Office Work

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Sally was winding down from her busy day at the office it was late and she wasn’t looking forward to her journey home. But she was looking forward to the next day. All her colleagues at the office were on a course and her and Shaun were going to be at the office all day and all alone. Such bliss being in his company, she could hardly wait.

“You off now my lady” Shaun said from across his desk.

“Yeah, it’s about time I left the rat race behind and refresh myself for tomorrow” Sally replied with a grin.

“I know what you mean Sal, another day tomorrow, but you never know a long lunch might be in order for us.” Shaun laughed at himself and carried on closing down his computer.

“Is that a date Mr. Matthews?” Sally mused.

Shaun touched the side of his nose with his finger gesturing that it could well be.

“You walking or do you have the car Sal?”

“I’m walking, wasn’t cold or raining earlier, was it?”

“I’m going you way if you want a ride home? I’ve got to stop into town for a few bits.” Grabbing his keys Shaun walked towards her with his arm stretched out. “Come on or you will be here forever.”

Sally liked Shaun he was the gentlest caring man that she had ever met. Standing 6 foot 2 with short dark hair and the darkest brown eyes you can imagine. He was hot and when she was near him she was hot too.

They chatted casually in the car, she was near her home, but she didn’t want to leave him and she couldn’t stay either.

“Thanks Shaun, I really appreciate you bringing me home, saved me a bit of frost bite” Sally smiled and opened the car door to get out.

“Your welcome Miss Garret anytime you know that!” Shaun waved and drove off without even a second look back.

As Sally walked up the steps to her home she wondered if Shaun ever thought of her other than a colleague. She wondered if he ever thought of her sexually and wondered if he did what did he think and why he never tried to come on to her like so many before. The thought had crossed her mind that he was married, in a relationship or even gay. But this had all been put to rest in her mind that he wasn’t any of those things. Maybe one day she would have enough courage to ask him out, maybe.

BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR Sally’s alarm screamed off. She jumped out of bed so refreshed that she even surprised herself. Today was special and if everything went right she was going to ask Shaun out on a date. Sally turned the shower on to a vigorous jet so her skin would tingle. She stepped into the shower and lathered her body with soap, grabbed her razor and shaved everything that had hair below her neckline. She then washed her hair and jumped out. Grabbing her towel all that was on her mind was the fact that Shaun was going to be at work and they were going to be alone. This might give her, her perfect opportunity bahis şirketleri to talk to him and get to know him better.

Sally moved towards the mirror and inspected herself carefully. Sally was stunning even with no make up. Sally was 5 foot 8 with long dark brown hair which fell in-between her shoulders a tanned complexion and dark brown eyes. It was no wonder she was attracted to Shaun so much. She moisturised, dried her hair applied her make up with care then set about dressing. Thoughts of what to wear where going through her mind should she be tailored or should she be casual but smart. The decision was making her late and there wasn’t a lot of time left. She settled for her black skirt, which showed her thigh, and a pink cotton top that showed her cleavage, but not too much. Showering herself in a perfume that made her horny she grabbed her coat and bag she left for work.

“Hello, hello, hello how you be this morning my fine lass?” Shaun called to her in his funny west land accent.

“Shaun! I am not doing much today” Sally called back at him

The morning ticked on and they both worked at their desks exchanging the odd glance or the odd word. Lunch was looming, Sally wondered if Shaun had remembered what he had said the night before. Sally was far too proud to ask Shaun if he wanted to go to lunch with her. So she would simply say to him that she was popping out to get something to eat would he like anything. Lunch was getting closer and closer and she could feel herself getting all of a fluster trying to say something to Shaun but not being able to find the right word.

“Ready” Shaun looked at her with a silly grin.

“What.” Sally replied rather puzzled

“I’ve booked a table at ‘The lounge’ for lunch, I do hope you are ready, come on my treat” Shaun let out a laugh as he realised by the look on her face that she had either forgotten or she didn’t take him seriously.

“The lounge, ohhhhhhhh Shaun I can’t let you treat they are super expensive there.”

“My treat honey or I’m going alone”

Looking into his eyes she knew he would go alone, she could not let that happen, she would not let that happen. She wanted to be near him, she had waited for this moment ever since she had joined the office last September.

They went to lunch and as they left the office he picked up her hand in his. She looked at him and laughed. His touch went right through her and she just let him be. Acting as natural and as calm as her heart could let her.

They laughed and drank a little too much during their lunch and they talked a great deal. There at the restaurant it seemed to be just the two of them there no one else around. “Oh my God!” Sally shrieked looking at her watch “Shaun look at the time we have calls to take this afternoon we have to get back” Shaun looked at her with a dishearten bahis firmaları face and went to pay for the bill while sally went and tidied herself up. As sally came out o the toilet Shaun was waiting for her.

“Hey, you ok?”

“Yeah, I think I had a little to much wine” she giggled “I’m all light headed”

With that they left the restaurant and went back to the office.

As they came into the office all giggly and fresh from lunch Shaun closed the door and slipped the latch over so it was locked. He pulled her close to him before she could ask him what he thought he was doing. He bent his head and kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue hard and pointed in her mouth teasing her to suck it. Sally broke the kiss an staring at him she realised what was about to happen and wondered if it was the wine that had brought this side of Shaun out or that he actually had fancied her. At that point she really didn’t care she was wet she could feel her pussy lips filling with blood as he pulled her close to him once again?

Their mouths locked and she squeezed his hand and tightened the grip as he caressed her neck with small soft kisses. She could have dropped to the floor right there but she wanted more and he was willing to give it to her. He pulled of his jacket and let it fall to the floor still keeping there mouths together moving backwards they both fell on to his chair. Sally straddled him and began to grind her hips into his groin. He let out a sigh as his tongue was darting in and out of her mouth and exploring every part of it. Their embrace tightened and she felt like she was in heaven. Shaun slid his hand up her thighs and felt her lacy underwear. He felt the smoothness of her skin he was so hard he could have cum there and then but he wanted to please her. Shaun unzipped her skirt freeing her totally and exposing her red lacy thong. My god she looked good, her skin smelled so good, her touch was soft and all he wanted to do was please her.

Sally lifted her top off and took off her bra she was hot, she was wet she wanted him and he knew it. Gliding his hand over her large breasts he felt her nipples harden. “Do you like that baby?” He asked her. “Yes I want you to suck them I want to give them to you to play with.” He didn’t need telling twice; Shaun moved his head from her neck and began to suck at her nipples teasing them out suckling them as though her was feeding from her. She dipped her hips deeper towards him and felt his hardness under her. It felt so good she wanted him inside of her fucking her hard and deep.

He lifted her off of positioned her on the desk taking off the remainder of her clothes he looked at such a magnificent sight and wanted to cum over her creamy olive skin. Lying on the desk with her hips pushed forward Shaun said to her “now this is what I call lunch” She tried kaçak bahis siteleri to control her breathing as his tongue lapped away at her pussy lips. She whispered to him ” Shaun I’m going to cum, I’m cuming” Working at her clit he flicked as squeezed the button until he felt her release, he pushed his tongue in so deep that her cum flowed over his tongue. ” Fuck me Shaun please, fuck me” Sally gasped.

“Come here baby” Shaun pointed to the chair. Sally sat in the chair and he moved each leg either side of the arm rests. She was wide open for him. Her clit standing all hard and swollen, her lips blushing pink that cunt and ass all ready for him to fuck. He was going to make he scream with pleasure.

Working his way up her thigh with kisses he stroked her pussy and felt her quiver every time he did so. Inserting his finger into her ass he licked away at her clit feeling her start to thrust herself forward to his mouth he began to work her harder. Her moaning sounded to good it was like sweet music to his ears. She began to quiver again her hands were falling over her breasts rubbing them caressing them. “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck me Shaun” sally cried. Removing the rest of his clothing he came to her mouth and pushed his cock deep. “Suck me bitch” he said to her with a growl to his voice. Sally’s eyes opened wider to look at him and as she did she realised that he was enjoying the moment and wasn’t going to hurt her.

She grabbed his cock and thrust it down her throat tasting his pre-cum, she swallowed as she kept sucking his hand was working her clit. Sally so wanted to be fucked. She took his cock deep again sucking and applying pressure at the right moments. Her body jolted and she came this time she came hard and her legs flew from the armrests back together where she rolled her hips. Shaun was quick to act and turned her over and fucked her from behind he fucked her deep he was hitting her G- Spot when she cried no more please. Her begs made him feel superior, powerful and he came, his creamy spunk filling up her cunt as he jerked and jolted in her. He felt her contract around him Ohhh she was so good. He pulled from her and lapped up all of his juices making her cum once more.

She was a hot little bitch and she wanted him to fuck her again but he reclined saying that he really needed to take some calls she should dress. Sally flew up and screamed at him “what the fuck was that all about.”

Shaun turned too her and said “That was a fuck my dear, did you like it? do you want to do it again?”

“Are you gonna treat me as a whore when we finish again?” Sally burst out with anger

“Yes Sally that’s how I’m going to treat you baby after all that’s what you are. You are a cheap tart.” Shaun grinned at her then turned to get dressed.

Sally fuming with anger, quickly got dressed and fled from the room. Never to be seen again by Shaun.

Shaun sat back in his chair with a smirk on his face and wrote in his little book a detailed account of the afternoons antics. Thinking to himself she was worth every penny of that lunch.

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