Our Time Away

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After a couple of months of some pretty stressful days at work, my wife Kim and I took a short trip down to Miami Beach to take a break from the day to day stresses of work and home life. We arrived on a Tuesday afternoon and checked into our hotel. Since we really wanted to just get a breather from home, our plans for the evening was to get a quick dinner and hang out around the hotel. After diner we came back to the hotel and walked along the beach together for a couple of miles soaking in the peacefulness of the sounds of the oceans waves breaking on the shore and the refreshing ocean air. As we walked back to the hotel, we felt that the stressors of our lives were gone and we began to feel relaxed. When we returned to our suite, Kim went to the bathroom while I got a bottle of wine from our refrigerator and a couple of glasses. I told Kim that I’d be waiting for her on the balcony when she was finished. I poured both of us a glass of the wine.

A few minutes later Kim joined me on the balcony and sat on my lap. She put her arms around me and whispered in my ear that she loved me so much and was looking forward to the next few days together.

Kim got up and took her place on the chaise lounge next to mine. As we sipped our wine and took in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean as the sun began to set. We made small talk about the vessels that sailed by and how perfect the weather was. After a while, the mix of wine and the release of stress must have gotten to us. We both dozed off. I woke Kim and led her to bed, where I held her in my arms and we both fell back to sleep.

In the morning we awoke to the sun rising from the ocean and the light sea breeze coming in through the balcony door I had left open for the night. I made some coffee and we sat on the lounge chairs watching the sun rise as we sipped our coffee. We talked about the day ahead and how we so glad we were that we didn’t have a schedule or deadlines to meet. We could do what we wanted and when we wanted to. Our plan for the day was breakfast, several hours at nude section of Haulover Beach, and dinner. The rest of the day we’d take as it came.

After breakfast we took the short drive to the beach. We got there about 10:00 am and there were a few people already there. We got a couple of lounge chairs and took them to an empty spot near the water. The setting was beautiful; the water was calm with gentle breaking waves and a cloudless sky. The sun was at the beginning of its prime tanning period of the day. Kim and I adjusted our chairs, put towels on the chairs and got settled. As Kim removed her clothes, I sat and watched her. Even after 21 years of being together, I still love to watch her get naked. She took off her t-shirt revealing the swim suite top that held her 38DD breasts. She then freed bursa escort those luscious melons and tucked the top into her bag. As she bent over, I was mesmerized by her swaying breasts.

She happened to look at me and asked what I was waiting for. She commanded “Get your clothes off, this is a nude beach.”

I told her I was enjoying her public strip show.

She smiled as she put her thumbs in the waist band of her shorts and slid them down. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath her shorts. Kim said “Show’s over, get naked.”

I stood up and removed my t-shirt and shorts. I was now in my birthday suite.

Kim made a comment about not burning my white ass. She regularly tans, so she has no tan lines. She said she would put lotion on me first and then I could do her. She rubbed lotion on my body and when it came to applying it to my dick and balls; she teased me by spending more time there than was necessary. She caressed my balls and pulled and stroked my cock as she put the lotion on. She loves when my dick is slickened with a lubricant. She asked if anyone would mind if she got me hard and sat on my cock.

I said “OK, I like the offer, but stop or we will get arrested.”

She giggled and said “OK, my turn.”

I first rubbed lotion on the front of her body where I paid particular attention to her breasts. I as I caressed and kneaded her breasts, she said she thought they had enough lotion on them. I said “Oops, almost forgot the nipples” and tweaked them a bit.

I went back to my chair and soaked up the sun. The heat felt great on my body.

After about 30 minutes of lying in the sun I asked Kim if she wanted to take a dip in the water.

She said “That sounds good.”

It was a nice feeling walking to the water nude. It felt even better to get into the warm water without the constraints of clothes. We frolicked in the water, splashing each other and playing “grab ass”. I then reached for Kim’s hand and gently pulled her towards me. As our bodies got closer, we ended up in an embrace and kissed. I happened to notice the beach had quite a few more people on it than when we first arrived.

We decided we wanted to soak up some more sun and headed back to our chairs. As we got out of the water I noticed that we had neighbors. I mentioned that to Kim.

She said “I hope they aren’t obnoxious.”

As we approached our chairs we both gave cordial hellos to the couple. They appeared to be a “normal” couple in their mid 40’s. They responded with friendly hellos. As we sat on our chairs and dried ourselves off the couple introduced themselves as Steve and Pam. We then introduced ourselves. Steve asked if we came here often. I told him we wish we did, but we lived near Tampa and the drive is a bit far. Steve bursa merkez escort said they lived near Orlando and came here a few times a year when time permitted.

Steve and Pam seemed to be nice people like us just getting away from everyday life. Steve appearance was much like mine, about 5′ 10″ of average build, and an average sized package. Pam looked to be about 5′ 4″, average build with 36C breasts, and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

As we continued with our small talk I assume everyone was checking each other out, as I certainly was, but our eyes were hidden by sunglasses. I was checking our Pam’s nice tits that were capped by delectable nipples. Her legs were slightly parted giving me a decent view of her protruding lips. I had to stop focusing on Pam, as I didn’t want to get an erection and piss off Kim and Steve.

We were now dry and I asked Kim to rub lotion on my back. I lay on the chair face down so Kim could put the lotion on my back. As she rubbed lotion on me, I imagined the view she was giving our new friends. Picturing her large tits swaying and the view of her ass and pussy as she bent over was starting to get to me. I had to think other thoughts so I didn’t get an erection. I kept thinking Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie O’Donnell. That did the trick!

After she finished, she said “My turn.”

Kim lay down on her chair and I poured lotion in my hand and began to rub it on her back and shoulders. I like it when men check Kim out, so I thought I’d give Steve a little peak at her goods. I position myself along her upper body and worked my way down her body to her feet. I slowly rubbed the lotion on her buttocks, being sure to spread her cheeks to expose her butt hole. I slid my hands along her butt crack to get lotion in there and to spice up the view for Steve and Pam if she was interested. As I worked my way down to her thighs, I spread them a bit hoping to give them a shot of her pussy. I continued down her legs until she was covered with lotion.

After about 30 minutes of lying in the sun, I heard Pam ask Steve if he wanted to get in the water. I heard him say sure. Pam asked if we want to go too. I was ready to cool off and Kim said she was ready too. The four of us walked down to the water and waded in up to stomach level. We continued with the small talk and found Steve and Pam to be a pleasant couple we got along with. Once we had enough of the water, the four of us went back to our places in the sand. As we walked back, I was eying Pam’s ass as she walked. She certainly had a cute little ass on her.

Again we sat and talked for a bit as we dried off. Once we dried off, Kim and I had been in the sun long enough and decided to leave. We said so long to Steve and Pam and returned to our car. bursa sınırsız escort As we walked we talked about how they seemed like a nice couple. Both of us thought they were attractive too. I told Kim I thought Steve was checking her out, especially as I spread her cheeks. She laughed.

Once we got back to our hotel room we showered and enjoyed the coolness of our air conditioned room. I was lying on the bed on my side talking to Kim as she picked up around the room. I told her that she looked very sexy on the beach and I noticed many guys checking her out. While I was telling her these things, I was stroking myself to an erection.

Kim saw me and said “What are you doing?”

I said “Picturing your sexy ass parading naked in front of the men at the beach.”

Kim came over to me and removed my hand from my cock and replaced it with her lips. She began a furious oral assault on my cock. I was groaning with pleasure and told her she was going to make me come. She stopped sucking on me and released my cock form her lips, looked up at me and said she liked seeing all of the dicks on the beach today. With that she sprung up and quickly straddled me and sunk my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was soaked. I asked her if she was turned on from the beach today and she said “Yes” as she bounced up and down on my dick. I told her she was going to make me come. It was like she didn’t hear me and she didn’t stop. I erupted, shooting my pent up load into her pussy. Kim didn’t slow down. She looked incredible grinding and raising and lowering herself on me. Her tits were bouncing out of control. Once I lost my erection, Kim rolled off of me and ordered me to get her vibrator. I quickly retrieved it and handed it to her. She turned in on and cranked it up to high and placed it on her clit. As she worked the vibrator on her clit, I put a finger into her cream pie. It wasn’t long before she announced that she was cumming. I could feel her pussy contract on my finger as her body tensed and she groaned with pleasure. After her orgasm subsided Kim turned on her side to look at the ocean through the sliding doors. I moved behind her and pressed my body against hers in a spooning position then began to gently caress her. We both drifted off to sleep for a short nap.

After a while we got dressed and went to dinner. We decided on a casual place that had dining on the deck that overlooked the water. Not long after we were seated at our table, we noticed Steve and Pam were being escorted to a table near ours. I asked Kim if we should invite them to sit with us.

She said “of course.”

I asked them if they would like to join us.

With smiles, they both said yes.

We ordered drinks and talked about our day. They basically had the same agenda as we did, whatever comes up. The four of us got along as if we had known each other for years. After we finished dinner and drinks, they invited us to their hotel for some more drinks. We gladly accepted there invitation and followed them to their hotel.

More to come in the next chapter……..

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