Ouch, This Is Going To Hurt

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Oh Shit, Ouch! This is going to hurt.

Those were my last thoughts as I felt the rear end of my car slide. Despite my best efforts I could not correct it and I was on a one way ride to the wall of tyres about 10 yards from the edge of the bend.

So, what was I doing on a wet Sunday afternoon on a non-descript race circuit in front of a handful of die-hard spectators?

Certainly one of the things I was doing was proving that I was no Ayton Senna.

What I was, was a rich, thanks to a large inheritance, spoilt, thanks to a large inheritance, idle, yes, guess what thanks to….late 20’s single guy indulging in one of his hobbies.

With more money than I knew what to do with I could indulge myself with the best of most things; holidays, housing, clothes and boys toys. Oh, and when it came to fine wines and food, I definitely enjoyed the finer things in life.

It was half way through a 10 lap race and I was looking to overtake the guy in front when my Caterham Track day car decided my ambition and expectation of grip would not be met by the physics of the tyres on a damp surface. The rear end slid, I tried to steer into the skid but my lack of skill in that department soon had me on the wet grass and heading towards the tyre wall.

Oh Shit, Ouch! This is going to hurt.

The lights went out and the next thing I knew was being awoken by a bright light being shone into my eyes.

I blinked.

“Well good evening Mr. Jones, welcome back, good of you to re-join us,” a deep, but soft, man’s voice said.

I blinked several times again as the light was removed and I looked at a smiling face looking down at me.

I tried to speak, but something in my mouth stopped me.

“Don’t try to talk, we have a tube into your throat, we should be able to remove it soon, but blink if you can hear me.”

I blinked.

“Good, now Mr. Jones, you have had a nasty bump and unfortunately you have broken some bones. Do you understand?”

I nodded and blinked.

“Do you remember what happened?”

I shook my head. Ouch that hurt!

“Well, you had a nasty crash at the race track. Thankfully your crash helmet saved your head from any damage. You have extensive bruising from your racing harness and you have broken both arms and one leg. Thankfully they will be OK in time and you won’t have any permanent damage by what we can see. Your car didn’t come off so well unfortunately,” he said with a sad smile.

“Now let’s get that tube out so that you can talk properly. Nurse!”

My vision was then filled by an attractive blue eyed blonde face smiling down at me as she slowly withdrew whatever tube was in my mouth and stopping me talking.

I coughed and was given a cup of water which I drank in one go.

“OK?” the nurse quietly said.

“Yeah, thanks,” I replied with a very husky voice.

The nurse helped me sit up a bit and I took notice of my surroundings. I couldn’t move my arms and saw that both were in plaster from fingertip to above the elbow. One leg seemed different.

“Mr Jones, you have been a very lucky man, but you will be staying with us for a few weeks,” the man said. “I am Dr. Lines and this is Nurse Bozzani. You will be in our care for probably a month or so. “

He lifted the corner of the bed covering to show me my right leg in plaster from above my knee to my toes.

“Are you in any pain?” the Nurse asked.

“My head is killing me.” I replied.

“After the bang you had, I am not surprised; we’ll get you something to help. Then try and get some sleep. You have been unconscious for about 6 hours but sleep will do you no harm.”

The doctor said goodbye and said he would see me the next day. The nurse soon returned with a couple of tablets and a cup of water. I was soon fast asleep.

I awoke with a start. I was heading towards a wall of tyres and knew it would hurt.

“There there, it’s Ok!” a soothing voice said as she put a cool flannel on my head.

“Jesus!” I exclaimed. “I was heading towards the wall again!”

“That’s OK, you are bound to have flash backs, now try to go to sleep the soothing voice said.

I was soon fast asleep again, then woken by the smell of food.

“Fancy some breakfast love?” an elderly lady said to me as she approached my bed. belugabahis giriş “My, you have been in the wars. What does the other guy look like,” she added with a chuckle. “Tea or coffee?”

“Tea please,” I said as I tried, and failed to sit up.

As if by magic, a nurse appeared; a different one from last night, who helped me sit up.

The day passed by with me drifting into a deep sleep, and being awoken with a flash back of me driving into a wall of tyres.

I saw there was a clock opposite me, but I had lost all sense of time. At about 5.00 I was awaken again for food.

“You have had some visitors Mr Jones,” the man said who I recognised as the doctor from the previous night. “You were out for the count so we suggested they came tomorrow when you may be spending more time awake,” he said smiling. “But they send their best.”

“Who were they?” I asked.

“He looked at a scrap of paper on my bedside table.”

“Bernie and Tess.”

“Oh, Ok, thanks.”

Bernie was my best mate and Tess his wife, both of whom had been at the race track to help me. I had a small but loyal group of friends. I had known Bernie and Tess since I had left school. They had helped me when I lost both my parents within months of each other; and while the inheritance helped cushion the blow financially, emotionally it was a tough time and Bernie really provided stability for me.

“You are doing well, I am very pleased with your progress,” the doctor said as my food was put in front of me. “Time is a great healer and the bones will fix themselves so I expect you to be able to make a full recovery. Now is there anything else I can get you apart from some better food!” he continued, smiling as he looked at the food with distaste written all over his face.

“Well, I feel as though I could do with a good shave and shower, but I guess that’s out of the question?”

“Yes, it will be sometime before you can do that yourself, but the nurses will be able to help. I will get Nurse Bozzani who you met last night to help after you have feasted on you dinner.”

The food was awful, he was right, but I managed to finish it. With the dishes cleared, I was just about to drop off to sleep when Nurse Bazzini came into the room.

“Hi Mr. Jones, the Dr said you would like a shave and shower.”

“Yes, but I understand a shower is off, but a wash would be great, and by the way, it’s John. Mr. Jones was my dad!” I said smiling at her.

“Ok, John. Let me get my stuff and we will make you more comfortable and smelling like a new born baby again.”

The Nurse soon re appeared and prepared me, starting with a shave. I had never been shaved before. She had clearly done it before and I was soon smooth and felt much better.

“Do you want me to brush your teeth?”

“Yes please,” I replied realising it had been some time since I had last brushed my teeth and my breath must have been awful.

With my teeth brushed she said, “Now for the bed bath. Ever had one before?”


“Well I will put a plastic sheet under you and wash you but first I will remove your catheter, it may hurt a bit. Sorry. I won’t replace it which means you will need to use a bottle in future, or at least until you can move. OK?”

I nodded and realised I hadn’t been for a pee for ages, so that was the reason. Realisation that I would also in time have to use a bed pan hit home too!

She was right, it wasn’t pleasant but the deed was soon done and a plastic sheet was put under me.

Soon warm soapy water was being rubbed onto me and I was really beginning to feel batter in myself. The soapy water was washed away and I was soon dried off and left to go off to a deep and contented sleep.

Bennie and Tess pooped in the next day and spent an hour or so, sending best wishes from various friends. They lived a long way away so were unable to visit regularly but it was nevertheless very much appreciated.

The routine continued day after day. I eventually got used to the awful feeling of having nurses help with personal issues such as needing them to bring a bottle and put my dick in it to pee, and a bed pan for the other end. God bless them, but I guess they get used to it. I was used to women touching my dick as part of a sexual experience, not a bodily belugabahis güvenilirmi function like peeing!

About a week or so into my stay, Nurse Bazzini asked if I wanted another bed bath. I had had one a few days before, given to me by a very nice and incredibly camp male nurse.

“Yes please.”

The routine was very much as before, however as the warm soapy water soothed me, and her soft gently hands washed my upper thigh on the leg that wasn’t in plaster, a reaction started in my wedding tackle region. I felt the blood flow to that area and my cock start to harden. No matter what I did or thought about, I couldn’t stop it and was soon having a semi hard on. The nurse had to have seen it and to make matters worse then started to wash my cock, making it harden even more.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“It’s OK, its nature,” Nurse Bazzini replied smiling at me and continued to wash it.

My mind was now doing overtime and I thought she was spending more time washing it than strictly necessary.

The warm soapy water was soon replaced with warm water as the soap suds were washed away. She again took her time washing my cock and this time, I was sure it wasn’t in my imagination; she was definitely spending too much time on this region, stroking it like a full blown hand job. I was now rock hard.

“Ok?” she said quietly as she continued to stroke me and then with her other hand cup and cradle my balls.”

“Yes”, I grunted.

Any pretence of a wash was now long gone.

“Oh God!” I said, trying not to cry out too loudly. “I am going to cum!”

The tell-tale signs were there and the nurse clearly felt my balls tighten as she continued stroking me; covering and uncovering the now wet head of my cock with my foreskin.

“Yesssssss!” I cried as I came, shooting thick wads of thick hot sticky cum over my stomach and the last few drips on the Nurses hand.

“I think you needed that John,” she said as she let go of my now softening cock and started to wipe her hands before cleaning me of my recent explosion.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. Was this part of the new NHS?

“Feel better now?” she smiled as she patted my now normal sized flaccid cock and covered me with my bed clothes.

“Now, off to sleep and not a word to anyone Ok?”

I nodded and smiled and was soon, as she had told me, fast asleep.

The bed bath routine soon became a feature every other night and she masturbated me to a very satisfactory outcome every time.

A couple of weeks went by and it must have been Nurse Bazzini’s day off as another nurse was on duty.

“It must be bed bath day John, isn’t it?” she said with, what I thought, was a knowing look.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied in as much a non-committal way as I could. Did she know what Nurse Bazzini did for my bed bath I asked myself? What happens when I get a hard on, which I am bound to do.

Still deep in thought, the nurse soon reappeared with bowls of hot water and towels and all the other paraphernalia.

The bed bath started, and sure enough as soon as she was washing my upper thigh, I started to harden.

She seemed to ignore it but as she started to wash my cock, the touch was more than a wash demanded.

“He seems to like that,” she said smiling at me and making no attempt to hide her actions.

I nodded as I looked at her wanking me.

She moved and before I knew what was happening she had got on the side of the bed and started to lick my rock hard cock, before taking it into her hot wet mouth and sucking and licking me. I don’t think I had ever had such an intense blow job in my life before. She stopped and wet her finger and started to put it up my arse as she recommenced her blow job. She was soon deep in my arse, finger fucking me as she sucked harder and harder. I was harder than I could ever remember and knew I was unable to last.

“I’m cumming!” I cried out through gritted teeth.

She redoubled her efforts with both her finger and sucking and I was soon filling her mouth with my seed.

“Oh God!” I cried out as she drained me and swallowed everything I gave her.

She gently removed her finger and licked it in such an erotic way I was sure my softening cock gave a twitch of appreciation.

She belugabahis yeni giriş then licked her lips and smiled as she looked down on my cock and covered me with my bed clothes.

“Now, off to sleep and not a word to anyone Ok?”

My God, she must have known. That was exactly what the other nurse had said.

Did they do this for all male patients? Why me?

A few days later Nurse Bazzini was on duty again, “Bed bath John?”

“Yes please.”

The routine was as before but this time the hand job was much slower and if possible, more sensual than previously.

Just as I was approaching my peak, the Nurse slowed down. “Did the other nurse take care of you Ok John? Give you a nice bed bath?”

I smiled and nodded.

“She gives good blow jobs doesn’t she?”


“Would you like me to give you a BJ?”

I smiled. “Has a man ever turned a BJ down?”

Without another word I felt my cock covered with her hot wet mouth as she started licking me and sucking me.

“Oh God, I won’t last, you got me so close!” I cried out.

“I know,” she said momentarily stopping what she was doing before taking as much of my hard cock into her mouth as she could and cupping my balls. That put me over the edge and I was then shooting my cum into her willing mouth.

I felt her swallow my ejaculate as she let my cock soften in her mouth.

She smiled, licked her lips and bade me goodnight.

I continued to enjoy my bed baths with these two nurses until the time came for my plasters to be removed and I could then stand and slowly walk, with help, to the shower room.

“Can you wash yourself?” Nurse Bazzini asked.

“I don’t know, I am frightened of falling over.”

“Of course,” she said with a quizzical look.

“No,” I smiled. “I am being serious. I will need to hold onto something to stand up.

“Ok, get in the shower and at least stand under the water.”

The shower door shut and I enjoyed the sensation of hot water flowing over me as I held onto the various brackets and handles within the large shower room.

“You OK?” I heard her ask.

“Yes thanks?”

“Want a hand?”

“Yes please.”

The door opened and I was joined by Nurse Bazzini, minus her uniform. My cock immediately hardened as I took in her nudity and cast my eyes over her perfect firm breasts topped off with hard dark and large nipples. I took in her flat stomach and shaved pussy, with her slit and pussy lips clearly on show.

She came up to me and started rubbing soap over me, before washing it off and rubbing me with her breasts, going lower and started to suck my hardness.

She stopped and looked up at me, “we have to be quick!”


I have locked the outside door, but we can’t be long, or we will raise suspicions, now fuck me!”

With that she turned around and bent over, pulling her bum cheeks apart. Backing up to me as I rested against the shower wall, she guided my cock into her hot wet hairless pussy, and as I stood still she took up the pace, moving back and forwards. I could see my cock going in and out of her and her bum hole open as if asking to be fingered. Dare I move one hand and try I asked myself?

She quickened the pace of the penetration as I took the risk, taking my right hand off the safety rail and stroked her bum cheek before lightly touching her puckered rose hole.

“Oh yes, there!” she said as she urged me to explore her, continuing the thrusting as my hard cock slid in and out of her wet and welcoming pussy.

As I touched her, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, which was the trigger for me to know I was close to cumming.

“I am going to cum, where do you want me?”

“In my pussy!”

Her wish was my command as I felt the first spasm come and I started shooting into her just as she stopped moving with me deep inside her.

“Oh Fuck yes!” she cried out, “That was what I wanted!”

My cock soon slid out of her hole as I saw our combined juices rudely flow out too.

Quickly washing ourselves, she turned the water off, dried me then stepped out of the shower and was soon prim and proper in her uniform as she helped me back to my bed.

All too soon, my hospital stay was over as it was deemed I could continue to do my rehabilitation at home. Despite my protestations, I was sent home before I could enjoy another shower with Nurse Brazzini.

That being said, the two nurses were so concerned about my wellbeing, they have agreed to come down together next weekend to make sure my recover is going well.

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