Office Nookie

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There are some benefits to sleeping with the boss. The best is how private her office.

I was just doing my job when an email from her popped up requesting a meeting with me in ten minutes. I knew what was going to happen and I started to get hard.

Seven minutes later I tell your assistant that you have a meeting with me and with a sly smile she calls into your office to let you know I’m here.

Walking into and quickly locking your office I see you are ready for me. You legs are up on your desk, skirt hiked up and your “neck” massager buzzing on your clit. I just stand there watching you briefly before taking my pants off and start to stroke my hard cock.

Standing up you walk over your couch, shedding your clothes as you go. You kneel on the couch leaning over the back, ass in the air and order me to eat you out.

Approaching your ass I start running my hand over it. Gliding between your cheeks to your moist pussy, all the while rolling a nipple in my fingers with my other hand. You let out a deep güvenilir bahis moan as my fingers finally dip into your sweet honey pot. After a good hard finger fuck I kneel behind you and run my tongue from your clit to your asshole and back, then just dive right into your pussy. My tongue comes alive with the taste of your juices as I try and get it deeper and deeper in you. I can feel you pushing back on my face trying to fuck my tongue.

When I feel you playing with your clit, I decide that it needs my attention. Sitting on the floor and leaning my head back, I pull your pussy down to my lips. I wrap my lips around your clit and my tongue starts flickering it as I start finger fucking you again.

My face and neck are soaked in your juices and I know you are close to cumming as you start swearing at me to eat you out. As you grind your pussy into my face, you grab a pillow and scream into as you have a deep hard cum.

While your pussy is still spasm, I quickly slide into you from behind. With your pussy muscles still güvenilir bahis siteleri flexing from your orgasm it felt like you were milking my cock. Grabbing your hips I start just slamming my cock into you. My heavy balls slapping your clit. The room filled with the hot, wet sound of my cock going in and out of you. It’s all too much. With one last hard fuck I unload streams of cum deep inside of you. Pulling out, I our mixed juices flowing out of you.

Not realizing but I have a big smile on my face, something you aren’t happy about. Grabbing my cock you drag me over to your desk.

“You’re not done yet!” Is all you say as you push everything off your desk. I’m shocked your assistant didn’t come in from all the noise. I’m standing there a little shocked when you push me up on the desk and grab your massager.

“I’ll have you hard in a second”

And she wasn’t wrong. Wrapping her lips around my cock. I was in heaven feeling you clean our juices off my cock but then I felt the massager on my balls. I iddaa siteleri have never felt my cock so hard. I was ready to fuck more but you wanted to make sure all of the juices were gone.

I almost lost it when you deep throated me and the vibrator touched your chin. The sensation that my cock felt I can’t describe. I just don’t know how I didn’t cum.

You were finally ready and climbed on top of me. Slowly you lowered yourself onto my cock. I looked up at you as you started to grind on my cock. You hands playing with your tits. Pulling and twisting your nipples. The harder you treated them the harder you pushed your pussy into me.

Leaning forward a bit you start bouncing your ass up and down. Bringing the head of my cock to your pussy lips before slamming back down. I could feel how wet my balls were from your juices just flowing from your pussy.

I warn you that I can’t take much more. And hearing that your grab the massager and lean back. You touch it to your clit and I feel the vibrations inside of your. I hold still knowing I’m about to cum again and that’s when I feel your pussy clinch my cock as you explode with your second. That was enough to set me off. It felt like I came for 5 min. You lay down on me, kiss my cheek and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32