On The Buses

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It was raining, as it always seems to just when you are caught somewhere well away from shelter but I made it to the rickety lean-to with the bus company logo fading away in white and orange on each side without actually getting drowned. The shelter barely defeated the larger drops and none of the cold sleet riding winter’s icy breath as I huddled in its dubious depths, eyes closed against the chilling spray that dashed my face each time the wind gusted in. It was late…nearer to midnight than I would have liked and the last bus was due any tick of the clock. My eternity in icy hell ended a few minutes later as a metal monster pushed its way through the squall to stop in front of the shelter with a sharp sigh of airbrakes. A wide grin of warm light opened and I gratefully entered its glowing bowels.

As I walked down the aisle the interior lights dimmed to twilight and the bus lurched forward on its last journey for the evening. I found a seat that suited me among the 39 that were vacant and turned to glance at the only other passenger travelling the same direction as me. She was strawberry blond and her eyes were big, blue as the summer sky that I dimly remember enjoying a few months ago. I must have stared a little because she turned her head ever so slightly and her full red lips curled in a lovely smile that instantly chased away the chill.

“Hi.” She breathed in a whispery voice that echoed of bedroom trysts and warm sex smells “You must be chilled. Why don’t you take off that wet coat and come sit here.”

She patted the vacant seat beside her with slender fingers and her ruby red nails stole my gaze. It was instant lust on my part, and I nodded dumbly as I shrugged out of my wet ‘Dry-as-a-bone’ oilskin, dropping it on the seat nearby. I stood and walked over to her, my gaze appraising her slim bare legs that showed teasingly from beneath her short pleated skirt. Her smile remained warm as my eyes traveled up to her ample breasts that strained against a barely buttoned blouse. Lovely pink orbs swelled from the top of the straining fabric and her nipples pushing at the fabric made my cock twitch deliciously.

I sat on the seat and introduced myself, holding her proffered hand. I couldn’t help getting a mental picture of those long, supple fingers working minor miracles on my rigid cock and throbbing balls, but I kept my eyes on her face as she told me she was ‘Sandy’ and a lot of other meaningless information. Those tits! My eyes ached from trying to hold them horizontal. I never would have believed that gravity would drag so heavily on them if you placed two gorgeous tits so close beneath. Well, I can’t help who I am and I was never good at endurance weight lifting so my eyes drooped…just for a second though…and my vision fell deep into her cleavage.

“Pardon?” I mumbled, my eyes rising to her face again after several weeks in that gorgeous canyon. She laughed. It was the sweetest tinkling I’d ever heard, like golden chimes in an erotic dreamscape.

“I asked if you liked what you see.” She repeated, her hand falling lightly on my knee. I was trembling like a schoolboy on his first date. I hadn’t had a fuck in a while and my trouser monster was rearing its head, shoving up against my jeans.

“Must be the eighth wonders of the world” I muttered and tried a lopsided smile. Clark Gable to Marilyn Monroe, I thought, and she did indeed look a lot like that fabled beauty, only I thought Sandy the prettier of the two. I looked about as much like Clark Gable as Roddy McDonald did, but…hey…it was my fantasy.

Sandy leaned into me and put her soft red lips close to my ear. Her breath was a new kind of perfume that, if bottled, would outsell Chanel No. 5 and its warmth made my cock tingle with anticipation. I felt a dampness there as my cock painted pre-cum on my jocks.

“Would you like to feel them?” She whispered as her left knee rose slowly above her right, revealing a flash of silky white nickers before going down again, rubbing sensuously against her other leg. She thrust her chest bahis siteleri forward, offering those outstanding orbs for inspection.

I reached out slowly. My hand was trembling so badly that my fingers looked blurry. Like an old man with ague, but I managed to control them enough that I could grip her protruding nipple between thumb and two fingers. I teased that nipple a little and felt it swell as she moaned quietly.

“Let them free” She said as she stretched like a cat. Her hand was clutching at my knee and she was moving her legs so that they rubbed together deliciously. I struggled a little with the buttons until my tremors stilled and then the blouse gave way. Two lovely puppies popped out, their big pink noses sniffing my sex scent. What magnificent tits! These babies needed to be photographed, sung about and immortalized in sculpture. I lowered my face towards them and took one hard, hot pink nipple into my mouth, my tongue licking at it as if it were a scoop of sweet woman-flavored gelati. My hand covered her other tit and I began working magic fingers over and around it, teasing her nipple with my thumb.

I felt my cock press so hard against my jeans I thought it was going to break in half and then, as if reading my mind, her hand stroked up my leg towards the swelling. She gently kneaded my thigh as she worked upwards and her long, slender fingers worked away my tension as they approached my cock and balls.

I lifted my mouth from her tits and planted it over her red lips, my tongue meeting hers in a wet, warm wrestling match that ebbed and flowed between my mouth and hers. Her spittle tasted like honey to me, as her kisses became more eager. She sucked at my tongue just as her hand found my tingling cock. I felt those fingers stroking me through the fabric of my jeans, exploring the length of my shaft.

“Oh, baby! That is some monster you have there!” She whispered in my ear between kisses. I dropped my free hand onto her shapely leg and climbed along her thigh until I encountered silky panties that were already damp where they covered her pussy. Her legs parted and she moaned again, softly but deeply in my ear, and her hot breath carried her desire. “Yes, baby. Mmmmm, yes! I want you now.”

It seemed as if the silk parted as my fingers slipped under her panty line and encountered the hot, wet slit beneath. She was so wet and ready that my fingers slid into her pussy without resistance. I felt her slide forward on the seat; legs parting even more and her hand worked franticly at my zipper, tugging it down to free the beast my cock had become.

With a final kiss she pulled her face back slightly and I saw her wide sexy smile. Her eyes were misty with desire as her hand began gently tugging at my cock. Slowly she tipped her body sideways until her face fell into my crotch and those exquisite red lips parted to let my throbbing dick into her mouth. She slid her tongue along the bottom length of my shaft, over the large vein that runs there. I could feel the swollen head of my penis slide into her mouth, into the back of her throat as she started to suck.

My sex meter was running on overload by now and I tipped myself the opposite way until I could get my face under her skirt. My tongue sought her silk panties and I began licking the wet spot over her pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing from her love tunnel. It seemed forever was passing as we sucked and fondled each other’s playground. Her fingers were playing my shaft like a flute, stroking and squeezing as her mouth bobbed up and down my cock. Pressure was building and my balls twitched at the anticipated explosion. I had her panties pulled to one side and my tongue was licking her hard little clit between quick dips into her tunnel where it searched for her sweet, sexy nectar.

“Hmmm…oh babe!” She moaned as I licked her out. I let my wet fingers explore her tight ass and felt her wriggle pleasurably as my soaked forefinger worked a little opening there.

“I want to taste you.” She said. Her hand was moving canlı bahis siteleri faster now as she masturbated my cock. Her other fingers had wrapped themselves around my balls and were squeezing gently. I had my tongue so deep in her pussy that I thought my tonsils must be tickling her nether lips and I felt her begin to orgasm. It came like a warm, sweet tide washing over my tongue, woman’s nectar, sweeter and more exhilarating than any sparkling wine. That did it for me! My balls contracted and my cock spasmed. I shot a big, creamy load of cum into her mouth. She gasped at the sudden flood and gulped the cream as it spurted from my cock. Again and again my monster squirted its jizm and we drank each other dry for the few exquisite moments while we both came.

There was a moment of swimming haziness that reminded me of the after effects of a herbal cigarette I’d once smoked and in the dim light of the bus strange shadows cavorted in a myriad of interesting sexual postures. She was licking the excess cum off my balls but I noticed that my cock was still hard. It hadn’t had enough yet. Carefully I worked her silky panties down her lovely legs until they were off, then I tossed them carelessly onto the floor. Patting her bobbing breast in passing I managed to extract myself, turning her face down at the same time. Heaven’s gate stood before me as her wide-open pussy shone wetly, her tight dark asshole invitingly above it. She thrust her ass up at me as I knelt on the seat and my cock plunged into her.

“Ooooh…Fuck me fast, lover!” she said, trying to keep her voice from carrying to the front of the bus. My cock felt like it was on fire as I began working it back and forth inside her pussy as hard as I could. My balls banged against her naked clam and her little skirt rode forward so that her midriff was revealed. I listened to the sucking, sloppy noises that came from her eager pussy as I fucked her harder and harder, and I watched her as she bit into the seat with her pearly white teeth to stop from screaming out. Her moans were coming in rhythm with my thrusts and I could feel her squeeze her pussy against my shaft for added grip. My fingers were on the cheeks of her lovely ass and now I couldn’t help staring at her puckered asshole. It was still damp from my previous finger probing and now it seemed to be screaming for cock!

Without missing a stroke I drew my cock out of her hot love hole and pushed my knob into her ass. It disappeared into that tight depth, sinking deep in until my balls pressed against her eager flesh.

“Aaaah, Wow! She breathed. Her eyes shot wide open and her lips curled in a surprised smile. “What are you…I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

I didn’t have time to listen to her commentary. My cock was being held in a hot, vice-like grip by the tight muscles of her snappy other hole. Slowly I pulled my shaft back until only the tip was still inside of her, then I plunged it back into her dark depths again. She crooned at the pleasure and her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Her dripping pussy was not getting any attention, which I suddenly thought was a shame, so I reached for it and slipped two fingers deep inside. It was sensational! Through the warm, velvety flesh between her pussy and ass I could feel the thick, hard shaft of my cock as it moved slowly in and out of her and, at the same time, my cock felt my fingers exploring its length.

We fucked like that for several minutes. I experimented as to how many fingers I could get into her pussy. Imagine my surprise as each finger fitted in and her pussy just opened up as if begging for more! Suddenly I was left with only my thumb outside, feeling along her soft crack with my thumb-tip caressing her clit. I’d never had this many fingers inside a woman before and a devilish thought came to me as I sank my cock into her bum-hole again. I curled my thumb, tucking it into my hand and shoved gently against her. Again her pussy gaped and my hand slid inside! Now I could fist-fuck her in the pussy while I canlı bahis plunged my meat deep into her gripping ass!

Now my excitement was at new heights and somewhere deep inside that warm erotic mist, silver bells trembled as I approached my climax. Sandy was letting out little muffled screams and moving her whole butt against me as if begging more, but I hadn’t any more to give! Already I felt the need to clutch my toes in fear of falling in! Even the bus seemed to join in a sexual chorus as it began rocking gently from side to side while I just fucked Sandy harder and harder, my cock shoved into her ass and my fist working her pussy towards climax.

It couldn’t last forever, and suddenly I felt my own ass clench tight as a load of jizm swelled inside my balls pushing to be released from the eye of my deeply buried cock.

“I’m gonna cum. Babe!” I muttered through clenched teeth.

“Oh, hon! Yes. Yes. Fill my ass with cream, babe…I want to feel your cock blow in my asshole. Wow! This is incredible!”

She was so excited that her voice had risen and I was certain the bus driver would hear us even above the drone of the big GM diesel, but I couldn’t give a rat’s arse now. Fuck the bus driver, I thought and this time I pushed my rocket all the way home.

A zillion colored lights cascaded through my brain. It was as if I’d copped the mother of all LSD trips as my cock exploded, sending hot spurts of sticky cum deep into her arse. She cried out at the pleasure, “Yes, yes..Oh Babe, yes!” and then her pussy clutched at my fist. The orgasm was like a tsunami as she flooded her love tunnel and I felt the hot splash against my hand and wrist. It erupted from the pink lips of her pussy, splashing her legs and dripping on the seats as she came wave after glorious wave. We lay clutching each other tightly until the deep, laconic voice of the bus driver broke into our reverie.

“Last stop in five minutes, you two.” He said.

I withdrew my hot and fading tool out of her arse and watched as her hole shrank back to a tight little nut again. My fist came out with a pleasant little sucking noise and we sat up, breathing rather heavily. As the bus pulled into a brightly-lit terminal, I managed to zip up my jeans while she straightened her blouse and smoothed her skirt, though I noticed she did not bother to retrieve her silky nickers from the filthy floor.

The bus lurched to a stop beneath the terminal’s overhang and the airbrakes hissed their relieved sigh as the journey came to an end. Around us the interior light came on flooding the length of the bus with its warm, bright glow. I got up shakily and wondered at the weakness I felt in my knees, but I managed to reach for Sandy’s elbow to help her stand. She kissed my cheek and flashed me a perfect smile as she turned, then she walked to the open door at the front of the bus. I snatched up my coat as I followed closely behind her.

Outside a cold wind teased the flesh of the few that waited with mute patience for other buses to arrive. I watched as Sandy stepped gingerly down onto the tarmac, her skirt swirling, threatening to reveal her abused pussy to the world but somehow she managed to keep that little pleasure pit covered as she let go the safety bar. Me, I grasped that chrome bar and glanced back curiously at the bus driver who sat staring out of the window, one hand on the big wheel and the other lying in his crotch. I smiled as I lowered myself into the wintry night watching Sandy walk off towards a sad little man that looked like a shriveled, badly constipated accountant. That little man pecked her on the cheek and said, “Hi sweet cakes” in a squeaky little voice, “Got a big kiss for your hubby?”

Sandy tossed her head and threw a glance over her shoulder at me. Her lips curled in a little kiss, then set itself into an indulgent frown as she turned to her colorless little husband and replied, “Not now, dear. I have a splitting headache.”

As they walked towards the sparkling new Mercedes Benz I couldn’t help smiling again, a huge amused grin, as I thought back on the sight I had seen upon exiting the bus. The driver’s fly was undone and there was a huge, wet patch of cum stain on his trousers. No wonder the bus had swayed to the rhythm of our fuck!

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32