounded that the pain wasn’t worse. The things must be brilliantly designed, she concluded.

Off the phone, Scott sat down next to her. “How was it?” he asked, but then realized that she couldn’t answer him. Not as a pony. So, he reworded his question. “Was it what you expected? What you’ve fantasized about?”

Summer reached out with her arm and tapped him on the knee, once, with her hand-hoof. The thing wasn’t good for much else. She was learning that her arms were pretty much useless.

“Yes?” he asked to make sure he understood.

Another tap, to which he nodded, acknowledging that he understood.

“Did the piercing hurt? I think they look sexy as all hell, by the way.”

She smiled around her bit, at his comment, and tapped him twice with her fore hoof.

“That’s good.” He said as he reached up and removed her bit from her mouth, setting it aside. Then he hooked a finger through the ring at the side of her mouth. He used it to hold her head as he leaned over and kissed her. And she kissed him back, lovingly circling her arm and hoof out and around his neck.

She realized, at that moment how horny she was. After her first day as a pony girl in training; living her fetish dream, her libido was on fire.

They continued necking for several minutes, until they heard a knock on the stable door.

“Your dinner,” Scott said as he broke away and headed through and into the little stable.

Summer followed, taking her time, and came in just as he placed her dish into its slot on the feeding table.

“There you go, my pony; enjoy.” He said pleasantly as he stepped back into the suite to await his own meal.

It showed up while Summer was still working her way slowly through her pony mush. The stuff was mostly tasteless, neither terrible, nor enjoyable.

When she finished, she did her best to lick her mouth and nose ring clean, before wandering into the suite to join Scott. When she sat back down on the bed, he slid over and used his napkin to better clean her face, before resuming his eating. She was happy to just relax.

When he finished, he looked over at her, “I think we should take a little walk, just to help our digestion.”

She sighed, and tapped her hoof on the bed, twice. She could probably have actually spoken her response, like a human, but she was really trying to remain in character. She was a ponygirl, and ponies didn’t talk.

“Oh, come on pony girl. I had a quiet day so I’m not ready for bed yet.”

He paused for a minute. “After our walk, would the pony like to sleep in the big soft bed with me?”

Summer smiled and tapped her hoof, once, on the bed.

Scott nodded. “Would the pony like to breed with her owner, tonight?”

Summer smiled at him and again tapped her hoof on the mattress next to her, once. And then she stood and leaning over she kissed him.

When she backed away and stood up, he got up and grabbed her bit and reins.

“Open wide,” he said as he held the thing in front of her,

Sighing, resignedly she accepted the thing and waited for him to buckle it in place. She wasn’t particularly happy about it, but it was part of her pony outfit, and she was doing her best to follow the dictates of her fantasy.

Stott, only wearing his swim trunks, and looking pretty good to Summer, then led her out into the resort’s grounds. This time he merely held lightly on her reins, allowing plenty of slack.

She appreciated that move. It was less controlling and embarrassing. She at least felt like she had a little freedom.

She thought she was used to the stares, but there were a lot more people out and about at that time of the evening. They were heading to or from dinner and visiting the bars, or just wandering like the two of them were, enjoying the sights.

And she was clearly one of the sights the crowd was enjoying. And all along she did her best to maintain the proper pony posture and the prancing stride that Antonio had been training her on. But after a while she found herself slipping, as she became tired. She was relieved that he wasn’t around to discipline her with his crop.

On several occasions, couples stopped them to pepper them with questions, while they ogled the pretty ponygirl.

Of course, when they directed them towards Summer, all she could do was tap her hoof, in response. So, Scott provided most of the answers.

Summer found some of his responses to be exaggerations or humiliating, but there was little she could do to challenge him on them.

And several times she blushed as some guy or gal laughed at her. They were certainly not laughing with her.

When one presumptuous woman reached out and hooked her finger through her nose ring and pulled her head down to get a better look at her bridle, Summer reached up and tapped her wrist with her hoof. But the woman ignored her and even pulled a little harder on her nose. It hurt, and she groaned.

It was then that bahis firmaları Scott finally intervened. Scolding the bitch and leading his ponygirl away.

“You should have kicked her.” He said, chuckling as they moved further along.

Summer grunted, angrily in reply.

Scott was actually enjoying himself. He was proud of his pony girlfriend, and admitting that he was her owner. Never explaining that it wasn’t’ a permanent role, he also openly explained her pony existence, with all of its erotic and unattractive aspects.

He thought he could tell that Summer actually enjoyed when he talked about the sexy facets, and that she was embarrassed when he mentioned the nastier ones. And he got a kick out of both of her reactions.

And he was open about breeding her. How her tail got in the way, and how her hooves were dangerous. It was fun seeing his audience’s reactions.

One couple were fascinated by the hooves on her arms.

“They don’t ever come off?”


“But how does she do anything?”

“She doesn’t. Not with those things. She eats from a dish, her trainer washes her, and he and I have to wipe her when she empties herself.”

“Oh, My God! That’s gross.” The woman cried. “She really is a horse.”

“Well, yes.” Scott admitted. “But she’s mine.”

Summer, listening to them, was upset by their comments, but she did enjoy Scott’s final statement.

Another couple was fascinated by her nipple rings. The topless woman’s nipples were pierced and ringed just like she was, but her decorations were much smaller and, Summer thought, more delicately pretty.

“Those rings look heavy.” The woman commented.

“She hasn’t complained,” Scott answered casually.

“Perhaps the chains help carry the weight.” Her companion said.

The woman looked at Summer and then at Scott, asking, “may I?” as she held her hand up toward Summer’s chest.

Scott smiled, “yes. But be gentle, she gets rowdy when someone pulls on her jewelry.”

Summer, almost growled.

The woman gently reached up, and used two fingers to grip the middle of the chain that ran between her Bridle and her right nipple. Then she lifted, to test the weight.

“Well, they might help, but it’s hard to tell.” She said as she released her hold.

“I like that look.” The man said. If I got you a collar, and connected it with a couple of chains, like those to your rings, I think it would be great.”

The woman didn’t object to the idea, but she did say, “I’m not sure if I could wear a bra with chains like that.”

“All the better.” The guy said smiling brightly.

The couple then waked off, with the guy waving, saying, “Your pony is lovely, and sexy. You’re a lucky man.”

“Thanks, I think I am.” Scott replied, happily.

“When they reached a relatively quiet area, Scott stopped and turned to her, “do those chains pull on your nipples? It looks like it could be painful?”

All Summer could do was stomp her hoof in response, ‘yes’.

“I’m sorry, is it awful?”

Summer didn’t respond immediately. She was thinking about her new jewelry. After a while she admitted to herself that it fit right in with her ponygirl fetish, and that it turned her on, more than it annoyed her.

So, she finally stomped twice, ‘no’.

Scott smiled and nodded, “good, I like the look. Perhaps when we get back, I can get you a collar like the guy suggested.”

Summer looked at him, the thought aroused her. But she had trouble believing that her Scott, the guy she knew so well, would suggest something like that. Unable to pursue the topic, she just let it go.

And Scott, just continued on, walking her down the path. Summer slowly began to enjoy herself. It was somehow different, being led around by Scott, her friend and lover. More pleasant than when she was under the control of a trainer. And she spent more time enjoying the sights. Especially those in tune with the fetish resort environment.

Some of them were, at least to her, more bizarre and fetishy than her own pony persona.

Eventually though, they wound their way back to their suite. And Scott led her right through her stable and into his room.

“Well pony, after seeing all of the sights out there, and your sexy new jewelry, I’m in the mood for some serious loving. How about you?”

Summer smiled around her bit and stomped her hoof, once.

Scott, smiled back, “Good, I’d give you a candy, if I had some.

“But first. Do you need to empty yourself? I’ll take you out back.”

Damn. She thought, how romantic. But I do need to go.

Sighing she stomped her hoof.

Scott just nodded, and then stepped into the stall to grab the bag of necessities.

He led her out into the dark and to the same area they’d used the previous night. There, Summer relieved herself, with Scott’s much-needed help. After which they returned to the suite.

It had been easier for her, that time, but it was still a difficult and embarrassing task. She had to keep reminding herself that she was kaçak bahis siteleri a pony, and that’s the way ponies emptied themselves. She realized that the worst part was having to be wiped by her owner.

But the task had broken the mood. After cleaning the pony’s ass, Scott’s cock was no longer all that excited.

Summer felt bad, about it. She was horny, and she knew Scott had been, but he had lost some of his interest, and that added to her misery.

When he asked if she wanted to sleep in the bed with him, she quickly accepted.

He removed her bit and reins, and affectionately rubbed some feeling back into her jaw and cheeks.

She stepped into the stable to get a drink of water, and Scott wiped her mouth before they crawled into bed together.

Summer had to be careful, as several times her head movements pulled on the chains to her nipples. And, of course, she had to avoid laying on her tail.

As soon as they had gotten comfortable, Summer got up onto her knees and crawled down between his legs. There she lowered herself toward his cock, which was beginning to grow, as he become interested in sex once again.

She lowered her mouth onto him and began kissing and tonging his hardening cock. Even though the angle of her head, was restricted by her high collar, and the chains on her bridle pulled on her nipples. She ignored the discomfort, while she worked to give her owner the pleasure, she felt he deserved.

Scott groaned and squirmed under her ministrations. Looking down at her, with her mane and bridle and the horse’s ears perched on top, he couldn’t help but be seriously aroused. He reached down and rubbed at her strip of hair, and the bare sides of her head. Loving it.

Before long he felt his orgasm approaching, so he mumbled a warning, “I’m getting close.” Back home, when they made love, Summer, the human, didn’t enjoy him cumming in her mouth, or swallowing, when he did.

But this time, Summer the pony carried on, and holding him in her mouth she sucked him and when he began pumping out his cum, she swallowed his load.

His panting and moaning as he orgasmed made her happy, and she really didn’t mind the cum that filled her mouth, throat and tummy. Perhaps, that too is a ponygirl thing. She thought chuckling to herself.

When he was empty, and shrinking she pulled off, struggled to her hooves and moved into her stable and to her drinking troth. She sucked up a mouthful of water, swirled it around and then spit it out onto the straw in a back corner. She took a real drink before she returned to her owner’s bed.

“That was nice, my pony. Thanks.” Scott said before hugging her and kissing her.

And then he whispered, “I love you.”

Automatically she replied “I love you too.” As she curled up next to him, her head on his chest.

Scott had a little trouble with her harness and its buckles. And her pony ears poked at his face, but he put up with those irritations as he was a happy and contented lover, and pony owner.

Summer laid there feeling pleased. Her fantasy was alive and well, even though it wasn’t as much fun as she had dreamed of. Physically, she wasn’t at all comfortable, lying there in her harness, hooves and with the plug up her ass. She had expected those little tortures. But that didn’t mean she had to like them.

Eventually, she fell asleep, wondering what her next day would bring.

In the morning they untangled and had their respective breakfasts, Summer finishing just before Antonio showed up to take her off to the stables.

While they had waited for their food, Scott had enthusiastically described his plans for the day. He intended to spend his vacation day on the beach, playing in the surf, snorkeling and looking for companionship.

“From what I’ve seen though, pretty much everyone else around here is already paired up. Perhaps I can find some woman who’s also an owner and whose ponyboy is in the stables. That could work.” He said, only half joking. “Or better yet, some lonely sex-crazed girl whose husband is off playing golf, or some such.

“That might be a better solution.” Sumer admitted, unenthusiastically. She didn’t like the idea of her man, with some other woman, even though she had put him in that predicament, in the first place.

She knew that she was being unreasonable, but…

Antonio came by and hauled her off, just a half-hour later. And Summer spent the day in training. Hour after hour, focusing on pony posture, prancing, and reacting quickly and properly to verbal commands.

It was tremendously boring and repetitive. Summer was discouraged as she didn’t find it any fun at all, and there was nothing sexy or arousing about it. But based on Antonio’s comments she was becoming a much better behaving pony, and she reminded herself, that was her goal.

Now, she was robotically lifting her knees up with each step, prancing. And her arms stayed at ninety degrees, holding the hooves at the ends of her arms in front of her at all times.

She also found the chains between her nipple rings and her bridle annoying, as while she held her head high and proudly, like a good pony, the short chains did stretch her nipples up toward her chin. And with each step they yanked on her bare breasts.

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