Our First Time

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Belle Delphine

As a medic in special operations, I deployed and worked with a large number of people. Most of which I would never see or work with again. Which is why it was so surprising when I found out the gorgeous woman next to me in class was someone I had worked with in Afghanistan.

I was getting ready to retire and taking classes at a local community college in preparation for my degree program. Walking in on the first day of class I noticed a very attractive woman who was a bit older than the avg college student. She was a fit, petite blonde wearing a tank top and some sexy red athletic shorts and eating some yogurt and granola. So of course, I sat down in the seat next to her. The class itself was uneventful but as we stood to leave I heard her say “Scott?” With a confused look I said “yes, do I know you?”

“It’s Emily. I spent some time at your firebase in Afghanistan.” I immediately remembered her. Gorgeous, petite blond with delicious looking breasts and an ass that just doesn’t quit. We chatted a bit that day and spent most of the rest of the semester chatting and helping each other with class work.

Both Emily and I are married and while I didn’t say anything early on, I knew she had hooked up with the Air Force guy that was attached to our team on that deployment. The thought of hooking up with her constantly came into my mind while we spent time together that semester. However, I never thought it would happen.

Towards the end of the semester, I was writing a paper for an english class and texting with Emily. I told her how I didn’t think the professor even read my papers. Emily suggested I put something random in the middle of my paper to see if the professor caught it, something like “vagina”. “Vagina? Of all the words you could come up with, you choose vagina?” Now, in all honesty, I’m not sure how it progressed from there but we were soon talking about how and what we have been wanting to do to each other all semester. It didn’t take much over the next couple days to realize hooking up with Emily had become a very real possibility.

During one of these early sexting bursa escort conversations, I told Emily, who as an avid crossfitter, how incredibly sexy she looked in her little workout outfits she would wear to class. She proceeded to inform me of a little tennis skirt outfit she had she was pretty sure I’d like. “You wear something much more sexy than you have been wearing and I won’t be able to keep my hands from that body of yours.” I replied. “Better not.” she shot back.

The next day was our second to last day of class. We decided to meet in the parking lot so I could admire her in the skirt. Insanely sexy doesn’t begin to describe how she looked. We decided to sit in her car for a bit before class so I could admire her in “private”. As she sat in the driver seat she was sure to show me the white lining the skirt came with. God I was so hard seeing the outline of her mound through the white lining. I had to touch it. Slowly slid my hand over to her knee…sliding down her inner thigh. I watched her face for any signs of her changing her mind but all I saw was eagerness for me to continue. As I slowly started to touch that gorgeous mound I heard her let out a long sigh of approval. Slowly I worked my finger up and down, feeling her lips part with my finger. God I just wanted to rip her skirt down and stick my face between my legs. Unfortunately we were in a parking lot and I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about that. Knowing I couldn’t keep my hand there and not rip her clothes off, I reluctantly pulled back and we headed to class where neither of us were able to pay attention. She let me know later she wished I had ripped that skirt off.

It didn’t take long in the post class sexting to agree we needed to meet up in private and soon. We decided to meet up at some hunting property I owned a few miles outside town a few days later. The days passed no where near fast enough, seeming to take forever. The near constant sexting of what we wanted to do to each other didn’t help in the least.

When the day finally came, I felt like I was back in high school all gitty and excited. bursa escort bayan I, of course, showed up at the property a good bit early. When Emily got there she quickly hopped in my truck and we drove back a bit off the road. As we drove back I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was so hard anticipating finally getting to feel her, taste her, be inside her. We hardly said a word as I made the short drive back. When we stopped, we both quickly hopped in the back seat. We were a bit timid at first, trying to feel each other out. Slowly kissing each other. One hand exploring her silky smooth legs. God they felt incredible as I ran my hand along her thigh finally getting to feel her incredibly tight ass through her little workout shorts.

The timidness and awkwardness quickly faded as we both moved to take her shirt off at the same time. I’ll never forget how amazing those breasts looked the first time I got to see them. I quickly moved put one of her nipples in my mouth, listening to her moan as I did, feeling her hand on the back of my head encouraging me to continue. I slowly made my way down her body, kissing and admiring her sexy midsection. I’ve always enjoyed going down on women but weeks of desire to taste Emily overcame me. I quickly pulled her down across my back seat, pulling her shorts and panties off in one quick motion. We quickly looked at each other as I moved to taste her sweet juices, lust in our eyes. I gently licked her wet lips sending shivers up her body. I looked up to see her looking down at me, watching me as I continued to lick, slowly parting her lips with my tongue.

Fuck, she tasted amazing! I slowly worked my tongue farther inside her, making sure to pay attention to her swollen clit, sucking on it before going back to tongue fucking her beautiful pussy. I’d never had a woman get as wet as Emily so quickly! Her juices poured as I continued to lick and suck, listening to her get louder the more I worked. Her breathing became rapid and heavy as I slowly slid a finger inside. Nothing gets me harder than making a woman cum and the bursa bayan escort louder Emily got, the harder I became. I quickly found her g-spot with my finger, working it in rhythm as I sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long and I knew she was about to explode. “Yes! Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” She cried as I felt her clinch down on my finger, thrust her hips up into my face and begin shaking as she came. I did my best to lick up the juices as they flowed, continuing to slide my finger in and out of her now sopping wet pussy as she came down from her orgasm.

I worked my way back up her body as her breathing started to slow, feeling her reach down to stroke my rock hard cock. She kissed my hard on the lips as our faces came together. I’d never had a woman kiss me like that after making them cum but holy fuck was it hot as she obviously loved tasting herself on my lips!

She quickly slid my cock inside her…god she felt amazing! 6 months of waiting seemed to melt away as I watched my cock slide in and out of Emily’s tight, wet pussy. I wanted to speed up, to fuck her hard like I’d been dreaming about but I knew if I did, I wouldn’t last long. Her incredibly sexy body, the look of lust in her eyes all combined with the fact we shouldn’t be doing this…fucking her there, in the back of my truck may have been one of the most incredibly erotic moments of my life. I watched as Emily held the door handle with one hand and pinched her own nipple with the other, her tits bouncing with each stroke of my cock. It was really all too much. I felt myself cross that line of no return. I watched as Emily laid her head back, crying out as I started fucking her harder and deeper. Emily’s legs around my waist pulling me deep with each stroke. I wanted to cum inside her so bad but knew I couldn’t. I pulled out at the last second, unloading a huge load of cum from her belly button to her amazing tits.

As I collapsed to the seat beside her, still breathing heavy, Emily said “Fuck, that was nice! I haven’t cum that hard in forever!” “glad I could help. We’re going to need to do that again before too long!” I replied.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the only time Emily and I hooked up. We had several more rendezvous over the next couple years. Each time at least as amazing as our first with several completely blowing our first time out of the water. Those are stories for another time.

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