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Chanel muttered curses under her breath as she closed the door behind her. She dropped her keys on the nearby table, and stalked straight into the kitchen. Her purse found a home on the bar, and her phone went on the charger. A quick twist of her fingers popped the clasp of her bra, and a few practiced maneuvers allowed her to extract it through her sleeve. She sighed in relief as she set the girls free from their prison, and dropped the bra next to her purse.

It had been a frustrating day at the office, and she needed wine — stat. Thankfully, her son was out, as he’d been an additional source of frustration of late.

She was just starting to mellow after half a glass when her phone rang. She stood up from her chair at the kitchen table, saw it was her friend and co-worker Janet, and grabbed the phone to answer.

“Hello,” she said, and then took another sip of wine.

“You haven’t killed anyone yet, have you?”

Chanel chuckled sarcastically. “No. Brent is at work, so he’s not here for me to bite his head off. Can you believe that bitch?”

The two co-workers vented their frustrations to each other and sipped wine for several minutes.

Janet said, “Well, I’m going to go get in a long bath before Darren gets home. Maybe I’ll be calm enough not to bite his head off by then. I’ll let you get back to your wine.”

Having just poured a second glass, Chanel said, “I might go soak in a bath too. What I really need is a man to eat my pussy, make me come, and then just fuck off.”

Janet laughed. “If only. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye.” Chanel ended the call and turned to put her phone back on the charger, but froze in her tracks.

There, standing in the doorway was her son’s best friend. Tim was all but a fixture in the house, as the two had met when they were five. Her face burned when she saw him smiling at her, and realized he’d surely heard every word she’d just said to Janet.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” she said as she turned away from him. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“No problem. Brent needed his charger, so I was coming to get it. He won’t need it until lunch break, so I could help you out before I go drop it off.”

Confused, she automatically turned toward him. “Help me with wh…” she began, but trailed off when she saw the handsome young man twitch his eyebrows. She gasped and brought her hand to her mouth.

“More than happy to. Just like you said. Go down on you, get you off, and get out of here,” he said as he walked toward her.

“Tim! You can’t… That’s…” Chanel stammered. Even as her face burned hotter, the sight of him approaching her with lust in his eyes caused her nipples casino siteleri to stiffen and a tingle to arise between her legs.

“You said it yourself. That’s what you need. I’d love to eat that pussy for you. I’m not going to say anything to Brent. Are you?”

Though he was as familiar and nearly as ever present as her own child, she’d hardly missed the changes as Tim grew up, and filled out. Of late, she’d caught herself frequently admiring his sculpted young body out in the back yard, or sitting shirtless in Brent’s room. She’d given in to temptation more than once and masturbated to a fantasy of him, and he was standing in front of her telling her he was willing to make it real.

Her breathing quickened as she took a step back, but she then bumped into the kitchen counter. There was nowhere left to run.

She gasped again when he reached out and caressed her hip. She knew she should have slapped him, but her hand didn’t move. The tickle of wetness flooding her pussy and the ache of her stiff nipples intensified by the second. His fingers slipped beneath the hem of her skirt. The touch made her shiver and whimper.

“Just say stop if you want me to,” he said as he leaned in closer to her. His hand crept higher, taking her skirt up with it.

She opened her mouth, fully intending to tell him to stop. The only sound that emerged was another whimper. The next thing she knew, his hand was caressing her thigh, and his fingers were tracing the line of her panties.

“Oh my god. Fuck it,” she said in a rush as her inhibitions collapsed beneath the weight of too-long denied need. She slipped a hand behind his neck, and pulled him into a kiss.

The hunger in his kiss shocked her, but she returned it with equal fervor. Their tongues slipped over each other, and he growled with excitement. She squealed when strong hands cupped her bottom and lifted her from the floor as if she weighed nothing. He turned, sat her down on the table, and dragged a chair in front of her.

Chanel bunched up her skirt at her waist, and yanked the crotch of her panties aside. Tim pulled his chair up to the table and dived in.

A yelp escaped her from the sudden assault of his eager young tongue. The hand not holding her panties aside slammed against the table and gripped its edge hard. Tim growled in delight and looked up at her while he tongued her. The sexy mixture of desire and mischief in his eyes made her gasp.

Though he was young, he was obviously anything but inexperienced. He had made a direct beeline for her clit, and in only a few seconds, had demonstrated that he knew more than one stroke. It had been a while anyway, but güvenilir casino she could barely remember the last time a man had licked her pussy so well. Combining that with the taboo of having her son’s best friend eat her at the kitchen table sent her passion into overdrive.

Chanel whimpered and yelped under his assault. Her stiff nipples were aching, so she reached up to tease them through her blouse. In only seconds, that wasn’t enough. She wished she’d taken her panties off instead of pulling them aside when she needed both hands to unbutton her blouse. Tim helpfully took over and yanked the slightly damp, satiny cloth to the side. She popped open just enough buttons to free her breasts from their prison, and then pinched her bared nipples to assuage the ache.

Tim let out a loud growl and the sparkle in his eyes brightened from the sight of her big tits. He didn’t let their appearance distract him from the task at hand though. His talented young tongue continued to lap, circle, and flick her clit with delightful pressure and speed. The hot tickle in the shaft of her clit rapidly spread, drawing out louder cries of passion.

Then he latched on and sucked her clit from beneath its protective hood, giving his tongue direct access to the throbbing bud. Chanel shrieked from the sudden stab of sharp pleasure that shot through her. Her head lolled in quick snaps, whipping her blonde hair. Her hands mauled her breasts.

Tim would let her clit slip from between his lips every few seconds, tease her with the tip of his tongue, and then take it in again. Her fires surged even higher each time his lips closed around the center of her pleasure. Faster than she would have ever imagined, she was on the precipice of release.

She had no memory of putting her legs behind his back, or one hand fisting into his hair to hold him tight against her pussy, but they were there, nevertheless. For a fraction of a second, she floated in an odd moment of clarity, and then tumbled over into the abyss.

Chanel could feel the scream escaping her, but she couldn’t hear it over the thundering of her rapid heartbeat in her ears. The beautiful agony ripped through her mercilessly, causing her to buck and thrash. Tim gripped her legs and dug his fingers into her thighs to prevent her throes from denying him access to her climaxing pussy.

Her orgasm refused to let her go, and Tim wouldn’t let her escape. Once again, a moment of disassociation gave her clarity through the storm of roiling ecstasy, but only as a prelude. Her senses almost immediately drowned as a second climax took control of her before the first even ended.

On and on it went. She canlı casino was utterly lost in ultimate pleasure until her throat was hoarse, her limbs would barely move, and blackness was swallowing her vision.

A ragged breath accompanied the world crashing back in on her. She was dripping with sweat, gasping for breath, and twitching uncontrollably where she lay on the table with her limp legs dangling over Tim’s back. Her eyes fluttered open to see a supremely satisfied smile on his face. The sight set off a wave of tremors, and she let her head fall back to the table.

She had no ability to resist when he lifted her legs, and slowly pushed her back on the table. Chanel curled up on the table — still panting for breath — to endure the lingering aftershocks of a climax like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

Eventually, she slipped out of a blissful reverie at the sound of his voice.

“I know you said you wanted me to fuck off, but do you want a drink first?”

Chanel rolled onto her back with a weak moan, and saw him holding a bottle of water. She whimpered and nodded, but her body refused to obey her when she tried to sit up. Tim was there a moment later, supporting her with his strong arm to help her rise.

As she drank, she saw that he’d also retrieved a box of tissues from the end table next to the couch, and a container of sanitizing wipes from their place in the cabinet. Both were within easy reach, and an absolute necessity.

Tim took the nearly empty bottle from her when she held it out in a still weak hand. “You good?”

Chanel moaned, and then said in a languid voice, “Good doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

He chuckled. “Any time. Seriously. Just text me. Now, it’s time for me to follow through and fuck off.”

He did exactly that, but not before Chanel spied something that made her eyes go wide and her spent body shudder. His hard cock was creating a silhouette beneath his jeans that took her breath away.

My god, he’s hung like a horse, she thought in amazement as she stared at his perfect butt headed toward the door.

It took her quite a while to find the strength to get up, clean up, and finish her wine. When she did, she headed straight for her bedroom, and the vibrator in the nightstand.

Wrong as it was, she knew she’d be texting him the next day, and she’d be buying condoms on the way home as well.


Thank you for reading!

I decided to experiment with posting some of my shorter works here as individual stories, rather than combining them into anthologies, as I have previously done with “Hot Shorts” and “Microfiction”. If people like them enough, there are plenty more where this came from. I have about a dozen from the last year and a half.

So I hope you enjoyed this naughty little one-act tale. Please take the time to vote ( Once per reader. No stuffing the ballot box ) and other feedback is most certainly welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32