Outside the Lines

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By Gladius Major copyright 2012

It is the warm evening of a sunny day, and you and he have been driving in the convertible, with the top down, for hours. The two of you have laughed and giggled, caressed and flirted. At lunch you gazed seductively at him while slowly licking barbecue sauce from your fingers; he pretended to spill Dr. Pepper down the front of your sheer sun dress. In the car as you zoomed from Linden to Longview, Jacksonville and Frankston, he kept one hand carefully on the wheel. With his other he teased you and touched you and played with your body under the light cotton. Finally, he stops the car, pulling to the side of a county road, at small clearing in the woods. Leaving his seat, he rounds the front and opens your door. He courteously hands you out and as you stand up, he yanks the top of the sundress down, exposing you. His hands grab your breasts, forcefully, masterfully, and he kisses you hard, passionately, his tongue probing, invading your mouth.

He whispers, “You wanted this fantasy and I am going to give it to you, and even more than you ever dreamed.”

He forces you over the hood, yanking your panties down as he bends you over. A moment later, you feel the familiar girth of his hard cock penetrate your wetness. You had expected to play today but this power, this strength, this immediate passion surprises and overwhelms you. After a few frantic moments of struggle, your body shakes with the thunderclap of release, and the pleasure replays over and over. He thrusts into you from behind, you with the sundress bunched up at your waist, all the while reaching around and squeezing and pawing and clutching your breasts. He thrusts and thrusts and explodes into your sweet secret flesh and fills you full and dripping, as you push back against him and moan and beg for more. You gasp and plead, urging him deeper, and deeper, and deeper and he pinches and pulls on your nipples as he fills you. Then he pulls out and turns you over; your butt slides on the warm metal. His semen drips from you, leaving a trail of fluid on the hood. He covers your mouth with his while sliding three fingers into your sticky wetness, and scoops a handful of cum out of you. Then he holds his fingers out for you, and you eat, sucking his cum off his fingers.

He kneels down and puts your open legs over his shoulders. Leaning forward, his tongue contacts your swollen lips, and his tongue swirls over your slit, and then his lips purse, and he sucks your clit. You cum again, and yet again as he tongues your pussy, and eats his cum from you.

You let out a long slow moan, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

The passion flows through you like electric shock, and as he is enjoying the taste of your pussy and his cum mixed inside you, you hit your peak yet again on his mouth.

He devours you for long minutes and then stands to kiss you. He shares his sticky, salty cum with you as his fingers slide deep inside your vagina a last time. Then he stands back, and eyes you up and down; lovingly, longingly, possessively his gaze caresses you. Your body is, for the moment, sated, but in spite of that a shiver of expectancy runs through you.

He tells you it is time to go, and instructs you to pull up your sundress to cover your breasts. Your warm, sweet breasts now sport two new bite marks, showing his ownership of your body. He reaches over and smoothes the skirt of the dress down .You feel the trickle as his cum oozes from your pussy.

He takes your hands in his, and looks you in the eye, and speaks to you quietly; you listen as your heart pounds and your breathing quickens at the words.

“We are flying to Las Vegas tonight, and when we get there you will do what I say, understanding that I will protect and take care of you. You will not say “no” and you will let yourself enjoy everything I instruct you to. First, though, first you must assent to this. I will not take you there against görükle escort your will.”

He looks at you again, and softly asks, “Are you hot?”

You reply, “Yes, yes, yes, yes a hundred times.”

“Do you want to go there with me? Do you surrender your cunt, and mouth and ass, and body to me, completely?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes.”

Your pussy spasms as you sell yourself to your desire, and his.

Just three hours later, you board the plane; you are still wearing your sundress. The garment now has little spots on the front and it remains damp in places; his dried cum stains your thigh under the dress, a little trace is evident on your knee. You aren’t wearing panties- he has them in his carry on. Your pussy is still wet from the day’s passion and thoughts of the future. You feel exposed, even if no one really notices.

On the flight from Dallas, he keeps whispering to you about how sexy you are. He tells you to relax, then nibbles on your ear. Once in the darkness you feel his fingers slip to your pussy lips, briefly caressing them and then gently sliding inside you for just a moment. You thrust against his fingers and bite your lip to make no sound, but tantalizingly, he slides them away before you can fulfill the desire of your returning heat.

He whispers, “When we get there Baby, you will have a chance to be nasty where no one knows. You will cum a hundred times.”

He kisses your ear and nuzzles your neck. In the soft semi-darkness of the cabin, he pulls your left breast out of your dress and suckles and bites it, leaving another new red, oval -shaped bite mark.

“I’m marking you baby, so no one forgets who you belong to, whose cunt you are”, he whispers.

You shiver in anticipation.

The plane lands. Your lover bends over and kisses you and adjusts your dress smooth again. He kisses you and caresses your cheek.

You murmur, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

He asks, “Are your nipples hard?”

You gasp, “Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,” and place his right palm on your left breast, so he can feel the eraser hardness of your nipples. The hardness of your nipples is visible through the fabric to anyone who looks.

“Pussy lips swollen…?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes”, you moan, gazing deep into his eyes, silently screaming, “I want you again, soon, now, immediately.” But you put out your hand, he helps you up, you get your bags from the overhead bin and exit the aircraft. The flight attendant at the door looks you over, glancing at your chest, and your knee. Does she see your nipples? Does she see the dried cum? She smiles broadly at you. You blush.

You and your lover find a suitable taxi. The driver moves to open the door as you climb into the back seat.

He is a handsome young man who eyes you up and down hungrily, noting the crumpled top barely restraining your breasts, and the hard nipples limned against the thin fabric. He also looks long at the damp stains on the skirt of the sun dress. You know that he knows. It makes you feel hot, all over, for his eyes to undress you like that.

He says, “Wow, fella. You have a hot-looking woman there with you.”

Your lover says, “Yes, she is hot. She is VERY hot and freshly fucked, too”. This brings a little gasp from the driver. He turns back around to the wheel, but you can see from the windshield reflection that he has an obvious bulge in his pants. He keeps looking at you in the rear view mirror. At the end of the journey, the car passes through the rear parking lot, headed toward the main entrance.

In the parking lot, before driving into the front of the hotel, your lover tells the cabbie, “Driver-stop for a moment.”

The driver does so, a bit puzzled at the delay. He turns around, licks his lips and stares at you again, expectantly.

Your lover leans against you and kisses your ear, then whispers a quiet command, “Ok, sexy woman. Pull up bursa görükle escort your sundress, spread your legs and pull your pussy lips open.”

Your open pussy is still oozing cum. The driver looks at you and your bare pussy and gasps in lust. He watches, transfixed, as your lover slips one finger inside you and then removes it; you quiver with excitement at the sheer nastiness of it.

Your lover kisses you again and whispers to you, “Pull your dress back down.”

The cab deposits you at the door of the hotel. The driver refuses payment and drives off in a daze. Your lover kisses you.

“Sexy girl, good girl, you are so very hot, so very obedient. Are you hot?”

You moan, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am glad I pleased you.”

He grins, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes'”.

“Are you wet, Baby?”

You look at him and quiver and softly sigh:, “Very”.

You arrive upstairs at your room and step inside. As the door clicks shut, he leads you to the big bed. He gently seats you, and then and brushes back your hair and kisses your neck. Slowly, gently, sensually he caresses your neck and shoulders. You begin to purr with increasing desire. Then he reaches up and pulls the top of the stained sundress down and leans down to suck each of your nipples. Leaving them wet, and hard and tingling, he moves his mouth to his next goal; carefully and slowly he bites each breast hard, a sensation painful but not unpleasant. His teeth leave yet another bite mark next to each hard nipple. Then he pushes you back on the bed and lifts up your skirt. He runs his tongue through your pussy and over your still swollen and tender nub. Slowly and deliberately, he gently sucks and nibbles on your mons. You feel his tongue and his teeth bite the flesh, and he makes a bite mark just above the shave line of your pussy.

He leaves a bite mark. They are his brand. They are his public claim to your body, to your breasts, to your cunt.

He says, “There baby, I’ve branded you as mine. No one will be able to see your breasts or pussy without seeing MY mark on you. You are mine, no matter where you go.” His finger lazily traces around each mark, caressing the reddened flesh. You shiver at his touch.

He rises, then straightens you up and kisses your mouth while smoothing the sundress down on your dripping wetness.

“…and now my obedient Lover, here is what you are going to do….”

You look at him, full of apprehension and lust. Your pussy is aching with desire and you can scarcely breathe a reply, “Yes, yes, yes, lover, tell me.”

“It is 9:30 PM; I want you to go downstairs in this hotel. At 10:00 PM I want you back here, and when you return, my sexy, sexy woman, do you know what you will return with?”

“Do you…. can you guess?”

You murmur a slow moan, not daring to guess, but so hot with desire that you feel dizzy, “Tell me Lover…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tell me,” begging your man to say the words.

He looks at you, licking his lips with desire, “I want you to return to me with your pussy full of cum.”

Your mind reels with the prospect, with the sheer eroticism of finding and fucking another man, as a plaything for your lover. You moan a breathless reply, “Yes, yes, yes…..”

“Tell me”, he demands, as he kisses you, and runs his fingers through your hair, “does that make you hot, Baby? You like me sending you? You love being my slut?”

Your reply is heated with blazing passion, “Oh yes, you can’t even imagine how hot this makes me… how much I want this, how very hot.”

“You, my Lady, tonight, are helpless; you are my controlled obedient slut. Your will is replaced by my own.”

Your lover kisses you. “Baby, go down stairs and find a man. Find a man who fills you with lust, a man whose cock is big, a man who makes your pussy drip. Give yourself to him, as a gift from me. I want you to ride his cock and fill your cunt with bursa eskort cum, his cum.”

He continues with more instruction, “I want you to cum on his cock. I want you to gasp and moan and fall into his pleasuring, because that’s what a good obedient, slut, MY slut, does. Feel his thrusting and explosion, and power inside you, and cum on his cock- and melt and explode, expose yourself to him, completely, my sweet Slut, then come back to me. You will be obedient and do this? I know your pussy is quivering and throbbing.”

He kisses you, and caresses your breasts one more time. “Now, go and be a slut for me, for a little while.”

You reply from deep within your haze of lust and desire and heat, “Yes, Lover.”

At 10 PM, at the stroke of the hour, you knock on the door, and your lover opens it. His eyes devour you, seeing the new stains on the sundress, the new wrinkles where it has yet again been bunched up and swept aside for access to your tits and pussy. He smiles, and kisses you, wraps you in his arms, and then slides three fingers inside you.

“You have been a good girl, you are dripping cum.” His hands roam over your chest, his fingers offering a gentle caress of your still covered breasts. As he reaches the hardness of your right nipple, he pauses and pinches through the fabric.

“Did you cum on his cock too?”

You look up at him and nod, and sigh “yes”, still dazed from the experience. He leads you to the bed. He leans you back against it, pulling your dress up to your waist then pulling the top down to expose your luscious bare breasts. The smooth swollen lips of your pussy are exposed again, cum is dripping from your slit. You feel his hands on your ass as he kneels in front of you, and then leans over to kiss your belly. He pauses, breathes the scent of your pussy, and then kisses gently, each thigh in turn.

Your lover kisses closer and closer up your thighs. Finally, after an age of wanting, you feel his tongue caress your clit and then slide between your swollen lips. He caresses with his tongue, swirling inside your pussy, licking over your clit and sucking and tonguing you, exploring every inch of your womanhood.

Your hips rise, pushing into his mouth, grinding your wet, swollen, cum-filled pussy into his face as he licks and sucks and drinks and devours. Your lover sucks the juices from your pussy, then stands, leans down and kisses you. You taste the creamy, salty fluid he has sucked from your cunt, mixed with your sweet and familiar juices. He is sharing the cum that filled your cunt. You gasp and writhe with passion, and you eat it hungrily from him, sucking it from his mouth.

Then he straddles you and slides his cock into your pussy. His thick full shaft parts your lips, sliding on the slickness left by your brief encounter. His cock glides into you, lubricated by another’s cum mixed with your cunt juices, and he pushes forward. He thrusts deeper, splaying your lips open the way he always does, your cunt barely able to receive him; he pushes further, spreading your lips and driving deep into you. His rekindled desire is like a flame. You feel the heat, and are on fire.

He kisses your necks, caresses your cheek with his tongue and whispers, “You are mine and you were so obedient. You are such a good slut, my slut, and my love. I hope you enjoyed your orgasm on that strange cock.”

He thrusts into you and you moan and rise to meet him at every thrust. The tempo increases and the sounds of slick wetness and gasping breath are all that can be heard. Your back is arching and you are reaching for him, clawing him ever deeper inside you; finally he explodes, and the hot jets overwhelm you and you moan and gasp and cry, as he clutches you convulsively to him. Your orgasm washes over you as he fills you with his cum again, reclaiming your pussy as his own. You are his exclusively, completely, totally.

He kisses you gently, and touches your cheek. Your swollen pussy leaks cum onto the sheets again.

You are his, his woman, his slut, his lover, his plaything, absolutely his, solely his, completely his. You are completely his, until…, until the next time he wants to take you outside the lines.

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