Oscar and Irene Pt. 09

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I watched uneasily as Irene extended her tongue, thereby making Matt’s upcoming rim-job look like a certainty. This continued expansion of her sexual horizons was a real kick in the nuts for me, especially as Matt wanted Irene to work for it. He lowered his ass-cheeks slightly, but in an effort to maintain control, he kept his butt far enough above my wife’s tongue, that she had to stretch to reach it.

It was painful to watch my wife crane her neck in an attempt to lick Matt’s ass, and I was experiencing a multitude of feelings, as the tip of her tongue grazed his rosebud. Disgust, that she would rim another man. Jealousy, that it wasn’t me. Pity, that she felt indebted enough to this man, to agree to eat his ass in the first place. Shame, that he made her work so hard for it, instead of just lowering himself onto her face, so that she could comfortably accommodate him.

Another emotion, rage, surfaced quickly, as Matt began to talk.

“Fuck yeah, Irene, you dirty bitch,” he said appreciatively, “that feels sensational.”

I knew Matt was a master manipulator of women, and I also knew that Irene responded very favorably to affirmation. She had always been that way, starting from when we were in High School. This need for validation continued through her career, our marriage, and her familial relationships. Now, presumably from spending enough time with my wife, Matt had gleaned enough personal information from her, in order to manipulate her.

Irene lowered her head slightly, and taking the bait, sought further assurance that she was doing a good job.

“Does that feel good, Matt?” she whispered. “It’s my first time.”

“I know baby,” he said condescendingly. “Just do your best. Good girl.”

There it was again, that fucking “Good girl,” label that I detested. Irene seemed to like the attention though, as she let out a giggle, and raised her lips back to Matt’s rosebud.

Judging by the look of abject pleasure on Matt’s face, Irene was a quick learner, and her tender attentions to his asshole caused him to stop fucking Daphne, and just enjoy the moment.

“Holy Christ, Irene,” he grunted. “You are amazing.”

Daphne looked over her shoulder, and upon seeing the look of ecstasy on Matt’s face, seemed a little jealous.

“Matt,” she whispered, “Fuck me, baby! Then we need to get back to the wedding.”

I knew that the three of them were caught-up in the moment, and had lost track of time, so it was no surprise to me when Matt said that he was ready to come. However, I wasn’t expecting him to withdraw his cock from Daphne’s wet pussy, and neither was Daphne. She let out a disappointed moan, as his huge cock emerged from her love-canal, slick with her vaginal fluids.

To her credit, my wife stayed focused, rimming her boss as he prepared for his upcoming orgasm. Even though I had enjoyed a few lovers prior to marrying Irene, I had never been in a situation where I had complete control of another woman. Matt, by contrast, was owning these two, and even though I felt jealous because one of them was my wife, I was impressed by his take-charge attitude.

Without any discussion, or attempt to get consent, Matt lined his well-lubricated cock up with Daphne’s asshole, and began to force his way in. I was grateful at that moment that her husband had been unable to attend the wedding. His presence wouldn’t have changed Matt’s behavior one iota, and in all likelihood, the two of us would have been hiding outside the window of the Summer House, watching passively as Matt enjoyed both of our wives.

Matt grabbed Daphne’s hips and eased forward, using her own vaginal fluids as a make-shift maltepe escort lubricant. Daphne grunted, her discomfort evident as she adjusted to his invasion of her anal passage. Matt kept forcing his way inside her, until after several moments, he was balls-deep. He composed himself for a few seconds, and then began to slowly ass-fuck Daphne.

You could see the pleasure on his face as he enjoyed the combination of Daphne’s tight little asshole, and my wife’s tongue brushing against his rosebud. It appeared that Matt had switched priorities, and was now fully focused on his own orgasm. He picked up his pace, spread his knees slightly further apart, to give my wife more room to work with, and began to fuck Daphne with more urgency.

As he approached his orgasm, he gave the girls fair warning.

“I am getting close, ladies,” he announced enthusiastically. “Irene, stick your tongue in my ass.”

As Matt’s eyes widened, presumably in response to my wife’s tongue penetrating his sphincter, I felt another wave of jealousy wash over me. Irene and her best friend were doing absolutely everything in their power to rock this man’s world, oblivious to the fact that I was watching through the window, like a total cuckold.

“Come in my ass, baby,” Daphne implored him, as she looked over her shoulder at her boss.

A few seconds later, Matt stiffened, threw back his head, gave Daphne one firm slap on the ass, that reverberated around the Summer House, and unloaded his nuts into her anal passage, as Irene ate his muscular ass. Matt was quite vocal when he came, and I was worried that he would attract the attention of any other wedding guests that happened to be walking in the garden of this venue.

After Matt had composed himself, he withdrew from Daphne’s anal passage, and excused himself to take a shower. My wife and her best friend, having been conditioned to obey Matt’s every directive, remained motionless in their sixty-nine

position, until he returned with a towel around his waist. I can only assume that Matt’s semen eventually began to leak out of Daphne’s ass, and that guided by gravity, some of it ended up on Irene’s face. Whatever the case, Matt’s pleasure was more important to them than their own comfort, and they remained on the bed, until he dismissed them.

“See you guys inside,” he said as he dressed quickly, and left the room.

After Matt strode out of the Summer House and headed back to the wedding, I slumped under the window sill, emotionally drained by what I had witnessed. The girls however, seemed enthralled with the encounter, and began to chatter excitedly.

“Can you believe what a stud Matt is?” Daphne asked my wife, in wonderment. “Have you ever encountered such a man before?”

“I have only ever been with Oscar,” my wife admitted, shyly. “I love him, of course, but he is no Matt in the bedroom.”

“Nor will he ever be,” Daphne admonished. “That’s why we call him Little Boy.”

I must admit that it hurt to hear that Irene and Daphne referred to me as Little Boy, behind my back. I had assumed that it was a derisive term, used only by Matt, to disparage me, and reduce my status in my wife’s eyes. To learn that it was my nickname was very humiliating.

“Have you ever experienced a lover like Matt before, Daphne?” my wife asked her best friend. “I know you were with more than one man before you got married.”

“I played around a little bit, before I met my husband,” Daphne admitted, “but Matt is in a different league to all of the men that I dated before. He is a true Alpha Male, a man to whom all women submit.”

“Do you love him?” mamak escort my wife asked.

“More than anything,” Daphne responded. “He is all I think about. I know it is just sex between the two of us, but judging by the way he looks at you, he really cares about you, Irene.”

“I know, I feel it too,” my wife responded, her declaration cutting me deeply, as I hid beneath the window, eavesdropping.

“Do you love Matt, Irene?” Daphne asked.

“I love everything about that man,” my wife gushed enthusiastically. “He is a great listener, highly intelligent, easy on the eyes, and I self-lubricate the second I see him.”

“Wow, you are smitten,” Daphne teased.

“One hundred percent,” my wife admitted. “Of course, I love my husband, but I never got to date before we got married. I never got to experience sex with other men, and while I know deep in my soul that Oscar tries his hardest in bed, sex with Matt is otherworldly.”

“Believe me, Irene,” Daphne said in a more serious tone, “Matt is an extraordinary lover, blessed with an impressive cock, fantastic stamina, and the knowledge of what women like.”

“I would leave Oscar if Matt asked me to,” my wife said quietly, “but I know I could never be enough for him. He would eventually tire of me, and throw me away. At least Oscar is dependable, and will be around when I am old.”

“Why do you think you would never be enough for him?” Daphne asked.

“Matt constantly seeks new adventures,” my wife responded, having seemingly given the matter some thought. “He knew I was a very inexperienced woman once we became intimate. I shared my sexual history, or lack thereof, with him in detail. Yet, despite knowing my innocent past and my sheltered upbringing, he elected to push my boundaries.”

“He does that with all women,” Daphne interjected.

“Yes, I expect he does,” my wife replied, jealously evident in her voice. “However, in the space of a few short months, Matt has taken me in every conceivable sex position, I have sucked him off to completion several times, and allowed him to fuck my tits whenever he gets the urge. Furthermore, I have engaged in lesbian sex acts for his visual excitement, and even given him a rim-job, which I promised Oscar, would never, ever happen.”

“What can I say? He has that effect on women,” Daphne said dispassionately, offering my wife no words of encouragement or support.

“Now,” my wife continued, with a trembling voice, “I am truly fearful where he will take me next.”

“Has he taken your anal cherry yet, Irene?” Daphne asked, her use of the word “yet” a troubling indication that they both knew that it was an absolute inevitability.

“Not yet,” my wife answered, the gravity of the word “yet” sinking in as I processed it.

“Matt hasn’t taken your anal cherry?” her friend asked incredulously. “How did you dodge that bullet?”

As I huddled under the window, I was relieved to hear the best news I had heard in a while. Contrary to my suspicions, my wife was still a virgin, as far as anal sex was concerned. My heart soared as I processed the fact that my wife had not been subjected to that particular violation yet. However, seconds later, as my wife continued to speak, my illusions were shattered.

“I haven’t really dodged that bullet, Daphne,” my wife said coyly. “More like just delayed the inevitable. Matt is taking me away to a beautiful resort on our anniversary, and he plans to take my anal cherry then.”

“How sweet,” Daphne said sarcastically. “You and Matt have an anniversary?”

“No, Oscar and my anniversary,” she replied with a giggle. “Matt wants me to celebrate ankara ofise gelen escort my sixteenth wedding anniversary by fucking my ass. I think he is going to make Oscar watch.”

“Ever the romantic,” Daphne exclaimed, as the two of them shared a laugh.

“Does it hurt?” my wife asked, trying unsuccessfully to suppress her fear.

“Does what hurt?” Daphne responded, trying to get my wife to open up.

“Did it hurt when he made love to your butt?” my wife asked.

“You mean when Matt ass-fucked me?” Daphne responded with a giggle. “Don’t be so polite. It’s just you and me.”

“Okay,” my wife said cheerfully. “Does anal sex hurt?”

“It is not entirely pleasurable,” Daphne admitted, “but not excruciatingly painful, either. You just have to remember that you are doing it for Matt’s pleasure, not yours.”

“That’s what I keep telling myself,” my wife responded, as if anal sex with her boss consumed her thoughts. “I need to suck it up and focus on Matt’s enjoyment. I know this is important to him. He wants to enjoy something that I have denied Oscar for sixteen years. That is why he is going to force Oscar to watch me lose my anal cherry.”

It was evident that this conversation was going downhill fast, and armed with the revelation that my wife’s boss had designated her virgin ass his next target, with me as the unwilling audience, I started to get up from my crouching position under the window, to head back towards the wedding reception. Daphne’s next confession stopped me in my tracks.

“The indignities won’t end, once he has taken your virgin ass,” Daphne said dejectedly, as I remained hidden under the window, eager to hear what she had to say next. “You have to be prepared to draw the line, to tell him no.”

“Have you drawn the line yet, Daphne?” my wife asked. “Have you said no?”

To my surprise, Daphne started to cry softly, her voice shaking as she began to answer.

“I can’t resist the man,” she said through her tears. “I know that I should stand up to him, if only for the sake of my pride, but when I am around him, I am powerless to resist him. He continues to push my boundaries, and even though I regret it after he is gone, in the heat of the moment, I allow him to do whatever he pleases.”

“Oh my god, Daphne,” my wife said quietly, “what did Matt make you do?”

As I listened on intently, Daphne lowered her voice to a quiet whisper, and began to tell my wife about some of the indignities that Matt had heaped on her. Most of it was inaudible, but I did hear Daphne tell my wife that Matt had shared her with a client, without getting her prior consent.

“I sucked his client’s cock,” she admitted, as she sobbed inconsolably, “in exchange for him signing a contract with Matt.”

It was at this point that I decided to leave. I had nothing to gain from hearing this sordid revelation. Daphne and Irene were very different women, and just because Matt had manipulated Daphne into blowing his client, for his personal gain, didn’t mean that he would try that with my wife. Matt and Irene’s relationship, much as it ate me alive to admit it, was based on mutual respect and admiration. I knew that he would never use my wife as a party favor, in order to further his business interests. I got to my feet and stood next to the open window.

“Promise me you will never allow Matt to give you to another man,” Daphne implored my wife. “Especially not as an incentive for a business deal. Swear that you will draw the line at that.”

My wife’s silence was deafening, her words of protest conspicuous by their absence. Several seconds elapsed, and I could feel rage surging through my body accompanied by jealousy, as I awaited her assurance.

“I can’t promise that,” she said quietly, almost twenty seconds after the question was posed. “I find Matt completely irresistible, and however depraved his desires, I am going to do whatever he tells me to.”

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