Older Eyes

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The water is hot, almost too hot, as it cascades over her naked body. The glorious ritual of bathing is taking a new form. She wants to be as perfect as she can be-for him. Her nipples are erect and as she shaves her underarms she smears the minted shave cream over her large breasts. Pinching, rubbing, eyes closed, she imagines what his mouth will feel like sucking, tugging and biting the hardened peaks. Her hand moves between her thighs, lathering her pussy. She is breathing harder now as the razor moves from her ass cheeks to just below her clit, making her bare. She loves the feel of her partially shaved lips and envisions his tongue slowly flicking over her swollen clit. A dampness forms between her legs but it is not from the water. A soft moan escapes her slightly parted lips as she inserts one finger. Her head falls back as she begins to move her finger in and out of her cunt; simulating what he will do with his hard cock. She is so close to release now and she massages her clit with her free hand. Finger fucking herself and tweaking her clit she climaxes and falls against the shower wall, legs shaking. She can feel her hot wet fluid on her fingers. Composing herself by breathing deep, she concludes her bathing. She gets dressed, takes one final look in the mirror and heads out the door.

She is shaking. Is it nerves or is it the thought of meeting an almost stranger. Almost because they have shared a few emails, each one getting a little more sexual – spicy- as he would say. They are both married, he has done this before; she has not. The idea of being with another man is enthralling. It sets her belly on fire. Eric Clapton is singing to her as she follows the directions to the site of their first tryst. She has no idea what he looks like or how old he is, she never asked. She only has directions and a room number. Her heart thuds. Her hands sweat. Every nerve in her body is drawn taught, like a guitar string. If strummed correctly, she cantillates a glorious melody.

She pulls into the motel parking lot. Inhaling deeply, she parks and walks to the door. Hesitantly she knocks. He is older, much older than she expected possibly late 50’s early 60’s. His hair is gray, longer than most men his age would wear it. He has a middle aged body, fuller in the chest, thicker in his mid section. He has facial hair, it is a menagerie of gray and white but his lips look so soft and kissable. She looks into his line etched eyes. They are bahis siteleri sexy, soulful and there is mischief in them. He is not “cute”; he is not dreamy. He is attractive and there is a raw sexual aura about him. She is instantly drawn to him. When he speaks his voice is both calming and carnal.

The way he looks at her makes her feel so beautiful, so alluring, and so wanton. She is very captivated by him though she is edgy. His coy smile and twinkling eyes reflect an afternoon full of promise. They chat for a while and she gets up to pee. He takes the bed down as she uses the bathroom. The top buttons of his shirt are undone; fringes of chest hair are visible. He has kicked off his shoes and is settled on the bed. At first she is a little stunned that he has taken it upon himself to unmake the bed and move things along.

She is shaking so hard inside and the dew is building in her cunt. She walks over and leans down to kiss him. It is infectious, inviting, arousing as their lips meet and their tongues begins a slow languid dance. She bites his lips and pulls a little. He deepens the kiss. Her breathing is turning into a rhythmic pant as she learns his mouth. She begins to unbutton his shirt, one button at a time until she has it open to his waist. His chest is sublime; a perfect mixture of hair and skin. Her hands explore- touching, stroking, and brushing his skin. Her mouth moves to his shoulder, kissing and licking. She tastes her way down his arm to his fingers. Her tongue circles his palm while her free hand pinches his nipples. Drawing one finger into her mouth she begins to suck and tease- giving him a preview of what she will do to his cock.

She works her way back to his shoulder and begins a mouthy decent down his chest. She licks, kisses and gently pulls on his chest hair with her teeth. She finds his hardened peak and sucks it into her mouth. His body jumps as a moan escapes from him.

She becomes bolder now and strokes his inner thighs as she continues her oral assault on his magnificent torso. He separates his legs and she runs hand over his member, feeling it grow with each stroke. His clothes are in the way but when she suggests he undress, he turns it around and tells her to undress. She undoes her zipper and sheds her jacket, leaving her in a lace push up bra. Her large tits are slightly overflowing and her nipples are aroused enough to leave a pucker in the smooth fabric. She reaches behind, unhooks her bra and canlı bahis siteleri frees her boobs. Together they remove the rest of their cloths and move to the middle of the bed.

They are facing each other on their sides as their hands begin to caress each others body. She is beginning to get lost in his touch and her mind is starting to whirl. He sucks one of her nipples into his mouth. She vibrates from her core. He strokes her hip, her ass, and works his hand between her legs. She needs him to touch her, to feel her. He moves his hand between her wet lips, opening her slit. She is burning and unknowingly begins to gyrate, meeting his strokes. He finds her button- it is already swollen- and rubs, first gently then harder and harder until she is panting. Her pussy is dripping droplets of cum and the pressure building inside her is intense. He shoves two fingers into her cunt and she bucks. She pumps her hips and reaches down to finger her clit as he fucks her harder and faster. Three fingers, then four, he drives them harder and faster; over and over until she is writhing. Meeting his thrusts, she spills her cum onto his fingers. He pushes his fingers into her mouth forcing her to taste herself on him. She sucks his fingers dry.

He grabs her hair and pulls her head to his cock. She is hungry and in one motion takes it into her mouth. Her lips move down his shaft in a quick stroke making his body jerk. He lessens his grip on his hair; spreads his legs for her. She pulls her lips back up his cock and blows on it. Looking into his eye, those eyes that are so compelling, she licks his navel and kisses her way down the hair trail to his dick. She moves between his thighs and licks them as her hand finds his balls. She gently squeezes as her mouth moves to find his erect cock. Her mouth finds the head and she runs her tongue around it. She closes her lips and slowly moves down his shaft, swallowing it all until she reaches the base. She moves back up, keeping her lips tight around him she uses her tongue to lick as well. Over and over she repeats this- sometimes gently using her teeth, sometimes sucking harder until he moves his hips and fucks her face.

Her hand explores his balls and his ass. She begins to suck harder and faster inserting a finger into his ass. Her finger begins to pump, matching the velocity of her mouth. She sucks his cock and fingers his ass. He is breathing hard, moaning, fists in her hair, holding her head so canlı bahis she takes him deep as he shoots his hot cum down her throat. His cock becomes flaccid in her mouth but she does not release it. Once in a while she flicks her tongue over the tip just to feel him shiver a bit. He tastes delicious.

She releases his cock and rolls him over. She whispers in his ear that she needs him to fuck her. She bites his shoulders hard; leaving a slight mark, then places gentle kisses on him. He rolls to his side and reaches for her. He invites her to move up closer to him so he can fondle her tits, suck her nipples. He sucks her nipples so hard she cries out as they become stiff and rigid. He pushes her on to her stomach and spreads her legs. He oils his fingers. She is on all fours now and without warning he shoves 4 fingers into her cunt, hard and holds them there. She screams as it is both pleasurable and slightly painful. He separates his fingers inside her, stretching her pussy. Slowly he withdraws and gently strokes her hips in small circular movements. She quiets her breathing. He is talking softly to her, stroking her gently. 4 fingers again smash into her and she screams, but he keeps moving them in and out, each time driving them in harder, pounding against her pubic bone until she is fucking his hand and the screams are moans of pleasure. She is begging him to make her cum.

His nails rake down her back, his fingers are fucking her and his mouth is close to her ear demanding her to cum for him. She gushes her juice and it squirts on his hands and down her legs. He smears it on her cunt lips and asshole. He moves close behind her, she can feel his hard cock pressing against her ass. He takes his cock in his hand and in one fluid motion slides it into her tight ass. She tosses her head back as she lets a primal sound escape. She cries as his cock moves in and out of her asshole. She’s meeting his stokes and grinds her ass against his groin each time his cock slides deep in her hole. They begin to rock back and forth, harder, faster, meeting each other as they ride each other to the point of abandon aphrodisia. They climax together as he explodes filling her ass with his jism. Collapsing, they fall face down onto the bed. Time has ceased.

He walks naked to the bathroom; leaving the door open, pees and showers. He sits on the bed to dry off. She closes the bathroom door and showers. He’s dressed when she exits the bath. His eyes never leave her as she dresses. He watches her every move- how she pulls on her jeans, hooks her bra, brushes her hair. Those eyes, his eyes, eyes filled with intelligence and desire, etched with passion… will I ever see them again.

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