Our Brazilian Exchange Student Ch. 03

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I slept like a baby that night. Unfortunately, these two lovely ladies had awakened the animal inside me. I was constantly thinking about sex; getting laid, how I was going to get laid, whom I was going to lay, where I was going to get laid, etc. etc.

The following day was uneventful, despite my best attempts. My daughter, Amanda the barbecue wasn’t just a barbecue, but rather a cooking area with grill, range, sink, refrigerator and freezer. And the BAR, ohhh the bar. It had two beers on TAP and a soda gun with all the flavors! There where chaise lounge chairs, tables, regular chairs with umbrellas all around, and a STAFF of people waiting for us.

Of course this huge multilevel deck looked out over the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Our bags where taken upstairs to the bedrooms, and we where asked to change into something more comfortable after we freshened up so we could watch the sunset outside and enjoy happy hour.

What a house.

Patty and I made our way upstairs to an incredible bedroom with a balcony that afforded us a breath taking view of the ocean, our own bathroom and a great king size bed. We changed into shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops and practically ran downstairs.

The girls still hadn’t arrived but Carlos was already there. Alberto, the Chinese butler asked what we wanted to drink, and quickly and professionally prepared them and brought them to us. We toasted each other, and settled down on the lower level of the deck and looked out onto the beach. As we sat down, the girls came down, got their drinks and excused themselves as they walked out onto the beach.

It turns out the Spring Break is huge in Costa Rica. Everybody leaves the city and hits the beaches.

Well, let me just say that I was in heaven. We had an incredible dinner that night, and the four of us got hammered. Carlos could really pound them down. In fact, he and I stayed up for at least an hour after our wives had gone to bed talking about this and that.

“So, Michael, if you behave, tomorrow we’ll hit 18 holes, and I’ll take you to a 19th hole you’ll never forget.”

Whatever that meant didn’t concern me in the slightest. I just knew it would be great.

As I opened my eyes on Saturday I saw that it was already 9:00! My wife was still asleep, so I crawled out of bed, hit the shower and was downstairs by 9:30. I had not set my second foot onto the deck when Alberto handed me a Bloody Mary. It was just what I needed. Just the right amount of spice and liquor.

“So my friend, how are you feeling?” asked Carlos who looked as if he hadn’t drank an ounce the night before.

“Oh, …fine, thanks”

“I’m sure. Listen, have breakfast, I’ll make a few calls, and we’ll leave in 30 minutes, ok?”

“Sure.” Whatever.

Alberto asked what I wanted for breakfast and I said something greasy. I got two scrambled eggs, a slice of whole wheat bread and some Costa Rican breakfast sausage which was out of this world.

As I was enjoying breakfast the girls came down and hit the pool. Amanda laid her towel on the chair and peeled her shorts down to reveal complete nakedness, or so I thought. It was a skin colored g-string bikini which didn’t even appear on the back, and was so small on the front, and because of its color, I swore she was buck naked. Gabbi was wearing a bright thong, and my Heather a real bikini. Not a large one per se, but bikini never the less.

We all hugged and kissed (big in Costa Rica), and they comenced their sunbathing rituals.

Carlos came out and asked if I was ready, and we headed out to golf.

The clubhouse was incredible, and as the valet took the car, and we made our way inside, Carlos said hello and introduced me to at least 10 people. Every single one of them spoke English. Incredible.

We finally made our way outside to a small structure down a path behind the clubhouse.

I asked where we where headed, and Carlos simply answered, “Forget about golf, its too dam hot. Let’s just get a massage, and head back home.”

As we entered the small chalet-looking structure, a beautiful young bursa escort lady smiled and greeted Carlos.

“Don Carlos, how nice to see you again…is this the friend you mentioned on the phone?”

“Yes…this is Michael. I want Raquel to massage him, ok?”

“Of course, and for you?”

“Are you busy?”

“Never for you, you know that”

With that, she showed me into my room and closed the door behind me.

It was a medium size room, maybe the same as a hotel room, with a massage table in the middle and an armoire of sorts against one wall. Another wall was complete glass and looked out into a small yard that was beautifully landscaped with a waterfall. The other wall had a mirror and a door I assumed led to the bathroom.

Soft music played in the background, and incense burned on holders in the wall.

As I was taking in my surroundings, there was a soft knock on the door and in walked the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

“Don Michael, I’m Raquel,” she said to me as she extended her soft hand towards mine.

She had dirty blond hair, gray eyes, a golden tan, stood about 5’8″ in her shoes, small to medium size breasts, had the face of a goddess, and a smile to die for. I immediately melted.

She wore a white polo shirt, short white shorts, white socks and white tennis shoes. She looked absolutely stunning.

“I understand this is your first time in Costa Rica?”

“Uhh, yes it is, and I couldn’t be happier.”

This got a laugh out of her.

“Uh huh. I understand you’re here for a massage, yes?”

“That’s what I’ve been told, yes.”

“Ok then, why don’t you step into the bathroom and change, and I’ll prepare things here, ok?”


“Oh, Don Michael, do you mind if I ask Nina in? She’s in training, and I would really appreciate it if I can continue training her this morning.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Are you sure?”


As I stepped into to the bathroom I thought that Nina must be some fat, grotesque Russian wrestler. After all, my luck could only take me so far, right?

As far as bathrooms go, this was the Jorge V, Ritz and Four Seasons all rolled into one. It was all marble, toilet over there, bidet over here, Jacuzzi next to the glass wall that also looked out into the private garden, huge shower stall, soft towels everywhere within reach.

I stripped down, tied a towel around me, and then saw a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. I decided it was best to be prepared for any situation. I freshened up, and made my way outside.

Much to my delight, Nina made Raquel look like the Russian wrestler! She was about two inches taller, had jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and had a tan that had Hawaiian Tropics written all over it.


Raquel introduced us, and then asked me to lie down on the table. I put my head in the opening of the table, and waited to see what developed.

The two girls spoke to each other in Spanish softly as they spread warm oil over my back. They were actually pretty good. In fact, I caught myself falling asleep several times, but was afraid if I actually succumbed to it, I would snore, and that just wouldn’t do.

When they completed my back I was told to turn over, and they started right away. When they where about done with my legs, they kept getting closer and closer to my dick, and this of course caused it to harden. As the towel slowly rose, and with their warm slippery hands gliding ever so close, I closed my eyes hoping that cutting off the visual stimulation would help soften my cock.

Of course, as soon as I closed my eyes, four hands slipped under the towel and started stroking my cock and nuts.

Just as I thought I couldn’t get any harder, I felt the unmistakable sensation of lips and mouths enveloping my cock. As I opened my eyes and glanced southward, I saw Nina and Raquel feasting on my cock, nuts and underside of my scrotum.

Unlike other blowjobs I had gotten, this one was A-1. I mean, you could tell these girls loved giving head, you know what I mean? Some escort bursa women do it because they feel obligated…not these. They were doing an exceptional job. In fact, they were doing SO well, I found myself in the embarrassing position that I was about to cum.

They made a perfect team. I suppose that they had done this before because they were perfectly coordinated. While one sucked my cock, the other sucked my nuts. Then vice versa, and then they would both run their tongues and lips up and down the length of my dick. Plus, they should have been in sales…I mean they where saying things that I wanted to believe so very, very much.

“Oh Don Michael, you have a delicious cock,” murmured Nina when her mouth wasn’t full.

“Yes, and it’s sooo hard Don Michael. I wasn’t in the mood earlier, but just seeing you, seeing this dick has got me soo horny, would you stick it in me if I asked nicely, please?” asked Raquel.

“I want it first Raquel. Remember I saw him first and asked you to include me.”

“Yes, but Don Carlos asked that I personally attend to him.”

The combination of their warm mouths, soft lips and talented tongues together with the visual and audio stimulation brought me to one of the best orgasms I’ve had in my life. Of course, they didn’t stop for a moment, and took it all in like champs. Not a drop fell from Nina’s mouth. No gagging, she was perfect.

Talk about a relaxing way to get rid of a hangover!

When I was COMPLETELY done, Nina excused herself for a minute and went into the bathroom. With Nina out of the room, Raquel suggested, “Why don’t we stop for a while, you can take a bath and get cleaned up, yes?”

I was still a little dumbfounded from the sensory overload, but I said, “Fine.” After all, she DID say, “stop for a while.”

I made my way to the bathroom, and I discovered that Nina WAS BUCK NAKED and had already started filling the Jacuzzi. As she stepped out of the Jacuzzi, she said, “why don’t we start with a shower to get the oil off you, and then we’ll soak in the Jacuzzi, yes?”

“Y E S!!!”

Where and how do I start to describe her??? Again, she was tall. She had no tan lines, her breasts where at least a C cup if not D. Perfectly natural, with the areola pointing upwards, there wasn’t a follicle of hair visible anywhere other than her head. Her cunt lips were perfect. No ugly worn out inner lips stretching or poking out. As she turned around to get the shower going, her ass was a work of art. Men would surely have gone to war over it. I mean, it was perfect…not too big, not jiggly, no stretch marks, not even a pimple or blemish. I know exactly how to describe it…you know those skin magazines with the perfect model sticking her perfect air brushed ass out. That was Nina, except, no air brushing here, just perfection.

Of course she couldn’t have been a day over 19 or 20.

As she made her way into the water and got her hair wet, the door behind me closed and there was beautiful Raquel.

“Not starting without me, are you Don Michael?”

“Wouldn’t even dream about it sweetheart.”


With that being said, she kicked her shoes off and started to take her clothes off.

As I mentioned earlier, she was not as tall as Nina or as tan, but easily a 9 ½ in my book. She was angelic looking.

Her breasts where considerably smaller than Nina’s but she had a look…when I say angelic, I mean peaceful and completely at ease. I couldn’t detect any rushing on her part. She felt completely and utterly at ease at that precise moment. I felt there was nowhere she would rather be, no one she would rather be with, and nothing she would rather be doing, than getting naked with Nina and I in a shower and then screwing ’till our hearts content.

Just like Nina, she also didn’t have a hair on her. No tan lines either. And that ass…what is with these Latin women? Perfect assess.

She made her way into the shower, which had like 8 sprays hitting her and Nina from all directions. As she got wet, Nina called out to me, “what are you waiting for?”

I escort bursa entered immediately and after I got completely wet they started to lather me up. After that was done they got a luffa (sp?) and started scrubbing me all over, and when I say all over, I mean all over. There wasn’t a square inch of skin on my body that didn’t get the treatment. As I rinsed off, Raquel asked if they could shave me.

“Shave me, what do you mean?”

“Yes, you’ll love it, and it makes sex MUCH more enjoyable, trust me,” answered Raquel as she grabbed my dick again.

Who was I to say no? All I was thinking about was what I was going to tell my wife, but I would cross that bridge when I got to it.

I sat down on the corner bench of the shower stall as Nina exited and returned with a razor, shaving cream and a wash cloth. With the water still on, but with me away from the sprays, Nina and Raquel kneeled down and started lathering all my pubic hair. Then, Raquel took the razor and started in slowly and gently. They where done in 10 minutes and my average looking cock looked immense.

I was as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

With that, we each washed & rinsed quickly and then got into the Jacuzzi.

As Nina sat down, she said she loved Jacuzzis. She situated herself on the corner opposite us with her butt in the water, but then turned and placed her legs outside the tub on a ledge, and rested her head on the opposite ledge. Then she slowly parted her legs, and breathed inwardly.

I was lost. What was going on? She then adjusted herself a little more, and started moaning very softly. I turned to Raquel with a look of “what the hell is she doing?”

“This is so hot Don Michael, you’ll see. She has one of the uhh, uhhh,….jets positioned right at her, you understand?”

Oohhhh. I get it.

Of course, as her moans started getting a little more louder, and as she started rubbing her breasts, Raquel made her way over, and nonchalantly started playing with my already hard cock. When she was apparently convinced I was ready, she lowered herself on me facing away from me. She was relatively tight, but wet. As I accommodated myself inside her, I reached around and started massaging her breasts.

I started with just the breasts, then teased while I passed over the areola, and then finally started playing with the nipples. As I was enjoying the magnificent view of Nina getting off a few feet away from me as well as taking in Raquel’s gorgeous back side, I decided it was time to give a little and not be just a taker.

My right hand sunk downwards ’till I found Raquel’s cunt and I started playing with her lips while they surrounded my cock. I gently pressured them so the in and out sensation would travel through her somewhat more vividly. Then, I started teasing her clit, which earned me a groan from her. Every time I took my hand away she would place it back on her hood.

Nina must have had at least ten orgasms before she decided to join us. She came over and told Raquel that she needed me in her.

“Wait your turn…when I catch up on all the orgasms you’ve had, he’ll be all yours.”

Right…that’ll happen. I mean I’m just as good a lay as the next guy, but fucking this chick through ten orgasms was very far fetched. But then, I got a helping hand. Nina came closer to us and started massaging and tweaking and who knows what else Raquel’s tits, and I suppose that with my digits working on her clit, and Nina working on her boobs, I was able to witness Raquel’s first orgasm.

She wasn’t a screamer but rather a die-hard moaner. I witnessed one of the telltale signs of orgasm, her asshole was pulsing, as was her cunt around my cock. After the orgasm slammed through her, she almost lost her footing, so she relocated to the ledge of the Jacuzzi and laid down. There, Nina got in front of her and started eating her out. Of course, I did the only right thing…I got behind Nina and entered her.

Nina’s cunt was tight, warm, wet and inviting. I didn’t make it all the way in at first, but after three or four strokes, I was there. As I was holding that incredible ass of hers, I looked over beyond her and saw that Raquel had spread her legs as far as they could go, and she was rubbing her breasts deliciously. I couldn’t observe Nina’s techniques, but they were having their desired effect.

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