On Making Love To You

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When I awoke this morning I immediately craved you. I let myself go to make love to you.

I awoke facing you, looking into your beautiful face, your eyes opened, smiling into mine. I reached out, stroking your cheek, tears of joy in my eyes. We pulled closer to each other, holding, touching, silent but for our breath. Exploring, feeling, needing.

I started stroking your chest, reveling in your wonderful furriness, feeling the charge of electrical waves flowing through me. Smiling into your eyes again, willing you to know how I feel right now, pressing into you again, my hands running along your side, over your hip, thigh. Enjoying the texture from fur to skin to fur again. I pull back and lower my head, kissing your neck, your chest, rubbing my face against you, smiling. Yes, I am in heaven. Stroking your arms, blissful. Kissing your palms, licking your fingers, taking your right thumb into my mouth and sucking on it slowly.

Gently rolling you onto your back I continue my journey over your skin, loving your beautiful belly, stroking your sides, kissing, touching, licking. Down to your hips, gently sucking on your skin, stroking your outer thighs, over your knees, moving down over your calves, kissing your knees, nibbling at your fur gently. Down to your ankles, kissing them, stroking them, running my fingertips then palms over the soles of your feet. Gently kissing your toes, licking, ankara eve gelen escort tickling, sucking slowly, letting my warm breath flow over your now damp skin.

Nudging you slightly to roll you onto your stomach, I proceed up your calves, pausing to flick my tongue over the back of your knees, sucking on the soft skin. Running my fingertips lightly over your inner thighs, tickling. Up over your bum, tracing your lovely curves, feeling the warmth of your skin. Kissing the small of your back, running both hands up over your broad back while my breasts drag over your bum.

Sitting up, astride your waist I run my fingers through your hair, stroking your scalp, massaging, tugging softly, awakening your head, scalp, self. Leaning forward rubbing my breasts into your back, kissing your ears, one then the other, then tracing them with my fingers.

Pulling back, running my nails over your back as I back down between your legs, spreading you wide open. Smiling. You are so beautiful Clint. Running my fingertips over your bum, along your crack, tickling, pressing into your ass. Reaching down to cradle your lovely full scrotum in my hand. Purring….

Beckoning you to get your butt into the air, I take your sweet balls into my mouth, stroking, squeezing your cock. Licking, sucking, stroking, loving.

Pausing to place my hands on your cheeks, gaziosmanpaşa escort opening them wide and slowly kissing your tight hole, pressing my tongue against your opening. Persuading you to trust me to make you feel good. Licking you, tonguing, firmly thrusting in, squeezing your ass in my hands.

Backing up a bit, dripping a bit of oil onto your sweet hole, pressing into you with my thumb, rubbing, slowly entering then, concentrating all sensation here.

Leaning forward, whispering into your ear- May I fuck you my love? Yes, yes- you want me.

I move back directly behind you my new penis strapped firmly in place, not too big, I want to pleasure you, not hurt you. Stroking your cheeks, rubbing my thighs against them.

Covering my dildo with lube and stroking your hole with more, then rubbing the tip over you, softly.

Talk to me love, tell me how it feels…

Stroking your hips with my hands, running them over your ass, gently pulling you back, pressing into you slowly, no rush, just pleasure. As you relax and let me in, I pause, wait for your body to show me it wants more, for you to tell me you want me in further. You press back onto me. Then my hips are pressed against your perfect bum, I hold you against me. I love you, whispered.

Slowly back out, then forward as you are ready for me, one hand stroking your back, gölbaşı escort sides, around to your stomach, down to your thighs. Before long I am pumping in and out of you, I am fucking you now love.

I back out again after a few moments and ask to you get on your back at the edge of the bed. Lifting your legs up as you do with me, pressing back into you, penetrating you again, my arms wrapped around your legs, watching your face, reaching down to fondle your penis, stroking your special spot, right there, using your glistening drops to rub your head, slowly thrusting into you, squeezing your cock, playing with you, pumping into you, watching you through my passion-induced soft-focused eyes.

Whispering to you- I want to make you feel so good love. I want to make you feel soooo good. Tell me what you want, how do you want it? How can I make you feel good?

Squeezing and thrusting together, pumping into you, feeling you swell, you are so hard, I am dripping, juices flowing, you turn me on so. I wish that I could take you into my mouth like this.

You start quivering as I am pumping into your ass, my hand gliding up and down faster on your cock, I love fucking you.

You burst, cum flying across your chest, dripping down onto my hand. I cum just watching you, feeling you, my thighs and hips thrusting against your thighs and ass. Slowly I pull out. Lean down and take you into my mouth to suck out the last bit, to lick you clean gently, to lick the cum off of your chest. I love how you taste. You are so good.

We both glow.

I unstrap, lay down beside you, curl up against you, kiss you deeply- I love you- we both drift off into our own world. Peaceful. Good. Loving.

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