Nurses In Training

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Shelby was so excited. It was the first day of clinical. It seemed she had been waiting all her life for this moment. The first two years of nursing school are so boring. All classroom and no direct patient care. Memorizing all the bones and muscles of the body. Learning all about anatomy and chemistry. Understanding the formulas of medication, how they work, what the side effects were.

“Aren’t there books that I can look all this crap up in?” she thought. “Let me at the patients!! Teach me how to give a bath, an enema or a shot. Show me how to insert a foley or put in an i.v.”

And today was THE day! She was going to go onto the orthopedic floor and give a bed bath. She had practiced on dummies in the lab, but now it was time to do it to a real person. Shelby was hoping for a male patient. She felt that if she had to give her first bath to another woman that maybe it would be like…lesbian or something. Mrs. Potts was the clinical supervisor. Her group of students included Tom, Shelby, Susan, Mary then take off your gown and cover your chest with a towel. I’ll pull the towel aside and wash the left half of your chest and your left arm and hand; rinse your left side off with the other washcloth and then dry your left side, repeating this on your right side. Then you can roll over onto your right side, with some help with your casted leg. I’ll wash your back, rinse it, dry it and apply lotion and then powder. Then you can turn to your left side so I can wash the other half of your back: wash, rinse, dry, lotion and powder it. I’ll wash your ass, uh, I mean, buttocks tenderly and then help you onto your back.”

“That sounds delightful. Such pampering. I’m sure you give a magnificent back rub, too, don’t you?” asked Stan.

“Yeah, sure if you would like one,” Shelby replied.

“Mmmmm, that sounds so good, Shelby. Will you be gentle with my ass?” Stan asked.

“Uhm, yes, of course. But I’m not sure what you mean. I’ll just be washing it.”

Stan told Shelby “it appears that I was pretty constipated yesterday and the nurse had to give me an enema. My asshole is a little sore from the enema and my toosh is a little raw from all the, uh, shit that came out afterwards.”

“Oh, crap. I’m sorry. I should’ve read that in your chart. I promise I will be as gentle as I can with your bottom,” Shelby told Mr. Babst. “Would you like to try the water now?”

“Ahhh, it is just perfect. Gimme that bath now, Shelby.”

Shelby proceeded to do just as she had described. She took the washcloth in her hand and moistened it in the water, then folded it over her hand to form a “glove.” She gently washed Mr. Babst’s face, having him close his eyes so she could get at the corners of them, and then washing his ears and behind them as well. Once she was done with his face she soaped up the cloth and proceeded to his chest, arms, and back. She gave him a top notch back rub when lotioning his back, getting out all the kinks from only being able to lay on his back for two days. Then she added more soap to the washcloth and gently spread his buttocks apart.

“Ohhh, be gentle!” Mr. Babst exclaimed.

“I will, just relax, Stan” Shelby told him. She soaped up his derriere in the most gentle way and then between his butt cheeks. She washed all the way down between his legs, and suddenly heard Mr. Babst sigh. It was then she realized that she was fondling his balls from behind! She pulled her hand away and began to rinse his bottom off and dry it. She applied some lotion to his bumm, as it was so tender. It was a “barrier cream” rather than the moisturizing lotion she had used on his back. It would protect his delicate skin from further harm from errant bowel movements.

Shelby assisted Mr. Babst onto his back again and covered his chest with bahis şirketleri a dry towel. She poured out the dirty water and proceeded to fill the basin with clean hot water. As she waited for the basin to fill she told Mr. Babst that she would have to pull down the covers now to wash his leg and feet. Then if he wanted he could wash his own private area. Shelby brought the basin of fresh water over to the table and began soaping the washcloth again. She pushed the covers off his right leg, keeping his groin covered for the time being. She could tell that he was aroused by the outline under the sheet and she thought that if she could distract him while bathing his leg and feet that maybe he would lose his erection. She washed his right thigh, rinsed and dried it, leaving the towel on it for warmth. She moved to his right foot and as she was washing it Mr. Babst began to laugh.

“That tickles!” Mr. Babst told Shelby as he laughed. Shelby apologized and quickly finished with his feet, carefully applying lotion so as not to tickle him again. Then Shelby covered his legs and started to pull the covers back from his groin, then stopped.

“If you would like privacy to wash your own penis I would be glad to step behind the curtain,” Shelby told him.

“No, I think I’d like it for YOU to wash me. Be sure to get by the cast. It really itches there.” Mr. Babst told me. “And my dick sure could use a good rub-down,” he added.

Shelby felt her face flush with that last statement Mr. Babst made. As she pulled the covers away from him they seemed to get a little caught on his member. He lifted them to clear his knob and Shelby gasped at the size of his erection. He had to be 7 inches long. She had never seen an erect penis this big before. She soaped up the washcloth and started with the area around his penis, washing his pubic hair and the sides of his groin, paying special attention to the area Mr. Babst had said was itchy. After rinsing the area, all she had left to wash was his penis itself.

“Why don’t you use just your soapy hands there? I think the washcloth will be to rough since he appears to be excited,” Mr. Babst asked.

“Uhm, I’m not supposed to do that. It can be construed as sexual harassment. I can only to use the washcloth,” Shelby replied.

Shelby started to wash Mr. Babst’s erect penis with the washcloth, but he would not hear of it. He took the washcloth from her hand and took the soap. He held her hands in his and lathered the soap, put the soap down and then guided Shelby’s hands to his shaft.

“Do it just like this, Shelby,” Stan instructed. He put her hands around him and had her stroke him up and down. Shelby quickly grasped the concept and was giving him the hand job of a lifetime. She moved her hand slowly up and down and then over his bulbous head, sometimes concentrating on the head longer than the shaft, and then moving down to his sac. She made sure that his balls were tenderly caressed and washed. She focused on his shaft again and Stan started to moan.

“Oh, yeah, Shelby. You are such a good student. You learn sooo quick. You’re going to be a fantastic nurse. Keep doing that. Ohh, yeah, a little faster, don’t forget the head, keep that up….I like it….Oh!! You want me to cum???” Stan encouraged Shelby and Shelby kept doing what she did so well.

Mr. Babst started breathing heavier and quicker. Shelby stroked him up & down and all around. She would grasp him at the base and twist her hand to the left and then to the right while working her way up his tool. A requested, when she got the head she stayed there, rubbing the underside of his cut prick, just where he seemed to be the most sensitive. He other hand was squeezing and rubbing his balls.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Mr. Babst stifled his yell bahis firmalar as he came. Thick white jism spewed from his head as he came again & again. Shelby kept massaging him until he went limp and his breathing was back to normal. Then she very gently washed his flaccid penis and all around it, making sure not to brush against the sensitive head. After he was all clean & dry Shelby put a fresh gown on Mr. Babst.

Shelby emptied out the basin, washed it, rinsed it and wiped it dry. She gathered all the dirty towels, washcloths and his dirty gown and put them in the hamper. She straightened out the items on his bedside tray. She pulled his covers up and asked Mr. Babst if there was anything else she could get for him before she left.

“A glass of cold water and a cold shower would be nice,” he replied.

“I can get you the glass of water, but you’ve already had a bath for today, I’m afraid,” Shelby replied with a grin on her face. She gave Mr. Babst the glass of water and thanked him for letting her give him her first bath.

“Any time, dear. Any time. Hope I see you again sometime. I won’t be leaving for another couple of days, so stop by and see me, ok?” Stan requested.

“I’ll try. I think we’ll be on this floor for the rest of the week, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Bye, Stan.” and as she left she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Shelby went to the nurse’s station to check in with Mrs. Potts and found the other four students sitting there waiting for her.

“What took you so long, Shelby?” asked her classmates.

“I, uh, made the water too hot at first and instead of putting cool water in it Stan, uh, Mr. Babst, asked me to sit and talk with him until it cooled.”

“Stan, huh? On first name basis with your patient?” they teased.

“That’s all right, students. If the patient requests that you call them by their first name then you can. Did Mr. Babst ask you to call him Stan, Shelby?” Mrs. Potts asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact he did. He said ‘Mr. Babst’ is his father and it made him feel old to have me call him that. He told me his name was Stan and said to use it, so I did.” Shelby retorted.

“Tomorrow you’ll have different patients. You will give a bath and change the sheets. None of your patients will be able to get out of bed, so it will be an occupied bed. I suggest that you go to the lab and practice this for the rest of the afternoon so you’ll be able to do it without a problem with your patient tomorrow,” instructed Mrs. Potts.
The next day the five students me up with Mrs. Potts and were given their patient for the day. They were all given lighter patients so that they would not need help with the occupied beds. Shelby was assigned to Kenny Carmack in room 511. He was an 18 year old track star that had done some serious damage in the last marathon he ran. He had to have knee surgery to repair torn ligaments and tendons. He was casted as Stan had been, from hip to toe. Shelby went through the same actions as she had yesterday, gathering supplies and linens. She went to Kenny’s room and knocked.

“Come on in, my sweet vixen,” came the voice from inside. Shelby was taken aback by this greeting, but decided to think nothing of it and go into the room. She opened the door, entered and shut it behind her before looking at her young patient. Kenny was a blond haired- blue eyed pretty boy. His hair was spiked and stood up all over the place. He wasn’t the typical running nerd. She was shocked to see that he had his gown up and his covers down, exposing his manliness. He was standing at attention, so to speak. “I’ve heard all about you. And I know you won’t let me down, now will you?” asked Kenny.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, Kenny. But I’ll be glad to give you a bath and change the sheets kaçak bahis siteleri on your bed,” Shelby replied, trying to feign innocence.

“Stan told me about the wonderful bath you gave him yesterday. I asked him about it last night. You see, I heard him yell out when you were in there. Then I found out that you were assigned to me today. I just had to know what you did to make him have such pain. Well, he assured me that you didn’t hurt him, but that you’d given him great release. I figured you probably don’t want your instructor to know about this and that a good blow job was enough to keep me quiet, so to speak.”

“Ahh, shit, I guess I shouldn’t’ve done that yesterday, but it wasn’t my idea. He made me do it. He took my hands in his and put them around him, moving my hands up and down with his. I certainly wouldn’t have initiated anything like that! You’ve got to believe me!” Shelby pleaded.

“Too bad, my dear nursey. You’ll still have to pay for my silence. I’m sure you don’t want to get kicked out of nursing school, now do you?” Kenny threatened.

“No, I don’t. I’ll do whatever you want. Now lets get that bath started or they’ll come looking for me.”

Shelby went ahead and gave Kenny a bed bath and after washing all of him and putting everything away she proceeded to do the deed. Shelby sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over to put his erect penis in her mouth.

“Ohhh, yeah, I’ve been looking foreword to this all fuckin’ night. I couldn’t sleep my dick was so hard for you,” Kenny told Shelby.

Shelby sucked him into her mouth and moved up and down a couple of times. She then began licking him while he was in her mouth. She took him out and coated him with saliva. She licked every side of him, up and down and all around. She kissed his penis, and started getting into this blow job. After all, it was one of her favorite things to do. Shelby started to suck with gusto, making a few slurping noises. She was getting so loud that Kenny had to turn on the tv to drown out the racket. Shelby took his head in her mouth and concentrated on the sensitive spot just under the helmet. She licked and sucked on the spot, driving him wild. He was moaning and Shelby knew that Kenny would not last long. She began to go down on him again, with her hand holding the bottom of his shaft, squeezing it a little, so as to prolong his climax. She slowly moved her mouth up to the tip of his cock and then took him all the way down, deep-throating him. She would leave him at the back of her throat, swallowing down on him. Then she would bring him out all the way to the top, licking his sensitive head. She started to move her hand in the same rhythm as her mouth, giving his entire shaft stimulation at the same time. Shelby’s other hand was massaging his balls. Kenny started to buck wildly in the bed, moaning and telling her he was about to cum.

“Yeah, suck my cock! Squeeze my balls! Make me cum you naughty nurse!” Kenny exclaimed.

Shelby continued to suck his thick shaft, and then she felt his balls tighten up. She knew he was about to blow his load, so she deep-throated him as he came, swallowing down every ounce of spunk that he gave her.

“That was great!” Kenny told Shelby. “I think I need a new gown, though.”

“Good thing we waited until now to change it, eh?” Shelby said. “And let’s get those sheets out from under you while we’re at it. Don’t you think clean sheets would feel good about now?”

So Shelby proved to herself that she had mastered the task of an occupied bed. As she left Kenny asked her to stop by again sometime so that they could continue in her lessons. Shelby just smiled and said “We’ll see.”

Shelby and the other students met up with Mrs. Potts at the nurse’s station again after finishing their assignment. Tiesha was not back yet, so the others waited for her. After a few minutes she came to the nurse’s station and Mrs. Potts sent them to lunch. They were to meet back on the floor to give a second bath that day in the afternoon.

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